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  1. 4.29.17 Karthok changed Siane back to Vionora. Then he asked me to bring her to him. Maybe she’s to be the Herald again. I wonder why he didn’t just take her then. Anyway, I found her after a long search, and I got her back to the cabin. She didn’t want to help with Accalia, and I figured it would be dangerous to try to make her. She might screw things up. When she learned about who she was recently, she seemed to want to be Siane again. Baal didn’t seem able to help her. I was actually considering taking her to Sanctuary--for her sake, not theirs. They might have someone who could help her. But then she went out for a walk. Rhaen went with her, but somehow the dumb elf escorted her to Stormwind instead of bringing her back, and now some humans have her. I should cut off his ears for that. In fact, I might do just that. I saw Razvaan again a couple weeks ago. It was in Dalaran, but I couldn’t catch up to him, and I lost him in the crowd. I hired some help to find him. With no word from Zanas in months, and Iroh being more…’hands-on’ than I wanted for this job, I went to Borrowed Time. Rode right up to their gate. I thought I might be filled with arrows for how many were pointed at me. But that elf range Faelenor took the job. He’s been nice enough to me, once he realized I wasn’t there to single-handedly storm their base. His partner could do with losing an ear or two though. She’s one of those elves. Fael seems pretty sure of himself that he’ll be able to find Razvaan. And maybe that will lead me to information about Lucion. I thought maybe I could find a way to work with Borrowed Time again, or at least be on speaking terms with them without having weapons pointed at me. But Fael still holds it against me what I did to Dora that time. He said they all do. Well, screw them. If his leader hadn’t shot off my knee for no reason except just to be cruel, I wouldn’t have had to hurt Dora. To fel with Borrowed Time, to fel with Sanctuary, to fel with everyone who thinks they’re all high and mighty and can look down their nose at me. I made up with Karthok after what Lazarus and Kex’ti did. He doesn’t judge me. No more than the people at the cabin do. I enjoyed my visit with him. It was comfortable, except for the bad news he gave me—Sanctuary killed Zulkaz. But he killed Kanda, the traitor orphan I took into the Grim years ago only to have her turn on me and join the purple people. I was going to leave Sanctuary alone, and just stay away from. And as far as they know, that’s what I’m doing. But I’ll secretly help Karthok destroy them. They can all burn in felfire or die in the Nightmare, or suffer whatever he has planned for them. I fight alongside The Grim once a week in the Nighthold to restock my elf ears and scorpid poisons. It feels good to fight with them again, but I think I’ve gotten too used to fighting on my own. Sometimes I go to Inquisition to see the new recruits. It’s mostly quiet there though, outside of the regular attacks on Nighthold or on the battlegrounds.
  2. 03.23.17 I lost two friends today. Three, if I count the troll I was given as a bodyguard. Zulkaz looked so big and strong, and he had so many weapons. He said he could kill Kex’ti. I had my doubts, but I wanted to believe him. I told him to do it. Kex’ti threatened and questioned me the other day, about Karthok. Zulkaz failed. Sanctuary has him now. I saw Karthok this morning. There were no "darlings" today. He yelled at me for sending Zulkaz after Kex’ti alone. By yelled, I mean he expressed his disappointment. I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard him raise his voice. Then he ordered me, ordered me to go break into Sanctuary’s guild hall and execute Zulkaz before he could tell them anything. I refused, of course. There was no way I was going to try to get into Sanctuary. They would likely kill me on sight for breaking into their hall. I told Karthok as much. I told him to send a rescue party for Zulkaz instead. But he was mean to me. He didn’t care. He only wanted me to kill Zulkaz. But I couldn’t. And then I finally pried some details about Karthok’s plans from him. I didn’t want to believe him. I kept waiting for him to tell me the part that would rationalize what he was trying to do, that would make it all make sense. But that part never came. I can’t help him anymore. And through that talk, I wondered if I had ever been his friend at all. A little while after that, I ran into Lazarus in Dalaran. Lazarus used to always be so nice to me. He must have left The Grim at some point though. I didn’t know. He had a pie with him. He said it was a new recipe—apple cinnamon—and asked me to taste it. So I did. My friend offered me pie, and I took a bite. It was cursed. Lazarus cursed me. I blacked out. When I woke up, I was chained to a wall, with Kex’ti and Lazarus standing in front of me. (And this only hours after Kiannis threatened me that if I got into any trouble again, he would “rescue” me himself. Probably with a bullet to the head.) Lazarus had cursed me and handed me over to Kex’ti. I didn’t even hear what Kex’ti said to me at first. I couldn’t believe Lazarus did that to me. I thought he was my friend. I was wrong. Kex’ti questioned me a bit, and threatened to lock me in a metal crate and drop me at the bottom of the sea if I didn’t answer him. I don’t think he realized that I agree that Karthok has to be stopped. I tried to tell him, but Lazarus kept interrupting with some kind of illusion spell or something. And then Kex’ti left, after telling Lazarus to let me go when he was done. So now I need to try to find a way to find Zulkaz again. I’ve already sent someone to punish Lazarus. And I sent someone else to put an end to Karthok. But if Karthok knows I turned against him, or talked to Sanctuary about him, he’ll probably hunt me. Baal assured me that I’ll be safe. He even did a blood magic spell on me so he can find me anywhere and know if I’m hurt.
