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  1. K0LD X 8:07:48 PM With her energy spent, the assassin pants, falling to both knees, her chest rising and falling as she works to simply catch her breath and regain at least some of her stamina. Kexti 8:12:59 PM Kex'ti angrily retrieves his sword and walks back to Harbinger/Shokkra. Shizari 8:14:31 PM T'suro can barely stop, the target of his charge now gone. The elf slams his spear into the ground, and the energy built up around him dissipates in a bright flash. The elf collapses to the ground, bits of armor sagging and falling off of his frame as he collapses, his body noticeably thinner. Rabblerouser 8:14:51 PM Ignazh, ignorant of whatever was happening, was busy trying to keep Harbinger from rising again. The kor'kron have begun keeping it pinned and downed. Kexti 8:16:41 PM "You're Ignazh Deathrage, I assume," Kex'ti says, limping over as the adrenaline of combat wears off. He coughs, and mends his wounds. Konro 8:21:20 PM Harbinger strains under the pressure, barely conscious. The Dark Iron begin to cheer but are quickly silenced by the bloodied Harrowmont. "We still got one to take lads." He points his hammer at the balcony, and the blood trail leading down the hall. Rabblerouser 8:22:39 PM "Hey, hey! Commandant, you in there?! Hellscream's ass, give us somethin'!" The orc growled, turning his yellowed gaze to Kex'ti disinterestedly. "Yeah that's me." Yuki 8:23:57 PM Kejala listens to the howls and screams of fury around her as their prey disappears in an instant. She lends her voice to the cacophony, howling... laughter. The troll bends over with it, feeling every wound and bruise and pulsing ache but unable to suppress the fit of inappropriate mirth. It takes her quite some time to quiet down. Kexti 8:24:47 PM "This is your cousin. Just so you know. Rabblerouser 8:26:12 PM "Yeah I heard the shitstain say it too." He says flippantly, staring back down into Harbinger's face. "...Dunno if he's right or another lie. Hope's a dangerous thing." Kexti 8:28:36 PM "It is her." Yuki 8:30:29 PM At last she wipes tears from her eyes and catches her breath. "So. Ya rescued da mutant orc 'n lost da pretty elf. Dat 'bout right?" Rabblerouser 8:32:41 PM Ignazh snorted, turning the gaze to Harbinger once more. "Even so, this much fel an' she ain't the same." Rabblerouser 8:34:17 PM Cobrak collapses to his side, his injuries catching up to him finally as he lowly growls his displeasure at everything. The testosterone had worn off and he was a panting mess. "S...shite..." He grumbles, looking for once distraught. Konro 8:35:10 PM The Dark Iron quickly make their way up the balcony and down the hallway. A couple minutes later they come back, holding the Fel Iron Commander Bhelen, and a large demonic looking mechanical device with several documents in Harrowmont's hands. They throw down the still breathing Bhelen and delicately drop the device next to @Xara . Harrowmont hands over the documents. "Here, only things worth something we could find. Along with Bhelen and-" He kicks the device. "This monstrosity." K0LD X 8:35:31 PM Kahlan moves to her boss's side, making her way in a slight limp, "What now, boss?" She asks through bared teeth, in pain, but fighting through it. Kexti 8:36:33 PM Kex'ti sighs. "Keep her safe while we make our plans for her. I will return." Kexti 8:36:37 PM Kex'ti moves to Cobrak. Xara 8:38:09 PM Juli had turned and punched the wall, once, twice, three times. Her hand was most certainly broken by the time she stops. With a supreme effort of will, she turns to look over the others, focusing on Kex;'ti and Shokkra first before looking over the others. Injuries, everywhere; but no one else dead. She takes the documents from Harrowmont automatically but doesn't look at the device. Nor does she speak, not trusting herself to not simply start screaming again. Rabblerouser 8:40:06 PM Cobrak keeps his gaze to the ground, not answering Kahlan as he absorbs more death. More pain. He'd have to tell Tsuyi. That thought alone made the orc's heart wither somewhat, such news after just having woken up. She hadn't even gotten the chance to see her father since. The orc closed his eye as he sat in the filth of the battle, his armor bloodstained and torn as he looked sorrowfully at the floor. Kexti 8:40:09 PM Kex'ti stares down at Cobrak, and feels the weight of his sword in his hand. He sheathes the blade, and kneels down. Kexti 8:40:27 PM "You fought well. Taozhu's passing is a loss for all of us. Shall I tend your wounds?" Shizari 8:40:43 PM T'suro pants heavily on the ground, his frame almost looking sickly, as he tries to pick himself up... but can't. "Dammit... damn him..." Arahe 8:41:20 PM Ohee continues to be outside Grim Batol, petting the mounts sent to her with a fully equipped medical tent. K0LD X 8:42:09 PM Kahlan falls to a knee again with a sound, the blood from the stab on her thigh far more noticeable now, making a sound as she kneels, pausing before