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  1. Shaelie's Journal

    I got a chance to start reading the newspaper tonight. It's going to take me a really long time to get through everything, but I've been clipping out the articles about Jon Ableham as I go. I'm only on the 4th issue (out of 21) and already have 6 articles.. I already have dozens of questions, but this article in particular is huge.. I did NOT remember that Jon.. as in the Jon I considered my brother.. was somehow still present in Jon Ableham. I thought my brother died when I gave him that brain in the jar... I remember Jon Ableham being a general dick and orchestrating the worgen riots (though according to the articles, DeRossi was actually behind that and how the HELL did I let DeRossi slip off my radar during all of that?) Anyway. I remembered them being two complete different 'entities'. I don't remember Jon being present after the brain incident.. This changes some things. Maybe.. I still don't think the Jon Ableham I've been seeing in Orgimmar is the same Jon Ableham as in these articles. But I need to keep reading.
  2. Shaelie's Journal

    I have to start a new journal, since my other one got left behind. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. My whole life has basically changed completely. But I'm doing alright. Surprisingly- I'm doing just fine. I am no longer Grim. I think the hardest part of that whole night and the days that followed was the look on Khorvis's face. I saw Ashenfury in those eyes. That was really hard to handle. I was angry at him at first. But not anymore. I understand. And he acted in the moment, and did what he felt like needed to be done. He was shocked. Angry, hurt, betrayed. Disappointed.. I have a lot of messes to clean up. I've been spending some time explaining myself to people. Most of them are accepting. Quite a few are still my friends. Some I think are trying to decide. Graysong is struggling. It makes me sad to see him not acting his typical silly self. He's kind of lost, right now. We sat and talked for awhile last night. His faith in The Grim was shaken. I told him that when you're Grim, you live and die by the Mandate. It's supposed to come before anything else i the world. Friendships, relationship, love. All of that is secondary, at best. And sometimes, that means you have to make difficult choices. Which is what Khorvis had to do. That's where I was struggling, too. The Mandate came second to me. The members of the guild came first. It can't really be that way, though. It's not about family. We're supposed to be soldiers of the Mandate. I wanted to tell him to come to Borrowed Time. I'd love to see some of my closer friends come and live at the base. That's what the selfish side of me wants. But instead, I told him that he needs to follow his gut. I told him to ask himself which is more important. Can he put the Mandate ahead of everything else? If there anything he wouldn't do for the Mandate? He still seemed uncertain, so I suggested he go talk to Awatu. There's really no better person to define The Grim and the Mandate than the Commander himself. I hope he does. I think that'll help him make up his mind, one way or another. A lot of other things have happened. They all know I'm Nika, apparently. Including Leyu'jin. He was at Cantina last night, and I couldn't really look him in the eye. But later in the evening, he told me we should talk sometime so I can explain how all of this happened. He didn't seem angry. I hope he and I can be friends. I've always cared a lot for Leyu'jin. And then there's Karthok. Fucking Karthok. I got this in the mail today. It seems he's threatening more than just myself, now. The first one is Inzema, without a doubt. And I'm pretty sure the second is Nero. Inzema and Nero. That's a whole other story. But I digress. Anyway. I think the Chief might be Cobrak. But I haven't figured out the Secretary or the Siege yet. I already let Inzema and Lilliana know. I need to talk to Nero tonight. And the rest of Borrowed Time.
  3. Shaelie's Journal

