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    First Strike ((Open))

    Publish Date: June 25, 2013, 6:43 am

    Silvermoon, the most majestic city of all. It towers over the forested lands with its gold and silver sheen, watching over its kin with devoted vigilance. The city has been empty as of late. One would assume that efforts were poured into the war with the Alliance mages in the Thunder Isles. Not like anyone was complaining, it just meant that the city wasn’t as guarded as the Orc capital. Midnight. Overlooking the towering walls of Silvermoon was a lone figure shrouded in the foliage of a tree. Illusional magic helped the figure blend into the leaves at the cost of a tremendous amount o
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  • Nikaa


    by Published on 04-03-2013 07:38 PM
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    For the third time in less than two weeks, Kemper made another return to the ruins that used to be Gilneas. This time though, she had no reason to sneak carefully past the troops of Forsaken soldiers that patrolled the shattered wall, as she did before. The soldiers had little reason to pay any mind to the young girl that passed them by. After all, she was as dead as the rest of them.

    Sorrow padded along side Kemper as she took the road to Keel Harbor. By now, the wolf was as accustomed to being around other undead as her companion was. Together, they searched the wrecked houses that used to be home to Kemper and the rest of her former guild. The Redblade Corsairs. As before, they found nothing.

    Shaking her head, Kemper turned from the houses and whistled for Sage. When the ram returned to her, Kemper swung up into the saddle and clicked her tongue, guiding her mount across the Headlands.

    Later, a note would arrive for Evellin.
    Captain Evellin Stormguarde,

    I returned to Gilneas recently looking for you and the rest of the guild. I found no one, but the city has been retaken by the Forsaken. Are you, or anyone else still out there? What happened? I don't know if anyone is left alive, or if you're all dead.

    If you get this, please meet with me on the 25th of the month, outside the house I used to stay at. I remember what you told us about your husband, and now I'm in a similar situation. Be careful of the patrols.

    -Kemper Brickstone
    by Published on 07-11-2012 08:46 AM
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    Kemper knelt in the snow atop a steep hill in Dun Morogh, just south of Kharanos. The only sound was the breeze through the trees, and the slow swishing of Sorrow's tail in the snow. The wolf was seated patiently next to her, and both girl and beast had their sights set on a crag boar far below. The boar walked a slow circle down in the valley below them, pushing its snout into the soft piles of snow as it tried to unearth a frozen root beneath the hard packed earth. Sorrow watched, one ear curving forward before she looked up at Kemper expectantly. After a moment, Kemper looked back at the wolf and nodded. Lifting her hand, she flashed a subtle signal to the wolf.
    by Published on 01-22-2012 08:56 PM
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    It was late evening when The Lady Mehley sailed into port at Bardin Bay. Adam Lind watched the ship glide smoothly through the water, then turned and stuck two fingers between his lips, whistling sharply to the dockhands who were just hauling the last crates onto the deck. These weekly rations and supplies were marked for shipment to Theramore. The lines were tossed down and the ship tied securely to the dock. Within minutes, the crew and dock workers began loading the shipment into the lower deck. No one even noticed the rogue that slipped onboard..
    by Published on 01-12-2011 12:35 AM
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    ....appear at the wrong place, and at the worst of possible times. Unfortunately, your death...

    "Who is she?"

    ..Lieutenant Micael Goerin, I'm a paladin. Whats you're name? Are you hurt?..

    "I don't know. They say a Worgen brought her in."

    On behalf of Infection who's banners you so...boldy shred..I accept your challenge my dear.

    "She won't make it.. her injuries are too severe.. She's been unconscious since she arrived.."


    "..Lost too much blood. And there's a risk of infection.."

    ..I know you're scared, but its our best chance. Now listen; the flames probably dried out your bow..

    Nika's eyes opened.

    by Published on 12-10-2010 07:39 PM
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    Delancey's heart was thundering, the sound thrummed in her ears even over the cacophony of shouting, breaking glass and the distant snarling of the worgen outside. Yet through it all, somehow, she stayed focused.

    "Delancey, SHOOT IT!" The order came from Arthur. She steadied her hands as she aimed the rifle, and the barrel only wavered slightly from her shaking. She suppressed the urge to fire blindly through the door, knowing that if she wasted that shot.. if she missed- ...