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    ((OOC)) [WR] July - Character Submission

    I'll throw Syreena in.
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    A Rogue's Diary

    5.28.18 I haven’t seen Shaelie since that day. I haven’t seen anyone from Sanctuary since then. It’s been a quiet few weeks, other than continuing to clean up the remaining Legion forces in Antorus. I did catch sight of a human woman who matches the description of the woman who killed my messenger in Tirisfal. She also matches the description of a killer responsible for some other murders in the area over the past couple years. I saw her in Dalaran, and guards were nearby, so there wasn’t much I could do other than talk to her. She lied to me about her name, but someone else called her “Bronnie.” I will see if I can find someone with contacts in Stormwind to get more information. The Magister continues to baffle me. After suggesting the Commander would hurt me badly for having an Alliance boyfriend, he gave me a gift. Why he thinks I would ever have a boyfriend at all, let alone an Alliance one, is beyond me, but the gift was very interesting. A vase with a contraption inside it that would release whatever was in it—poison, sleeping agents, whatever—when someone got close enough to smell the flowers in it. I usually don’t like traps where I can’t control exactly who the target is, but it may come in handy someday. I have to take the potions more often. I know Tahz doesn’t want me to release it, but I can’t let it weaken me anymore. Eastvale is far enough from any Horde lands, and it won’t be the first time they’ve dealt with something like this there. I’ll take it there. Soon. We have one active Supplicant right now, but she is enough trouble to be three usual Supplicants. Umbral continues to keep digging herself deeper into a hole. Even the Commander has noticed it, and spoke to Qabian and me about her. The last time the Grim leader spoke to me about an unruly Supplicant was Cessily. Other than general lack of proper respect for the higher ranks of The Grim, even Awatu himself, she has called me a waitress, and now she’s bitten off a chunk of someone’s ear. Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but when it’s a friend, and further a friend of a very good friend, then it’s a problem. I still haven’t decided how much to protect her from any retaliation. Maybe she deserves what she gets. And the waitress comment, I’m sure she doesn’t realize the meaning behind it. How could she? She’s not smart enough to have done any research, and she doesn’t have the contacts to have had that information handed to her. No, it was just a rude comment, from a Supplicant to an Inquisitor, and that alone is enough to cost her an ear. Luckily for her, she seems to have become more competent in her skill at killing. She’s provided me with many Alliance tabards in her search for the ones I sent her for. That isn’t enough to excuse her behavior though. After all, Cessily was a powerful killer too, and that didn’t save her ears.
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    A Rogue's Diary

    I found this diary today when I was looking through my bank boxes for any sweets leftover from Hallow's End. Emmons gave it to me a long time ago, and I always kept it. Cessily isn't a Grim anymore. Devries told me that last night. I was killing birds in Sethekk Halls, so I pretended I was busy so he wouldn't realize I didn't care. I told him I'd ask about it later, but then he told me that Las kicked her out. I don't know why she got kicked out, but I'm glad. I should care probably. Cessily was a Grim rogue, so maybe I should have tried to take better care of her. All I can think of though when I think of her, is that guild meeting in Nagrand when I had to watch Grog get shot full of Muatah's arrows, all over trouble she caused. I wanted to help, to make them stop, but I couldn't, and it was all Cessily's fault. Now she's not Grim anymore. Now she's not protected by the mandate. I don't like the elves. I wish they'd go back to wherever they came from. I wish Las would have let us eat them when they first came to us. I wish she'd kick them all out of the Grim. They are always fighting and arguing over silly things, and they're bossy. They're all prissy and pretty and frilly. Even the boys. They think they're important and better than the rest of us, but a lot of them are dumb. And I hate their city. It's too big and fancy. I always get lost there, and the guards are always snobby to me when I ask for directions. I hope the Scourge take it over and kill all the elves. Then we can go kill all the Scourge there, and the elves and Scourge would both be gone! Then the Grim can go back to the way it used to be, before the elves came.
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    A Rogue's Diary

    05.02.18 I used to say Sanctuary had tea parties with the Alliance. Yesterday, I had coffee with one of the purple people. That short-eared elf, who is half human and a mage and Sanctuary—everything I hate—so why didn’t I feel the urge to stab him repeatedly? Maybe because he didn’t act like any of those things. I learned that the leadership has changed among the purple people. Julilee, Kex’ti, and Shokkra are all gone from there now. Just Cerryan left, and though I hate him for what he did to me, what his actions turned me into, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same in his position. Maybe it’s time for my war with them to end for good. The Grim and Sanctuary worked alongside each other once, a long time ago, when Vilmah was in charge. Maybe that is an option again if we are in need of more bodies for an assault someday. I doubt Vilmah would talk with me though. I could send a Supplicant if necessary, or better yet, maybe I’ll just stay in contact with the short-eared elf. He’s easy to talk to. I wonder if there’s something with mixing elf blood with another bad blood, that makes the two bads cancel each other out. Baal has demon blood in him, thanks to the Grim warlocks, and he’s nice. And Mard has human in him, and he seems nice….so far. There’s no question that demons, humans, and elves are all vile and cruel, but maybe mixing two bad races together somehow makes something good. I also learned that Shaelie has joined Sanctuary. I wasn’t planning to attack her. I really wasn’t. We used to pick on the purple people together in Warspear, we tortured that human Ambassador lady together. Shaelie always had my back. For a long time, I thought she was a decent person….for an elf….a friend even. But when I saw her in the Wyvern’s Tail yesterday, she didn’t seem to care about any of that. She actually said she thought it was totally justified that they attacked us at Aerie Peak, and Grim should stay in their own yard and not bother Alliance. I don’t know what the fel happened to the Shaelie I knew, but this one is a traitor to the Horde, as far as I’m concerned. But she is human after all, so I shouldn’t be surprised.
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    A Rogue's Diary