    It's been several days since I last wrote, but a lot has happened. I sent a letter to Sanctuary asking to meet with one of them. I was expecting to see Juli or Kexti, but it was actually Cerryan who agreed to meet with me. After thinking about it, I am glad it was him. He's seemed.. friendly, the times I've seen him. Or attempting to be. He was the one that tried to bid some crazy amount of gold on me at that date auction a few years ago. I still don't know why. Maybe I'll ask him someday, if I get the chance. Anyway, I'm afraid if Julilee had been the one to meet with me, she wouldn't believe me. And if it was Kex'ti, he probably wouldn't take me serious. But Cerryan listened, at least. I didn't plan out what I was going to say, because I wanted to speak from the heart in the moment. And that's what I did. I think he believes me.. but agrees that I have a long road ahead when it comes to getting others to ever trust me again. He said he'd speak to them about me, and to be patient. I haven't heard anything in several days. It 's hard to be patient, but I feel like it'll be worth it in the long run. Every day I check my mailbox, hoping to hear word. Someday.. In the meantime, I went ahead and left Borrowed Time. I tried to talk to Cobrak but he was busy, so end the end I just left them a note. I don't think any of them will really care- most of them probably don't even remember me since I was gone for a couple of years. If Sanctuary won't have me, I have no plan B. So this has to work.. I saw Jon Ableham again, only I'm not convinced it's really Jon. Things aren't adding up. I've been trying to remember all of those details, but tonight I had a great idea! I went to Dalaran and found a library to see if they had archives of old newspapers. Particularly, the Violet Eye. Turns out, they did. So I made copies of the whole collection. There were a lot more issues that I remembered. I recall there being a lot of things in there about Jon though, at some point. And a lot about myself. Some true, most false. But reading back over them might help me start putting some things together.
  4. Shaelie Brightwing

    Shaelie stepped off the gangplank of the ship from Ratchet, and paused on the wooden pier of Booty Bay. it had been a long time since she had traveled here. Tonight, though, she had business. From her pocket, she pulled a folded piece of paper and studied it for a moment, then began walking again. Her eyes searched the buildings she passed, looking for the wooden sign advertising the tattoo parlor.. which should be just to the left of the tavern. Right about.. there! She spotted the weather beaten sign and pushed open the door to step inside. The goblin that greeted her spoke with her for a few minutes, as she showed him the sketch on paper that she had brought. She handed over the fairly large coin purse of gold that had been agreed upon in advance. And she wasn't surprised when he raised the price by another 45%.. the tattoo she wanted was a 'premium' design, as it turned out. And the cost of ink had increased due to shortage of supplies. And of course, overhead fees, and the like. Shaelie paid without protest. It was worth it. She settled in the chair as the goblin prepared the tattoo gun, all the while grumbling to himself that he hadn't gotten at least another 10% out of her. The needle stung, but Shaelie set her jaw and endured without protest. It was worth it. A couple of hours later, she was done. The hour had grown late, but she was ecstatic. The tattoo had come out even better than she had hoped. Turned out, the goblin was quite the artist, and worth every bit of gold, and then some. She left him with a rather generous tip. Stopping beneath a pool of light from one of the hanging lanterns overhead, she admired the piece once more. It now graced the inside of her forearm, spanning an area roughly the size of her hand. The tattoo was of a shield, leaning against a rock. The shield was gold, inlaid with deep blue filigree. The pattern was quite intricate, and if you looked closely enough, you could make out the letters M G set into the design. Propped against the shield was a large hammer that seemed to glow with a faint halo of gold light. Twisted around the handle of the hammer was a silver chain necklace, with a tiny silver hammer dangling from the end.
  5. Shaelie Brightwing

    Shaelie Brightwing Age: (Would be 23 in human years) Race: Sin'Dorei Place of Residence: Currently Dragonroost Port, base of Operators for Borrowed Time. Occupation: Engineer. Philosophy: "Let the will of the wind carry you." Enemies: None currently Hobbies and Interests: Exploring, watching a storm from the treetops, sleeping under the stars, tinkering and creating new gadgets, swimming, music. Favorite food and drink: Sea Mist Rice Noodles and South Island Iced Tea. Weapons of Choice: Guns, bombs, mechanical pets. Dislikes: Not being able to conquer a challenge. Thinking she's found an undiscovered location and finding someone has gotten there first. Everyone's focus on death and killing. Description: She looks healthier than people might remember, not as scrawny and malnourished as she used to appear. Her skin looks brighter and her color is better. Her hair, which used to be long, black and tangled, is now cut to shoulder length and is chestnut brown in color. It's parted to drape over one side of her face, covering her eye. Her nose is pierced with a tiny hoop on the right side. Her clothing is usually light cloth, loose fitting for silence and ease of movement. If she carries any weapon at all, it's small and concealed. She carries a backpack slung over her shoulder, with a red bandana tied either to the strap of her backpack or looped around her belt. She has one tattoo on the inside of her forearm, roughly the size of her hand. The tattoo was of a shield, leaning against a rock. The shield was gold, inlaid with deep blue filigree. The pattern was quite intricate, and if you looked closely enough, you could make out the letters M G set into the design. Propped against the shield was a large hammer that seemed to glow with a faint halo of gold light. Twisted around the handle of the hammer was a silver chain necklace, with a tiny silver hammer dangling from the end. Unlike most Sin'dorei, she doesn't seem overly concerned with appearance- more practical in nature given her fondness of tinkering and the outdoors. Special Abilities: Exceptionally good at climbing or scaling. Trees, buildings, mountains.. everything is a challenge with the prize being to reach the top. She also indulges in free-running/parkour.. either as a necessity to give an advantage during a fight, finding a better vantage point or simply for the joy of careening over dangerously high or impractical places. Positive Personality Traits: Easily adapts to most situations, is able to 'go with the flow'. Level-headed most of the time. However.. Negative Personality Traits: She tends to be blunt, and doesn't have the best filter. Sometimes her mouth can get her into trouble. Prone to suspicion and paranoia.
  6. Shaelie Brightwing

