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  1. Felonius

    Light's Out ((Open to All))

    Felonius looked at the flyer. He remembered a ruckus in the Mage Quarter. He had gone to the Recluse for a drink and heard the commotion on the far side of the Tower. He had stealthed and positioned himself in some bushes behind a tree. There were several people there, "Who were they?" He couldn't recall any names being said, but he knew his guildmate. Choosing not to get involved in whatever mess this was, he had quietly slipped away. Good thing too. Don't need any investigators poking around in my business.
  2. Felonius

    A Rogue's Workbook - Felonius T. Gallows

    I haven't been as focused as I should be on my training lately. The Redblade Corsairs have been working to expand our network. We have located a few more ships that we have added to our fleet, but I think we will need much more -- and the manpower to crew them. I've made contact with the Bloodsail Buccaneers of Stranglethorn. It took a lot of work to get to a point where they won't kill me on sight. Now that we stand on neutral ground, I was able to speak to their recruiter and gained an audience with some of their higher-ups. First, I met with "Good Boy" Bruce at the Bloodsail Camp outside of Booty Bay. We discussed whether or not his crews would be willing to help us acquire additional ships for our fleet. He was not prepared to make any offers, preferring to wait until we have worked together and become a bit friendlier. He did allow me to take a tour of three of their ships docked near South Shore: The Riptide, The Crimson Veil, and The Damsel's Luck. I met with several crew members like Garr Salthoof. (Damn Taurens are HUGE!) and Wailing Mary Smitts, Long John Copper, and Enormous Shawn Stooker of the Brashtide Crew. Captain Keelhaul. And Fleet Master Firallon. Although I did not secure any agreement for assistance, I believe the Bloodsails will be useful in the future. I will continue to develop their friendship to that end.
  3. Felonius

    A Rogue's Workbook - Felonius T. Gallows

    All the King's Men. It is interesting to watch the folly of the so-called "nobles" of the House of Stormwind. With all of their power and influence, they are still so easily manipulated. For example, a certain someone who works on the top floor of Stormwind City Hall. I won't mention his name, to save him some embarassment, but he is easy enough to find. He was so helpful in showing me how to locate various public records on all Stormwind citizens. A nice pocketful of gold coins granted me access to some "less-than-public" records that proved to be quite useful. These records provided me with details, not just about individual citizens, but guilds as well. Membership rosters, achievement certificates, and so forth can be good information. For my dear friend at City Hall, it gave me enough information on him to allow me to now save my gold and access whatever records I may need. The price is mere silence concerning the information that I uncovered about his affiliation with a certain group. Armed with yet another piece of information concerning a certain paladin, got me invited to this paladin's weekly poker game. Play enough games with someone over a period of time and you will learn their idiosyncrasies; their tells. So it took me about two months, but I managed to take this poor paladin for all he had and it was still not enough to settle his debt with me. He then offered me his last valuable possession: a legal document, the Deed to Thandol Span. He signed it over to me and our debt was settled. So now that I own the dilapidated bridge between Dun Modr and Arathi Highlands, I am a legal landowner in the eyes of the law. I am the Lord of Thandol. The Stormwind Nobles with their claim to royalty by birthright, or their titles by wealth and political power, now have the likes of me to join their ranks. The very thought has me laughing hysterically. I am just as "noble" as they are. Yeah, right. Just another weapon in my arsenal. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  4. Felonius

