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  1. Brinks

    The Portal Opens (semi-open)

    Seeing the large black tauren turning back down the hill from the corner of her eye, the orc finishes her sentence, “As I’ve said before the elements are quite still, as if holding their breath. Besides here comes Ker, we will soon have the truth in this matter.” Zarja nods in agreement, hoping for good news. Once at the bottom, Kerchak changes to a squatting position rushing quietly to the group’s side. As he nears Zarja mutters aloud, “Mi no like da look in his eye.” “It is as feared,” Kerchak reports. “The demons have begun to gather around the base of the gateway. Good news is the portal is still gone. I see no magic there.” Tension runs through the group, as if a great clawed hand wrapped itself around their hearts. More then a few shoulders droop, and some sigh in disbelief. “What is to be done?” someone in the crowd asks. “How many?” another croaks, chocking on spit. “Some of us will have to stay to watch for changes. Others will have to head north, back to the swamp of sorrows and to Stonard. The armies of the horde need to be informed. Maybe even the Alliance, if the demons continue to gather. Their numbers are already too great for us here now to handle. Word must be sent,” Kerchak tells all. “I will stay,” Brinks states, “I have the gift of far sight. It will prove useful in the following days to those who remain.”
  2. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 45: Change As I tried to make my way past this new obstacle I sat thinking. It came to me later then I had hoped, nearly a day later. It crossed my mind that I might be able to take the form of the wolf. Being of a smaller frame, then my current body I’d be able to squeeze into the opening. Also its greater senses would help in tracking this beast. I sat for a great many minutes clearing my mind of any thought. As my mind cleared I began to picture a wolf. Of the pack, greater hearing and smell. Quicker agility and speed. I continued to draw this image in my mind’s eye. Long fur, a winter coat, for it was cold here. Longer extended nose and face. Four legs instead of two. Long yellowed canines and claws to match. Ears above the head, not at its side. It was slow going, for I never truly mastered the shapeshift. The first change I noticed was like falling, only my feet never left the floor. Soon I was on all fours, fur leaping out of every inch in my body. It was long and snow white, much like the wolves that live in my home of Alterac Valley. My face then shots forward bringing my nose and mouth with it. A crunch of bone echoes in my ears, but I feel no pain. I can feel my ears moving up the side of my head. It’s like these little bugs are walking up the side if my face. I want so badly to itch. I hear another crunching bone as my spine extends into my tail. A few seconds later the senses kick in. The first is smell. The wolf part is unfamiliar with this smell, and it warns me of danger. But this smell is something that my orcish mind knows well. It happens to be gunpowder. The smell of gnome…
  3. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 43: Tracks in the Dust After one more day of full rest here, where I awoke, I set off following the tracks I found 2 days ago. They lead in the opposite directions then you'd think, deeper into this cave. The going was difficult, but only because in same places the floor below me would turn into rock, making it hard to see the tracks. I've followed them a great distance, too far to tell exactly, until this point. Before me sits a solid wall, save a very small crack in its stone face. The tracks lead to the mouth of this opening. I tried to force my body into the opening, but only failed; my hips and shoulders blocking entry. And while I could crawl on my side I fear that it will become nearer before it widens. I’d only become wedged into the rock and then later die of hunger. And so I sit here thinking of how I might pass though the rock to reach it’s other side.
  4. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 41: On the road again Today was slow going. I was growing tried of laying in the dark without doing something. I should have maybe waited longer, but couldn't. I was able to climb out of the pit that I fell into earlier this past few days inside the cave of my begining. As I reached to top of this hole I was forced to rest. After a break I lit a torch and moved around the opening onto the other side. And so after a few hours of moving and resting, a bad leg weaken one a great deal, I find myself back where I began nearly a month and a half ago. Upon my first look of this room I only found the pile of bone. However as I looked close at the ground where I first awake I notice something that was new. A huge hoof print that I had never seen before was where my head would have rested. Some had come here in search of me, or someone else had last thier past like myself. But which was it and who for that matter? I can only hope that time will show me what this means. Until then I must rest again. I'm too weak today to continue on like this.
  5. You might know Brinks Windfury if you: - Have seen a wondering orc shaman. - Have fought along side the Shamans in Alterac Valley.
  6. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 40: More Visions I had anyother vision today. It was of Alterac again, only this time we were defending our base against inpossible odds. These visions always seem odd to me, mostly because during my stay, in the frostwolf keep, never have the alliance or the horde been so close to defeat. The battles were always in the field of strife, as it's called by my people. Sure sometimes we'd have a lone assassin try to get into our ranks, but nothing like these visions. Perhaps my mind is just playing tricks on me. It has been a long day sitting alone here in the dark. I surely wish I had seen this pit beofre I fell into it. Too late to change that I guess though.
  7. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 39: Problems Well, simply put I broke my leg. Yea, I fell down this pit I didn't see until too late. Looking down upon the leg turned my stomach. The bone had to be sticking a good 2 inches out of my leg near the knee. Luckily for me I have a natural talent in the healing arts of my people and was able to return the leg to a more normal state. However it drained a lot of my power, so I’ll have to rest a number of days here. At least I planed for this sort of thing and brought extra food supplies. With only a few days rest I should be able to continue on. What I wouldn’t give for a nice limb to make a crutch out of right now. On the plus side of things, the scar it leaves will turn out quite nicely. It should accent my calf and hip, making myself a better catch, should I ever marry.
  8. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 37: The Cave I've found the cave again. It was harder then I would have thought when I left the inn two days ago. The snow wasn't complete gone when I left, which most likey hard things harder. But anyhow here I am at night fall, where I entered the world for the first time. Well, not really just the first time I remember. Not having a past is harder on the mind then one would think. It's hard to relate to anyone, because they know your deeds better then yourself. What makes it worse is the fact that most of the time they think your still able to do those things and they expect you to. That's one of the main reasons I didn't ask for any help in this task, I wish to learn what I'm able to withstand myself. Without other's telling me that they've seen me do that before and rush my though. Anyhow, with the failing light it's getting hard to continue writing. And since I wish to save my touches for tomorrows search, I stop for now. Wish me luck.
  9. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 35: Continued Journey I lied. Yes, I'm still here at the inn. I remained on the advice of the innkeeper here. He said that the weather felt all wrong. I silently agreed with him, the elements were acting odd. I'm glad I did, for it snowed that night. It was nearly 4 feet in the deepest areas. And very cold outside. It's warmed up again since then, but snow still covers the ground in some areas. I'll most likely still until it's gone. The main reasoning being that the snow will make it harder to find my cave. I'm not afraid the it'll block my path, it's just the everything looks different under a blanket of snow, and I don't think I'll be able to place the landmarks that lead me out of the cave in this weather. Until the time I'll be able to depart this place, I'll just stay here and enjoy the interesting people who come and go during the day. It's nice to forget about my worries as I hear about the problems of others. Besides that the fires nice and warm and the foods not too bad either.
  10. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 32: Visions I've returned to the Rest in Peace inn. As I sat there looking into the crowed inn, I lost track of time. Food and drink was brought to me and I paid and ate. As I watched the crowd everything slow dimmed. I faded into a dream world. "We have taken the Stormpike First Aid Station! The day is nearly won, Friends!" I hear yelled above the sound of battle. As I stand there near our flag, an alliance tries to charge past us on his horse into his keep. However he's quickly fellen by our army. A small human then runs out of the keep, and a yell is issued that I can not understand. This human actully puts up a fight before falling to us as his friend did. Soon after I hear the call "All in, ALL IN!" Flashing back to the inn, I see that only a few ppl remain. What did this vision mean? Is it somthing of the past? Or maybe something to come into being? Only time can tell. Until then I'll continue on my way tomorrow. Too bad Dawnrose wasn't here ... I need to give her map back.
  11. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 31: Freedom! Tonight I finish my retraining as a farseer of the horde. I finally get to return to the search of myself. I've been thinking of a return to the cave I awake in to search for more clues to my past. I start off tomorrow at day break. Perhaps I'll stop in at the inn I meet Mitena Dawnrose to return her map to her. Maybe I'll even stay there longer. As of now though I'll make no promises as to where this path will lead me. I can only know that I will follow it until it's end. I can only hope it will be a good end ...
  12. Brinks

