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  1. Wanted Lore Master

    I'm looking for a lore master willing to help me catch up on current lore. I stopped playing shortly after Cats release, only made level 83. All I need is an update on major events and the heads of the factions. Examples would be what happened with King Magni Bronzebeard, last I heard he was diamond. And where did Thrall end up, he had left the Horde to join the Earthen Ring. What happened afterward? much has the "major" goblin cities changed; ie: Gadgetzan, Booty Bay. That sort of thing. Either should me a message, or just reply here. Thanks a million.
  2. Wanted Lore Master

    This came up recently with a few of my friends. We couldn't find an answer ourselves. How long has each warchief ruled, starting with Blackhand?
  3. Accidental Use of Geekiness

    Me too. I've used cooldown as a way to tell which rabbits I have bred. Ie: "That buck can't be used today, he is on cooldown from yesterday."
  4. Warrior hands down everytime. There just something about charging in with a huge two-handed weapon that never gets old.
  5. October Story Contest [Poll]

    Congratulations. It was a great story.
  6. October Story Contest [Poll]

    Last day for voting guys. Good luck to all!
  7. October story contest 2.0

    I bring to you Claw Marks.
  8. How/Why You Choose Your Characters Name?

    Kerchak: My favorite book happens to be Tarzan of the Apes. Since Tarzan happens to be a famous name, Blizzard disabled it as a name. However, Kerchak is named after the bull or king of Tarzan's tribe. Before Tarzan takes over of course. And since Cairne Bloodhoof was my favorite character from Warcraft III it was only natural to use that surname. Brinks: Was created as a guild bank before they were added into the game. Everyone I knew had names like Posbank, Ibedabank, and the like. I decided to go with an armored car company. Finding a shamanic surname was harder. Since a lot of players I knew at the time had names dealing with fire or water, I picked a different element and came up with Windfury. Zarja: Her name was simply the first five letter name from the randomizer that wasn't already taken. Ajraz: A friend of mine had two characters called Ajo and Oja. After he told me that he clearly had just spelled one backwards, I stole his idea. Since one of his characters was a mage and my main at the time was Zarja; it was that simple.
  9. It was a cold, horrid night in Strangletorn Vale. It was said that this was the wettest winter that the vale has ever seen. Rain pounded on the roof of The Salty Mug so loadly that one had to nearly shout to be heard. The common room was fulled with all walks of life, mainly just local goblins, but there was a large group of alliance as well. Suddenly, a shadow fills the doorway into the inn. Pausing, it stood outside a few moments. As it entered the dimly lit inn, it was revealed to be a female troll with hair the color of red flame. Looking around the room, Zarja noted that the there was a few alliance scum, near the roaring fireplace. Walking calmly to the stools near the front of the common room, she sits down into one. Keeping an eye on the humans, she ordered a hot meal from the fat goblin innkeep. As she watched a puddle of water form at the base of her stool, Zarja shivered. The troll dared not move closer to the fire. It's not that she feared alliance, she just didn't want to start a fight at this time of night ...
  10. A Tavern in the Rain ((Open))