    A Rogue's Workbook - Felonius T. Gallows

    I have been busy lately now that I am able to train both Assassination AND Subtlety specializations. The Assassination specialty focuses on the use of poisons in a most efficient manner. Now that I am able to use Deadly Poison, I will focus on it instead of the Instant I was using before. I will keep Crippling and Mind-Numbing available as well for now. Armed with my new Deadly Poison, I made my way to the village of Crossroads to test my attack strategies. First, I circled the village checking the location of guards and villagers. If there is going to be an unwelcome surprise, I want to be the one dishing it out. I chose a suitable location to ambush the guards at the northern gate. I was just about to sap one when I heard a strange sound -- like a motor. I looked up just in time to see a zeppelin flying over. I couldn't tell if there was anyone onboard, but I decided to wait for it to clear the area before pouncing on my prey. With the zeppelin gone, I sapped one of the guards and rifled through his pockets. I scored a Greater Healing Potion and a few copper coins. With that guard sleeping it off, I moved quickly to the second guard and picked her pockets. She had a few silver coins and a Crude Pocket Watch (that looked like a sundial). Then with my mace I dealt her a crushing blow to the skull, followed immediately by a shot with my Brass Knuckles to her ribs. The poison spread much quicker than I expected and she went down with a thud. I returned to the other guard and quickly did him in, then dragged the bodies into the bushes. With the gate clear, I made my way inside the fence toward the troll. I hate trolls and this one looked just as goofy as most. I was just about to hit him when I noticed movement on the road toward the middle of the village. I waited. It was a patrolling guard heading my way. I returned to my original ambush location by the gate, and sure enough he came right to me. WHAM! He never saw it coming. I added his body to the pile in the bushes. I was about to head back toward the troll, when here comes another patrol. JEEZ! So I waited and took him out the same way. By now, I am starting to get concerned that I didn't choose a big enough brush pile to hide all these bodies. Back to the troll. I slide up behind that tusk-tooth idiot and crushed him with a single blow. Ouch! Someone shot me with an arrow! What the... ? I looked around. Was it that wimpy bowyer across the road? No, it doesn't look like he saw me. None of the group over by the forge can see me. Ouch! Another arrow and this one dropped me. Quickly, I vanished stepped outside and bandaged my leg. Then took a careful look around. There, next to the troll's corpse was a guard I hadn't seen before. She was big too. A Tauren. And with that gold dragon insignia of an elite guard. Obviously the alarm had been sounded and they were on to me. Time to vacate the area. Just then I saw a huge bat fly into the middle of the village. I'm not sure but I think it is the Horde equivalent of a Gryphon (used for public transportation). Best not hang around. It could be reinforcements arriving. I headed back to the north and dropped down into a small drainage ditch along the road. I had just made it to the cover of some bushes under a tree when I heard thundering like hooves. I glanced around just in time to see a Tauren riding by on a kodo. He was a perfect target, but I didn't have time to set up an ambush. In no time he was gone, so I just started tracking him to see if I could catch up to him somewhere. I came to a small outpost that had just one guard in the tower. Hehe, fool. I slipped up behind him and... what? No pockets to pick? Crap. Oh well, I dispatched him quickly and continued on my way. I came across an area called the Forgotten Pools. The place is crawling with centaurs. Smelly creatures. Not worth my time. But then, in the distance, I see a troll with a pet. A young hunter with no clue I was there. She was heading toward another troll who was hidden in some trees. I took him out quickly before she could get to him. She looked around, confused I think. Then climbed up a hill toward a Tauren shaman or something. By the time I got to the top of the hill the troll was gone, so I killed the Tauren. I climbed back down the hill and found the troll looking at the other troll's corpse. I had to chuckle. ((Sorry Pearlla, but you are Horde.)) I was getting hungry so I headed back to Ratchet, caught a flight to Theramore, then made my way back to Stormwind. All in all, not a bad day.
  5. Felonius

