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    Just remember the Sewers Duro, remember the sewers.
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    Duro, she's mine, you no can has.
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    D'awww, who's a pretty little student?
  4. It seems everything has taken a turn in the right direction. After a fair amount of arguing, and more bickering than I ever care to take part in. The only –punishment- from the watch is that I’m to watch over Lesya, as a probation officer of sorts. In other ventures, it seems my pupil is unlike any other that I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching, her studies are moving along more rapidly than one could ever hope. Still, there is something quite off about her, and I’m hoping to figure out what it is before imparting too much knowledge into her. Hopefully this all clears up soon, whoever is behind these attacks will make a mistake soon, and aside from the war, everything should slow down enough that I’m able to make up for twelve lost years.
  5. Today was unusually slow compared to the last few days. Saw several members of the Watch at the Brawlers guild, and then Lesya met with Urivial. As I have yet to hear from her I can only imagine how that went. There was good news though. I've heard back from my contacts, and should have my encounter with Lesya's attacker within a day or two. Until then, I suppose I'll rest, I doubt much will come of it, but it doesn't hurt to wish for a good nights rest does it?
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    Meici Bleakheart

    "Meici?" Leandros asked, just to be sure. The goblin offered a curt nod. "She's....interesting, seems bright enough for one her age, could prove to be rather useful." He glared daggers at the goblin, a sign if nothing else to leave him be.
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    Leandros Galavir

    Full Name: Leandros Galavir Nicknames: None known publicly. [ Age: 32 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Black Skin: Fair Eyes: Emerald green Height: 6ft. Weight: 180lbs Place of residence:Krasarang Wilds Place of Birth: Kul Tiras Known Relatives:None. Occupation: Publicly masks himself as a priest from time to time. Group/Guild affiliation: Loosely connected to the Dusk Watch and a handful of other organizations Guild Rank: Recruit Enemies: Currently none. Likes: Fine wines, occasional fighting and studying. Favorite Foods: Meat…lots of meat. Favorite Drinks: Any fine wine. Favorite Colors: Green, black. Weapons of Choice: Preferably carries a dagger, known to wield a staff from time to time. Dislikes: Loudmouths, horrible liars. Hobbies: Studying, practicing swordplay. Physical Features: Dark hair, well trimmed beard and a small scar running along the right side of his jaw. Positive Personality Traits: Caring and protective of those close to him.Typically welcoming of newcomers. Negative Personality Traits: Short tempered, dangerously protective of several individuals Misc. Quirks: Talented strategist. Played by What Famous Person: History: In progress, ask him and you might learn well before it’s posted here.
  8. Things have hit a crossroads today, the hideout we've been using is no longer viable, damned loud mouth Dwarves...And now he seems to have gone to the source of my inquiries. Everything may be in danger of falling apart, but it should resolve itself, with a slight bit of manipulation. Also....It's good to have trustworthy company once more, it's rare enough finding someone you can speak your mind to these days and not worry about the next half dozen they will scurry off and chat about it with....*Several lines are written and crossed out.* Still not sure how to handle the situation, but actions are required, I'll have to write later.