    Nodding her agreement for company through the thick, wild and often dangerous jungle, Zarja swallowed her mouthful of food. “Ya, dat’s a good idea. Da jungle be a rough palce ta be alone. We gonna wait for da weather da clear up a li’l afore going. An mi goin’ need a new weapon. Dis dagger is ok, but could use somthin’ with more reach,” Zarja said. “Mi used ta know a goblin around here dat built good weapons at reasonable prices, if he still lives. An mi only need a li’l of da bloodvine, so any extra we get, joo can keep.” She continued. Returning to the food, Zarja ate in silence. The storm raged outside, the pounding rain on the roof of the inn only quieting only when the thunder deafened the ears of the populace inside. Suddenly a different kind of boom sounded on the rooftop. The end of a large tree limb appeared like magic in the ceiling. Cold, wet rain poured into the inn from the new hole. A few of the lanterns blew out as the wind discovered the opening. Zarja smiled as she heard the line of curses escape form the goblin innkeeper. He ran about shouting at his workers to get busy removing the intruder. The workers leaped into action like a kicked ant hill. Someone appeared from the back with a bucket, while another ran out with towels. Another came bearing hammer and nails. A fourth had an armful of short planks. By the speed and effectiveness of the inn workers, Zarja could tell that this sort of thing was not out of the ordinary. “Ready?” the giant ogre bouncer said to everyone. With nodding all about him, the brute wrapped its massive hands around the limb. Muscles grew and bulged as the ogre focused. Water poured onto him as the limb slowly inched out of the hole. With a final heave the limb exited the hole. Without the limb in the way, water poured into the inn full force. The howling wind also managed to blow out the rest of the lanterns. Working only by the light from the fireplace, the ogre took the planks and hammer from his assistants. In short order the only evidence that anything had happened was a fairly slow steady drip. As a goblin went around relighting the lanterns in the inn, Zarja turn to Mabuse. “Well, da was exciting,” Zarja commented.
  11. Warcraft movie, Return

    After recently watching the movie, I wanted to start playing WoW after nearly 4 years away. With only a dial-up connection that is just not doable. I hope however you here at TNG will not hold that against me since I quit posting here around the same time. I plan on returning soon, until then Rping Wow again will be fun. However, I am going to need a little lore help. I stopped shortly after Cat released and would like an update before I continue.
  12. Warcraft movie, Return

    Maybe I should have said that it's releasing onto DVD and Blueray. I saw it the day after it was in theater. Plus I got two free accounts, which was cool. My Mom, her High school friend, and my cuz all enjoyed it. And none of them have any background in gaming or much less Warcraft. I think that says something about the film in itself.
  13. When Alts Get Together

    ((Nice work, and funny. Most of my alts know each other, in fact my oldest character was married to an alt. Sometimes I wonder if I might have a split personality. My meeting would go something like this:)) Thunderbluff outside the bank near the mailbox. Zarja: “Oh hey Kerchak nice meetin’ joo here. How it be goin’?” Kerchak: “Its good.” Zarja: “Dat’s it. All joo got?” Kerchak: “Well … ok maybe it isn’t good. My class has changed so much since I started adventuring. Between figuring out all the changes and trying to build up engineering to get the motorcycle for you, I haven’t had time to really enjoy hunting.” Brinks: “Hey you two, what is cooking?” Kerchak: “Hey, Brinks.” Zarja: “Kerchak was just complaining about class changes again. Always the same story.” Kerchak: “Oh sure. Blame me. Warriors haven’t changed like hunters have. You guys still run up and smack people. We hunters have seen a lot of change. First, we can shot at any range, no more ‘dead zone’. Then ammo and quivers are gone. No more attack speed bonuses there. Then there is the mana to focus thing. I’m not my pet.” Brinks: “I see.” Zarja: “So, Kerchak here said he needed extra mats for mi motorcycle. Think joo can mine some up, Brinks?” Brinks: “Come on, Zajra. You know I dropped mining ages ago to pick up Enchanting. Since you saw the price enchants got on the auction house. By the way, you’ll have to send me more vellum, if you want the gold train to keep rolling in.” Zarja: “Oh right, I’ll mail you some later. I’m out of ink.” Kerchak: “Did you get dat Bijou I found in my bank, Brinks?” Brinks growls menacingly. Brinks: “I’m not the ‘bank’ character anymore, Kerchak. Not since it was discovered that Shaman are enjoyable to play, by our player.” Kerchak: “Oh right.” Ajraz: “Hey you three.” Brinks: “Ajraz.” Kerchak: “Hey. I could use some bigger bags, when you have the chance, Ajraz.” Zarja: “Yea mi too, mon.” Brinks: “A bigger enchanting bag wouldn’t hurt.” Ajraz: “Whoa, talk about bull rushed. Kerchak, your new bags are in the mail and you should have them already. Brinks and Zarja, I’ll send you some later. Maybe if you sent mats like Kerchak, I wouldn’t have to buy mats off the AH.” Brinks: “Any of you guys got some extra gold? I’d like to get my epic flying. I got that bronze drake from old strat the other day.” Zarja: “Is that even around anymore? I heard that mounts are account bound. I haven’t looked into that.” Male Orc Rogue: “Don’t know either. But I have it listed on my mount page.” Female Undead Warlock: “Me too.” Kerchak: “Who are you two?” Rogue: “We’re the alts the player uses to take a break from being IC all the time.” Warlock: “Yep, and I just made half way to max level last night.” Brinks: “…” Kerchak: “Um … dude.” Zarja: “Max level is 110 now. You’re going to need another 10 levels for that to happen.” Warlock: “What!? Srsly? Damn it. Every time I make half way it changes. I haven’t been on in awhile clearly.” Rogue: “Yep, that is true.” Zarja: “We all haven’t been on in a LONG time. Something like four years.” Kerchak: “Yep.” All the characters turn toward the screen. All together: “Get with the program, player!” Me: “Come on guys, don’t hate me. The game just isn’t playable on Dail-up anymore.” Zarja: “Well, get back to us when you get high speed then. Until then, we’re gone.” Brinks: “Yea.” Screen flickers and goes black. Me: “Damn.”
  14. Warcraft movie, Return