  3. Alliance has a tavern night on Tuesdays sometimes. Horde Cantina is Sundays usually (I can't go *sniff*). And Shal'Aran RP night has been started for people who want to pass by and interact with other RPers without doing tavern RP. I want big storylines. And little storylines. And lots of events. I want it all! Unfortunately, I am horrible at coming up with ideas for storylines. Someone used to do some kind of Blind RP Dates, where we got teamed up with other characters for an evening to accomplish some task. Those were interesting. I would love for someone to come up to one of my characters and convince them to get involved in some kind of intrigue plot or something...anything....that involves other characters. It might even be fun if a bunch of us got together and did LFR together and RP'd through it and drive all the non-RPers mad, or spent an evening fishing and RPing on the Dalaran island, collecting the mana things for the water mount together. I think it would be cool to have pirate RP in Booty Bay, but I don't think we have enough people for that. Unless we made an alt guild and RP'd together once a month or something. Someone could start something in Discord chat rooms, like a silly scenario start for people to react to if they wanted to. Heh, one of my guilds is having a similar discussion, and I may or may not have used some of these ideas in both places. Also, I want to see the Crimson people preaching in the streets of Dalaran. Maybe a mystery of some sort, where different people each have one part or one clue and somehow they have to put them together, or another group of people have to put it all together to come up with the solution.
  4. In all of your specific experiences, what things, if any, can you identify as problems? I'm asking in the current sense. If you have chosen not to roleplay, why? This expansion, I started raiding again, and that takes two nights plus upkeep time on that character, who's not even on this server anymore. I try to balance the remainder of my game time between Syreena and Anee. It seems difficult to find people RPing in game anymore, on both factions. Last expansion, most nights, we could get a crowd at the Brokenspear or Wyvern's Tail. I've heard of RP happening in the Filthy Animal now and then, but it doesn't seem to be with any regularity. Fay's Shal'Aran nights seem to be off to a good start though! I think Eclipse and a couple other big storylines spoiled us last expansion. It was huge, involved sooo many people, and had so many spinoff stories and RP opportunities. In Legion, there is so much game content to do, it seems hard to find the time for anyone to create something like that again. What do you see as wrong with our community, server, RP scene, whatever? What do you not want? For better or worse, I think Discord is here to stay as an RP tool. I would rather more people RP in the main TNG channels instead of private guild channels when it's not specific guild sensitive stuff. (Also, Mort or Keraph, if you read this, I humbly request a couple generic RP chat rooms for people who are RPing a scene with two or three people that stretches over days. They could make the setting whatever they want, and RP as long and slowly as they want without taking up a chat channel for that period of time. Sometimes I have the urge to try to start RP somewhere, but there's a three-day-long scene in progress that I wouldn't want to interrupt.)
