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  2. Horde: Vilmah Ninorra Catalinetta Xoán Vhakti Alliance: Yahabibi
  3. It was a delightfully bright and sunny day on the Arath'dorei estate as Munchkin the kitten found a way to escape from Kreyen's bedroom and traipse through the Arath'dorei manor. Her tiny gold medallion-looking name tag made a tinkling bell noise as as walked, exploring the long halls until at last, she found her way to the formal garden. It was so big! The tiny kitten used her nose to sniff out appropriate plants; lemongrass, mint, lavender. Within one of the fragrant lavender bushes, she spotted a bird. It was a small bird, no larger than a fledgling. Munchkin lowered herself to the ground. Small enough to fit in the palm of an elf's hand, she was easily hidden behind the greenery. The kitten waited until her pray had turned its back before leaping forth, tiny needle-like claws extended, her jaws clasped around the bird's throat like a snare. A single bite, and the bird was dead. Munchkin held the animal in her mouth like a prize. Blood stained her immaculate white coat as she carried the bird's corpse back to Kreyen's bedroom. At some point in the morning, before Kreyen has woken, Munchkin lay a dead bird beside his face on the pillow. She then climbed on to the pillow itself and fell asleep curled around Kreyen's neck. Unable to properly deal with the situation himself, upon waking, Kreyen's agitation forced him to put on pants and seek the help of one of the manor's staff. As the maid disposed of the bird and began to change the sheets, Kreyen closed the window he'd left open and then hobbled towards the bathroom. Munchkin followed Kreyen to the bathroom, as cats tend to do. She didn't seem to have much use for personal space. Kreyen stared at the bloodied kitten dryly as he began to run the bath, sitting on its rim as the bed was changed outside. "You've no one to blame for this but yourself," he said. Munchkin mewed expectantly. She hopped up on the rim of the tub and looked down toward the water. She then looked at Kreyen. A single paw went out toward one of his arms, grabbing for him in an attempt to pull him away from the danger below. Kreyen's hand evaded the paw deftly, swirling around to boop the small animal on her nose. Once the water reached a sufficient height, he grabbed a pitcher and put it under the tap to collect water. Afterward, he stared at the kitten for a long moment, then plucked her into the air. He let her hang there for a moment, and then deposited her in the warm water unceremoniously. Chaos. Pure, unrivaled chaos and woe. Munchkin thrashed in Kreyen's hands, her claws scraping at whatever she could find in an effort to haul her body from the liquid death that was being forcefully submerged into. Her mews were agony, her blue eyes wide and frightened. Emotions raged within the kitten; betrayal clutching her heart as she sunk deep into the depths of despair. "Shhh," The cripple cooed, scooping a hand underneath the kitten to support her and keep her from escaping. "It won't hurt you." He grabbed a bar of soap in his free hand, getting enough lather on the surface using his fingers before setting to work trying to clean the kitten's face while avoiding the needle like teeth she could bring to bear. The smell was overwhelming. A floral nightmare enveloped her senses, followed by the voice of her slave as he continued to torment her. His hands had grown strong, and he held her at bay with a severity that caused her howling mews to extend past the normal limit. Truly, this was hell. Surely, death would come soon and end this wretched existence. Once enough of the blood had been removed from her coat, Kreyen rinsed his hand off and shut off the water. His last betrayal was the pitcher. Full to the brim, the former ranger up ended the entirety of its contents onto her, rinsing off the remnants of the soap and leaving her a wet clump of once more pure white fur. Munchkin howled in protest. The warm lava-like liquid was searing away her skin and fur. If she survived this, it would be a bald and hopeless future. The kitten saw her future flash before her eyes; she would spend the rest of her life cold, furless, abandoned to the wilderness where the birds and mice would laugh at her pitiful existence. Helplessly she mewed, begging for mercy. Kreyen set aside the pitcher and pulled the drain plug on the tub, allowing the water to be sucked away. He lifted the sad little creature from her temporary prison then, but only to replace it with another. She was deposited into the folds of a towel, and then bundled up as Kreyen began to rub her down and wick the moisture from her fur with a gentle vigor. Munchkin mewed from the crushing walls surrounding her. Soon, she imagined, her bones would be shattered. Might she simply be left to die there, broken and alone? Her slave did not hear her pleading. His enormous monkey hands gripped her, squeezing the moisture from her once luxurious fur into what she could only assume was some sort of torture device. The massaging did not cease until she was sufficiently dried off and fluffed up, a discovery Kreyen found by opening the towel to check on the progress. He didn't unwrap her fully, allowing the small animal to make her own decisions about how done she was with his presence. Munchkin opened her eyes. Sweet release! Before her sat her slave, in all his contempt. She mewed for help, only to find that the pain was gone. Her bones were intact, and her fur, strangely enough, pristine. The kitten blinked slowly in her slave's direction. Had he, in fact, rescued her from her fate? Were his hands not instruments of destruction, but of salvation? With a mew of relief, she padded toward his bulky frame and rubbed her head against his soft white belly, purring loudly. Thank you, slave, she said with her rubbing, marking him with her scent, to let all who would smell him understand that he was her property, and she would care for him. Truly, you shall feast like a king on this day.