    Well thank you. In other news the movie is great. I was truly worried about it as we all know that movies based on games are usually bad. However I didn't play Ors & Humans, so I can't say how close the storyline is. It's releasing September 27th, stateside, for those of you who missed it in theater.
  15. Arena Battles

    A lone troll stands in the center of the gurubashi arena. Hundreds of fellow trolls sit in the stands watching as a larger troll enters the circle before them. This new comer begins to circle the first troll. As Ner’ja stood there with sword and shield at his side, he looks up into the crowd searching. Unable to locate his wife of daughter, his eyes return the ring. Dropping to one knee he mutters a pray to his Loa. As the warrior is kneeling, the larger troll sees an opening and charges forward. Seeing this movement out of the corner of his eye, Ner’ja leaps into action. Bring his shield up between himself and the rushing attacker, Ner’ja readies himself for impact. AS the rushing troll nears, Ner’ja adjusts his shield to angle downward. Just as the troll hit the shield, Ner’ja quickly rolls onto his back using the shield as a lever to flip the bull rushing troll up and over him, unharmed. The attacker continues on a few feet before coming to a stop and turning back to Ner’ja. Taking this time to strike Ner’ja is already on his feet and rushing forward. The larger troll manages to see this attack and begins an open palmed backhand. Ner’ja in his rush is unable to bring his shield forward before the sinewy arm of the much stronger troll stirkes home. As the hit connects to Ner’ja’s chest the smaller troll is sent flying back the way he came. The berserker troll completes his turn and looks down onto a breathless Ner’ja. Moving in for the finishing blow, he raises his tree-like arms above his head. Ner’ja, still far from death plays possum. Just as the strike about to hit home it strike wooden shield. The thundering boom of cracking wood is heard throughout the arena. As the dust clears Ner’ja is seen throwing half a shield from his hand. The other half rest in the bleeding hands of the berserker. The crowd cheers. Tossing the broken shield from his hand the berserker grins widely. Knowing that the now shield less troll stood little chance against his might, the Berserker charges; however Ner’ja knew this too and with catlike reflexes he sidesteps the rush and manages to strike the berserker in the back. The strike only enrages the berserker and he quickly turns and charges again. And again Ner’ja reflexes prove better. This charge, dodge, strike game continues for full minute. In the next past the berserker chances his tactics. In his next rush he reaches out with one arm and goes to cloth line the dodge troll. But Ner’ja dodges this by leaping over the lowered arm. As he passes above the berserker, Ner’ja again strikes home, this time to the head. Roaring in pain the berserker grabs at his head. Pulling its hand back it looks upon a bloody ear. It’s ear. Tossing the useless flesh, the berserker scoops up a handful of dirt and tossing it into the eyes of Ner’ja. The cheering crowd begins to roar. Blinded by the cheap trick of the berserker, Ner’ja turns away. The berserker leaps into the air onto Ner’ja back crushing him to the ground. With his arms pined to his side Ner’ja strikes out with his legs. His blows prove unsuccessful for a moment. But with luck on his side, Ner’ja hits his target; the tinder groin area of the male antonym. So weakened the berserker rolls off Ner’ja freeing the troll. With his arms free, Ner’ja drives his sword into the neck of the berserker. Ner’ja removes his sword and stands. Rolling the dead berserker onto his back, Ner’ja strikes again, this time at the heart. Cutting down into the chest, he crams his hand into the dead berserker. Grabbing out his target, Ner’ja rips the heart out of the chest of his fallen adversary. Holding it high above him, Ner’ja pumps his arm up and down, turning in a small circle. Completing his circle, Ner’ja roars. Then he stuffs the heart into his mouth. Blood sprays out of his mouth as he chews covering his chest. Swallowing the meaty material, Ner’ja again roars in victory. ((I know that this is already posted but I'm reposting all the arena fights into one area. And I'll be adding new ones too.))
  16. Arena Battles

