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  1. How do we find this again? *sigh*

  2. <p>Now that is a name I thought I would never see again! Back playing on TN?</p>

  3. <p><span style="color:#EE82EE;">/bite where did everyone go! /cry</span></p>

  4. Wolfley

    And the servers go down

    Its kind of lame but looking at the forums I realize some people are doing some serious flipping out. I just kind of assume it might be rough for a day or so.
  5. Wolfley

    Seeking RP Contacts

    Alliance side guilds seem to be more plentiful I found and its actually why I became Alliance in the first place. Order of the Redblade Knights of Dusk The Dusk Watch Twilight Empire(Loyal Guardians or whatever they are calling themselves right now) BlackWald Syndicate Drakengarde (What I read and see this guys are my favorite and I think can really help you buff up on lore) Stormwind Academy The Sword of the Morning Dark Blood Syndicate Along with some smaller guilds who I have seen RP about. Sorry I know I am missing a few of you guys.
  6. Wolfley

    Seeking RP Contacts

    The Grim Sanctuary Horns of Shu'halo (Tauren only) (Personal favorite, I have seen some good stuff there) Bloodfury Clan (I think) Coldstar Merchant Co. (I think) Outriders (I think) Those are the only three RP guilds I can think of Hordeside active
  7. Wolfley

    WoD Preparations?

    With WoD only about a week away I know some of you guys are getting prepared for it. Mine In game - Getting all alts at 90 that dont have crafting profs to have maxed out gathering to help fuel my mains when they level. (One more toon left) - Getting all my alts I want to 90 (Done! This was the hardest because as an altaholic I have about 15) - Clearing the bags of all toons so I am ready to level (I have yet to do this) Out of game - Getting the day off (Sadly I can't call out sick from drill) - Preparing the GF for what is about to occur (She is as ready as she will ever get) - Get some snacks that dont make me feel so bad that I will be binging on a game for hours (I choose Whole Foods because I can rationalize the Non GMO chocolate as healthy) I wont be able to hardcore level until the week after but with Dragon Age coming out the 18th I might have to take a little extended break. With all the crowding in the starting zones it wont be too much of a loss. What plans do you guys have in and out of game to get ready for WoD?
  8. Wolfley

