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  1. Grand New Year Story Contest With the new year let’s see if we can kick off a new contest too. This new contest has a submission window of two months: why two months? Because we have some nice looking prizes courtesy of Maikull and we want a chance for everyone to participate! Due to low voter turnout we’re also going to try something new and select three to five judges at random, this has the added benefit of pulling opinions from outside the community, ensures a set number of votes, plus guarantees fairness that one group is going to outvote another. If you want to volunteer to be a judge please message me or Maikull and we’ll make sure you are added to the draw. Rules -Your story must be self-contained and be at least one paragraph long. This means your entry must be condensed into a single post. If you have more than one post your first one will be the only accepted entry. -No thread Necromancy-the story you submit must be new. - You must have a character on Twisting Nether or Ravenholdt to participate - Neither you nor the character needs to be active. -Story must be WoW related and connect to the theme. Prizes Courtesy of Maikul we have some juicy prizes up for grabs: -The winner of the contest will receive 30 days free game time or 1 WoW token worth or free in-game gold. -2nd Place will receive 1000 gold per each multiplied by the number of contest participants. Theme: Artifact Weapon Please include Artifact Contest in the title of your story for your submission to be considered and include a link to your entry below. Submission Deadline is February 28, winners will be chosen after the first week in March. Good Luck!
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    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER It's time to announce the winners of the story contest. As a little insight there were three judges with at least one judge Horde side and one Alliance side, stories were judged on -Grammar -Adherence to the main topic -The Overall Favorite Each judge compiled their own list of favorites and then brought together for discussion until everyone was happy with the top choices. As a Bonus I'm adding additional prize for 3rd place. Winners Please contact me before April 20th to claim your winnings or risk forfeiture of your prize. So, Winners: Third Place Goes to.... Kexti For Red Tea! Congrats Kexti, that is 1,000 gold reward for you! Please msg me privately ant let me know which char to drop your winnings off within one month. Second Place and Winner of $6,000 gold goes to....... Catalinetta for And My Axe! Congrats to you! please msg me where you want your prize money sent within one month. Without Further Adieu...Winner of the Grand New Year Story Contest and 1 month free game time or the equivalent gold is........ Qabian!! for Design Flaw!!!! Congrats to you! Please contact me before April 20th and tell me how you want your winnings. Congrats to everyone and thank you for your participation!!!
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    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    Sorry all. Results on judging will be delayed until March 20th due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Viirchi

    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    Contest is closed! Winner shall be announced in 2 weeks!
  5. Viirchi

    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    Reminder. Please post a link to your entry in this thread! Otherwise it may not be considered.
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    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    Edited the rules for clarification on self-contained requirement. Self contained means entry must be contained in a single post.
  7. Viirchi

    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    Both really. Generally at this point your character's artifact weapon, at least OOCly is their chosen weapon so both interpretations are wide open. Think of the topic as a lead off for your inspiration and at that point it's really however you feel like interpreting it. As a second note in interest of keeping the thread clear for submission I'd like to request that any additional questions be sent via pm.
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    Grand New Year Story Contest 2017

    It is ooc on the forums
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    Accidental Use of Geekiness

    I found out they were making a Movie about the Evacuation of Dunkirk and started nerding out on history stuff. I did the same thing when I saw the trailor for the Warcraft movie and saw the shield turtle tactic
  10. Sorry just inserting images for errors









  11. Seero Weaselgear-Currently running a smuggling operation in Stranglethorn Vale...sorry "Legitimate business Venture" and is currently planning an expansion into the Broken Isles. Viirchi-Taking a backseat with logistics in Dalaran
  12. Alright! I have it all figured out! Please vote your favorite above. The choices are: On The Second Saturday Things that Cannot Be Chicken Scratch Claw Marks Voting is open until November 15th. Please read the stories and select your favorite!
  13. Viirchi

    October Story Contest [Poll]

    Results are in. The winner of the story contest in Chicken Scratch By Fidjit Congrats Fidjit! You Won! Please send me a PM and let me know which character you want your prize sent to.
  14. Viirchi

    October Story Contest [Poll]