  4. A bundle of letters have been stuffed into Cat's notebook.
  5. Travel outfit
  6. Cerryan x Vathelan 4 ever
  7. Visited the guild hall to get another pair of crutches and ran into the commander. Told her about my plan to turn myself in to Cerryan. She was pretty open to the idea, but she seems to think there's a possibility of him going overboard. At this point, I don't know what overboard would be. I told her I was willing to pay for the consequences of my actions, and I am, but I'm also scared. Is it awful that Kreyen not having his memory makes me a little less scared? If he were around, he'd probably tell me not to get carried away. I feel bad saying it, but I don't think Cerryan will kill me. Not that I think he doesn't want to, I'm sure anyone in his position would, but I don't think he's that kind of person. I know bad experiences change people, but I think he's stronger then that. I don't think he'd let it change him. Then again, it would be wrong of me to expect leniency. The whole point of this is for me to be sincere about redemption, no matter what kind of judgement he gives. The more I think about it, the more scared and stressed I feel. I'm waiting for word from Kreyen's family on when his cousin brings him to their manor. I guess there's nothing for me to do on that end but wait. I was thinking of writing him another letter, but then I figured there was no point. I said everything I wanted to say. He knows how I feel. I just miss talking to him, I guess.
  8. How is it even possible to get all this sad down at once. I went with Phyruss to see him. At first I was all excited. He was more or less himself, smiling, happy, optomistic. Then as we talked, I came to realize just how important memories are. Like, I knew it would be stupid to expect him to feel the same way about me as soon as he saw me, but I guess I hoped he would anyway. It's a stupid hope. People don't just instantly fall in love. Not with me, anyway. He's getting better physically, and that's the important thing. Him being healthy and happy was always the important thing. I just wanted to be near him, and I guess I got too attached. Things were going so well. I had all my hopes wound up and they unravelled one after the other. I had everything, and then I lost it. He says it's probably not permenant, but I'm not sure how much hope I have left. Apparently his cousin, Sinlanna, should be able to help him. I should have known better than to think I could be of any help. I don't have magic mind powers or anything, I'm just a killer. Which makes me think that maybe this is all the universe righting itself. They say what goes around comes around, so maybe this is the Light's way of evening things out? I did something terrible, fought against the Light and its champions. Now the Light has the thing I care about the most. Kinda makes sense now that I think about it. I took something from the Light, the Light took something from me. In the longrun, I'll bet it will be great for him. He was always good in his own way. I'll bet he'll make a great champion of the Light, maybe even be a great hero. Maybe that's the closest I'll ever get to my dream, seeing it happen to someone I care about. Maybe that's okay. He asked if I'd stay with them at the Manor. I said yeah, of course. It makes me sad to be around him, but I'd probably feel even worse if I stayed away. It's like before, when we didn't know if we could be together. I promised myself that even if he married someone else, I would still be around, because I care about him and want him to be happy. I still think that's the best thing to do. I told him I felt like I lost my best friend. Up until then I didn't really think that way, but when I really think about it, he was my best friend. Even without all the extra stuff, he listened to me, he talked to me, he told me everything about his past and I told him everything about mine. I've never been that close to anyone, and now it's gone. Even if I know which path to take, I still feel lost.