  5. 02.24.17 Siane lied. Kex’ti is not dead after all. He is alive and well, by the sounds of it. She paid for her lies though. Shallow wounds by a blade coated with agonizing poison. Too bad it ended as soon as it did. Tricksy demon elf bitch. I like the little squeaky noises she makes when I cut her. I saw the cardman last night. I am still filled with dread and hatred with just the sight of his blue shirtless body or the sound of his voice with that distinctive accent. He actually spoke to me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Not right then, not right there--in the creepy spell-induced safety created by the mana elves. But I was reminded that I had promised to send presents to people, and I assured him he wouldn’t be left out. Two birds, one stone. Maybe even three. Seeing the cardman reminded me of a certain time period, which reminded me of another loose end. Does he know her? Will her suffering upset him, or does he see her as only an extension of me? As for the third, I may have a new bounty hunter in my purse as well. My last one seems to have gone missing. Figures, of the few elves I’ve ever grown close to, they always seem to disappear. Aside from all of that, I’m afraid I’m getting sucked back into a war I thought I walked away from. A dangerous war, that I suffered for time and again. He promises this time will be different. This time, I will not be alone. So he says. He gave me a—bodyguard? Soldier? Probably a spy, for him along with whatever else the young man is. I don’t mind so much though. He always talks to me nice, and if he can pull off what he plans, it will be worth the risk. But I won’t be the only one taking the risks this time. I’ve had enough of that. He has a book that can only be read in the dark. At first, I thought it was just some novelty created by the mages in Dalaran, but I keep thinking there’s something more to it than that. It seems important somehow, and it seems I should know of its importance. But some memories are still lost to me. Back at the cabin, it’s like a dysfunctional family. Baal is obviously the head of the house. Then there’s the spider-queen-elf. I don’t mind her so much, and her spiders are neat. Then there’s demon-bear-elf and demon-wolf-elf. They are both dangerous. Baal doesn’t deny that, but I don’t think he realizes just how dangerous they are. They need to be put down. Then there’s a frequent guest like some unwelcome uncle, only I seem to be the only one who sees him as unwelcome. He’s a HUMAN, but he doesn’t talk like a human. There’s something odd about that one, but I must be careful. I’ll have to wait until no one else is around to take care of him. I’ll try to make it look like an accident maybe. Overall though, it’s quiet there. Nobody bothers me too much. I even made a little herb garden with a scarecrow made out of demon-wolf-elf’s clothes. I have a funny feeling though, that my quiet days are soon coming to an end.
  6. There are other classes than rogue? Lies!
  7. 1.26.17 The maggot remembers the corpse. And now the maggot is dead. For how long, I don’t know. How it happened, I don’t care. Something about the Emerald Nightmare. I hope it he knew pain and terror at the end, enough to wipe that everlasting smirk off his smug face. I wish I knew where his body was. I would kick it. I would let Rabble eat from it. I would slice off an ear or two. Even after he beat me, and cut off my ear, and held me over a fire, and threatened my life, there was a time that I respected him and thought it might be nice to get along with him, rather than plotting to hurt him all the time. Then he handed me over to the humans. Now I feel relief that he’s dead. Sanctuary is weaker without him. Someday, they will get what’s coming to them. Not from me, but from someone. Or something. And I will stand by and watch with great enjoyment.
  8. *In shaky, spidery script, only one name is written on this page. There are jagged slashes made through paper under the name.* Cerryan Vyel
  9. Horde Characters Syreena Shadowblade <The Grim> Mostly unconscious for the past several weeks, Syreena has been recovered by Lilliana and returned to the Grim. Baal'themar took her from the guild's infirmary and put her in the care of Nathandiel. She is undergoing surgery by Nathandiel and Mharren after being burned alive by Light by Cerryan in retaliation for a few brutal attacks on Sanctuary. Kanda <Sanctuary> Accompanying Sanctuary into the Emerald Nightmare to assist in destroying threats there. Aside from those weekly expeditions, she spends most of her time alone, exploring old places in search of relics or other odd magical forces with the assistance of a custom built engineering device. Razz Blastwhizzle <Borrowed Time> Razz is doing her usual: partying, going to expensive salons, redecorating her apartment, visiting bakeries... And also trying to find out some information on a very charming (rich) man who kidnapped her for a short spell in Booty Bay. Alliance Characters Katrynne Simms <Twilight Empire> Kat has been fighting and killing on the Broken Isles. Recently, she signed on with a group battling in the Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor. The constant bloodshed is causing her to question a lot of things, and become more gruff and less sociable than she had been trying to be. Once embarrassed to be seen in her worgen form, now she spends more and more time as a beast, with little care of who sees her that way. Anee Donnabelle The waitress/thief has moved to Dalaran where she particularly enjoys the pastries in the Ledgermain Lounge. She is still surviving through thievery, though she's started experimenting with new potions using herbs she's finding on the Broken Isles. Several of her encounters with people since her return have started to make her realize that kindness is a bit more common than she had expected.