    One more week of voting! Poll officially closes November 15
  15. While we're all waiting on the results of the story contest and gearing up for the holidays why not lean back and churn out a story theme. As above this theme is "Because of you" you're allowed to interpret it however you want, post whenever you want and make it as long as you want so long as it is self contained and posted below. No prizes for this one, just something to get the creative ball rolling. Have fun!
  16. It can be hard to accept when a character just isn't working for you anymore. Whether it's a loss of the original concept, loss of rp partners or a story that's just gone on too long it can be so much harder when that character is the one you started with and formed the bulk of your connections on. The common answer to this dilemma is to roll a new character and begin new stories. This remains my go to solution for this issue but It's left me facing a character list where 90% of the slots are just left to collect dust. The ocd in me wants to clean out these slots or find some way to repurpose some characters but you always see them as those characters and deletion means dropping all the rares and achievements. So my long winded question is this: Because I'm curious, what is everyone else's response to this problem when all the Passion's gone out of your character? Do you leave these characters untouched and make a new one? Do you try to force it and make it work? Name change? Do you go for broke and clear the slots?
  17. Again I feel like this is delving a little too much into personal territory rather than opening up discussions that can help everyone. However I do understand your frustration Saphiara and I definitely would like to open some ideas to help others that may be experiencing similar situations. Another player I deeply respect commented that a lot of people don't realize what a great resource the TNG forum is and after shopping around at other servers I tend to agree. Aside from Ravenholdt I've found few if any dedicated RP forums still active. So, let's use it right? With a smaller server there's not a lot of opportunity to find random rp but I don't think your options are completely hopeless. If I remember Saphiara is horde so that's even better. My suggestion is if you wish to remain guildless to first troll the event forums and start looking for events around your availability, barring that I highly recommend resourcing Discord and just asking if anyone's available. If you don't feel like logging into game there are a lot of rp channels available for the tng discord that are very active. I believe the looking for rp section of the forum is still active so I suggest making a post there as well. If you are looking for a guild the bottom right corner of the site has horde and alliance guild links below but there's also the guild recruitment forum section to browse if you feel the need. I think secret character's are fun to play, I don't consider it dishonest so much as a mystery and as long as you're not abusing your anonymity then why not? Picking up after several years absence is hard but you need to believe that it is most definitely not you. As a real life example I had fallen into a deep depression for years, I shut off everyone and just stayed hermiting and until I had actually quit my job did I realize how bad it had been. When I came out I realized that my friends had moved on and I was playing catch up. I had to work to reform some connections but it was something I felt that was worth doing and things have improved. My point is to everyone, if you're cut off for a long time you need to have patience and care enough to reforge bonds that became lost. It's not fair to expect others to suddenly pick up from where things had been left off when you are the one who left. Believe me, I know this all too well IC and in RL. If you feel it's worth it then don't give up until you try some of the suggestions above.
  18. Honestly I've been guilty of straight up abandoning characters, it's something I regret but knowing the reasons I did it I can't blame anyone else for doing the same thing. This is a game and people are here for fun, while the benefit of what we do requires us to get invested in these characters sometimes we don't see the struggle behind the game and sometimes there's that odd person who keeps plugging along because they feel obligated even though they have not realized themselves they need a break. I disagree with the statement that this community is slowly dying because really, people said the same thing five years ago, they said the same thing 7 years ago and they will continue to say it now. I understand what you are getting at Kerala and I believe you have made some good points but I think we're getting a little off topic by discussing community etiquette and personal preference rather than the main subject of RP burnout and helpful solutions that could benefit others.
  19. Viirchi

    October story contest 2.0

    The OOC: Was not quite sure where to put this but I am interested in starting some story contests up again. There are a few things I am doing different, one being that I plan to offer a prize to the winner. So the rules. -there is no length currently so just have at least one paragraph -story must be recently no post necromancy on your old work. -must be WoW related but you don't even have to use your current list of characters, just remember if you use someone else's character though you must have permission first. - you need to have a character on twisting nether or ravenholdt to participate, but they don't need to be active. Post your entries with a link in the replys below. Submissions must be received by the last day in October. Voting will take place first two weeks in November. A 500 gold prize will be awarded to the winner. Theme is: Creepy This post has been promoted to an article
  20. Hi Nikaa. First I'm sorry this has happened with you. There has been only one moment in my history where I just flat out didn't want to rp anymore and that was related to a shitty situation. I get the impression that's it's not that you don't like to rp though, it's just that you've lost your mojo. I've been role playing about as long but I've swapped out different characters for every playground i come to, i can't imagine how it must be to have played the same character since the start and then lose interest in the only one you've ever truly felt connected to. I can tell you my experience with rp has been on and off. When I feel even alts arnt doing it anymore I usually know it's time to stop and move on rather than force it. Sometimes it's taken me longer to notice burnout when I should but my pauses between rping usually go an average of 2 years until I find another gqme that ignites my passion.(this is actually the first game I've returned to after these pauses). During that time i do other stuff or find other interests, play other games and read. Maybe your answer is similar to mine? Don't worry about picking up that passion. Burnout is burnout and sometimes you do need to step away and maybe that passion will return and maybe it won't but my own experience tells me that trying to force that passion back in just makes it worse.
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    Belated Welcome!
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    Artifact Weapon / RP

    I was able to incorporate Viirchi's past lore with why she can use the light even after childhood circumstances into the creation of her weapon. Mavis' is pretty much a sword that was used in the first war heroicly and then given to him by the local town drunk
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    When Alts Get Together

    My alts just travel in different circles. They don't know each other and I'm not sure any have ever met.
  24. Right. So I'm back in the game for a bit trying out Legion and two missed expansions. I'm currently not sure how long I'm going to be back, if I'll stick around and try to play more casually or just leave again, but it has been nice checking out all the new content and what's been approved of. In a way it was good for me to leave, I think I needed to step away from the virtual world badly and take a look around and I don't regret leaving one bit. I do regret the way I left. I don't think I realized how badly I needed to leave and as a result I just cut things off(partly due to a busted computer at the time, granted). I kept saying to myself and others "I'll be back, I'll be around." Then never following through. I'm sorry. I hope I didn't cause anyone to worry. Anyway there's some catching up to do, so contact me if you wish.  I plan on remaining in TN and might pick up some old stories,

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      Lol. And out again until I can liberate my brother's old monitor from his house and use it to replace mine.

  25. Cause I hate spamming my blog and have gotten into the habit of posting my progress more frequently I have created a brand new home for my stuff. So...yeah. I will be reposting a few things first. Annnnyway I mostly like painting but I will try to put up the sketches when I find the patience to do them. Unfinished because I wanted to draw her out and know how I was going to position her is my other draenei. Once I knew roughly what I was doing I mostly abandoned the sketch, which may not have been a great plan. You can see the proto drake I started on too, mostly I'm afraid of finishing her because in the painting I am determined to have her in a skirt and I'm somewhat proud of the legs. My current project however has been my dwarf. The terrain obviously has been giving me a lot of trouble -.- Not quite sure how to get the texture right. My plan is to give the boar pale eyes, but thinking it is something I'm going to end up having to work out on paper first. Still, the clothing, which I have feared the most is coming out decently. Not great, but decent. Still trying to decide if I want to risk going back and bringing out the tusks more. I am aware they look a little flat. Edit: Forgive me this was all taken with a digital camera and comes out with a glare.