    What would your coin say?

    "I wish to know my past. Who am I?"
  13. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 23: Shamanism I know that I haven't written in quite sometime. It's just been so busy here in Frostwolf keep. Between relearning my skills as a shaman of the horde and the endless attacks on the keep by the Stormpike Dwarfs, I've had little time to myself. Drek'Thar, himself has been teaching, well reteaching me the ways of the shaman. It's a great honor to be under his watchful eye, as he showed our own Warchief the ways long before forgotten to us, when the demons ruled our blood. And while I've learned many things, Drek'Thar tells me that I'll never come to my full powers until my find my past. However he also told me that I showed great promise of power when that day does come. Learning to hear the voice of the elements wasn't as trying as bending their will to my own. I still have problems when working with fire. Sometimes it obeys while other times it's likely to burn me. I fear that I must return to my studies. I however will try to write on a more regular time frame, but I can't promise anything.
  14. Brinks

    Brinks Windfury

    Full Name: Brinks Windfury Nicknames: N/A Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Unknown Race: Orc Gender: Female Hair: Reddish-Brown Skin: Light Green Eyes: Red Height: 6' 3" Weight: 220 lbs Place of residence: Frostwolf Keep Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: Unknown Occupation: Farseer Group/Guild affiliation: Bleeding Heart Band Guild Rank: Scout Enemies: Alliance, with Stormpike Dwarves at the top of the list Likes: Unclear as of yet Dislikes: Not having any memories of her own, and being told of her past, as it pains her hearing this from others Favorite Foods: Also unclear Favorite Drinks: Unclear Favorite Colors: Red Weapons of Choice: Hasn't decided, but carries both a dagger and mace. Hobbies: Leather working and enchanting. Special Abilities: Learning to speak with the elements. Physical Features: A standard orc female, nothing remarkable about her. She carries her hair in the long braid down the middle of her back. Her ears are filled with gold earrings which she hasn't a clue where they came from. History: Completely unknown to her as of yet. All that is known can be found here. Photo:
  15. Brinks

    Who is Brinks?

    Day 7: Alterac Valley The sounds of battle not far off still can be heard, even now so late in the failing sun. One would think that the fighting would die down when it becomes too hard to see what your fighting. I think it actually picks up in the cold night, without the sun wearing you down with it's heat. The shamans here were able to tell me of myself, it turns out that I was once a powerful farseer. But in my current condition it looks as though I will have to relearn all that I once knew. They did tell me that I am in fact Brinks Windfury, which is a small release. Although I don't recall any memories of myself liked I had hoped this journey here would reveal, it's good to know my name. I am Brinks Windfury, Orc Shaman of the Horde, Farseer to the Frostwolf Clan!