    04.27.18 Well, I did it. After many drafts burned in the fireplace, I finally had the letter he asked for. And I actually went and gave it to him. I still don’t know why. Maybe because I’m there more and more, playing games with his guards, and I should be on at least civil terms with the leader there? Maybe because The Grim is lacking numbers in certain areas, and it wouldn’t hurt to be on speaking terms with the leader of a bunch of mercs who might be able to fill in the gaps in our ranks? I think I’ll go with that reason. It’s certainly better than the thinking it might be because a short-eared elf put the crazy idea in my head that everyone’s redeemable, even me. What did I accomplish by doing this? I don’t know that either. So far, nothing. He made it clear we would never be friends again. I was surprised at my disappointment when he said that, but I guess I should have expected it. I wonder if things would have gotten this bad if I never got involved in the conflict between Konro and Breygrah. It was when I threatened her that he turned on me, I think. I can’t blame him for that. He was just protecting his own. It was no different than what I did, turning against Brey for threatening a Grim. Lotta good I did there. Konro still ended up dying by her hand anyway. That short-eared elf…. He’s still a curiosity to me. He reminds me of when I first met Aruku. I will have to investigate him some more. I probably shouldn’t though. He’s an elf, and he’s Sanctuary, and he’s a mage. There is only one thing worse than that. Still…curious.
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    A Rogue's Diary

    04.24.18 The Grim elf I thought I killed through the mercenary is alive and well. So Qabian is a liar. Surprise, surprise, another elf I can’t trust. That leaves one. Tahz finally handed over his troubles to me. I’m not sure yet what to do with it. I’ll have to wait, see how bad it gets. If it gets too bad, well, it’s been a while since I visited Eastvale. I’m still helping Megeda train the guards at Dragon’s Roost. It’s a fun game to go in there and stir up trouble for as long as I can before I get caught. And hopefully, it will improve things between me and some of them. I burned a lot of bridges over the past couple years. Maybe it’s time to try to rebuild some of them. Still, the price for this particular bridge is going to be a very bitter pill to swallow. I still remember the feel of that knee crunching under the weight of Baal’s hammer. Over and over again. I remember imagining it was Cobrak’s knee, and at the same time, I knew that hurting her would cause him more pain than if I’d managed to hurt him directly. Sure, she didn’t do anything to deserve it. But neither did I. That was all a long time ago though, just after I escaped from Stormwind. Maybe it’s time to let it go. Maybe…
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    A Rogue's Diary