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    Burning Retribution

    Leandros quickly opened the door to the apartment, whatever had happened to Lesya had to have been horrible given the messaged that raced to his mind, he quickly entered the house, scanning the room before making his way upstairs, pausing as he reached the top of the staircase. "Lessie...dear gods what's happened?" He knelt at her side and carefully reached towards her hand. "Lesya, can you hear me?" His free hand quickly reached into a satchel at his side, prying the communicator from it and screaming into it. "I need a healer, at an apartment near cut-throat alley in Stormwind, It's an emergency!" The priestess was lying in a pool of her own blood, a victim of multiple injuries and doesn't respond to his question her eyes were half open but unfocused. Emely’s voice came blaring out over Leandros' comm unit. "I'm nearby, what apartment?" Leandros tossed his staff off to the side of the room, dropping at Lesya's side before barking into the communicator once more. "Upstairs, in the apartment at the end of the alley, please...hurry.” Leandros gently scooped up Lesya's uninjured hand. "Lessie, help is on the way, just hold up." Emely didn’t even let her mount's claws touch cobblestone before she slipped from her saddle. Crossing the threshold into the apartment she hurried across the room, calling out: "I'm here, hang on. If it's bleeding keep pressure on it. "Lesya’s breathing was very shallow the woman having already sunk into shock. A slight rattle accompanied each inhale. Leandros carefully rolled Lesya onto her side, pressing a hand against each of the wounds on the woman’s body before turning his head over his shoulder and shouting. "Up here, quickly, there's blood, lots of blood." Emely came up the stairs, getting her first look at the scene. Her eyes widened, a look of shock flickered across her face before it's stamped down. "Lesya..." she muttered to herself, sounding stricken. She kneels down over the woman, her eyes flicking around. “Any idea what happened? *She asks evenly, her eyes not looking up as the Light gathers to her hands. Leandros quickly glanced up and shook his head. "I haven't a clue, I'd gone on errands only for a few moments and she'd reached out to my mind, her thoughts were hardly coherent so I knew something was wrong....I didn't think it would be this bad though." His head gestured down to his hands. "Two stab wounds and I think one of her fingers was broken, that's all I've had time to see before you arrived." Emely shrugged out of her healer’s satchel as she continues: "...broken finger, broken...ribs too by the look and sound of It." she gently reached out and turned the woman on her un-injured side. She held her hands out above his to take over. ”Thank you, you can let go now. Can you sit at her feet and elevate them for me?” Leandros slid his hands off slowly, shaking as he stared at Lesya. He sat silently a few moments before shaking his head, gathering himself and nodding quickly. "Of course." The tone of his voice quickly became one of worry and fright. "You can-you can heal this right?" Emely didn't look up, her attention focused. She presses her hands to the blade wounds, directing the Light about its work. "Elevate her feet. She's going into shock. “He quickly complied, moving to the woman’s feet, lifting them up even with his chest. Lesya’s breathing grew shallower, almost seeming to stop at points as the Light begins to work through the injured woman. The paladin's voice carried the only tone she's ever brought to battle with her. Calm and even, without any trace of the thoughts behind her eyes. She let the Light ease into tissue and bone, stopping bleeding with a faint gentleness. It bolstered the lungs, finding any abused muscle or bit of flesh and wrapping it in warmth, she proceeded as fast and as precise as she dared listening to the whispers as she went. Leandros shook his head slowly as he watched Emely work the light to her whim. "Thank you." He muttered, still staring down at Lesya's still body. The bleeding slowed, and then stops, the flesh slowly knitting itself anew as the Light works its magic. The rattle sounded more consistent as Lesya's breathing began to normalize, the priestess coughing often as her body worked to clear her airways. ”You have no idea how glad I am that I was close.” She muttered in response, her brows knitting together. A thin sheen of sweat gathered at her hairline “At least, there's no poison. No fragmentation of the blade.” Leandros softly sighed and nodded in agreement. "I just wish I had an idea of who has done this. She doesn't deserve this, not one bit." Another fit of coughing and the rattle faded with each breath. The skin and finished its mending leaving new pink skin in its wake and faint scarring to mark this event. Lesya stirs a little the shock slowly fading...Emely smiles a little, a tiny crack in her healer's face. "Lesya, can you hear me? Everything is okay. "She kept a hand over the priestess' chest, the other one hovering over her the broken finger on her hand, easing the pain first.” Lesya twitched her eyes snapping open and shadows swirl for a second around her good hand and then she paused as Emely spoke. Her gaze went from the paladin to the warlock and she whispers hoarsely, "Where, where is she, did I get her?" Leandros frowned and allowed Lesya's feet to rest on his knees. "Lessie, there isn't anyone here, whoever did this got away." Lesya's eyes close as she waits patiently for Emely to finish her work. "She won't get far...I gave as well as I got." Emely leaned farther over, practically sheltering the body underneath her. "I bet that surprised her, huh?" The Light dims in her hands, the spells she's woven into Lesya's wounds working on as she rests a hand on her cheek. "Open your eyes for me. Leandros shook his head. "Don't worry about it, whoever it was, we'll find them once Emely has you taken care of. "Lesya’s eyes open, her green orbs meeting Emely's a look of gratitude present in them. "I'm glad it's you and not some shoddy healer from the Cathedral..." She joked weakly. Lesya coughs and gives a slight shake of her head. "I would prefer this not be how our evenings go in the future, if that is an option." She looked to Leandros. "Thanks Ran-ran.”Emely returned her hands to the wounds, sitting back a bit to give her space. The worst of it is over, though muscle and bone still sting and bruise. She sets about the more delicate and smaller detail work, keeping her touch light. Leandros watched Emely carefully as she worked and nodded in response to Lesya. "You don't need to thank me Lesya; I don't think there's anything I could have done if she weren't here." Lesya relaxes and watched Emely work a small half smile on her lips noting the extra effort being taken. "Well, you had to call her no? So I can thank you if I want. Besides, maybe you can track her down for me, you’ve always been better at that than I.” Of course.” He replied. “Once you've recovered a bit you can tell me everything about her, and I will take care of everything. Emely quietly chimed in.”You should get some sleep and some food, I can close wounds but I can't return the blood to your body, you'll be weak, but it'll pass.” The pair carefully moved the Priestess to a nearby bed, allowing her rest and relaxation. All the while Leandros’ mind raced, pondering just how he would find the woman responsible for this, and just how he would go about making her burn.
  11. The wilds of Pandarea. It has been several days now since my arrival here. The High Priestess claims there is a great light in this land and has sent a small taskforce of Sentinels, along with a handful of various others here separate from the main Alliance forces. I was surprised at the beauty of this land, if not for these Sha, the Mantids...and of course the horde, this may not be such a bad place to live. A drawback though, is that the confined space of the area has forced me to forsake my usual fighting methods and revert to melee combat for the first time in centuries. It has been....refreshing I suppose. I've learned i was perhaps not as well seasoned as I'd thought, perhaps i'd grown complacent from guarding the temple in Darnassus for the last few years, but already I've begun to notice the changes in my body. I do wonder though, after these last few days how the rest of the Watch is doing. How many came, and where they are currently stationed. It would be a pleasant surprise to run in to one of them. And then Naoki, i have yet to see her and I admit I'm rather shocked that she wasn't one of the first through the portal here, though after hearing what happened to the initial landing force I'm certainly glad she wasn't. Supplies are in, I'll have to get back to writing later.
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    Isolated. (Alliance, open.)

