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  1. Deepest condolences. She will be missed.
  2. Hello old friend!  I hope you're doing very well.

    I'm getting excited about Classic WoW and figured I'd stop by and see how things are going here.  I'll take a look around.

    How have you been?  I spent 8 years in Australia with terrible lag; eventually quit WoW.  Haven't played BFA or Legion.  


    1. Mortica


      Hey there!

      Things are going pretty well.  Twisting Nether is pretty quiet these days.  I heard today they will have RP servers in Classic, but they haven't said whether they will have RP-PVP servers yet.

      We were just talking about the "good old days" the other day and your name came up.

      Glad to hear you are doing well. :)

  3. Mortica

    Khronokai Khrystor

    Welcome back Most of the out-of-game activity has moved to the Discord server, so if you are feeling lonely, click the JOIN US link on the top right side of the forums page
  4. Mortica

    Hello peeps

    Welcome back Check out our Discord server, as that has some good activity (link in upper right of forums area).
  5. Mortica

    Hello there!

    There is a permanent link to the Discord at the top of the forums in the right column, where it says "Join Us". Welcome to the server
  6. Hey all, I've added two new themes to the boards. I have arbitrarily made the Horde one the default, but there is an Alliance version also. I am leaving the green Legion and default White there for others who either don't like change or dark colored forums. Let me know (screenshot if you can) if you find an area where the text on background doesn't have enough contrast to be able to read it. I've gone through a bunch of the pages and I've fixed the things I've found so far. Happy new expansion! To change your theme, go to the bottom center of the page --> Theme --> pick one.
  7. Mortica

    August 9 2017 Upgrade

    Update: I've enabled the clubs feature. You can see the features and some example screenshots here. These can be created by anyone right now. Some potential things people might use them for is maybe a class specific group where you can post useful information (spec guides, PVE or PVP builds, etc). Lore guides/discussions? Spoiler discussions? Guild chat areas? RP story line discussions? Up to you. I will be removing the collaboration area as soon as I can make sure that the posts and stories that were posted there aren't deleted. Discord widget is prettier, and the join link is easier to see (I haven't tested it to see if it works though, let me know if it's spitting out an expired link). Removed the old World of Warcraft RSS feed, which hasn't worked for almost a year now. Replaced it with Warcraft Twitter feed. I might implement the WoWhead news feed also, but I need to make sure it doesn't bog THIS site down if WoWHead is having problems (this used to be a problem back when we let people easily direct link to items on WoWhead).
  8. Mortica

    August 9 2017 Upgrade

    Update: I can't get Illiden to show up, and default text is back to an off blue from the original theme, but otherwise everything should be roughly back to normal. The new theme options seem a bit more intuitive and exposed (as in, I don't have to search through 5,000 lines of CSS code in 15 different files to figure out why this or that is blue), so I will be looking into that this weekend and get things back to the same or better than they were. Currently what you see is a mixed-up mutt of the old theme and the new forum software theme-ing setup. Also, it looks like IPS now has a built in Group option called "clubs" that might be similar to the "collaboration" thing that never really took off the way I hoped. I'll play around with it and see if it will make things easier for people to do collaborations without being buried in several layers of clicks and non-intuitive setup process. Finally, if you liked the clean white default theme, you can now choose it as your personal theme (bottom center of the page, "theme" dropdown, "4.2").
  9. Everything should be working again. I'll get the dark green theme back ASAP
  10. Mortica


    It's a default setting. The reason there is a limit is because it gives reputation points. I'll increase the limit.
  11. Mortica

    Demon Hunter Story and Art Contest

    See post in RP Events for more information!
  12. Mortica

    Demon Hunter Story/Art Contest

    To get everyone in the mood for Legion, I am holding a demon hunter story and art contest. It can be an origin story, or the continuing adventures of your character. Open to characters on Twisting Nether or Ravenholdt, and can be either Alliance or Horde. Contest runs until September 12, 2016. Prize: 1,000 Gold, and featured on the Home page here on TNG. To enter, simply put [contest] in the title of your Nether Legends or Artist Gallery post. Content should follow normal TNG rules. Any questions? Post them here This post has been promoted to an article
  13. Mortica

    Roleplay account settings

    Hmm, it appears the forums auto-detects your timezone based on whatever device you are using to connect with. I've found a way to turn it off for individual members, but I don't see a way to do it for everyone. I guess if you are having problems with the times on the site, let me know?? *shrug*
  14. Mortica

    Roleplay account settings

    Are you getting different times for different characters? The calendar is going to post for your profile's timezone, and automatically calculate the time for people in different time zones (to be safe, I suggest putting in the server time in the description since everyone knows how to calculate from that)