sheathing her weapons to clutch the wound. Rabblerouser 8:42:55 PM Cobrak gulped down everything, looking up at Kex'ti. For once, it is not a hateful or sarcastic one, it’s an understanding one. The gaze shifts to Julilee then, a silent message as he shakes his head. His gaze shifts to Kahlan then, the orc struggles to stand, falling to his knee but once before rising up to hobble his way to the elfess. Yuki 8:43:39 PM "Well. I be leavin' da lotta ya t'sort out da mess. Gonna go get patched up 'n check on Kit." After collecting her used fetishes and totems, the troll saunters her way out of the room before someone decides she needs to be punched. K0LD X 8:44:03 PM Kahlan would look up at her commander. Though her face was hidden, it was easy to sense her insecurity for a change. She didn't understand what just happened or the significance of who they fought. Arahe 8:48:08 PM Ohee can also be called to move up to their current location, like she established when she said "Give me a shout if you need me to move up at any point!" before they even went into Grim Batol. Xara 8:50:03 PM Juli meets Cobrak's gaze, her eyes more than flinty. She clearly wants to murder and Cobrak would understand why. She looks back at Harrowmont. "Let's gather everyone and leave this damned place. We have a medical station outside at a recovery point." Arahe 8:52:20 PM Ohee comes jogging in moments later, per Kex'ti's call on the hearthstone. She has the mounts of whomever left or sent them outside in tow. Her eyes widen slightly at the level of carnage but immediately scans for who among their allies was most wounded. She addresses Kex'ti and Juli. "Who is most in need of attention?" Konro 8:54:24 PM Harrowmont frowns, barking to one of his boys that rushes up. "My lad here can teleport us outside if ye like. Away from... all this." He watches his soldiers mourn their fallen comrades. Arahe 8:55:53 PM Ohee whips a finger up at Harrowmont as if to stop his speech without losing any of her chipper attitude. "We should ensure everyone is at least stable enough to move via portal transport." Yuki 8:56:28 PM So much for escaping. Kejala sighs as she moves over to check on her cantankerous panther. He gets the rest of her jerky. Baern 8:56:54 PM Baern, watches the fury unleashed around him a profound sense of understanding. He knew this rage and this frustration. He had been victim to it for years. Or, a few months ago, in the case of Karthok, specifically. But even in his understanding, he does not share it. To that, he is numb. For Lohd, he is worried. "The first you need to check on is Lohd," Baern says with commanding attention. "He suffered a back injury and I don't want to attempt to move him any further until we know the extent of it." Konro 8:57:18 PM "Nobody's stable while they're looking at this mess, and that was before we got here." Harrowmont runs his hand through his blood soaked beard. Baern 8:58:19 PM To the rest of the gathered group, he rises to his full height and intones swiftly and decisively. "If you are not in need of medical attention, use your hearthstone and return to the guildhall. There will be a full debriefing of this all, soon, and your attendance may be necessary. But for now, we need to focus on the wounded." Arahe 8:58:52 PM "HAH-SHUSH. Unless you're about to tell me who is the most physically injured here, I dont want to hear it mister!" She declares as she trots over to Lohd and begins a quick examination. Tirien 8:59:25 PM Lohd lays on his front and breathes slow and deep. His magical reserves have run dry from up keeping a renewal on his injuries. Arahe 9:03:48 PM Rubbing her hands together causes them to emit a soft glow. She runs them along the giant, probably naked Tauren's back, frowning as she does so. "Oh. Oh An'she." Her hands stretch along his ribcage, soft, healing light suffusing the area. "What in the Earthmother's graces happened to him?" Xara 9:09:06 PM To Harrowmont Juli says, "We need to talk about your nephew. Come to Sanctuary's guildhouse in Dalaran when you're available." She walks off to go see what is being done to restrain Harbinger -- Shokkra. W A N D E R 9:09:55 PM Sarrak peered at the group before he turned to attend to his own wounds... And fret over Gar'mok. He sat himself down with the wolf, working his boot knife out, he cleaned the blood from his skin, hissing softly as he went about digging shrapnel and fel iron rounds from his flesh. "Is that her?" He called out, turning his head. "I promised Shana I'd find my niece." Baern 9:13:17 PM "That's Kex'ti's read and I trust his judgment more than anyone's," Baern answers. "We're going to bring her back to the guildhall in Dalaran, see what we can do about relieving some of this corruption. We have one of the Cenarion Circle's best on staff, so she'll be in the best hands. Specializes in fel corruption, as a matter of fact." It's more matter of fact than reassuring, but he wants to be as clear as possible with Sarrak, given his pulling