    Updated most sections, biggest change being description.
  7. Shaelie's Journal

    I'm sitting in the grass right now. Between the ridge of two hills, overlooking a farm. There's a cow in the pasture, chewing some grass. The lights are on in the farmhouse, shining through the windows, and I can smell them cooking dinner. There are crickets chirping, and an owl hooting up in the tree above me, somewhere. I used to live here. Not there, in that particular house. Micael did, though. Nearby. I've been thinking about Micael a lot lately. I'm not sure why.. But I'll be honest when I say I miss him and Mack, a hell of a lot. I think my time away got me thinking about a lot of things. And tonight really magnified that. I stopped in the Wyverns Tail. And Jon Ableham was there. I couldn't believe it. He wasn't the Jon I miss so much, though. Just the bad version of himself. He didn't know it was me, of course.. After I got over my shock of seeing him, I talked to him a bit and he said some things that confused me, and some things that sparked some memories that I couldn't quite dredge up. He mentioned Venedict being his nephew. That blew my mind. Did I know that before? Something about 'nephew' sounded familiar. But if Venedict was his nephew.. how the HELL did he end up being his ghoul? And so I came here, for answers. To Stormwind. Where this whole journey with Venedict, Jon and Micael began. In the graveyard.. I remember something about a tombstone. So I found them tonight. Christine, Venedict, Alex and David Abner.. being here did help me remember some things. But I still couldn't recall the connection between Venedict and Jon. I sort of remember Jon being here, but he was afraid of Venedict. Anyway, my thoughts are all over the place tonight. That's just part of what's on my mind. Being here, just behind the gates of Stormwind. I'm homesick. I miss being me. I miss being Nika. I remember how I used to help people. Not always.. I got into a lot of fights, even before I started doing the really horrible things. But I miss how life used to be. Before The Grim, and before my life changed. And before I ruined other people's lives, and destroyed families. My biggest regret in life is something that will always haunt me. It's what I did in Theramore... when I poisoned all those soldiers. I wish I could rip that day out of my life, and out of my memories. All those families and kids that no longer have fathers because of me. Fathers that didn't even get to die honorably, in battle. They didn't even get a chance to make a difference, or to be heroes. They were meant to die doing courageous things, making a difference in the world. Stories would be written about the battles they fought, and how they sacrificed their lives to make life safer for the people they cared about. But instead, they ate poisoned bread and choked to death. For nothing. That wasn't supposed to be their legacy. Hardly anyone knows about that. It's the thing I'm most ashamed of. I wonder about those families now. Whatever became of them? I feel like that's what I'm supposed to do, now. Help people. Make a difference, somehow. I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to kill people. I can't change or take back every person that I hurt or killed. But maybe I can change something for other people, going forward. It's funny.. as I was sitting here behind Stormwind, thinking about all of this. At first I was wishing I could go back. But that wouldn't help anything, either. So I was wishing that I could somehow help people on both sides. Not just one or the other. And I was wishing there was some guild that was neutral, and that does help people on both sides. And then I remembered that there is.. Sanctuary. That's hard to wrap my head around, as much as I hated and fought against them in the past.. but that was also when I was consumed by The Grim.. and the most important thing to me was to prove myself to them. But time has passed. And you know what? I already did. And I don't care anymore. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm not sure if Borrowed Time and Sanctuary are on good terms, or bad. I'm not sure if I want to stay with Borrowed Time but also help Sanctuary. if they'd even have me. Which is a stretch. A big one.
  8. Shaelie's Journal