  10. Happy Turkey Day! *gobble gobble*
  11. I love soup on chilly fall or winter days! This one is simple to make and soooo tasty! We always have it with fresh popovers or Irish soda bread , which are both just as simple to make. Potato Soup 3 cups diced potatoes (about 3 large potatoes or 4 medium) 1/2 cup chopped celery (1 stalk) 1 tablespoon parsley 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1 bouillon cube 2 cups milk 2 tablespoons butter 4-8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded or cubed 1. Boil 2 cups water in a large sauce pan. Add potatoes, celery, parsley, salt, pepper, bouillon cube. Cover. Cook until tender. 2. Stir in milk and butter. Cook until thick and bubbly, stirring frequently. 3. Stir in cheese. 4. Enjoy! If you want it to be thicker, add two tablespoons flour to a little bit of the milk and mix that well. Then stir the flour mixture into the soup before adding the rest of the milk and butter. This makes it very thick! I also add a chopped carrot to it sometimes. I also usually use two stalks of celery instead of one.
  12. I had a list of daily tasks to do at my old job--system checks, data integrity reports, etc. I used to call them Dailies sometimes. If I don't have auto-sig turned on in my email, I have to double check that I type my name correctly. My real first name also beings with "S" and a few times, muscle memory just typed Syreena. Luckily, I always caught it before I hit Send. ......I think.
  13. Yes, I can't decide which class I like best from all my characters Actually, I have had trouble deciding a main, and I'm not sure I've quite decided yet!
  14. I won't talk about any I didn't like, because I wouldn't want to make anyone feel bad. Actually, I can't even think of any I didn't enjoy. But three stand out for me above all the rest. 1. The Grim vs. Sanctuary conflict. This is what drew me back into RP when I was about to quit WoW. My first encounter with Kex'ti was after asking Xara OOC if there was any Sanct people on that were willing to be attacked by Sy, and she told me about this elf monk that was waiting for me in Nagrand. I figured it would be a quick an easy win. Ha ha ha. It was fun to have a rival to RP with. (You can't really RP against the Alliance while PVPing them out in the world.) This is where Syreena started down the villain path. (Not that she was ever a nice, wholesome girl!) 2. Eclipse and all the spinoffs from it. I met and RP'd with so many people during this storyline, and I was completely in awe at Xara's ability to hold it all together and see it through to the end. The mystery and unknown elements, like with the characters that were being controlled by Accalia, kept me guessing. The occasional dungeon master encounters were fun. None of it ever felt scripted, and the spinoff stories resulting from it never seemed to be discouraged. 3. My very favorite were the captures. Being the villain and capturing Skylah, and the resulting RP conflict with the Alliance. And then my own character becoming a prisoner in return. It was interesting to play with a completely different group of people. Their characters often didn't react to things the way I expected, and it was very refreshing and kept me on my toes! It was interesting watching peoples reactions to Syreena, and it was equally interesting seeing how other characters reacted to Marrus' plans for her, since he was basically a good guy, but pretty much using her as a guinea pig. I didn't plan any of that, and I didn't know Eternal Aegis people at all when I let them capture my character. It was kinda scary! But through these storylines, I got to know some Alliance people. Skylah was such a sport with letting us do what was done to that character. The EA guys are awesome RPers and so nice OOC, and Marrus was so considerate in keeping my OOC wishes in mind through the RP. And the same goes for the TE people who had control of my character the last night of her capture. After all this, I started RPing on Alliance again so I could still play with the people I'd met through these stories. I like both big storylines and smaller ones. I'm not very good at sticking to a script though. I like the ones that put my characters in new territory, or with some kind of challenge or obstacle, where I have to stay on my toes and be creative. But I'm no good at all at coming up with storyline ideas on my own, so I'm hoping there are some big ones like this in Legion to get involved in too!
  15. Awesome shots, Kerala!

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