    Two male trolls stand within the ring of the Gurubashi arena. The first one is of average build with flame red hair. He stands with his axe gripped in his left hand. Two thin trails of blood run down that arm to pool at his knuckles before dropping to the sand covered floor. The cuts, one on the forearm and the other on the bicep, are deep. His left eyelid flickers as the blood from a cut above drips into it. One finger of the right hand points out perpendicular to the other, clearly broken. The second troll is no better. He wears his black hair back gathered in a large ponytail that falls between his shoulder blades. He is clearly bigger then the red haired troll across from him. On his chest is an expanding black bruise clearly marking a cracked rib. His right tusk ends suddenly in a jagged break and he turns slightly to spit out a mouthful of blood. Along with a broken nose and a droopy black eye, his left leg bears a long deep cut across the hip. Ner’ja shakes his head, turning an arc of blood outward, in an attempt to clear his eyesight of blood. His opponent turns to close ranks, but his leg is slowing him too much to move quickly. Ner’ja simply step back maintaining the distance between the two combatants. Understanding that the rogue before him has greater reach with the sword, Ner’ja looks around the arena floor for something to even the odds. Seeing nothing but bloody sand and the end of Bor’s tusk, Ner’ja groans and shakes his head again. “There is no glory in watching me bleed to death, coward,” Bor shouts at the axe wielding warrior. “There is a vistory feast I have to attend after this,” he continues, boastfully. Ner’ja nods in agreement and moves forward, a plan forming in his mind. As Bor’s sword swings in from the right side, Ner’ja moves his axe in to parry. Carefully checking his swing Ner’ja manages to lock Bor’s blade between the axe’s cutting blade and the handle. With a flick and twist of arm and body, Ner’ja sends the sword flying across the ring, disarming the larger troll. Bor so disarmed grabs the closest thing to him, that being Ner’ja broken hand, and wrenches down on it. Pain shoots up Ner’ja arm into his brain. He howls and drops to his knees as the axe falls out of his grip. Balling his now open hand into a fist, Ner’ja punches Bor in the chest, turn his cracked rib into a broken one. Bor releases the hnad in his grip and kicks Ner’ja. The warrior grabs the incoming limb and uses it to throw Bor off balance onto the floor. The two figures lock together on the floor, rolling around kicking, punch, and biting. The crowd watches as small clouds of sand and dirt float away form the fighters as they brawl like wild animals. Being larger, Bor manages to gain the upper hand and pins the small troll to the sandy floor. Locking his hands in a viselike grip around Ner’ja’s throat, Bor steals the air from Ner’ja lungs. Seeing an object in the corner of his quickly diming eyesight, Ner’ja reaches out for it. As his grip locks around the circular object, the warrior swings his arm towards the eye of his opponent with the last of his failing strength. Bor’s death scream rings out far into the jungle causing small birds to take flight. With one last shutter, he falls to the ground, dead. His broken tusk jets out of where his left eye had been but moments before. Blood wells out of the wound as Ner’ja tries to get up. His body betrays him and he passes out from both pain and exhaustion. (( Taken from old guild site.))
  17. Arena Battles