    It's been a long time since I picked this journal up. I had forgotten about it, actually. It's barely even been used. Too bad I don't have my old journals, anymore... That's what's been on my mind a lot, lately. The past.. I guess it's sort of what brought me back. I had considered myself retired for what.. a couple of years now? Has it been that long? According to this journal, it has been. I traveled for awhile. Sometimes I just pick a direction and keep going until I find a spot that feels right. This time, it was an abandoned fishing shack in a bayou. It was run down and the boards were warped from moisture, and it had an entire colony of critters living inside. But as soon as I saw it, I knew it was home. At least for awhile. I fixed it up a little, and spent my days exploring the area, or fishing. Or sometimes just sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch, listening to nature. It was nice for awhile. I took a picture of it before I left. Maybe someday I'll find it again. But now I'm back. And I'm not entirely sure what the plan is. But like I said, a lot of things from the past have been on my mind, and I feel like there are some things I need to do. A lot of things I need to figure out how to fix, or make up for. Not sure how that's going to pan out, just yet...
  9. Rylie Tattersall

    Full Name: Rylie Tattersall Nicknames: Ry-Ry Date of Birth: October 6th Age: 12 Race: Human Gender: Female Hair: Mid-length, blonde. Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue Height: 4'9" Weight: 90 Place of residence: Borrowed Time Garrison Place of Birth: Elwynn Forest Known Relatives: None living. Religion/Philosophy: Follows the Light. Her philosophy also is to 'not let the tea stains set in', something she picked up on from Kex'ti. In her mind, this basically means that you should be quick to repay your debts, be they in the form of kindness or a favor, before too much time has passed. Occupation: As an orphan, she is limited to helping out around the Garrison. Mostly in the kitchen, and Mayce's bar. Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time Guild Rank: Citizen Allies: Mythiis, Borrowed Time and Sanctuary Enemies: Tazzuk, The Grim Likes: Cooking, playing outside with friends, meeting new people, seeing new places, fishing, pirates. Favorite Foods: Moonbrook Riot Taffy, Redridge Goulash, Cinnamon Twist Bread Favorite Drinks: Fuzzy Pear Cider Favorite Colors: Pink, tangerine orange Weapons of Choice: She's a bit young for such things, although she is training with a staff. Dislikes: Rude people, not being listened to, bullies. Hobbies: Fishing, exploring, listening to music, collecting plushies. Physical Features: She's a fairly small girl, but strong for her age, as a result of growing up in a logging camp. She has sky blue eyes and mid length blonde hair that falls to her shoulders. There is a faint scar marring one cheek. Although light, it's fairly long, stretching from her checkbone to her jaw. Special Abilities: She's an exceptional cook, for a girl her age. Positive Personality Traits: She wants to believe the best of everyone, and is willing to give most people a chance. She's also not afraid to work and help out. Negative Personality Traits: She is a little too trusting and naive. She also may have some trouble keeping secrets.. Misc. Quirks: She bites her nails when she is scared or nervous. Art by
  10. TNG Con... 2018!

    I just want to point out that as far as New Orleans is concerned- the idea was to definitely go during off season when the weather is great, the prices are lower and it's not as full of tourists. Absolutely not during Mardi Gras.
  11. Wild Foraged Foods!

    There are ways to monetize your blog, yes. There are a lot of articles and youtube videos how to do this. Here are a couple. Also, most bloggers these days use their phones! No professional camera needed. There are articles on how to edit your cellphone photos also.
  12. Wild Foraged Foods!

    I remember last year you were doing the bug recipes. You REALLY need to be doing a food blog because your photos, presentation and ideas are outstanding. Frankly, you should consider doing a cookbook also. But definitely blog.
  13. RHTN Usability Poll

    I took the poll, but it has too many abbreviations. Is WQ = world quest? And what is LVM?
  14. TNG Con 2017!