    A Rogue's Workbook - Felonius T. Gallows

    There are some who will refuse to use poisons for "ethical" reasons. To those people I say: It is important to remember that dying with a clear conscience is still dying. I prefer to put every advantage possible at my disposal and maybe live a few minutes longer than my opponents. If you prefer not to use poisons, use something. Blacksmiths can provide you with weight-stones for blunt weapons or sharpening stones for blades. Enchanters can also provide other enhancments. The key is to maximize your weapons' potential. For those with no such scruples, let's look at poisons. There are basically five types of poisons available, each requiring more experience for proper use and handling. * Instant Poison is the most simplistic compound. It spreads through the bloodstream and attacks major organs very quickly. It is the compound you will encounter early in your career and it is useful in all situations. * Crippling Poison is a venom of sorts that attacks muscle tissue. It seems to affect the legs first, thus preventing its victim from running. Coating your throwing weapon can be useful to catch an opponent before they escape. When your opponent turns their back to flee, hit them with this. Then sprint on over and slit their throat. * Mind-Numbing Poison is a narcotic drug that causes difficulty in mental focusing. This makes it great for use against spell-casters. Not only will they have a hard time focusing, the euphoria caused by the drug makes them not want to, so it takes longer for them to cast a spell at you. * Deadly Poison is a neurotoxin that works slowly but becomes more deadly in higher doses. Unlike other poisons, each time you stab with a weapon coated with this, it applies another dose thus increasing its lethality. Apply often for maximum benefit. * Wound Poison is a biological compound that weakens the immune system, thus causing damage and preventing the body from healing properly. This can be useful against healers, or others working with healers in groups. If you have not learned the Improved Poisons skill that is taught to Assassination rogues, Wound Poison actually does more damage than Instant Poison. Many of our class choose the poison they will use based upon the enemies they expect to encounter. The descriptions of the poisons given above should give you some idea of what to use and when. Ideally, you should use more than one type at the same time. Use Instant or Deadly poison on one weapon and Mind-Numbing or Wound poison on the other. Keep Crippling poison on your thrown weapons. Remember that it takes time to coat a weapon with poison. If you need to change your chosen poison in the middle of a battle due to unforeseen circumstances, valuable time could be wasted with possibly deadly results. Poisons are cheap and last for an hour, so it might be a good idea to carry extra weapons in one's backpack. Where others have special bags for their gear (miner's sacks, engineering toolboxes, gem pouches, scribe satchels, etc.), we do not have pouches to carry our poison vials. ((Why not? Why can't a tailor or leatherworker make us a small 5-slot pouch to carry our poisons? It's so unfair! QQ)) So what we need to consider is: Would it be better to carry an extra weapon, or an extra poison vial? Do we have enough bag space for extra weapons? Will we have enough time to re-coat our weapons if needed? Try this: Coat some extra weapons with each type of poison and stash them carefully in your backpack where they are within easy reach. Then if needed, swap out your weapons to suit your circumstances. It is a lot faster than changing poisons by recoating a weapon or two. There are certain glyphs available that can reduce the time it takes to poison a weapon, but since we are limited in the number of glyphs we can use, I think other glyphs should probably take priority. There is also different types of gear available that will make your poisons more effective. I will need to research those a bit further at another time. My favorite poisons dealer in Old Town sold me a nice copy of the Venomous Tome. It teaches you how to exhale poison upon your enemy. It is interesting reading, but not very practical. Instead of carrying around a large book, I prefer to keep both hands full of deadly weapons. Generally speaking, bag space is not for books. Bookshelves are for books. This tome could be useful as part of a disguise (priest maybe?), just keep the book title hidden from view.
  6. I have been told that it is helpful to record one's notes during training, that such a practice helps solidify the lessons in one's mind. I have been assured that our workbooks will remain private and therefore it is safe to record everything in as much detail as we desire. This is my workbook. As a part of any rogue's training, we are required to learn certain skills that provide a basic foundation that other skills will build upon. As we progress, we are later able to choose a more specific vocation of assassination, combat or subtlety specialties. In our advanced studies we are able to expand our skills in mastering two such specialties. I knew from the beginning that I would pursue the arts of subtlety, and later adapt into assassination. Stealth and deadly surprise are what get my motor running, so to speak. I enjoy sneaking into Horde areas and, when possible, slicing the throat of an unsuspecting orc or goblin. I have advanced far enough along in my training that I made a very special purchase, a copy of The Spymaster's Handbook, the ultimate training manual for any rogue. It was not an easy purchase, costing me plenty of hard-earned gold. Not that the item is all that expensive, it is clearly used, but the additional costs involved in getting the copy smuggled to me. I have been told that this copy once belonged to a certain well-known Spymaster. I will not mention any names, but he owned a manor in some foothills northeast of Southshore. Enough said. So my lessons for today build upon our basic stealth skills. The topic is Camouflage and here are my notes: Camouflage is one of the basic weapons of war. Correctly used, it can mean the difference between life and death. Rogues often operate alone, (hence the term, rogue), and must furnish their own security, reconnaissance, and surveillance. You must be able to operate without the support of healers and heavily armored fighters. As a result, your success will depend to a large extent upon your ability to remain concealed from the enemy. You are responsible for your own concealment. Your responsibility here is just as great as your responsibility for your weapon, and you must know as much about camouflage as you do about your weapon. Just as training in marksmanship teaches the hunter to hit a target accurately, so does knowledge of camouflage teach the rogue how to escape becoming a target himself. Factors of recognition are things that enable us to recognize an object or person, and reveal to us their true identity or purpose. These can include: * Position: Moving shadows at the base of a guard tower are probably guards. * Shape: Guard towers, wells, horses, and dragons all have distinctive shapes that are easily recognized. * Shadow: Shadows can reveal shape, size and movement to help us recognize a person or object. * Texture: Shiny armor = mail or plate, dull armor = cloth or leather. * Color: Red = Horde, Blue = Ally, copper coin vs gold coin, etc. * Movement: Movement attracts attention and invites us to look closer. As a subtlety rogue, your responsibility is to defeat these factors to prevent being recognized. This is advanced stealth training that will require some practice. There are three fundamental methods of concealment: Hiding, blending, and disguising. Hiding: Hiding is the complete concealment of an object or activity by some form of physical screen. One can hide from view in a building, under foliage, under water, or behind some other object. This can enable you to perform some activity unnoticed, (like spying), or prevent your activity from attracting unwanted attention, (like