    I think I killed a Grim. Maybe two. Stupid mercenaries. I never should have trusted a strange merc with a job like this. It was only supposed to be a beating, not a murder. It wasn’t anyone important—just a couple elves. But still, they were Grim. At least Awatu doesn’t know. I don’t think he does. The only way he would find out is if Qabian told him, and even then, Qabian has no proof. But does he need it? Lying to an elf is one thing. Lying to a Tauren, the Grim commander, is very risky business. Could I turn it around though? Could I make Qabian be the liar? The guild meeting is tomorrow. I have until then to have something prepared, just in case. Or maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe it’s no big deal. Will Awatu even care about a couple Grim who couldn’t hold their own in a fight against a common thug? I don’t know what Qabian has done about it, if anything, or if he plans to do anything. He might just plan to hold it over my head. He hasn’t made any demands yet though if that’s the case. I’ve been avoiding him. I stayed at the cabin for a few days, but it’s too quiet there. It’s usually just the kids there now. I don’t belong there anymore. I went to Dragonsroost to play with the guards there. That’s always fun, but doesn’t last very long. The farm is peaceful, but I don’t do well with peace for more than a couple days at a time. I went back to the Grim hall, but it’s quiet there lately too and filled with mostly elves. The Legion is defeated. The Alliance is quiet. I haven’t had trouble with Sanctuary since the Ghostlands. I’m not sure what my purpose is these days. Maybe it’s time to get back to my experiments.
  8. Unfortunately, I don’t think I knew him. He sounds like he was a great guy. I’m so sorry for your loss.
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    Full Name: Syreena Shadowblade Titles or Nicknames: Shadowblade, Little Sister, 'Reena, Sy, Viper Age: Died of the plague somewhere around 18 Race: Forsaken Gender: Female Hair: Purplish Red Eyes: Yellow Height: 5'0" Weight: 80 lbs Notable Physical Features: Identical twin to Anaie, though she appears a bit younger and thinner. Her flesh is a patchwork of mismatched skin. Her teeth have all been filed into jagged points. There is a purple voidscar on her neck. Place of residence: Grim hall in Tirisfal Glades or her new farm near Andorhal. Place of Birth: A farm near Andorhal Known Relatives: Derrick Breen, Father (dead); Melinda Breen, Mother (dead); Laurel Breen, youngest Sister (dead); Anaie Breen, Twin sister (now Forsaken). Her family name is not widely know. Religion/Philosophy: Peace through annihilation Occupation: Rogue, Alchemist, Grim Inquisitor Guild Rank: Dreadweaver Known Associates: The Grim, Baal'themar, Tahzani Known Nemesis: All Alliance, Cessily, Lovely, Svetlaena, Eternal Aegis, the Mackinzie sisters, Sanctuary especially Kex'ti Dalendala and Cerryan Vrel Special Skills: Sneakiness, lock picking, assassination, perfect aim with snowballs Positive Personality Traits: Extremely loyal to friends and guild mates. Very protective of them as well, having been known, on several occasions, to put herself in danger to protect them. Negative Personality Traits: Can be sneaky, dishonest, manipulative if it's for a good cause (according to her), racist against elves. Very vengeful against those who are perceived to have wronged her or someone she cares about. Usually believes her crimes and cruelties are justified and deserved. Interesting Possessions: An elekk plushie from Cen, Geodorik Deepwater's mechanical hand, a bagful of personal effects from Symorick Tyrrell's coffin, a carved wooden horse from Draquesha, a magical vase from Qabian. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History: During life, she was raised by a drunken old alchemist. He taught her to steal to fund his gambling addiction. He also taught her to find herbs and create potions to help with his livelihood. She learned to sneak and kill out of necessity. She died in an Andorhal prison from the plague, and later rose as a servant of the Lich King before being freed by the Dark Lady's call. History In The Grim: Syreena joined The Grim four months after it was founded. Since then, she has improved her killing skills. She's become a competent killer for the Mandate, and has helped train the other Grim rogues. During her time in The Grim, she was reunited with her twin sister, Anaie. The greatest compliment she's ever received was from someone who proposed marriage to her, and she turned him down only because he was not Grim. He laughed and said, "You are Grim through and through." Shortly after the Dark Portal opened, Syreena became the Dreadweaver in charge of all Grim rogues. She excelled at killing, and she taught the other rogues her techniques or helped them perfect their own. She spent much time helping The Grim kill things in old magic towers and underwater caverns. She also spent a great deal in the goblin arenas with Duranor's Irregulars and smaller teams. Around this time she also ran into the old gambler who raised her in life. He was also undead by now, and Syreena spent some time playing mind games with him, intending to kill him when she was finished toying with him. Unfortunately, he slipped away, and she still has plans to find him again some day to make him pay for the way he treated her. Around the time the Horde sailed for Northrend, Syreena became the guild master of The Grim. During this time, Grims bestowed upon her the title of Shadowblade, which she later adopted as her last name. She was in charge for one year, while also killing in Ulduar and the Lich King's Citadel with a team of Grims that called themselves the Puppies. The two roles ended up at odds with each other, preventing the little rogue from being effective or comfortable with either. Eventually, feeling like she was constantly being torn in two, she quit both positions, returning the guild to Abric. She stepped back into the shadows for a while. After the Cataclysm, for a short time, Syreena was the overseer of the teams fighting threats to the Horde other than the Alliance, though she rarely participated herself. Then, when someone else finally stepped up to take over that job, she returned to the relatively responsibility free rank of Harbinger for the remainder of that period. In Pandaria, Syreena enjoyed her time as Harbinger. She started training some of her many pets for combat, she learned to tend to plants, and she again participated in large scale battle with The Grim in places like the Throne of Thunder and when Orgrimmar was under siege. Then came the day she was called to duty once again. The High Inquisitor was in need of an assistant and had chosen her. After some thought, she decided that becoming an Inquisitor may be the best way she could shape the future of The Grim, and she accepted. Not too long after that, the High Inquisitor retired, and Syreena stepped into that role. She enjoyed testing the new Grims in various ways, sometimes without them even knowing they were being tested Her purpose was to train the new Grims in the ways of the old Grims, to preserve the ways of the Mandate, and to instill in them the desire to achieve peace through annihilation. A few months after the portal to Draenor opened, conflict arose between Sanctuary and The Grim. A rogue Sanctuary member nearly killed a Grim in an unprovoked attack. In anger and revenge, Syreena attacked another Sanctuary member. She failed to kill him, however, and worse, was identified. As punishment for her failure, she was demoted back down to Harbinger, and assigned the task of destroying any traitors to the Horde. She did manage to kill a few other Sanctuary members, but her original Sanctuary target bested her when she faced him again, and he cut off her left ear. Under Grim orders, she captured and helped torture a prominent member of the Alliance; in turn, she herself was taken prisoner by the Alliance and scheduled for execution after her memory had been partially erased. A small team of Horde broke her out of the Stockade in Stormwind and helped her escape. For the remainder of the Draenor campaign, the Shadowblade spent most of her time hunting Alliance in Tanaan Jungle, promoting the conflict between The Grim and Sanctuary, and violently retaliating against anyone she perceived to have wronged a Grim. She also spent some time working on a new Plague of Undeath, and testing it on unsuspecting subjects, mostly without success. After a spree of attacks against Sanctuary members, Syreena suffered the consequences at the hands of Cerryan, who pinned her to a wall with a sword infused with Holy Light. Burning inside and out, she was left there until Julilee and Lilliana came for her. Julilee wanted to execute her, but Liliana fought her off and returned the burned rogue to the Grim halls. Baal'themar took her to his secret cabin for Nathandiel to tend to her. Over the next several months, Nathandiel was able to mostly patch her up, with a few modifications, such as some synthetic parts and her teeth filed into jagged points. During most of the Legion campaign, Syreena tried to steer clear of Sanctuary, spending time fighting the Legion alongside The Grim. She bought a farm near Andorhal. She employed Borrowed Time to search for an old friend, but the search was unsuccessful. She did find success, however, in attaining some long overdue vengeance on members of Eternal Aegis. She acquired the girl known as 'The Shard', killed Geodorik Deepwater, and raised a dead Dr. Symorick Tyrrell as her undead slave. An Eclipse happened during this period, and Syreena swayed back and forth between helping the "good guys" and helping Karthok, who was the prime force trying to summon Accalia. The resulting Nightmare was a frustrating scenario where Syreena questioned her own identity and that of members of The Grim and Sanctuary, leaving her confused for weeks after. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stories: A Rogue's Diary - Ongoing journal. Assassin for Peace - Syreena's conflict with Sanctuary. Broken - Syreena's mental breakdown. Nightmare: Reunions - Syreena faces her worst fears in the end of the Eclipse conflict. The Hunt for Hollowrot - The Grim hunts Morinth, a new threat. Revenge Overdue - Syreena tracks down her tormentor from Life. The Prisoner - The Grim captures and tortures a prominent Alliance member. Chats with a Cockroach - Syreena is taken prisoner by the Alliance. The Shard - Syreena is still a prisoner of the Alliance and eventually scheduled for execution. Extreme Justice - Syreena attacks Sanctuary and suffers the consequences. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Syreena Breen, aka, Syreena Shadowblade of The Grim has allegedly committed the following crimes: • Y13-20, Andorhal – Various trespassing, breaking and entering, and theft charges. • Y18-20, Andorhal, Lucky Mug Tavern – Drugging the drinks of unsuspecting patrons in order to rob them after they passed out from the effects of the drug. • Y20 – Andorhal outskirts – Murder of 16 year old Emily Jameson in her rural home. • Y20 – Andorhal prison – Unauthorized reanimation as a Scourge after dying to the Plague. Unauthorized departure from the prison. • Y20-23, Lordaeron – Various warmongering and murder charges, as a Scourge. • Y24 – Scarlet Monastery – Brutal murder of a Scarlet Crusade canine member. Unauthorized departure and escape from the dungeon. (Suspected accomplice: Anaie) • Y25 – Felwood – Involved in brutal murders of several mages in Satyr camps known to be rich in felcloth. (Suspected accomplice: Lucion) • Y26 – Stranglethorn – Involved in the attempted murder of Grim Sin’dorei, Cessily Suntouch (Suspected accomplice: Anaie) • Y26 – Stranglethorn – Involved in the attempted murder of Grim Sin’dorei, Lovely Bloodstorm (Suspected accomplice: Anaie) • Y26 – Shattrath, outside Lower City – Murder and mutilation of unidentified female adolescent troll. • Y26 – Shattrath, Scryer’s Bank – Involved in impersonating bank tellers to steal deposits from patrons. (Suspected accomplice: Anaie) • Y27 – Dalaran – Involved in the attempted murder of Grim Sin’dorei couple, Svetlaena and Duroxas Quel’Ivan, by sending them a poisoned pie. Attempted to frame Elder Ashenfury, The Grim’s High Inquisitor at the time. (Suspected accomplice: Anaie) There are no entries for the next few years. • Y31 – Nagrand (Draenor) – Assault on Sanctuary Sin’dorei, Kex’ti Dalendala with intent to kill. • Y31 – Sanctuary garrison – Attempted assault on Sanctuary by delivering poisoned candy during the Love is in the Air holiday season. • Y31 – Grim garrison – Murder of goblin messenger who delivered poisoned candy to Sanctuary garrison. • Y31 – Spires of Arak – Attempted murder of Sanctuary Tauren lawyer by antagonizing Alliance death knights to attack him. • Y31 – Frostfire Ridge – Attempted murder of Sanctuary orc, Nazshakul. (Suspected accomplices: Konro Stormreaver, Lilliana Bloodshine, Lupinum—because they were bored) • Y31 – Talador – Brutal slaying and dismemberment of a Draenei female. Sending severed body parts and addictive herbs through the goblin postal and delivery service. • Y31 – Talador – Brutal slaying and dismemberment of several Draenei females. Sending severed body parts and addictive herbs through the goblin postal and delivery service. • Y31 – Warspear – Murder and dismemberment of an unidentified black-haired Sin’dorei male. Sending severed body parts and addictive herbs through the goblin postal and delivery service. • Y31 – Icecrown – Interfering at a Mok’gara, attempted assault on Breygrah Ragetotem, assault on Kex’ti Dalendala with intent to kill. • Y31 – Orgrimmar – Assault on Darethy Voidblade. • Y31 – Warspear – Assault on Breygrah Ragetotem with intent to kill. • Y31 – Warspear – Assault on Siane Dawnlight with intent to kill. • Y31 – Home of Darethy Voidblade – Stabbing of Darethy’s wife, Alfirin. • Y31 – Vol’mar – Involved in the assault and mutilation of Cerryan Vyel. (Suspected accomplice: Lilliana Bloodshine) • Y31 – Desolace – Assault on Grim, Kerala Windchaser. (Suspected accomplices: Malhavik Undercroft, Orphyn) • Y31 – Frostfire Ridge – Capture of Siane Dawnlight. (Suspected accomplice: Orphyn) • Y31 – Darkmoon Faire – Involved in the assault on Sanctuary members Commander Julilee Liene, Cerryan Vyel, and Taozhu. (Suspected accomplices: Ley’ujin Zeygosa, Orphyn) • Y31 – Frostfire Ridge – Attempted murder of Siane Dawnlight and her bodyguard, Ny’shra. • Y31 August – Tanaris – Suspected in the disappearance of Forsaken alchemist Aleister Hornsby. • Y31 November – Northern Barrens – Abduction and torture of Chancellor Skylah Mackinzie of the Twilight Empire. (Suspected accomplices: Shaelie Brightwing, Filora Livlet, Lilliana Bloodshine, Tesonii Inbetween, Khorvis Bloodstar) • Y31 December –Stormwind – Escape from the Stormwind Stockade. (Suspected accomplices: Kex’ti Dalendala, Lilliana Bloodshine, Zanas Autumnvale, Gnarrdog) • Y32 January -- Manufacture and delivery, with intent ot harm, contaminated sweets to various guilds and establishments around Azeroth. • Y32 February – Warspear – Assault on Thaldis Dawnstrike, stabbing of Shokkra Deathrage. (Suspected accomplices: Shaelie Brightwing, Baalthemar) • Y32 May -- Manufacture and delivery, with intent to harm, contaminated baked goods to orphanages around Azeroth. • Y32 May -- Warspear -- Assault on Isadora Arath'dorei (Suspected accomplice: Baal'themar Dawnsorrow) • Y32 July -- Warspear -- Assault and mutilation of Sen'ahri of Sanctuary. • Y32 August -- The Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar -- Attempted murder of Kanda of Sanctuary. • Y33? December -- Scarlet Monestary Graveyard -- Participated in a necromancy ritual to raise and enslave a former paladin. (Suspected accomplice: Malkaris Darkfire, Khorvis Bloodstar, Qabian Grimfire) Timeline Key: Y20 – Plague of Undeath, Y22 – Forsaken rise, Y26 – Outland, Y27 – Northrend, Y28 – Cataclysm, Y30 – Pandaria, Y31 – Draenor, Y32 August -- Broken Isles
  10. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    3.15.18 I went visiting this week to collect money for Tahz’s boat fund. I went to Borrowed Time first. Megeda met me at the gates. I haven’t seen him since Thunder Bluff, I think, when he was guarding that dead human who slaughtered that Tauren village. He doesn’t look well now. He’s too skinny. But he agreed to take up a collection among Borrowed Time to help raise money for the boat. He asked a favor in return. He wanted me to try to sneak past the gate to test his guards. He promised I wouldn’t get hurt if I got caught, and I’ve never known a Tauren to go back on their word, so I agreed. It was easy. I toyed with them a bit, and eventually I became visible to ring a bell outside their tavern. A goblin shot himself at me with some kind of rocket pack, but Megeda was true to his word and stepped in right away. He asked if I would be willing to do it again, to help train his guards. To be honest, it wasn’t a fair test. I can sneak into just about anywhere without being detected. But it was fun. Their base is lively and active, lots of people living and working together. Yes, I will go back and help again when he asks. Maybe I’ll bring a few things to make it more interesting. Then I went to Sanctuary’s hall in Dalaran. I didn’t go in, of course. Nobody’s word would convince me I’d be safe inside that guild base. But that short-eared elf mage and a Tauren came out to talk to me. I don’t think I ever met that Tauren, but apparently, he’s heard about me. It was clear by the way he held his axe that he expected trouble. As if I’d come knocking at the front door if I were there for blood. Anyway, he agreed to collect donations, but he said he would send them to the Cantina rather than trust me with Sanctuary’s money. Whatever. The young mage though, gave me a bag of coins and said he trusted me to use the gold for what I said. Silly elfling. He said he’s heard about me and what I’ve done. Why the fel would he trust someone like me while he wears their colors? Then Aaren showed up to be annoying. She was drunk, so extra annoying. I did learn, however, that she lives in the Purple Palace now. That could be a useful tidbit. Then I went to the cabin and asked Baal if Rutilus would donate. He said he’d give me some special mushrooms that I could sell for a good price. I’m sure he’ll ask around Rutilus too. Vyalis said he never got my message. If I believe him, then I guess I need to have words with my messenger.