    I did a blog.
  15. Some Writing Tips

    Misuse of 'weary' is a pet peeve of mine. That being said, I've been misusing 'phased' for years.
  16. Break the Bones (set them right again)

    (I love Shokkra so much)
  17. The Mystery Auction Extravaganza

    I loved reading these descriptions, thanks for posting them! Also, LOL- who wrote Kiannis' card?
  18. TNG Con 2017!

    *Dances with Sinlanna* Roomie!
  19. This topic title really caught my attention because I've been going through this for a couple of years now, only in my case, it's much worse than losing interest in a character. I've lost interest in RP. It's something that I've been struggling with for a long time. I've uprooted my main character, Shaelie/Nika, and even tried shaking her world up with having her booted from The Grim and put her in Borrowed Time. I've tried making other characters. But the sad truth is, my interest in RP has fizzled out. I still linger around these forums because RP has been such a huge part of my life since 1998 when I created Nika for a Larp and tabletop group. And anyone who knows me can remember how deep I was into RP back several years ago. I look back on some of my forum threads and wonder what happened. I hope it doesn't happen to any of you!
  20. When Alts Get Together

    I've always had an extremely strict policy that none of my alts knows the other even exists, and they don't know each other on even the most remote level. I'm not even sure why I do this, but it's something I've always been adamant about. The only exception was an alt I created for the purpose of advancing a storyline and it was someone that my character Nika hired. However, once that storyline ended and the job was complete, the two parted ways and have never seen each other again.
  21. Shaelie's Journal

    Heard from Gunheya that Dalaran has moved from Northrend and is now hovering over Kharazan. I've spent the last couple of days here documenting everything and getting pictures. Some areas of the city are heavily damaged. I'm not sure what from.. it doesn't seem like it was structural damage from moving the city because the building are fine, including the towers. Just small, targeted areas like this, but nothing left behind to indicate what happened. All entrances to the Underbelly have been sealed. I find this strange because nothing else is boarded up- the shops are closed for business but not barricaded. I tried looking for the sewer pipe entrance from the outside but I couldn't find it anywhere. I must have overlooked it somehow. There's an art gallery by the toy store.. has it always been there? I don't remember ever seeing it, and it looks new. They must have opened shortly before the move. This is definitely new - it's replaced the area where the open courtyard and fountain used to be in the middle of the city. They've turned it into a building, but there's not much in there right now. It's pretty, though. The bank on the Alliance side of the city had.. problems. All the gold from the personal vaults and safety deposit boxes got dumped into the middle of the room, and some of the citizens are having a fit. They're not allowing any deposits or withdrawals until they get everything put back, and have guards on hand to make sure no one tries to rob them. The bank on the horde side of the city is fine. Very heavy damage at Kraus's Landing. No flights are going in or out of Dalaran right now. Whatever magic they used to move the city, it had some other side effects with people stuck in walls.. Recovery specialists are on the scene getting them out. For some reason, there's a blight wagon outside the Filthy Animal.. Speaking of Filthy Animal, it's closed for business but they do have the kitchen running and they're serving food for residents and workers only. Since we completely destroyed Legerdemain's Lounge when we were fighting that dreadlord recently, they apparently gave it a huge remodel. It looks a lot nicer now. This is one thing I found really strange, though.. the Forge looks like it's been vacant for a long time. Even before the move.. it's the only business that appeared to be completely closed and empty. Strangest of all, though.. I'm not sure Dalaran is finished moving. I haven't heard this rumor from many people- only two mentioned it. But someone said something about, 'when we get to our final destination', and another guy mentioned wondering if they were going to suddenly move again. So the location above Kharazan might only be temporary.. that also might be why they aren't opening up the shops yet, and everyone still seems so on edge.
  22. Fel Bites and Last Rites