  9. Today was eventful. I started off the day by completely shoving my foot in my mouth when I went to see Lora and the doc. Because I'm a complete moron, I managed to insult them both by apologizing to Lora ten times before I asked about Ariavan. I'm sure my explanation about how death freaks me out didn't exactly help. They offered to talk to Cerryan on my behalf but I told them it would probably be better if I went in alone. Not sure having three people backing me up before I even turn myself in would look sincere. I don't want him to think I'm begging for his forgiveness, I want him to know I'm willing to do what it takes to atone. I ran into Phyruss after that, and told him about Kreyen. I felt bad because I guess they didn't know. Was I supposed to tell them? Phyruss is really sweet, he keeps insisting we're family even though we're not, really. Our "connection" doesn't remember me. I don't know if he ever will. I'm glad to have a friend like Phyruss, though. He reminds me of me, when I was alive. He managed to give me some hope. Then I realized I was being an absolute dumbass about it all. I mean, before the big fight, Kreyen and I talked a lot. We talked about what would happen if one of us died. We talked about how we'd stay together, no matter what happened. Now here I am sulking, when he's somewhere on his own with no family and no memories, and I feel sorry for myself? That's not what he would have done. If I were in his place, he'd have already gone over, beat up anyone in his way, and brought me home. Because he'd know that's what I'd want. I'm not gonna try and beat up anyone or anything, but I sure as hell am not gonna just stand aside and leave him there just because I'm afraid. I get it, now. I've been afraid this whole time. I've been afraid he won't love me anymore, if he can't remember why he loved me in the first place. I've been afraid of seeing him and not seeing him. Well turning myself in to Cerryan can wait. I have a responsibility. We might not be married, but we made a promise to eachother and I'm not going to ignore it just because he's not well. Kreyen told me he needed me. That's all that matters.
  10. Well, I did it. I went to see the blood knight emissary. His name is T'suro, and he's actually really nice. I was surprrised he was so nice to me, but I guess I've started to be a little wary of people in general. I'm never really sure what to expect. Anyway, I asked what I could do to atone. He said I needed to throw myself at Cerryan's mercy, because it's my fault that he was hurt at Light's Hope Chapel. It was actually me who scarred him. That I don't remember seeing him is probably even worse. I was so scared, and it all happened so fast, I didn't even realize I'd hurt someone I cared so much about. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid of the outcome. T'suro said that if Cerryan actually tried to take me out that he'd defend me, but that makes me feel even worse. I'm afraid of a lot of things, but mostly I'm afraid that I'll come between friends, that me trying to do the right thing will ruin someone else's life. It seems like I already ruined Cerryan's, and there's nothing I can ever do to fix that. No amount of apologizing can fix the damage I did, and it seems pretty cruel of me to even consider asking his forgiveness. But I'll do it, because T'suro said it's the only way to attempt to make things right. I spoke to Lora last night, she said I could come visit today. It would be nice if I could see her before I go to Cerryan. I got another letter from Kreyen. Still no memories, but he'd like to see me when he gets released. Maybe it's good he doesn't remember me, in case this thing with Cerryan goes south. Maybe it would be better if he never remembers. Maybe this is his chance for a life with someone who won't cause him so much grief.
  11. I talked to Vath about what happened in Suramar. He said we'll have to figure something else out. It's not safe for me to be out on my own. What a weird feeling. I'm a death knight, I should be able to defend myself from anything. Except other death knights, I guess. I can't live like this. I mean what am I supposed to do, be afraid forever? I can't do that. Besides, eventually it might get other people hurt too. People who are close to me. I know, not many of those, but I don't want to risk them. I guess there's only one thing I can do at this point. I'm not sure if it's brave or stupid, but I'll do it. At least then I'll know I tried to do the right thing.
  12. The last few days have been a real test. I don't know what I'm being tested on. Patience? Bravery? I was taken in by the Ebon Blade. I escaped. I got back only to find out that Kreyen left. A nice mage at Borrowed Time helped Megeda and I track him. He's at Light's Hope. Megeda went because I can't, and now it turns out that his memories are gone. He doesn't know who he is, he doesn't know who I am. I sent him a letter. I don't know if he'll read it, or if he'll believe the things I told him. I guess a lot of it is pretty unbelievable. Why would a living person be engaged to a death knight? Even after all the stuff that happened to me, it doesn't change that part. I don't think anything can.