  11. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    03.12.18 I haven’t seen Vyalis since that night. I sent a message for him to come see me, but apparently, he is ignoring me. He didn’t respond to the message. I guess I’ll have to go correct that mistake. Qabian doesn’t seem to suspect anything. I even sold him two books for half the cost of the contract I took out to beat up a few people he seems to care about. A nice pretty bank note with his name on it, that I’ll hand over to the mercs as payment. That way, if there’s any trouble, it will be traced back to him. That’s the least he deserves for interfering with my plans. Tahz is in trouble again. He made another deal with the troll spirits or whatever. He changed his mind, but now he’s still expected to hold up his end of the bargain. He doesn’t want to do his part, because he thinks it’s too dangerous. I think it’s wonderful. Somewhere out of the way, far from Horde lands, I’m sure it would be fine. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Eastvale. Too bad Xek isn’t still around. He would have loved this. But either way, I offered to take it from Tahz. If he gave it to RAS like he planned, there’s no way they wouldn’t do something with it. If he gives it to me, well, I haven’t decided yet if I’ll use it, but if I do, at least I’ll take more caution than they would to keep it away from Horde. If I don’t, well, I have one of the Supplicants researching the Mossflayers for me. If someone’s going to come after me, I want to know something about him. I saw that mage at Cantina the other night. The Sanctuary one that was in....wherever the fel that place was that Karthok shot himself. The confusion of the Nightmare was still with me then, but I knew better than to get on either of the two departing airships. One was filled with Alliance, and the other with Sanctuary. This mage saw me abandon the ship I boarded when Sanctuary started pouring in, and he opened a portal for me out of that place. I always wondered why, especially after I nearly got in a fight with him at the Winter Veil party. Or maybe I was going to get into a fight with T’suro and this guy interfered. I asked him at Cantina why he opened the portal for me, after I realized he did know who I am. He’s young for an elf, but he’s not all elf. He is one of those people that still thinks there is good in everyone, and everyone can be redeemed, and blah blah blah. Silly boy. Well, he’s young. Life will beat that attitude out of him eventually, if Sanctuary doesn’t first. For all his silly notions though, he must be skilled. He bested Khorvis in combat at that party. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Tricksy mages. He said there’s some conflict in the purple palace over those void elf creatures. Some kind of disagreement that is splitting some people apart there. He said it even split up Kex’ti and Julilee. Kex’ti left Sanctuary over it. I wonder where he is and what he’s going to do now. I always knew he wasn’t suited for Sanctuary. Not for long. I’ve seen him do things that would make the purple people puke. He has a dark side. I’ve seen it. I even learned a trick from him in Grim Batol. If he stays away from Sanctuary, will he finally give in to it? And if he does, who will he turn it on?
  12. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    03.05.18 Damn elves. What the fel happened tonight? That did not go at all the way I had planned. I think someone cut my puppet’s strings and replaced them with a spine and some guts. And I think I know who it was. What, they’re best buds now, because they’re both elves and both missing an ear? He wasn’t going to be pushed around tonight, I could tell. One power play after another. Questioning the purpose of my orders, demanding the ear back, and then that little stand off before he left. I gave him a vague reason for the job, but I still have the ear, and he walked away first. So go me, I won the power struggle, but in the process, I lost my puppet. I should have stabbed him. I probably would have if I wasn’t so surprised about what I learned tonight. Would it have made a difference if I stabbed him? Would he have backed down again, like he did in the inn? Damn elves. He warned her. It had to be him. He knew. We didn’t tell anyone else. He warned her, and in doing so, he set Vyalis up for failure. Then he stood by without objection when he learned of what his actions had cost the puppet. But Vyalis suspects me. That little red bird whispering in his ear somehow made it point back to me. And then he cut the puppet’s strings, and ruined my plans for the girl. He must have. He knew my plans. Why? To protect a fellow one-eared elf Grim from little old me? To get back at me for reading his love letters? To go after her himself? Whatever the reason, it’s not good enough. Someone will pay for this. And I’ve learned enough over the last few weeks to have quite a few to choose from. I think I know just the one. Damn elves. Just when I think I can trust one. Without fail, they prove me wrong. All but one.
  13. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    03.04.18 I don’t go to the cabin much anymore. Not while the girl is still there. However, sources say she is seen around Dalaran sometimes, so she’s not there all the time. Baal came to Cantina last night though. What he wants to do is crazy. Some things just can’t be made whole again after they’re broken apart, and we were broken long before she was taken away. I nearly destroyed her then. If this happens, I can probably still do that. But I’m not going to take that risk. I need to change his mind. And if I can’t talk him out of it, I’ll have to go against his wishes. If she’s dead, it won’t be an option anymore. I’m sure Qabian would help with that. But maybe I’ll give the task to Vyalis and give him a chance to save his other ear. The topic of family came up tonight. I don’t even know what it means anymore. I have a sister that I don’t know these days, but we were close once, and we killed the rest of them. They deserved it. But that wasn’t the kind of family he was talking about. He was talking about the family you choose. I’ve had family like that before too. But what’s the point? Eventually, one by one, they all die or leave or betray you. I once had many people I considered close enough to call family. I used to think of all the Grims as one big family. Now there are only two, and oddly enough neither are Grim. Umbral asked Baal why he’s so big, and he started telling her how he was infected with fel. Then he asked me to explain. So I told Umbral how Baal used to be a Grim, and when he was a Supplicant, one of the warlocks experimented on him with a drug called Wreave. I know Baal still hates Ul’rezaj for that. And I still silently carry the guilt with me for my part in it. Does he know? Can he feel my guilt when the subject comes up? Does he already know? Is that why he asked me to explain it? Will he shut me out if he learns the truth? But he was just a cocky Supplicant elf back then. Apparently, Commander Stick-Up-Her-Butt let herself be goaded into a fight with Nero. I’d love to know what he said to get under her skin enough to make her throw the first punch. The fight was bad enough that Fhenrir stepped in, and she punched him too! I wish I had seen it. Miss High and Mighty lowering herself enough to start a barfight. Justice and mercy and blah blah blah.
  14. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    03.01.18 Gruk was taken. By a “MADMAN” is all I know. Someone invaded Dragon’s Roost Port and took some prisoners, and he was one of them. Cobrak said he would let me help the rescue team get him back. But he hasn’t summoned me yet, and by now, I don’t expect him to. Selash probably talked him out of it. Maybe because I suggested we use his wife as bait. I just hope they get him back in one piece. There’s a new Grim elf. Vyalis. I think he will be very useful. I think I threw him off balance the first time we met, when I threw my rank around and had a taste of his ear. Even after last night, I think I can still pull his strings. So far, he’s been good at collecting information, but not jewelry. He paid for that failure in the barn, by providing me with a necklace more personal to him than the one I asked him to retrieve for me. Symorick was all too happy to help with that. Vyalis didn’t even fight. I could tell he knew something was going on, but he sat in the chair and let Sym strap him in like a good little elf. And he screamed when Sym used his teeth to tear his ear off after starting the cut with a rusty knife. But he never begged us not to do it. He didn’t even object. Because he believed he deserved it, or because he knew it wouldn’t do any good? The look in his eyes though. He does have some fight in him somewhere. Yes, I think he will be very useful. Spirited, but controllable. Symorick is still the perfectly obedient pet. Whatever magic Malkaris wove on him still seems to be working. I fear what will happen if it ever stops working. So much riding on the placement of one little gem. I wonder what Lomani would think if she knew her gift to me had been used in that way. I’ll have a few more lessons from the good doctor. Then I suppose I should kill him before the gem gets dislodged or Malk’s magic stops working. It is a shame about the necklace. How would it feel to have so much power over at least a few Sanctuary members right in the palm of my hand? To be able to make her pay for what she did to Qabian’s arm, or to use it as leverage with other purple people who care about her. Getting it now though will not be easy. Vyalis’ failure has put her guard up now. Qabian knew the plan. I didn’t tell him I had sent Vyalis to retrieve the crystal. I don’t think I did. I told Vyalis to keep it our secret. But he knew. Mages are tricksy. I’ve always known this, ever since Lucion and I hunted them together in Felwood. The Magister definitely seems to have more up his sleeve than just an invisible magical arm. It seems every day I learn something new about him. So far, it’s all been mildly interesting, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s up to something more than rekindling old flames and starting new fires. I wonder, how does he even manage that many? Tahz hired a new waitress at the Wyvern’s Tail. She’s in Sanctuary. I can’t help but think that’s going to bring him trouble eventually. I hope I’m wrong. I saw a ghost there last night. I haven’t seen Lord Dorian in years. I wonder what he’ll think of things now if he sticks around for a while.
  15. Syreena