    (All the tears.)
  23. Legion: War's Wake

    Shaelie didn't see who exactly rescued her from the battlefield, or what mender had stabilized her injuries enough that she could walk on her own again. Mostly, she was numb. The last thing she had seen was Vol'jin hitting the ground, a glaive pierced through his torso. The ship docked at Bladefist Bay and the group, battered and beaten, prepared to make their way to Grommash Hold. Cobrak hobbled off board, ripping out a spear from his shoulder. "Fuckin'....FUCK...." "Boss! You made it." Nanori congratulated him. Megeda shakily removed his dented and scarred helmet. Numb fingers drop it to the planks of the deck Fadjafwahji pulled off his fel-singed shoulderpads, throwing them over the edge as well. Selash's armor was clearly damaged. Faylea unhooked her broken bow string and tosses it to the side. Shaelie reached up and grabbed Cobrak by the arm, dragging him down to whisper. "Did Vol'jin really fall?" Cobrak looked to Shaelie, and lowered his head. "C'mon...le's find out..." "To the Hold...quickly." Cerryan urged. A large crowd had gathered around the Hold, waiting to hear the news. Fearing the worst. Finally, the door opened and Sylvanas emerged. The crowd grew silent and she stood to face them. "Vol'jin.. is dead." For a long moment, there was utter silence. Only the sound of the wind stirring the dust could be heard. Then the crowd began to murmur. People looked from one to another as they digested this information. Fenlao turned around and vomited. "Why.. Why why why why?" It's her fault.. Nanori collapsed to the ground, and Selash knelt next to her. Fenlao wretched again, dropping to his knees. It's her fault he's dead.. she wasn't watching Vol'jin.. she was too focused on Varian! Shaelie's teeth were clenched so hard, her jaw creaked, and her face was flooded with tears. IT'S HER FAULT! It was everything she could do to keep the words inside. To not hurl accusations at what was now their new Warchief. She looked as much angry as grief stricken, and without a word to the rest, turned and took off. Shouldering her way through the crowd until she was able to retrieve her rocket. Behind her, Sylvanas was still addressing the Horde. But Shaelie wasn't listening. Unable to see through her tears, she took to the air. She didn't even know where she was going. Just away, she needed to get away. She flew for several minutes, heading in the general direction of Hyjal. The communicator at her side crackled, and Megeda's voice could be heard. "Shaelie. Where did you go?" She didn't answer. Finally, she reached the highest peak of a mountain and landed. Snow crunched beneath her boots as she stepped off the rocket and walked slowly to the edge of the cliff, looking out over a blanket of treetops far below. Grief clenched at her chest, making it hard to breath. "IT'S HER FAULT!!" She screamed at the heavens, releasing all that pain and anger she'd been holding inside. Then she knelt in the snow, sobbing hoarsely. "Shae....ya kin come ta us. We be family....but take yer time...." Cobrak could be heard over the communicator, a few minutes later. Shaelie didn't answer. She felt bad for keeping her silence. But for now, she was trying to come to terms with what had happened. The intensity of her grief surprised her. She never thought she would take the death of Vol'jin quite so hard. It hurt.. and the pain of grief was always most difficult for her to cope with. It was easier to focus on anger. And so she did- blaming Sylvanas directly for what had happened. After all, it was because of Sylvanas that she had become so angry that she got distracted, lost focus and became separated from her group. That's how she fell. And the last thing she saw before slipping into unconciousness was Vol'jin falling as well. Because of Sylvanas. "Borrowed Time...mourn our Warchief....our TRUE Warchief...but live on, an' fight...Thar be demons still ta kill." Cobrak was right, of course. Now was not really the time to indulge in grief or recollection. There was a war to fight. And angry and upset as she was, she knew it was time to pull herself up and go help defend against the Legion. On the communicator, the rest of Borrowed Time organized their assault teams. Some heading for Tanaris, and others splitting off to cover the Barrens. Shaelie mounted her rocket again, and began heading in the direction of the Barrens. She listened to the chatter over the communicator as she flew. I'm heading to Everlook, going to get in contact with the Alliance and work out a... well, Alliance." Fadjafwahji announced. "What?" Shaelie said slowly. Anger started to rise slowly up inside her again. It's her fault.. "Watch yourself out there Fad..." Megeda was saying. "Horde isn't winning this war on its own, all of you know that." Shaelie slowed the rocket, briefly debating making a detour to Everlook. If she could get there before Fad.. maybe she could kill the Alliance before he arrived. We don't need them! They're the ENEMY! "Git in contact wit yer people Fad, dig us sum info." Cobrak's voice brought her back to reality. She was no longer Grim. But it was times like this that she realized how deeply rooted the Mandate still was, in her. Even still. With some reluctance, she turned back towards the Barrens. For the next few hours, she fought. Usually joining up with strangers to help defend the horde territories near Orgimmar. From time to time, some Alliance would appear. Presumably to assist with the demons. They are not our friends! Because of Sylvanas, we've lost our Warchief. Fueled by anger, Shaelie fired indiscriminately. Her rifle had a wide spray, and she would not be held responsible for any