  13. “There was a knight of courage “Who rode along the road “He held a mighty hammer “The Light he was bestowed “Until he found one day, a maiden “Tied against the stones “The knight would free her from the chains “But found that she was bones “’O blessed knight, you free me “’But do you understand? “’Tis more than bravery that saves “’A hero of the land' “And so he dueled the banshee “The villain fought in vain “Striking with the Light “He sought to free her soul from pain “But when he saw her suffering “The hero knew his fate “He begged the banshee to allow “That he could take her place “The banshee could not understand “How he could pay this price “And so her hatred melted “From his selfless sacrifice “No battle needed of the knight “He found another way “He truly understood that Light “And love could save the day” Cat gasped for air, her lungs burning as if she’d inhaled a bonfire. Her vision was blurry, but she could feel the sand on her back, and the crash of the waves against her chest. In a panic, she gripped her right hand and felt pain shoot up her arm. It was excruciating, the burn on her palm and fingers, but the weight of her axe was there. Attempting to sit up was agonizing, but she made the attempt. Through her blurred vision, Cat saw that her body was a mess of fractured bones, covered in bruises. Looking up for the Acherus, she could not see it anywhere near. The water seemed to have washed her to another shore, though for how long it had taken to do that, and for how long she was unconscious, she could not say. With her other hand, she reached up to touch the tiny pendant still hanging from her neck. They may have taken her armor, but thankfully, the Ebon Blade left her with her jewelry. Feeling the gold encircled emerald sent a wave of relief through her, as if regardless of what happened on the Acherus, things would be better now. Blinking through the saltwater, she brought the ring on her left hand to her lips and kissed it once. “He must be very charming,” came a voice from behind her. Adrenaline rushed to Cat’s brain. She scrambled to her feet, only to find Therys standing behind her on the shore. Her whole body ached, though the bones in her body were slowly mending themselves. Soaked to the skin in her cloth clothes, she shivered in the seawater. Therys held up a piece of paper. The drawing of a dark haired elf was familiar, because it was hers. One of the missing drawings from her bedroom. “Is this the one you’re trying to get back to?” He asked casually. Turning it around, he studied the drawing. “We could find him, you know. Find him and kill him. Or I could, at least.” Cat stumbled toward the other death knight, her legs shaky. She could feel her knees screaming from within, begging her to stop. “You don’t want to do that,” she said groggily, before doubling over to cough salt water from her lungs. “Don’t I?” Therys asked, smiling. “Why don’t I?” “Because…” Cat muttered, trudging through the surf toward him. “…you were a knight, once. Like me. Maybe not a good one,” she admitted, her voice gravelly. Cat’s eyes sought Therys’ own, as if looking for something that was hard to find. “Maybe you just did it for power, or glory. Maybe you did it because it was simpler to be a blood knight than a paladin. I don’t know, but you were a knight, and if that taught you anything it’s that you have a duty to protect.” Therys cocked his head and looked down at the paper again. His smile faltered. “Protect what? What have I got left to protect?” Cat swallowed down the bitter taste of her own vomit. “Bravery. Fortitude. Sacrifice. You don’t have to be cruel to make the world a better place.” “What makes you think that’s what I want?” Therys asked quietly, crumpling the paper in his hand. “What makes you think that was what I ever wanted?” “You did,” Cat answered, her eyelids drooping with exhaustion. “It was in your songs. You tried to forget, but you couldn’t. No matter how much you may have wanted to. Your songs wouldn’t let you go.” Therys’ lip twitched. He was smiling again, but it was a different sort of smile. The ball of paper fell into the water at their feet, only to be carried away by the tide. “We are death,” he said, as if admitting to a crime. “Nothing can change that. This person you’re going to, he is alive, isn’t he? What’s the point? What’s the point of anything?” Cat finally returned his smile. She felt delirious, and knew that at any point, he could end her. She would be too weak to fight him, now. “I don’t know. I guess I just feel like there’s more to it than that. Like maybe, if we’re willing to be brave, and have the fortitude to make sacrifices, maybe we can be more than just death. We can make amends and make things right, again.” With her undamaged hand, Cat grabbed Therys’. He wore cold black gauntlets, and inside, his flesh would be cold. Yet now, in the water, something about him warmed her. “Maybe we can be heroes.” Therys closed his eyes. Together they stood in the surf, silent against the crashing waves. Gently, Therys placed his hand against Cat’s right hand, and brought her runeblade axe up toward his face. The blood red glow of its runes illuminated the white exposed bone of his face. “I’m not a hero,” he admitted, tracing the edge of her blade with a fingertip. “I’m just a knight with no name, who wanted to forget.” “Therys—“ Cat’s voice came too late to make any real impact. Therys had already made his choice, and without warning the death knight plunged tugged the weapon from her damaged hand only to shove the serrated edge into his own throat. It was an awkward suicide. Therys stumbled back as Cat’s runeblade drank from his blood, black and decayed. In its less than healthy state, the blood did little to heal her wounds, but the effects on Therys himself were immediate. He stumbled backwards into the sand, and crumpled to the ground. Cat’s wobbly legs allowed her to kneel beside him, but it was too late to provide any sort of care. Therys’ runeblade faded, the glow turning dull until there was no magic left. Picking up her axe, she looked over the corpse of her friend. No more songs or smiles. He seemed at peace with this, and the strange grin his face once bore settled into an expression that seemed more content than jovial. His blonde hair swirled against his face, long and tangled, until the tide eventually washed him out to sea. “The Light is my guide “I will heed the call “Stand by my side “We will not fall “Heroes and villains “What are we now? “One makes a promise “One breaks his vow”

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