    The NEW TNG Master Invite List

    Alliance: Wolfley
  9. Wolfley


    Page # 4 My thoughts aren't long enough to warrant an entire page but I figure plenty of trees in the forest right? The recent flurry of activity has me put back into the position of actually doing something. While I admit I try to stay out of the limelight I am pushing for those who have taken up the cause to go out there and make the name known. All things must start from the bottom and its no different with this righteous cause. To Tahooki I have given her note cards with different instructions. Shes not dull by any means but is one that gets quite lost without a direction to run in. This is an issue but not a huge one as I believe shes someone who still looks up to me in some way. Ruji is an issue unto itself. Hes always been a rather weak willed person and quite prone to getting caught up in the fervor of things. I worry he is getting too into the cause too early. I like to reminisce on my days in the Crusade and he has taken these very much to heart. I am a firm believe in proper zealotry but only for those who atleast know what they speak of. I will have to work on molding him a bit. As long as the word spreads I could care less about who stands at my back. I have also prepared my speech for the people of Stormwind and have plans to inspire them in the coming days.
  10. A man cloaked in red slowly climbs the boxes located in the Trade District. With a few shuffled steps he turns about to look at the milling masses below. He seems a bit lost in his thoughts as he blinks in rapid succession before opening his mouth. "FRIENDS!...and that guy! Hear my words or forever be deaf to the truth. It is with great honor that I take up charge of this fallen banner formerly known as The Inglorious. They have done great dishonor to the Alliance but I plan to bring it back into the Light." Wetting his lips he looks to see if anyone has actually taken notice. ...A few have begun to look his way "Do you feel lost in this fast paced world without a guiding Light to set you in your proper place? Do you feel as if the forces of shadow and death creep down upon you and there's no one to save you? My friends I offer you peace for a mind in turmoil, for their is always salvation through the Light! I offer you a home for those who feel threatened and have nowhere to run to! I offer you solace for those who pray to the Light every day yet see no change in the world, brothers and sisters I feel your pain! I offer you a bastion of faith and honesty in The Hallowed Vigil!" With arms spread he heaves a great sigh at his final words. Panting he observes his crowd again. This time it seems most pedestrians have stopped to heed his words. With a motion of his arm a small Gnome runs out covered head to toe in armor. Holding a bundle of pamphlets he begins to hand them out to the onlookers. "What you hold in your hands is a promise from me to you on what we stand for. Take this home and read from it, take it into memory if you can. If you believe this to be the right place for you then find us at the Cathedral in Stormwind." With his final words he steps down from the crates and heads back towards the alleyways. The Hallowed Vigil A Home to those that seek redemption A Bastion to those that cry out in faith A Temple for those who seek to calm their mind. We are The Hallowed Vigil and our faith in the Light is pure and just. In only faith can one find true meaning. We offer solace in these trying time through the Church. With war raging on all fronts its up to the believers to take up a cause greater than themselves. If you are true to yourself come find us in the Stormwind Cathedral. Trent Wolfley, High Father of The Hallowed Vigil What we are? We are a guild that has varying levels of support for The Light. Be it a common sense of duty to it or an extreme faith that is what we stand for. The Hallowed Vigil tends to run more Lawful Neutral as a whole. Who do you accept? We really accept any race or class as long as it makes sense character wise to be in the guild. Other than RP what do you do? We are a very small guild and plan to grow but not too much. We tend to be quite helpful and enjoy WPvP on a smaller scale. We also have a few people who enjoy the PvE aspects of the game How do I join? Feel free to send Wolfley or Takoohi a whisper or mail ingame As we are an extension of The Inglorious I will take over and update these http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?20426-In-The-News&p=407793#post407793
  11. Wolfley

    In The News

    Being handed out on small pamphlets near the Church
  12. Wolfley


    Page # 3 I put the tabard back on for the first time two days ago and the joy instantly came back. I even went so far as to stroll about Stormwind for a little while. It also made me realize how few are left that share my ideals...who am I kidding I would be lucky to find one. Those little facts didn't stop me from climbing back on my box and staying there awhile. Its not yet time to share my thoughts, I have no backing or support. It wasn't so lonely though, i met an old acquaintance that I used to work with named Ruji. He used to lead a band of nature freaks in a few bombing raids near Ironforge and Stormwind. I can't say I supported him but I did know better than to step on his toes. From a small talk with him I did pick up on the fact that his comrades have more or less gone and he has no desire to continue the legacy. Quite the shame I wonder if I can do anything to remedy that. I will send out some letters. Its a nice change of pace to have a plan of action again.
  13. Wolfley


    Page #2 I spent most of the past week wandering about Stormwind without a real purpose. Visiting the locations i used to frequent or other people used to gather at, so many new faces. I don't think I know of them well enough to care to say hello. I got so far as to almost pick up a new guilds cause. The attitude seemed right but I dont think my heart was in the right place. Another place I visited was my old box in the Trade District. Standing on it for an hour brought a lot of good memories back. Seeing so many people just bustle past it reminds me of the days I used to preach the words of the Crusade to every passer-by. I think thats what people need again. A direction As I sit here writing this I see to my left that my old Crusader tabard still hangs neatly on the wall. Without a guild I can't see the harm in trying it back on if only for a little bit. The Watch pushed for me to take up a cause other than the Crusades and I happily did...but they aren't around anymore.
  14. Wolfley