Alliance who found themselves between her and the Demons. "We be 'eadin' ta Westfall nex'." Cobrak announced over the radio. "Westfall??" Said Shaelie, in disbelief. "Let it burn." "I care more bout denyin' tha Legion a foot'old." "I'm sure our Warchief is over there protecting them." Shaelie retorted, coldy. She probably is. Defending Alliance territory. Like she was defending Varian while Vol'jin DIED. "Then it be our duty ta make sure we dinnae lose anutha one." She could tell Cobrak was trying to be patient with her. But stubbornly, she held her silence. "I dinnae care if the whole Alliance burns, but one base fer tha legion be bad news fer er'ryone." Megeda's voice sounded like he was trying to chew gravel* " Understood... Vol'jin saw the necessity of the Alliance's attack... If they could have made it to Gul'dan this war might have been over." Cobrak's tone was growing frustrated. "I loathe tha Alliance pricks much az anyone else 'ere, but I know that it be tactically better ta deny tha Legion a foot'old than ta watch tha Alliance burn. So, Shae, pull yer 'ead outta yer arse an' figure out whass more important!" Shaelie felt bad. She always liked Cobrak, and she wanted to follow his orders. But this time, she just couldn't. Ever stubborn, she remained in Orgimmar. At some point, demons appeared at the gate and she helped to drive them back. But she remained in her city. Some hours later, after most everyone else had turned in for the night, Megeda spoke up again over the radio. "Shaelie... Believe me I understand your hatred of the Alliance. But Chieftain is right for now. While they are dedicated to tearing our home apart we must fight them wherever possible." Shaelie was sitting atop a zeppelin tower, taking refuge from the busy streets below. Her heart squeezed painfully. Her answer came after a considerable silence, her tone sorrowful. "It's her fault he's dead." There. She had finally said it out loud. "Sylvanas?" "Yes, she was too busy focusing on Varian. She wasn't paying attention to Vol'Jin." "What are you talking about? It was her that saved him when he fell." "But he WOULDN'T have fallen to begin with if she was paying attention to OUR people and not THEIRS." "You are blaming Vol'jin's death on Sylvanas's banter with Wrynn? Not Vol'jin's own distraction in the field?" "Yes, he didn't fall because he was distracted- he was over run." Just like I was. "There was only so much we could do." "Agreed... Only so much that we could do. Vol'jin, Thrall, Baine, Sylvanas... We all played our part in this." Fhenrir spoke. "Vol'jin was killed by the Legion. He would not have left his fate to a woman he didn't trust." Shaelie didn't know he was listening. She never heard much from the Tauren that Leyu'jin called Brother. "I don't understand why he appointed her Warchief and not someone else." She muttered, stubbornly. "None of us do, yet." replied Fhenrir. "Do you truly believe a few cocky words were responsible for vol'jin's death Shaelie?" asked Megeda. She didn't answer. "We all grieve in different ways Shaelie," he continued. "But pinning the blame one someone helps nobody. For now, Sylvanas was chose by the spirits that vol'jin saw. Until a better Warchief rises or she dies it seems she has our best interests in mind." Shaelie felt her eyes brim with tears again. She rested her face against her drawn up knee and sobbed quietly for a few minutes, before answering. "What if she forces us to align with the Alliance?" "I do not know... Aside from combatting the legion she would be hard pressed to find anyone who would agree with it. We may turn our weapons away from one another for the moment, but that does not mean we will fight side by side with them. Even tonight we kept distance between us." "That's what I'm so upset about, though! I understood that the Alliance was going to be there also, and I agreed to keep my gunfire away from them.. but that doesn't mean we have to talk to them or thank them, we could just stay clear of them. She was talking to Varian like they were allies! We AREN'T their allies!" "You are offended by her familiarity? Her teasing and slight signs of respect?" Did he understand? "Yes." "..Why?" "Because they are the enemy! And during all that familiarity and teasing and slight signs of respect, our warchief died." "That teasing and signs of respect only happened when we fought the biggest foe we had encountered on that isle. After that, we were seperated and new what our task was to ensure the success of the offensive. Vol'jin fought bravely but shouting orders in the battlefield distracted him just enough." "She let her guard down.." She trailed off and there was a pause, but her comment was never finished. She just sounded defeated. Somewhere, deep down inside, she really did understand that it wasn't really Sylvanas's fault. And she knew she was being completely irrational. But she was angry. Anger hurt less than grief. " ...I hate humans just as much as anyone else. But turning on our allies does nothing. If we want justice for Vol'jin's murderers. Our weapons should be kept on the Legion and any who follow them.... I am sorry for berating you. We all handle loss differently." Shaelie didn't answer. His last comment brought forth the tears again. Even if he didn't understand or agree with her blame of Sylvanas, he did understand that she was grieving. "It has been a long day... And it's only a matter of time before the Legion attacks again. I am going to rest... Farewell." The gentle hiss from the radio went quiet as the frequency was turned off. Shaelie sat on the zeppelin tower long into the night, keenly mourning the loss of their Warchief.
  24. Legion: War's Wake

