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  1. How do we find this again? *sigh*

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    In The News

    Kaiune waited until the guard moved on to the other end of the cell block before snatching the discarded newspaper through the bars. "HE DID WHAT?!" she exclaimed loudly after quickly reading the notice She crumbled the paper in her fist and flung it at the wall. It just wasn't possible. There is no way that Ruji would abandon the cause. "These are lies" she decided finally, mumbling angrily to herself. "Ruji would never turn the guild over to that pompus Dusk Watch shill"
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    In The News

    ((this is a developing story and is directly tied to activities by The Inglorious. More news clips will appear here as it progresses. Feel free to post IC reactions and comments))
  4. THE INGLORIOUS An Introduction First there was the smoke. Diminished now in volume, it rose over the tree topped hills, lazily picking its path to the clouds in the still autumn air. Not an uncommon site in the war torn countryside of Azeroth and yet the snaking black tendrils on the horizon had a feel of something more sinister than the average burning husk of a war machine. Then there was the sound. This started faint, as only the barest tickle of sensation in the back of your mind, but as you neared the smoke's source it grew to demand the attention of your every thought. The buzzing of innumerous insect wings and the angry cawing of carrion birds rose in a raucous symphony of terrifying portent as you neared. As the sound grew louder with each step, there was the smell. At first it too was only an uncomfortable disturbance as you moved along the path but soon its putrid stench was at war with the horrible noise, each vying for attention in your mind. The bit of torn cloth held to your nose was a poor shield against its assault and your eyes began to water in protest of the foulness in the air. And then, having crested the summit of this last hill. It all lay bare and stark and incomprehensible before your eyes. The horror. There will be no words for what you have seen when they ask. It will either come to you later as a justifiable price that must be paid for peace, or it will forever trouble your sleep and haunt your waking thoughts. Who is responsible for this? Will you heed their call to bring such terrors to the enemy or will you hunt them down as monsters for what they have done? About Us We are a guild of avid PvPers that focus on small coordinated battles and believe in having proven skills and strong tactics over simply having large numbers. Our focus is based around World PvP with other pursuits being conducted when horde aren't about. Our RP While we have an RP backdrop to the guild it is important to note we are more RP friendly than RP oriented. While open to all ideas we place PvP above all else. Members are free to choose if they wish to participate or not in RP. Guild chat is OOC with all RP events taking place outside of the guild chat. As for our RP storyline, we are a militant group of former alliance civilians that have each seen horror and brutality inflicted by the horde on our homes and families. We have no real name for our group (though The Inglorious has become a nickname of sorts we have used) or nation to honor. We don't fight under any recognized flag (we do use 4 long claw marks to mark our presence) and our only links to each other are the ones that have been forged by our mutual loss and hatred of the enemy. We believe that the risk of diplomacy with the horde is too great and will only lead to a false sense of security that will inevitably be exploited. Though it may seem inhuman, our goal is the annihilation of the horde on Azeroth so that future generations will know security and peace. With war breaking out between the horde and alliance we push deeper into enemy territory inflicting as much physical and psychological damage as possible. Each member our guild is a unique force fighting for the cause. Individuality in our guild takes the place of the anonymity of being just another soldier. We don't have uniforms and encourage members interested in RP to develop a unique persona, nickname, dress style, etc.... Join us We are actively recruiting anyone with a passion for World PvP. We seek personalities that will fit well within our tight-knit guild and look for team players that are willing to improve their skills and gear as needed. Contact Ruji or Kaiune in game. More Information? Check us out at www.theinglorious.enjin.com
  5. The Inglorious is finally level 25!! Many thanks to Blizzard for lowering the bar for us. >.>
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    torn from the pages of the Ironforge Informer
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    Ripped from today's Stormwind Herald editorial section:
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    Found recently by SI:7 agents in a burnt out goblin shack in the slums of Orgrimmar.
  9. Back and recruiting again. Watch our RP story thread: http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?20426-In-The-News to find out more about our RP backdrop.
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    In The News

    ((it has been awhile but we will be updating this thread regularly again. New information is coming out now about where the rebel terrorists [the inglorious] have been and why they haven't been around.)) Available to those with SI:7 clearance...
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    I don't know what is an acceptable level of RP for you but from the wording in your post i imagine it as a level of RPing that does not exist outside of a Pen and Paper environment. Perhaps you should be more specific with the RP you are looking for because everyone is going to have different ideas of what is adequate. I find all the RP i want on this server. *edit* she didn't mention The Inglorious either... and we are way cooler
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    Timeline question