    (( Written, but not typed yet. Found it in a pad I misplaced.))
  18. Arena Battles

    (( place holder. Not written yet. ))
  19. A Tavern in the Rain ((Open))

    Stories. It is the reason why Zarja started adventuring. She had heard all the stories the elder village shaman told. Heard them so many times she could hear the old troll’s voice within her head even today. After the shaman died, Zarja began adventuring just to see the places from the tales. Her first visit to Orgrimmar stole her breath away, while sealing her fate as an adventurer. So when Mabuse asked the troll what had happened to her, Zarja never questioned. “Joo remember the Bloodsail attack six years ago? Well, when the fight started me ran out to help. Tried to run an help, the drink be slowin’ mi. The first couple Bloodsail pirates were no fighters so dey was easy to kill, even with drink flowin’ in mi veins. Da third me fight was trained, and while me cut off his ear, he be besting me,” Zarja related. The troll stopped as Mabuse moved to her table. Zarja waited while the tauren spoke with the innkeeper. As the fat little goblin scurried away, Zarja continued. “Mi awoke de next day, surprised ta be alive. Only ta found miself chained and only eye could open. Nothing but water on all side of da boat mi was in. Dis human man come up laughing. He say somethin’ mi no understand an pulled a whip ta beat me. Dis continue everyday for six years. Mi made out better den da other female slave. Troll flesh not somethin’ human male like. “Only a week or so ago, mi got da useless cowards chained with mi to revolt during a attack on a merchant ship da Bloodsails had been chasing. Only mi and one odda slave be escaping. Mi made sure dat no Bloodsail live. Mi even got old one ear. Got him first. Ripped his throat out with mi teeth. Took his dirk ta kill more. “Got his head in dis sack here,” Zarja said proudly, indicating the blood soaked sack at her side. “Going ta head north when da storm gone. Gotta found some bloodvine ta complete mi ritual. It be north of here by Zul’Gurub. In da mountains.” After Mabuse finished pouring the two glasses, Zarja took a moment to remove the dirk hidden in her boot. Poking the finger of her right hand, the troll squeezed a couple tiny drops of blood into her glass. As the blood mixed with the strong liquor, Zarja swear on oath. “Mi swear blood oath ta repay dis kindness dat joo show mi. When ever joo be needin’ a sword and an arm ta wield it, mi shall come. Let dis be known.” Finishing the troll lifted her glass and gulped the drink down. Placing the glass upside down, the troll started loading the plate before her with food. “What joo be doing in da vale these days?” Zarja asked around a mouthful of soggy bread and potatoes.
  20. A Tavern in the Rain ((Open))