fishing or herb gathering in dangerous territory). Blending: Blending is the use of camouflage so that one appears to be part of the background. This technique is used by the Night Elves when they Shadowmeld, and is the basic technique rogues learn in Stealth training. It involves instantly reducing shine, blurring lines, and dulling colors to blend in. The best option is a combination of blending and hiding to result in an almost totally invisible state. Disguising: Disguising is the third method. It involves the simulation of an object or activity to mislead the enemy as to true identity, strength and intention. Changing clothes and altering ones appearance is useful for moving through areas where stealth is not an option. Remember that Stealth is NOT Invisibility. Creatures (people and monsters) can still detect you if they are close to you or more experienced than you. Most capital city guards are highly trained in stealth detection and can become alarmed at your presence. However, it is rather easy to infiltrate a church disguised as a priest, or a guard barracks disguised as a warrior. When stealth won't work, try using a disguise. Useful Tips: When moving through an outdoor area, move through wooded or dense foliage whenever possible. Stay off of roads and move along the base of hills instead. Use cover even when stealthed to prevent discovery. In cities, use less travelled roads and alleys. Use whatever is available to hide your movements: doorways, crates, wagons, etc. Avoid high-traffic areas near banks, auction houses and inns unless it is necessary, (such as for spying), then hide in the middle of the largest crowd and do not attract attention. Most people do not look up, so in some cases hiding in a high place is very effective (such as trees or rafters in a building). Remaining seated and silent will normally go unnoticed. Weapons: Keep in mind that your weapon must be part of your disguise, and you better know how to use it if needed. If your weapon skills are limited, conform your disguise accordingly. If your skill is with daggers, stick to a disguise that will allow daggers. If you are disguised as a paladin, do not carry a shotgun. Not only will it give you away, you will look ridiculous. Clothing/Armor: If you are going to wear plate armor as a disguise, you had better be able to fight while wearing it. Since you are not likely trained for that type of fighting, keep your disguises to what you can easily adapt to: cloth and leather. Wearing no weapons or armor and just appearing in regular clothing can make you appear less threatening, which can be used to your advantage. Have a weapon stashed in a backpack, under a robe or somewhere nearby in case the need arises. Occupation: If your disguise involves a specific occupation, i.e. priest, merchant, blacksmith, miner, or auctioneer, then you should be carrying tools of the trade and know how to use them. Keep in mind that while you are in your disguise others may approach you to conduct business with you. This can be a very effective disguise, if you are proficient in that trade. Not so much if you are unable to deliver the product or service. If you cannot cast any magic, it is useless to impersonate a mage. And warlocks are known to savagely attack imposters of their craft. You can always claim to be an apprentice in training, but you may be asked who is training you. Be prepared with a good answer. Fishing is a solitary profession. Most people ignore fisherman and do not disturb them while fishing. Always have a fishing pole in your backpack. It can be an effective disguise. Language: If your disguise involves impersonating a different race, (such as to infiltrate a Horde area), you will either need to become fluent in that race's language or remain totally silent. Silence is not always an option in an effective disguise, therefore it is a valuable skill to learn new languages. Being able to understand the enemy is a priceless spying skill, but your disguise will fail if you are not able to speak fluently. Even those who have gained fluency in a foreign language have been discovered due to failing to learn the details of the regional dialect. Your accent can be a death sentence. If it will enhance your disguise, you can try appearing to be intoxicated, or somehow disabled (mentally or physically) to mask a less than perfect language fluency. Be warned that slurring your words the way a human would is not the same way a drunken Orc would. Use language with extreme caution.
  7. Winter Veil has come to a close and we begin a new year with hopes of a new beginning. I spent the day aboard the Stormrunner swabbing the deck and checking the rigging for frays. After my duties, I relaxed a bit and enjoyed a mug of seasonal ale. A cool breeze crossed the deck and the smell of the sea filled the cabin. Ah the smell of FREEDOM! All of a sudden the alarm sounded. "The Mage Quarter is under attack!" Those friggin' Horde! The anger boiled within me. I quenched it with another sip of ale... well, more of a gulp than a sip. Another alarm: "The Canals are under attack!" and then another "The Mage Quarter is under attack!" Wait. That's not isolated attacks, that's a raid. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed my horse. At full gallop I raced into the City. Once past the Old Barracks, I stealthed my way to the bridge between the Mage's Quarter and the Trade District where I could spot the invaders and relay information. From my hidden vantage point I could see everything. It was a ground assault, not one of those cowardly "hit and run" air attacks. There was eight or ten of them, well organized and killing anything and everything along the canals, and working their way toward the tunnel leading into the Trade District. The alarms continued to sound. Guards were being crushed under the force of the Horde raid. Amid the chaos I heard an announcement that the "Knights of Valor" were recruiting. They had better hurry, I thought to myself. The horde group worked their way into the tunnel leading into the Trade District. The fighting became even more fierce as ally after ally fell in battle. Then a new wave of Alliance fighters would push the Horde back just a little bit, and the Horde retaliated with even more ferocity. Bodies piled up in the tunnel. Blood flowed everywhere; the carnage was awful. They slowly pushed their way into the Trade District just past the tunnel. I hung my head... it was over. Once again I felt that the Horde have been allowed to stomp all over our lands and we have apparently no one willing to do much about it. We certainly have the numbers, just not enough guts. Attacks like this need immediate retaliation. We need to identify each of the participants, hunt them down and kill them and their families to teach them a lesson. But alas, our do-good Alliance would never allow themselves to become the monsters that the Horde clearly are. I was about to leave my vantage point and return to my ale, when something happened. As I looked into the tunnel, all I could see was red Horde banners from blood-splasshed wall to blood-splashed wall. Then, one by one, they all disappeared! Suddenly, like the bursting of a dam, a wave of blue Alliance banners flooded the tunnel crushing everything in its path. The wave spilled out into the Canal District and annihilated every last remnant of Horde activity. The Horde had been crushed and the attacks ended as quickly as they had begun. My heart swelled with pride. I can't recall the last time I saw such an impressive retaliatory strike. Well done Citizens of Stormwind! Well, maybe there is hope in this new year. Maybe there will be a new pride in the Alliance and we can take the fight to the Horde. I'd like nothing better than to slay every one of those monsters in their sleep. I have a lot of training that I will need to do before I can join such a battle, but I will get there and I will help those who support the erradication of those mutants. I am no soldier, so my skills will be useful in other ways. Happy New Year! For The Alliance!
  8. Felonius