    Full Name: Mariz Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Around 17 Race: Darkspear Troll Gender: Female Hair: White Skin: Light Blue Eyes: Amber Height: 7’ Weight: 180 lb Place of residence: Dalaran Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: Unknown Occupation: Waitress at the Wyvern’s Tail Cantina Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary Guild Rank: Initiate. Apprentice to Mardalius Anterius Enemies: None currently Weapons of Choice: Frost spells Hobbies: Learning new spells, exploring new lands, meeting new people Physical Features: Mariz is average height for a troll. She’s not skinny, but she is on the slender side. She has short white hair that tends to get a bit spikey in the back, and in the front, her long bangs cover nearly half her face on one side. She has light blue skin, with a scar on her upper right arm in the shape of a Horde symbol. Several gold rings adorn her ears, and she wears too much dark makeup around her eyes. She usually carries a small book with her wherever she goes. Positive Personality Traits: Mariz is generally easygoing and usually eager to please those she cares for or looks up to. She’s usually neat and tidy. Negative Personality Traits: She easily loses track of time when she’s absorbed in something that interests her, sometimes forgetting to show up for previous commitments. She is inexperienced in the dangers of the world, so she doesn’t always take proper precautions in situations. Misc. Quirks: She sometimes taps her tusks with her tongue when she’s thinking hard. She often smirks or rolls her eyes when she’s lying, but she isn’t always lying when she smirks or rolls her eyes. She often acts tough to hide her nervousness when faced with authority if she thinks she might be in trouble. Played by What Famous Person: Gigi Edgley (Farscape’s Chianna) Theme Songs: ??? History: Mariz grew up in the Orgrimmar orphanage. Some adventurers found her as a young girl in the Alliance occupied Northwatch Hold. When inquiries were made on her behalf at Sen’jin Village, nobody there knew who she might be. At the orphanage, she helped with chores as most of the kids there did, and as she grew, she helped take care of the younger ones. She was often in trouble for things like missing curfew, running away, and once for accidentally setting a bed on fire while trying to learn a new spell. Around the time of the defeat of the Legion, Mariz met Tahzani and started working for him at the Wyvern’s Tail. Shortly after that, she joined Sanctuary and was assigned to a more experienced mage for training.
  16. Syreena