Baern's tail literally out of the fire. Arahe 9:16:18 PM Ohee gently pats the hulking, broken form of Lohd, his fur glowing softly with the energy. "That should... hold him together enough so we can get him to Miss Maralah. As a druid she's going to be better equipped to help him." She moves on to the next most injured looking patient, which is an elf laying facedown on the floor. "Excuse me, sir?" She begins rolling T’suro over. Konro 9:16:35 PM "You'll have more luck with this." Harrowmont kicks the device again. "Nasty piece of work it is, but it could help." He whistles to his mages and points at the Fel Iron corpses, as well as all the test subjects. "Burn it." Shizari 9:17:17 PM T'suro gets rolled onto his back, his armor continuing to sage and slip around on his frame, plates and straps looking as if they were never tightened to begin with, even though they were. Xara 9:18:17 PM Julilee ensured Harbinger is secured. As transportation is arranged, first getting the injured back to the recovery area, then from there transportation back to Sanctuary guildhall, she moves back to the device, hearing what Harrowmont said about it. She looks at it, having no clue what it is or its purpose. "How will it help?" she asks him. Arahe 9:20:53 PM The plump priestess huffs in a breath, light brimming around her fingertips before she paps them onto the sides of T’suro's face, the most accessible part of him outside of armor, letting the healing light flow into him and at least alleviate his wounds. Konro 9:24:42 PM The corpses burn brightly in the sick torture room, something finally being done about the monstrosities this place creates. "We call it the Hell Ripper. Far as we can tell it was built by a demon. It'll take the fel, every last bit it can muster, out of whatever you point it at. And it can fill something with fel as well, like this bastard." He kicks Bhelen in the jaw. "He'll know more." Shizari 9:26:50 PM T'suro gasps as he feels light flow into his body. His wounds close up and start to heal, but his body does not start to fill back out. Arahe 9:27:57 PM "Good morning sunshine!" Ohee chirps with a smile. "Can you describe to me the problem?" Shizari 9:30:21 PM T'suro huffs and tries to lift himself up. "I used too much power at once... this tends to happen..." Arahe 9:31:33 PM Helping him sit up, she scrutinizes the loose fitting armor. "Would removing the armor help? It looks heavy for you." Shizari 9:32:06 PM T'suro sighs and flops back down. "I'd be able to move at least..." W A N D E R 9:34:31 PM The orc's eyes met Baern and stuck on him for some time before he snorted, returning to licking his wounds. "I'll take your word for it." He said. "What about you, Tauren. You alright?" He asked, not bothering to bring his head up as he dug a piece of metal from his hide, inspecting it for a moment. Hmmph. Arahe 9:36:03 PM Ohee sets to work making another member of Sanctuary naked, not that she was responsible for Lohd, and begins removing some of T’suro's armor stopping whenever he indicated he was light enough to move again. Baern 9:36:45 PM "Burns," Baern says, without yet demonstrating them. "The fire heated my superheated my armor, so I doubt I'm going to have much in the way of fur or skin once I decide to peel it off. I bought like four fire resist enchantments too, just never got them applies to the plate." He is bitter about that. Shizari 9:37:59 PM T'suro is left in a crimson shirt and black pants, with no boots after Ohee strips him of his armor. He slowly stands, using his weapon as leverage. "Thank you... I'll be fine in a day, I hope." Xara 9:38:52 PM Juli continues making arrangements, shepherding everyone out, ensuring Harbinger, the devices, and the documents are seen to safely. It wasn't safe here, and as soon as everyone could move, they'd be put on mounts, in litters, or teleported out as abilities allowed. Arahe 9:39:21 PM She helps him up as best she can, stepping back when she’s confident he won't just fall over again. "Well, you let me know if you need any more of my help sunshine." Shizari 9:41:51 PM "I... should be fine, thank you." T'suro nods at Ohee and smiles. Arahe 9:42:41 PM She beams back at him before exiting with the rest under Juli's guidance. Kexti 9:42:52 PM Kex'ti stares at the fortress. "I hate this place." Shizari 9:43:10 PM T'suro marches through, resting on his spear as a walking stick. Xara 9:44:37 PM "Should have bombed it flat," Juli mutters, though it's in rather poor taste considering what nearly happened the last time Sanctuary was here. Konro 9:44:54 PM Harrowmont, his troops, their comrades' corpses, and the Fel Iron commander march through a portal, letting the fire scorch Grim Batol clean. Rabblerouser 9:55:51 PM Cobrak takes one final look as this hellhole burned, making one final move to take Taozhu's cowl, taking it with him before vanishing into the portal.