    The Dusk Watch is dead and it has been for quite some time, something I need to get over. Without the activity that the Watch brought to my life I find I have more time for old people things....like this notebook. I have never really done something like this so its a bit hard to start just writing thoughts. Words Words Words You write something enough times and it begins to look incorrect. I miss the Watch and everything it brought to my life. As much as I was the negative one in all situations I can't help but look back fondly on them. The Watch saved me from a life of living in the past, yet now even what saved me is in the past as well. Heck I even miss the undesirables, what I wouldn't give to interact with an old Watchman. Omy, Dags, Trini, Ranyanne, Amallah, Urivial,etc etc, even Caitlyn and Ivan would be a more or less welcome sight. All names that have set out and never showed again. I can't really figure what else I should write about as this all comes off sounding terribly depressing.
  15. *Click* The Gnomish voicecoder begins to hum in a non to subtle fashion from the corner of the room. An outsider would be quite confused with this pairing sitting at the corner of the bar....A Gnome dressed in full plate holding an oddly proportionate pad of paper stared across the table like a statue. His helmet covering just about all facial expressions this little one could have given off while his frozen pose gave nothing off as well.... Across from him was a man adorned in holy Scarlet symbols upon his red and white robes. The only jarring distinction in his clothing was his carefully stitched in tabard which was brown with a white tree. Unless you knew who this man was you would guess hes undergoing an identity crisis of some sort, but on this rare occasion it was not the case. "I dont have all day to blather about" said the robed man, a harsh smile could be seen from beneath his hood. The small statue of a gnome titled its head ever so slightly before an almost comically squeaky voice could be heard from the helmet. "Shut your wrinkly gab you dried up prune. You know I only do this as a favor for someone else...dont make it a chore" The Gnome pauses a moment then continues as if mulling over an idea " Well...more of a chore...Ive heard enough about you to fill this notebook without you uttering a word!" The smile on the man slowly fades. Its quite clear that the man is exerting quite a bit of effort by not reaching across the table to strangle this Gnome. "There! Thats better! Makes these questions a lot easier to get out." The Gnome flips a page over in the notebook and reads off his question. "Why the Fel am I here talking to you?" A slight frown over takes the mans face upon hearing this question. "You should know why..and the history behind this whole thing, its not like it wasn't important news. From where the Dusk Watch started to where it hit is euphoric height... and to its inevitable fall. If you've had your eyes open even recently you should remember how frequent this tabard was around Stormwind...how seeing the Watches banner planted in the ground was not an uncommon sight!" The man slides his chair back. His frown is clearly much more tense than when he started. " The Watch was led from its original path long long ago and turned into something it should never have been. What we started as was a small band of outcasts making some sort of difference...What we became was a tyrants hammer for his distorted view of being righteous. I joined the Dusk Watch to avoid what it became!" With a start the Gnome bolts up to the table to become almost eye to eye with the man across from him. "Careful red man, you know the people I do this favor for would not look kindly upon your behavior" His squeak only slightly getting louder with this phrase. The man pauses and looks down at the ground for a moment almost lost in thought. Very slowly he smooths his robes and takes his seat once more. Upon looking back up one could not tell he had an outburst at all, his face once again coming to a placid smile. "But we all know what happens to tyrants who seek power they will never receive" he continues "they crumble and burn as they are supposed to. There's no glory and honor in how the Watch fell, only truth bought with blood. Those that wore the tabard proudly during that time are dead as far as i know. That leaves only us...the dissenters, renegades, and runaways to pick the name back up" The robed man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small scroll of paper with a tree emblazoned across the top and slides it across the table. "Ive spent far too long standing by and watching other dictate what they want the Watch to be. Its time to turn it into what was envisioned from the start, take lessons from its founders. The Dusk Watch wont be forgotten" With that the man slides back his chair and stands up. Reaching over he grabs hold of his staff shining of black and green and covered in dagger points. He nods a silent farewell to the Gnome and begins his decent down the stairs. The little Gnome hops off the table and wobbles over to the Voicecoder in the corner of the room. "Subject name Trent Wolfley, Headmaster of the Dusk Watch" *Click* ((The Dusk Watch is being brought back. Though not in the same sense most of the people here remember. Back in the old days of this guilds original founding it was somewhat planned to take the Dusk Watch in a different direction all together. We wanted a guild that focused on small numbers and being a guild of brigands and renegades doing what we wanted. To put it in an image you might know...a version of this games underworld portrayed in a guild. This is the direction the guild is in the process of going and we will have a full mission statement written up in a few days to show this.))