    http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/136461/okay-seriously-time-skip I LOL'd... but im glad he finally got a better answer.
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    Full Name: Kaiune. If there is any other name she either doesn't use it or its not public knowledge. Nicknames: Date of Birth: She was a young adult by the time the horde first arrived on Azeroth. Age: Not known. Race: Kaldorei Gender: Female Hair: Naturally white but she makes extensive use of dyes to change her appearance Skin: very pale Eyes: glowy? Height: 6' 9" Weight: athletic Place of residence: as a member of a guerrilla fighting group she lives out of camps and temporary lodging. Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: Occupation: Criminal/Rebel Group/Guild affiliation: Kaiune belongs to a nameless group of guerrilla militants against the horde. [The Inglorious] Guild Rank: Former Commander (Kaiune has become too reckless to lead effectively and has turned command over to Ruji) Enemies: Likes: Weapons of Choice: Her natural weapons, Explosives. Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Deforestation, The Horde, Glory Seekers, Nobility, Money Hobbies: Kaiune spends little time doing things for herself. Everything she does is for her cause. Physical Features: Always changing. Kaiune is wanted for many alleged crimes and so is rarely seen without a disguise. Special Abilities: A master shapeshifter, kaiune is able to take the form of various animals. Positive Personality Traits: A champion of hopeless causes. Sacrificing. Loyal, Determined. Negative Personality Traits: Short Fused, Reactive, Vindictive, Anarchist... While most elves, being such long lived creatures, are patient and long sighted, Kaiune is not. Kaiune's world, in her relatively short life has been filled with drastic changes and she is a product of that environment. Misc. Quirks: History: Even at a young age Kaiune would fight for what she percieved as injustices in the world. What started as innocent childhood charity later grew into reckless vigilantism as she learned to set aside morality in order to achieve her goals. In the wilds of her homeland she found many victims of injustice to champion and so a poacher would mysteriously disappear or a wealthy merchant caravan would find its cargo being used to feed the poor and homeless. There is never an end, however, to the suffering in the world and for one that cares so much for others this truth is hard to live with. Kaiune's anger and rage at the hopelessness of it, and her natural affinity for the wilds eventually led her to the Great Bear Spirit and gifts it could offer. With the strength and ferocity of the bear form kaiune's private war on injustice bacame wild and brutal. It wasn't long before she found herself being hunted by those upholding useless laws. During her time on the run she learned to control her rage and found the art of subtlety and stealth useful in eluding her pursuers. Again the animal spirits bestowed their wisdom on Kaiune and offered her a new form so that she might continue her work. While mastering her new feline abilities Kaiune began studying various engineering schematics she had picked up from her travels and quickly became very skilled at constructing explosive devices. More to come.. tired of writing... why arent the servers up yet?
  14. Why Join THE INGLORIOUS? - PVP and World PVP are the aspects of the game that you enjoy most. - You value tactics and skill in pvp and constantly seek to improve both. - You dislike guild drama and disruptive personalities and seek a tight knit family-like guild to belong to where your voice is respected. - You or your character really hate the horde. - You want an RP character that is an individual and stands out as more than just another member/soldier in a guild. - Your RP character has questionable morals. - Other guilds frown on you t-bagging your kills or camping lowbies on their escort quests.
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    TNG General Survey

    So... because no one will agree with you in public your hope is that they will anonymously agree with you in your survey. With this data you will have your last laugh at our expense as we are forced to admit that you, the great all-knowing aleria, were right. Genius!
  16. <p>It shall be like old times in TB again... except more boring because we will never find each other >.<</p>

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    Hey Swerto!

    It is not going to happen. <3
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    Streaming Ret PvP 4.0.1

    That book is LONG overdue. JK izeal <3
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    Gauging Interest: Pre Cata/Cata RP Group

    *pokes* we need more info/movement on this. :-)
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    New Guild Idea

    here is my take on guilds since we have been discussing the creation of new guilds recently. To me, a guild should be like your family (not literally always but those people you most like to do things with for fun and talk to OOC because you care about their real life) All of these great themes for RP are more like Jobs and i think RP groups is really the best place for them. You can have all worgen or all paladins in an RP group without having to worry about how that would hinder you as a guild. It gets your RP ideas out there to more people and allows it to have a bigger impact on the world. In my opinion, we need to start supporting groups more. So, basically, a group can be your job, but your guild is who you come home to at night.
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    Gauging Interest: Pre Cata/Cata RP Group

    as many members of The Inglorious are currently Nelfs... you have have our support and involvement.
  22. I like the idea of groups and alliances over making more guilds. (though im responsible for my share of extra guilds). If you make a guild around an RP idea you tend to limit the RP to your guild. with a group you gain the benefit of involving more people in your RP storyline and promote inter-guild relations and conflicts that spark new RP storylines.
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    Aleria Tangent #23434324343

    Damn. I get called out in the beginning of this thread and i missed all this because i was too busy PVPing to check TNG. I feel like a necromancer now. The corpse is still somewhat fresh though so maybe she is good for another night or two of fun. Everything I could have said Jeedup beat me to and with more class so I won't bother repeating it. My dislike for Alllleria is simple: she makes stuff not fun. This is what this thread is about right? why we don't like Aeria? It occurs to me now that she is a vampire. She obviously can not see herself in a mirror and is unable to fathom any fault of her own, and she sucks the fun out of everything she gets her fangs into. I thought we had staked this one and cut off its head? I know its been asked/said before but, Aleria, why are you not playing spreadsheets(EVE) online? Your corporation would rule the universe. Ive never seen anyone so obsessed with detail in a game. In the end I find the case of Aleria to be rather sad. She obviously has not reached the goal she has for herself in life and we have failed to play our parts in her fantasy.
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    i have mine giving me +50% damage to my bleeds. Rip ticks for nearly 9k
  25. i meant to say.... it feels more like in some cases people are bitter about other things in the RP community and take it out on the server by proclaiming that RP is dead.