    The sun had just begun rising over Stormwind when a large owl began quickly descending from the sky, half crashing on a sign in the center of Stormwind's Trade District. Whomever found this Owl would find a letter attached to it's leg written in common with obvious Kaldorei penmanship. To whomever this reaches, They have arrived, as far as the eye can see the Horde have surrounded Teldrassil. We are cut off and alone, but we are doing whatever is needed to survive. If this letter does in fact make it's way in to Alliance territory please deliver it to a member of the Dusk Watch as soon as possible and inform them Dalomere Winterwind may be isolated, but he asks for no aid nor rescue. I will stay and aide my people here as long as possible and prepare defenses should the Horde ever attempt to make landfall. Keep us in your thoughts, and pray to whatever gods you worship that the might of the Horde does not descend on our home before the Alliance can muster the forces to break this blockade. Sincerely, Warden Dalomere Winterwind. (Open to anyone in SW that might stumble upon the Owl with the letter)
  14. Gadirn had a habit of flying through Elwynn forest whenever he needed to soothe his mind, and after the events that had transpired in Theramore a short flight was the start of what was likely to be a long recovery, so much death, destruction and there wasn't a thing he could have done to stop it. After a few mindless passes over the forest something caught his eye. There was smoke billowing from the Direction of Eastvale. "This -cannot- be good." He thought to himself as he directed himself to the ground a reasonable distance away, doing his best to avoid being seen or heard. Reaching for the communication device at his waist he sent a short transmission before shifting into the form of a cat and began prowling towards the office. "There's trouble in Eastvale, if anyone is nearby please come immediately. Will relay further information as soon as possible."
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