    “My name is Mabuse. Mab. We met about six years ago on a night not far dissimilar from this one," Mabuse states. Sudden recollection strikes Zarja as the tauren before her states her name. The goblin with the tray passes by both of them. The overwhelming small of slowly roasted boar floats toward the troll. Her mouth waters and her stomach growls. Silently wishing that the staff would hurry up and bring her food, Zarja returned her attention to the talking tauren. As Mabuse begins describing the drinking game from six years ago, Zarja groans. If it wasn’t for this game, Zarja would have had a different life. She didn’t blame anyone for her past mistakes, but she can’t help recalling that the drink had changed her path. Watching as the tauren summoned a healing totem, Zarja grinned to herself. Her grin only widened at the worried look thrown their way by the innkeeper. As Mabuse begins talking about the strange company that gathered around them at that time, Zarja lets out a little laugh. That paladin was a sight. It was strange to the troll to think about the alliance kindly, but the truth was that its members had done very little to hurt the troll. Her disgust now rested with a different group. The Bloodsail Buccaneers. Pirates, thieves and, in Zarja’s case, slavers and tormentors. “I know much water has flowed since then, but I thought I would say hello nonetheless," spoke Mabuse. “Mi remember joo, now. Da much be changed since da last we be in dis place. Lookin’ like joo lost un ear, and limpin’ too. Da humans get joo? Or somethin’ else? Me have many new scars, but no wounds,” Zarja states. Spying another goblin headed in her direction the troll hopes that this one has her food. Suddenly the door flies open, the howling wind causing the few lanterns within the inn to flicker. A tall dark figure pushes into the inn, pulling the door closed behind it. As it finds a table, it swings the rain soaked cloak off its shoulders into the back of a nearby chair. Pushing back a hood it reveals itself as a night elf. It stands a few minutes looking about the inn, and then sits paying no more attention to the rest of the inn. Zarja’s hope turns out to be good as the short goblin places the tray of food and drink before the waiting warrior. The waiter leaves as Zarja throws the whole chunk of bread into the thin soap, careful to not waste a drop of the liquid within. She then removes her think leather gloves and places both hands around the bowl in order to warm her chilled fingers. Watching the bread swell, the troll waits quietly for the tauren’s reply.
  21. Wanted Lore Master

    Once again thanks for everything. Now that I've got the latest lore I've got do some character updates.
  22. A Tavern in the Rain ((Open))

    As the troll settled into her seat, the fat goblin innkeeper waddled over to her table. As they spoke, another figure entered the doorway limping. Zarja paid it little mind, more shocked about the cost of food. Newly escaped slaves are not exactly known for having a lot of gold on hand. Luckily Zarja had found a pearl in a clam she had eaten a few days earlier, this she traded for a bowl of soap with hard bread and a cup of water. The goblin innkeeper left, as the newly arrived tauren set her gear by the fireplace. Zarja had noticed that this goblin innkeeper was different from the last one. However, he looked related to the old innkeeper from six years ago. Maybe this was a brother or a son. Zarja found herself wondering if the old goblin had retired or had been killed, as she absently mindedly watched the tauren work upon her injury. The troll reflected on the events of the past a lot of late. And not only on her capture, she had spent many years in these jungles looking for her father’s old ax. Of course she no longer had the ax anymore. It was most likely lost to her forever below the waves, in the wreckage of the Sea Spray. A fire had started somehow, as Zarja and the other slaves revolted. Fire was never a good thing on wooden boats. Purple smoke floated past Zarja’s sight, bringing the troll back to the present. The tauren had clearly finished working on her wound. She was now resting with her hooves upon the hearth, near the warm fire. Zarja’a gaze turned to the goblin waitress moving toward her table, a tray of food and drink in her hand. “Zarja. It’s Zarja right?” Startled at the sound of her own name the troll turns back to the tauren. Six years is a long time without hearing your own name. Most of the time, she was just sworn at while the whip fell upon her back. Every colorful insult the troll had heard over the years, but this was a shock. A frown crosses the warrior’s face. This tauren wasn’t anyone Zarja could remember. She knew a few tauren, but those all had complete ears. Puzzled by this, the troll’s frown deepened. “Da, dat mi. Mi know joo?”
  23. A Tavern in the Rain ((Open))