    ((Apologies in advance for taking slight liberties with some of your characters. I used the log from the RP Broken Shores event that was mostly dialogue and added some emotes where they were needed. Hopefully I didn't misrepresent anyone!) "ONE WHO KILLS THA LEAST FEL-SUCKER BUY THA FIRST ROUND!" Cobrak yelled back to the group as they left the ship, ready to bring war to the Legion. "Thats...." Fenlao paused, staring out at the army of demons that waited for them. "Sulfur." Finished Saelyx. Meanwhile, Selash made his preparations with Nanorii. "We don't get seperated," He said, and his bracelet glistened. "By the Light..." breathed Cerryan, as he realized the magnitude of the battle that lay before them. "ORCS FIRST! SEE YA AT THE PARTY PRINCESSES!" Bellowed Cobrak. He wasted no time, charging into the midst of the battle. "BORROWED TIME! FUCK THEM UP!" "Anchor down!" Megeda called out. The rest of the battle seemed a blur. Shaelie sent her mechanical wolf out to intercept a pit lord and brought her rifle to her shoulder, sighting between the eyes of a demon that closed in on the party. She tried to listen for the shouted orders and communication of her group as they cut their way through the Legion. "DONT GIVE EM A CHANCE TA BREATHE!" "Get the crystals!" "PIT LORD INCOMIN'!" "Hold strong! The Light is with us!" "Back ta tha nether, ya fel-pissin' cunt!" The battle raged on.. but as she fought, Shaelie began to take notice of the incessant banter between Sylvanas and Wrynn. She understood the necessity of the two factions putting their differences aside to combat the Legion. But there was a difference between temporarily joining forces out of dire need, and the overly friendly way Sylvanas was acting towards the Alliance King. She glared angrily at Sylvanas, anger and frustration building. "FOR SANCTUARY!" Julilee was yelling. "Hold....strong!" Cerryan called out. Cobrak manically cackled, "THIS BE A GOOD FIGHT!" "We'll take the ridge and cover your flank." "Sylvanas.. thank you." "Good luck, Varian." Shaelie, blinded by rage, saw red. "STOP FUCKING TALKING TO HIM!" She screamed, snarling at Sylvanas as they rushed up the ridge. By now, she was so angry that she couldn't even concentrate. She fired shot after shot at the demons that closed in on them. She's not even calling him by his last name, now. We aren't friends! She thought. Talons pulled at her clothing and hair, and the wings of imps beat around her head, swarming so thickly that she could barely see past them. She pushed a button in her glove to call her wolf to her, but there was no response. When was the last time she had seen it up? She smashed two imps aside with her rifle. Where was the rest of the group? She could no longer see them..only the demons. "DER COMIN' FROM BEHIND!" She heard Vol'jin shouting from across the ridge. A weapon smashed into the side of her head, spinning her and the world tilted. Her knees hit the ground. "Someone get her back on her feet!" "DON'T LET THE-" Vol'jin's words cut off abruptly, becoming a bellow of pain. "Warchief!" Shaelie hit the ground. And a split second later, Vol'jin fell. (To be continued.)
  25. Broken Shore (Legion) [H/A]

    Is this happening on the 12th? I think that's also when the next Grim meeting is..