    Felonius Gallows

    SI: 7 Biographical Report on Felonius Gallows Full Name: Felonius Gallows Nicknames: Felonius Date of Birth: September 3 Place of Birth: Stormwind City Age: 27 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Previously black, currently bald (maybe shaved). Skin: Tanned Eyes: Smoky Gray Height: 6 feet Weight: 185 pounds Place of residence: Stormwind Harbor, aboard ship The Stormrunner Known Relatives: none (raised as an orphan) Religion/Philosophy: No known religious views. Occupation: Ship Crewmember Group/Guild affiliation: Redblade Corsairs Guild Rank: Swashbuckler Enemies: All Horde. He blames the Orcs for the war, as they seem to be the leaders of the Horde. He points out that, except for the Elves, all the Horde races are mutants or monsters. His dislike for goblins stems from the Cartel's alignment with the Horde. He feels that the Goblins can no longer be trusted. He has been known to attack Goblin vendors who wander unprotected. Weapons of Choice: Fist Blades, Daggers and Swords Hobbies: Collects daggers History: Felonius first came to the attention of SI: 7 when he was registered by the Orphanage Matron as required by law. During his childhood, there were no reports of criminal or subversive activity. (Note: a lack of reports does not indicate no activity, just that he was never arrested and/or charged with any offense.) Currently: SI: 7 agents report that Felonius has aligned himself with the Redblade Corsairs, a known privateering outfit. It is still unclear what the extent of his affiliation is, but it is known that he has taken up residence aboard the Corsairs' ship (The Stormrunner) in Stormwind Harbor.