    Fishing for a Fish Mount

    Margoss Island Fishing Community Event Sun & Mon, February 11 & 12, 2018 8:00 Server Time Fish up Drowned Mana, which is spawned by a water elemental when fishing in the pond there. Turn in enough Drowned Mana to become Best Friends with Conjurer Margoss so you can buy a water mount called Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder or pets, toys, and other items. The more people fishing, the more often the water elemental spawns, and the faster you collect Drowned Mana.
  17. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    01.11.18 Cantina was interesting last week. Not least of all because I have no felling idea sometimes who’s who anymore. Stupid Nightmare. I am Grim. I know I am Grim. So why does that feel so confusing lately just because of a stupid dream! I know who’s Grim and who’s not Grim. So why do I keep doubting it? Anyway, Selash was there, asking about his stupid daughter who likes to threaten me. He was giving money for information about who she’s been talking to. So of course, I had to chime in. I guess he didn’t believe me, even though he paid for the information. Alaur didn’t say anything about it during my last cookie delivery to the gate, so he probably didn’t talk to him about it yet, or if he did, didn’t tell him where he got the information. Turns out drinking holy water hurts my new pet, even though he tries to act tough. Siane came in while he was having his second round of bottles of the stuff, and the two whispered together. When she saw me with Geo’s mechanical hand, she tried to take that from me, now she’s whispering to my new pet. Why can’t she just leave my new toys alone? I swear sometimes, that girl is just ASKING to be stabbed! I wonder if Selash will ask demand his money back. Might be a good idea to avoid him for a while.
  18. Syreena

    A Rogue's Diary

    12.3.17 I got myself an early Winter’s Veil present today. He won’t be yelling “Surprise Bitch” at anyone else again, ever. Not with his throat cut and then his body consumed by purple flames. Was he following me, or was it just coincidence? What else would he have been doing out near Andorhal? Whatever it was, he found me on the farm I recently bought out there. It’s a nice little place. I’m working on building a room under the barn to move my alchemy lab to. But I couldn’t have him of all people knowing where I live. He surprised me for the last time when he attacked me in the herb garden. ------------------------------------------------ 12.7.17 I got another early Winter’s Veil present. Two in one week. I must have been a very good girl this year! Symorick Tyrrell—former Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade, former doctor for Eternal Aegis, former living human paladin. I found his grave, and I found a necromancer. Luckily the Light within him from being a paladin seemed to have corrupted him enough to make it possible for Malkaris to raise him from the grave as my new undead pet. Thanks to Malkaris, measures have been taken to make sure Doctor Tyrrell has to be a loyal and obedient pet. Now, instead of healing Alliance, he hunts them. I told him he could use the barn for slowly disposing of any Alliance he wanted to play with, on the condition he especially hunt Twilight Empire members and his former Aegis companions. If he ever gets any of them in the barn, I want to see them.
  19. Syreena