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  2. Chanchu sat outside the infirmary, fingers busy weaving a loop of string into a repetitive series of shapes. She'd woken Maralah as requested and sent the healer out to deal with the broken huntress Arahe in their village. She'd ignored when the disappearing orc snuck out from his bed. The restless glint in his eyes was a familiar one. She had sent him off with a wink, but wasn't sure if he'd seen. Or cared. She wasn't sure why she stayed. Chanchu could have gone rummaging in the kitchens to find something tasty. She might have even come across someone else doing the same, and they could have exchanged stories. Chanchu didn't feel much like spinning a story. The tauren dipped her thumbs, dropping the loop strung across them and then her hands swiveled so she could hook the yarn over the top and stretch it backward. She jumped the middle fingers and pulled the shape taut. Travois. The monk didn't pause, but began the series of steps to take the string on into the next shape. No, she didn't feel much like lying. That's what would happen, if she were to go to the kitchen, find something tasty, and meet someone. It might be someone who didn't matter. Or it might be someone she knew. Kolu, maybe. She wouldn't mind a verbal sparring with that cantankerous cow. She was so easy to rile, too. She carried the weight of the Grimtotem tribe on her shoulders and while it was true Chanchu held some prejudices there, they were no where near so prohibitive as Kolu expected and therefor perceived them to be. How much longer could she poke those buttons and still expect it to be fun? She didn't really know what else to do but poke, but doing so usually led to enemies made. Chanchu liked Kolu. She didn't want to do that. By the same token, the tauren did not feel like retracing her steps back to the room she'd claimed as her own. The maze of shelves held many interesting things, but all of them made for poor company. Chanchu was tired of being alone. She was tired of her cushy soft pouf of a bed, and she was tired of the puzzle boxes and the combination locks and all the usual distractions. She wanted... She wanted to be useful for once. So what did she do? She went and let someone snatch one patient, and then she abandoned her other patient because she didn't work well with others. Chanchu yanked the string. So what if Kolu had yelled at her? So what if she had called Chanchu useless? Just because that was precisely how the monk felt, why did that make her react so strongly? She should have done something to prove she wasn't. That's what she should have done. Instead she'd retreated like a coward. And not even a proper one! Here she was, still sitting outside the infirmary. Her leg hurt. The string flowed back through the travois configuration and continued on. Chanchu thought about the infirmary, and the things she had seen there. It was all so different from everything else she had known. People came in with weird unexplained ailments. The healers flung spells about with abandon. Where did that Maralah even get her energy from? The sheer scope of magics that had been wasted, in only a short time of observing, was astounding. Chanchu wondered if maybe the healers of Sanctuary had found a way to use the city itself as their source. Chanchu had only her own self. Maybe that was the difference. You're not useless, she told herself sternly, frowning at the yarn strung through her fingers. She could heal. She knew she could. She had a little carved totem back in her room that proved somebody else thought she could too. Skytotem tauren were supposed to be some of the very best healers among all the tribes. Coqui had obviously seen something in her that made it worthwhile to bring the monk into the group. The seer Lomani had looked with her pale creepy eyes and judged her. She must have seen something. Something that Chanchu still had yet to recognize as truth. Lies were always easier. Easier to tell, easier to believe. Chanchu was not useless. She knew that. But, she might not ever be able to do what they did around the corner, in that room. She wasn't sure she wanted to. The sheer amount of pain those two healers had caused! Chanchu's fingers missed a loop and her hands pulled tight before she caught the error. The monk frowned. She unmounted the string form from her other fingers and began picking patiently at the knot she'd made. It was only one day, she told herself. She could sit and watch over many more days. She could try very hard to not backtalk the other healers. Kolu. She would try not to backtalk Kolu. And she could learn. Theoretically. Kex'ti had even hinted at training, when he'd recruited her to Sanctuary. Though she scoffed at the time, the idea was tantalizing. Chanchu hadn't done well with any of her other teachers. She was a bad student, as a general rule, confirmed twice so far. The elf didn't seem typical for his kind, though. Maybe he'd fare better. Or not. Glumly, Chanchu rewound the string around her fingers.
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