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  1. Far above Unapu's head the hawk cried out, and Unapu sent his eyes like a dart up to snatch the hawk and bring it down. The spirit of the hawk, pinioned by Unapu's dart, plummeted, fiery meteor-like, and Unapu's body leapt up to catch it in his teeth. He swallowed the hawk's spirit and ran out after the boars with spirit-wings shrieking. They fell down when slashed by the hawk-talons striking out through bolts of lightning energy. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten. Ten down and Unapu exhaled, releasing the hawk-spirit to fly away, and went back to the orc in the cave. Orc in the cave said, "Scorpids." Orc by the fire said, "Apples." Orc with the staff said, "Demons." Three more gatherings. Unapu crouched down against the cracked angry stone and waited for a spirit to catch.