    Naheal Malastar

    Syreena just shrugged at first, and did not say anything until after some prodding. "What? He's an elf. And he's with Borrowed Time, and most of them don't like me." After some more prodding, she chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before answering. "When I got back from Stormwind, he sat with me in the sky one night and talked. I mean really talked, you know? There's not many people I can talk to like I talked to Naheal. He seemed to understand me better than most people ever did. "He wasn't always nice to me. Sometimes he was mean to me, either with insults or weapons, but I usually deserved it when he was." She shrugged then and was quiet a moment before continuing. "Khorvis said it was his fault what happened on the docks that night, but I don't know... I still miss talking to him sometimes."
  20. Syreena

    Qabian Grimfire

    "Qabian is weird. I still can't figure him out. But he is Grim. When he came back to us during an Inquisition meeting, I gave him a hard time, naturally. He gave some vague reason for leaving, and another for coming back. I asked Kiannis, the High Inquisitor at the time, if I could cut off one of Qabian's ears as punishment, or as proof of his renewed commitment, or whatever. I wasn't being serious, because there was no way Kiannis would allow it. Before he could respond, though, Qabian consented and knelt down so I could reach him better. "I made that snack last for days, thinking about it. What other elf would willingly let me take their ear? Tesonii did once, in payment for me delivering her letter of intent to the Inquisitors, but it was only a little bit of flesh, and besides, I paid her back like a million times over when I saved her from the Alliance. But Qabian wasn't Tes. He seemed more uppity, like most elves. For him to get down on his knee and let me disfigure him, in front of all those other Grims.... I mean, elves are so pretty and so vain! Well, he must have really wanted to come back, and I guess he understood he wouldn't be taken seriously if he didn't pay a price of some kind. He was willing to pay it. "He earned back my respect that day. Nobody can question his dedication to The Grim after that."
  21. Syreena

    Lazarus S. Graysong

    "I thought he was my friend," the little rogue said with a sad frown. "Until he betrayed me in the worst possible way."
  22. Syreena

    Baalthemar Dawnsorrow (H)

    "What do you want with Baal?" Syreena asked in a protective manner. Her hands dropped to the daggers at her belt, and she stared at the inquirer with a challenging look. Whatever answer she was given seemed to put her at ease, at least somewhat. "He's an elf and an ex-Grim, and my blades have tasted his blood a time or two. What do you think I think of him?" At the look of doubt that got her, she rolled her eyes and sighed. "Fine. He's my big brother. Not by blood, obviously. Well, not the typical meaning of 'blood' anyway." She grinned knowingly, but offered no further explanation on that. "When he joined The Grim, I thought he was just another typical elf. He told me then that he would earn my trust someday. I laughed at him, even though he seemed so serious. But over time, I saw the sacrifices he made for The Grim. I watched as he let the warlocks do that ritual on him that he planned. I watched him change and suffer from that and the Wreave experiments they used him for. I saw how he acted around others, and how many looked up to him (and not just because he's freakishly huge from the warlocks' work on him). When he left The Grim, I realized he was right--he had earned my trust. "He's helped me a lot since I've known him, in many ways. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him." She blinked and hastily clarified. "I mean, I would do anything for him outside know...bedroom stuff! He seems to like that stuff, but.....he is an elf, after all! He built himself a really nice home and his own family. It's a strange family, but it's a good family--most of them--and he takes good care of them as long as they behave themselves. He's really sweet." She gave the person a warning look. "Don't misunderstand me though. He's not always nice and sweet." A shark's grin spread her lips, showing all her filed pointy teeth. "I've seen what he does to people who cross him. You wouldn't want to be one of them."
  23. Syreena


    "He used to call me 'darlin'," Syreena answered with a fond little smile. "He was Grim for a short time. I thought he and I could have a lot of fun together, you know? Err, not that kind of fun, you pervert. Don't look at me like that. No, like the kind of fun me and Lucion used to have--hunting people, sneaking around places we shouldn't know, that kind of fun. "I got worried when I found out he was trying to summon ancient powers, but he said it was to destroy Sanctuary, and after Sanctuary tricked me and interrogated me that last time, I decided to work with Karthok to end them. He even gave me my own private assassin for whatever I wanted." The little rogue frowned sadly. "But the assassin failed on the first target I sent him after, got captured by Sanctuary, and then they killed him. "Anyway, eventually Karthok seemed to forget about me, so I guess he was just using me. I'm not sure if he was ever really my friend." Syreena shrugged and walked away.
  24. Syreena

    Kahlan Gustblade

    "For some reason, I don't think she likes me very much," Syreena responded with an amused grin. Then she shrugs. "She's Selash's daughter though, so I hope I never have to hurt her. Often times when I run into her, I get the feeling she's trying to prove herself."
  25. Syreena

    T'suro Sunspear (H)

    "Eh, your typical prissy purple-people elf," Syreena mutters with a roll of her yellow eyes. Then she grins wickedly. "Me and Lilly pushed him off Tahz's boat a couple times. His ears are on my list."