    It was another cold storming night in the area known as Strangletorn Valley. The rain came down in thick solid sheets. Rarely a bright bolt of lightening would light the sky before everything grew dark again. The wind howled around a darkened figure as it moved along the wooden walkways of Booty Bay. It was forced to lean into the gale force to continue moving forward. All the windows within the city were bolted shut, making travel hard, since very little light escaped them. In the distance the figure heard a rapping noise, indicating some goblin had missed one window, of its house. The dark figure finally managed to reach its destination, the Salty Mug. Using a great deal of strength, the cloaked figure pulled the door open. As it entered the door slammed shut behind it with a resounding boom. The inside of the building was a completely different world when compared with the raging storm outside. A large warm fireplace battled the chill of the outside. Sawdust covered the floor, fading from dark wet colored near the doorway to drier and lighter near the fireplace. Members of both factions sat in groups with their friends talking about any number of things. The figure made its way to the pegs near the roaring fire to hang the dripping cloak it had began removing. Flaming colored hair fell out as the troll tossed back her hood. Zarja turned from the pegs grinning, even after nearly six years away from this place so little had changed. Which given the fact she had last been here before Deathwing had returned forever changing the face of Azeroth was quite shocking. While the tavern had changed little, this was not so with the troll. A great many scars peeked out of the armor covering her back, clearly the marks of a great deal of whippings. Zarja remember little of that night six years ago. She recalled a drinking game she lost, or perhaps won. Whatever the case she was so completely drunk, that she was unable to fight, much less stand, when a Bloodsail raid had attacked the port town. She did recall cutting the ear off one attacker. This last fact wasn’t hard to recall as it was why she had ended up as a slave. Over the last six years she was chained to a bench and force to row when the wind died. Zarja’s life consisted of pain daily. Whipped for not rowing, for looking around as she rowed, for being a troll, for healing too fast, for cutting off the whip master’s ear, but mainly because old one ear (as Zarja named him) enjoyed inflicting pain. He never managed to get the slightest moan out of the troll, which of course also added more beatings. Zarja locked the pain away and promised revenge upon her tormenter. Revenge had finally come to the troll barely a week before. She had finally convinced her fellow slaves to revolt. Most had never fought before and were true cowards at heart. However, even the weakest have a braking point, Zarja only wished it had been earlier. The troll now carried with her a bloody sack containing One Ear’s head. She came here to Strangletorn Vale seeking an herb required to complete her races’ shrunken head ritual. She would keep his head with her, forever stealing her tormenter’s right to enter the afterlife. With the storm outside however, Zarja would have to wait a little longer, not that she cared much.
  24. Wanted Lore Master

    Thanks a million. Looking forward to it.
  25. ((Follow these quick added rules to post: Vanilla Wow 1-60, two months before the dark portal reopens {BC’s release} Blood elves ok, but majority have not sided with Horde yet Goblins are still neutral Worgan are still human {not cursed yet} Draenei, Pandas, Monks, Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Cat classes {Blood elf Warrior, Human Hunter, etc.} Sorry, guys you’re not around yet. Here we go)) Kerchak looks down into the crater from the mouths edge. The land around him is barren and rocky. No signs of life, just rocks and red earth. A breath of hot air blows into his face. Across the crater stands a huge stone archway with sinister hooded guardians bearing swords. A smooth stone ramp leads upwards to a flat area where the dark portal once stood. Now it is just little more then a relic of the past. The magic that once connected Azeroth to Draenor is gone. The rumors of late say that the Burning Legion left on Azeroth have been gathering in greater numbers here. Something has been drawing the demons here. Kerchak came here with a small group of horde to look into these dark rumors. A veteran of the battle of Hyjal, Kerchak understands that anything concerning demons must be stopped. Spying into the crater, the hunter now knows that these rumors were true. A large force of demons stands between him and the portal. Doomguards, felguards, felhunters, succubi, and even the small imps roam around the crater floor. Kerchak lets out a sad sigh. As he slips back below the lip of the crater, Kerchak looks to back at the group. They are standing together at the foot of the hill. Kerchak notices that a tall female troll with red hair has joined them, since he last looked. The handle of a large sword jets up above her right shoulder. Two small pearly white tusks poke out of her mouth, contrasting the deep blue of her skin. He meet her once before, her name is Zarja. By Zarja’s side stands a much older friend. A frostwolf shaman named Brinks. Her green skin marks her as an orc. A black ponytail stands atop her head, while the rest of her hair is shaved. A great many earrings fill her nose and ears. Talking with her hands she discusses something with Zarja, but being too far to hear Kerchak only grins and starts crawling back to relate what he has seen …