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  1. Excellent News! The Stormwolf has now reached level 16! Good Work Everyone!
  2. Kira_Nirvanna

    Kira Flameborne

    Full Name: Kira Flameborne Age: (roughly comparable to 21) Race: Sin'Dorai Gender: Female Hair: Reddish Brown Skin: More or less pale, some scaring, particularly on her hands and arms. Eyes: Very pale turqoise. Height: 5'10" Weight:160 lbs Place of residence: Silvermoon City or the Stormwolf Place of Birth: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: Mother and father, still living. Father is an officer in the paladin order. Mother is a Priestess. Religion/Philosophy: Whatever Works. Indifferent to religion, neither opposed nor devout. Her interest in deities is comparable to their interest in her. Which at present appears to be none. Just how she likes things. Occupation: Part time Pirate, Often working as a bodyguard. Also jobs assigned by the Paladin Order. Group/Guild affiliation: the Stormwolf. Guild Rank: Beast Enemies: Anyone who tries to do harm to herself, her friends, or those in her charge. Likes: Swords, or really, any weapon. Boys. Annoying and horrifying her mother. Combat. Reading. Favorite Foods: She's not picky. Favorite Drinks: Fruity beverages. Particularly in her downtime, and particularly with a healthy kick. Weapons of Choice: A Sword. Or anything that gets the job done. Dislikes: Conforming to her mother's rules and expectations. Hobbies: Cleaning and tending to her weapon collection. Looking for a fight, or a job that will probably involve a fight. Finding new ways to horrify her mother. Reading. Physical Features: About average height, average build. No particularly interesting scars, though her arms and hands show clear evidence of her love of combat and weaponry, she also has a few scars on her face, but nothing particularly dramatic. She has five peircings in her ears, in addition to which she has her eyebrow, nose and lip peirced on the lefthand side of her face as well as her belly button. Special Abilities: Nack for finding trouble. Positive Personality Traits: She is devoted to her friends and those in her care, as well as to goals and objectives. She has her guidelines, and within those, she will do what must be done to complete a task. She holds no baias beyond the most basic, if someone assaults or attempts to harm herself or her allies, she views them as an enemy until proven otherwise, if someone helps herself or her allies, they are an ally until proven otherwise. Negative Personality Traits: Rarely thinks before acting. Somewhat obsessive and forgetful. Prone to getting herself into trouble and bringing others along for the ride should they happen to let her. Misc. Quirks: Very ADD, possibly ADHD. She's a bit flighty, loves her weapon collection. Somewhat wild. Theme Songs: History: Born and raised into a noble line of elves considerably gifted in healing arts, Kira's family was not in Quel'Thalas when it was assaulted, visiting relatives in Dalaran. When Kira was of age to do so her parents gave her two options. Enter into priest training, or paladin training. She opted for Paladin. She trained in the order until she was old enough to make her own decisions, at which point she promptly got several peircings and a few choice additions to her wardrobe intended to shock her mother, whom Kira still believes needs to learn to lighten up. During her Career as a Paladin her father was fairly lenient with her about her methods as long as the job was completed, particularly if it was done well. Kira has taken this little life lesson to heart and generally speaking does things her own way, taking full advantage of any tools she has at her disposal. Presently she gives the order a hat tip, gets what training she can, does some work for them and then bounces off to play at being a pirate with the other members of the Stormwolf. And yes. For alll she wears plate most of the time, she does fairly bounce whever she goes.
  3. >_O You're right, TN's not listed. Though it did go offline for 15 minutes this morning. Then I couldn't get on for like 40 minutes. Then it went down for like, three minutes, and I could finally get on. >_O; Edit: I should add, it even had a countdown and whatnot.
  4. Curse the Rolling Restarts! Curse them I say! ToT
  5. Same Boat. Stuck at Authenticating.
  6. Kira_Nirvanna

    Woo extended maintanance!

    Imma need a straightjacket if the're still having issues tomorrow. *pickets Blizz Corp demanding compensation in game GOLD!*
  7. Kira_Nirvanna

    Woo extended maintanance!

    lol, you do have a point ;; Hopefully. It'll be nice to have a playing feild that's not so uneaven at last. *is tired of being jumped while minding her own buisiness and totally not standning a chance* ;;
  8. Kira_Nirvanna

    Woo extended maintanance!

    Yeah, just hit 70 at like.. 4 am my time, and now this ;_; Today was my day off from school too, I was gonna do my homework and lvl lockpicking, get some decent armor, go to bed. All for naught. *mourns*
  9. Kira_Nirvanna

    Woo extended maintanance!

    @.@ If only I could be using this time to work on my lockpicking. A lvl 70 Rogue who can't pick a lvl 50 lock to save her live T-T
  10. Kira_Nirvanna

    Woo extended maintanance!

    >o< GAHHHH! I had PLANS for today. They can't give me back my day off from school!!! *tries to calm down* Okay, seriously though. There's no call for this. What? Did they decide to do maintanace with only a skeleton crew or something? It's not like it's the -last patch pre wrath- or anything, how important could it be to make sure you have a full crew? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Weeps Wails and Gnashes her Teeth!*
  11. Kira_Nirvanna

    Kira Skye Nirvanna

    ((Updated with guild info and so forth.))
  12. Kira_Nirvanna


    *Kira grins in good humor* Merryk's alright. Seems like a fun sort I suppose. Met him through my Cousin. He kept calling me Princess. He was right about one thing though. I was much too niaeve. I'd like to see him again sometime. Wonder if he'd still call me Princess. . .
  13. Kira_Nirvanna

    Irithel Duskfire

    *Kira Sulks* Akulazeel . . . She told me Irithel's . . . angry . . . At Selash and I . . . Please don't let it be true. Or if it is . . . perhaps he'll forgive us . . . me. I don't think he and Sel ever cared for one another, but I hoped he might have come to consider me a friend some day. We haven't spoken much since we met. But I won't forget his kindness. Akula's anger I understand, but Irithel's? I must find him. Talk to him. I just hope he's not as angry as she was.... *gingerly fingers a bruised cheek*
  14. Kira_Nirvanna

    Qabian Grimfire

    . . . Qabian? I think I met him once. When I was with my cousin. He was a nice enough sort I suppose. Didn't talk a whole lot, but he did help us out. Not much else to say. I've considered joining my cousin's guild someday, so perhaps I'll learn more about him then . . . Assuming they'd have me . . . Assuming I don't pledge my loyalty elsewhere first . . .
  15. Kira_Nirvanna


    *looks a bit distressed* *sighs* Akulazeel. I can only say that I deeply regret that she was dragged into my problems. I only hope she will forgive me someday. I'd never even met her... Hopefully her revenge won't have to wait long. Lord Einlanzer will pay for what he did to her. *frowns thougtfully* I wouldn't advise pissing her off though.... *rubs her cheek gingerly* She has a mean temper and even with the friendly end of that staff of her's she can really lay you out... *shakes her head*