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  1. Svetlaena

    The Stories We Tell

    ((This was a great RP, indeed. Gooooood times.))
  2. Svetlaena

    First Strike ((Open))

  3. Svetlaena

    First Strike ((Open))

  4. Svetlaena

    New Horde Raid Recruitment

    Heals here.
  5. Svetlaena

    Twisting Nether, a question (Both factions.)

    I kept saying that as a general means to stop people from continuing to sit around and point fingers instead of come up with solutions. I already said I was guilty of a bit of standoffishness, but what's the purpose of sitting there and accusing me like you are, Ugraz? My health has been a major factor in a lot of this, and I do in fact feel bad about it and am trying to fix it. Can we just start talking about solutions already instead? Fel's sake, people.
  6. Svetlaena

    Twisting Nether, a question (Both factions.)

    This thread is getting painfully off-topic. Can we just establish that perspective is a weird thing, we're all to blame for the lack of RP, and move on to making solutions already? ...please?
  7. Svetlaena

    Twisting Nether, a question (Both factions.)

    Standoffishness is a problem, and I myself am guilty of it. Social anxieties make it worse. I can't really add much to the debate here, my opinions being already outlined by others in the thread in words better than what I can currently come up with, but I feel I can add a suggestion to the mix... what if we resurrected the "Blind RP" thing and added a condition that the RP be done in a public place? Tear down two barriers at the same time? Also, let's avoid getting into talk of "Well I did/tried to do this for the community BUT no one jumped in..." as well as the shirking of responsibility all that really turns into is accusations and finger-pointing, and that's the opposite of what we need to do. Who's to blame (which, by the way, is every single one of us) isn't the topic at hand, it's how we can salvage the situation we're in.
  8. Svetlaena

    WANTED: Vindliah 'Raysong'

    "OOPS." The ink on the wanted poster ran, soaked with tea, until the words were incomprehensible and the parchment had been reduced to a soggy, blackened scrap. The Professor ignored the scowl the guard gave her, shrugging and waving her empty teacup. "Clumsy me."
  9. <p><a href="" rel="external nofollow"></a></p>

    <p>Yes that is an automatic weapon she's carrying.</p>

  10. Svetlaena

    Dear Greatfather Winter ((Open))

    Dear Great-Father Winter: I believe I have gone out of my way enough this year to do 'nice' things. I healed and blessed my fellow Horde even if I did not like them. I did not attempt to kill my husband, instead, I got him a really cool panther made of rubies. I kept my hands to myself when the Alliance wandered Halfhill Market, the Darkmoon Carnival, and other such places for the vast majority of the time. I was obedient to my guild and my Warchief on almost every order I was given. I even stopped throwing empty bottles at strangers, and using moonwells as bathrooms, and I'm trying to stop running away when fights go badly and while I haven't always kept to that one I'm trying and that's what counts. I demand in return the following: A new dagger (as the one I had went over a waterfall in the Jade Forest months ago), an improved harness and saddle for Tiborstraz that he cannot easily undo with his claws, and a fresh batch of thistle from deep within the forests of Quel'thalas. I have even done you the courtesy of suggesting a few names for your 'naughty' list this year: Urivial Beckett Varian Wrynn (but get Anduin something nice. I like that kid.) Vaedoras Starshade Illisade Shadesong (really, there's just nothing redeeming about this one.) Regards, Prof. S. N. Quel'Ivan
  11. <p>So, I wasn't ignoring you on the shoutbox, I just never looked at it because I posted and then went to complete an Analytical response for English. Anyways, would love to have you for thursday World PvPs, but I don't run RBGs in the Watch.</p>

    <p>Our two current RBG leads are Everistia and Janaelle, both of which have to pug 1-2 every week, and would probably love a frost mage. Should definitely get in contact with them.</p>

  12. Svetlaena

    TNG Master Invite List for Events

    Barkskin (Horde, friend.)
  13. Svetlaena

    Creepy Crawlies ((Closed))

    Svetlaena didn't say a word as he took off, nor did he wait for her to. That final strange moment was enough to keep her there, staring, tapping her finger against her chin in thought. She wasn't made a Professor for nothing. The little woman knew something was up, but she was trying to determine just how much she cared. After all, it'd put something incredible in her hands and given her the freedom to study it. What was a little danger in exchange for such ancient and possibly powerful knowledge? With a final disdainful glance at the entrance to the cavern, she started to make her way Southward.
  14. Svetlaena

    Creepy Crawlies ((Closed))

    The Professor let out an initial yelp at being jettisoned from the cave so violently, but the relief to look around and be able to see that she was on the surface again was enough to quickly put any upset she might be feeling to rest. Oh how I missed you, sky. "Of course, of course. It truly is always a party with you around, Altherion." Svetlaena said as she was put back on the firm earth. A glance to the south and she took a deep breath, happy to be finally out of the rancid cave air. Thinking fast she extracted some parchment from her bag and began to wrap the crystal up, hiding it from view. "I'll make my way south from here; my associate is waiting to port this thing safely off-continent and we'll get to work."