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    It's the recognition that there are more of us than I've seen evidence of in the past few months. Often, it seems like it's Syreena and I against the world. Not last night, though. Last night, we were the world, all of us, Syreena and her pet, and Vyalis, and the Grimtotem shadow, and the quiet wolf, and the knight with her broken mechanical voice accidentally screaming about horrible stereotypes. Even Malkaris, I suppose. He's worse in that skin. At least when he was more clearly falling apart, no one took him quite as seriously. Now, well, he keeps everyone entertained with his clown show, but I'm not sure we should have let him out of the guild hall. I don't think I ever want to see him and Nathandiel in the same room. But even those who weren't us weren't the usual, weren't the kind who push me to despair of any future for the Horde. There were the Luna I've worked with before, the sensible yet angry from across the spectrum, the smug and the smart. Even the one with the reputation for collecting boyfriends, who apparently has both the lizard man from last week and Our Lord Gustblade checked off her list, seemed practically an intellectual compared to the usual crowds. Even Kahlan gives me hope. There's something I like about her, and not just because she made the mistake of giving me a compliment once. Maybe it's her penchant for jumping immediately to violence. Maybe it's her utter dismissal of the continuous pathetic attempts to encroach on feelings she clearly doesn't have. Maybe it's her seemingly equal hatred of nearly everyone around her. She's not quite right in the head, being so defensive of the parents she was apparently avoiding, who I will ever doubt are actually related to her in any way, even through mere kindness. She doesn't seem to realize that everything she hates about men is all her father has to offer the world. He is the very pinnacle of what she detests most, and yet she leaps ferociously to his defense if anyone so much as sneezes in his direction. But if Kahlan were the worst the Horde had to offer, we would be well-equipped for whatever lies ahead. Unfortunately, there are those like her parents, and the monstrous rabbit who put up with Malkaris' lechery with nothing but blushes and yet ran off in a panic at the sight of that half-demon I know nothing about and want to know nothing about but who I know has enough propensity for violence to be on the side of hope. But last night, they were outnumbered in a way that felt incredibly satisfying. So yes, hope. Even at our meeting. It was small, yes, but not as small as it's been when the future has seemed darkest. We grow, slow but steady. The pendulum swings as it always does. I've been out of sync with the clock for too long to recognize its motions, but time tells its tales whether we want it to or not.
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    Kexerian Tideriel Dalendala, Janissary of Sanctuary Male Blood Elf Monk, Aged 135 (Human Equivalent 29) Description: Kex'ti's grey hair is kept short, if styled. His beard is patchy, and somewhat ill-kept. His armor is crafted from the hide of a Magnaron, a gift from his commander, Julilee Liene. It is well fitting, and seethes with energy. He carries himself well, but has a notable reliance on a walking staff for a limp. His monk training was designed for stouter, rounded bodies, and has made him strong and somewhat bulky, albeit with a bit of a paunch. He smells medicinal. Residence: Sanctaury Garrison, Dalaran Family: Julilee Liene (Wife), Tesonii Inbetween (Friend), Rylie Tattersail (Apprentice) Affiliation: Sanctuary, Formerly Thunder-Pan mercenary company ('Derpan colloquially) Occupation: Combat medic and forward tactician. Faith: Holy Light, emphasis on Pandaren geomancy Known Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, Pandaren, Draenei phrases, learning Common Weapon of Choice: Sindassi mageblade, greatstaff, fists. Proficient in many weapons. History: Kex’ti was born to an innkeeper and a spellbreaker. A sickly child who showed little aptitude for martial skill nor magical prowess, Kex'ti spent most of his youth listening to stories in the corner and watching his siblings squabble over esoteric texts and wooden swords. He learned how to attend to people, and to make sure their linens were clean and meals warm. His siblings learned to hunt monsters. His family died in defense of the Sunwell, and Kex’ti inherited the inn. After the sin’dorei joined the Horde, Kex’ti was approached by a Forsaken apothecary named August Krown regarding a possible remedy for his illness. The pair fought in the Steamwheedle Cartel’s arena circuit. When bolstered by Krown’s concoctions, Kex’ti reveled in racial agility he’d never known before. His blossoming confidence allowed Kex'ti to adopt a showy combat style reinforced by dirty fighting he’d seen in his family’s Murder Row inn. The Arena certainly promised new challenges in the exotic remains of Outland, but seeing a cure to his people’s magic addiction (and perhaps his own illnesses) was what inevitably drove Kex’ti to Outland. When his journey to Shattrath revealed Kael’thas’s duplicity, he joined the Skyguard in hopes of protecting the city of light from the traitor’s fel magic. While the Skyguard did little to diminish his Horde patriotism, it nevertheless tempered his views towards the races of the Alliance. Alongside other Sha’tari factions, Kex’ti journeyed to Quel’danas. The draenei in particular fascinated Kex’ti, a curiosity only bolstered when the Prophet Velen awoke the Sunwell with the Light. Although his body was still in dire need of Krown’s philters, the coursing power of the light renewed his will, and Kex’ti promised to fight against the darkness of Azeroth however he could. The duelist-come-soldier traveled with the Hand of Vengeance to Northrend, and served as a scout among the crevasses and ravines of the Howling Fjord. His service was relatively low-key, and found the pull of the arena ever more tempting under cold stars. With the organization of the Argent Tournament, his experience allowed him to continue to serve the Horde and to slake his competitive spirit. To his misfortune, Arthas’s forces overwhelmed the tournament grounds. The forces of the Crusade rallied, but Kex’ti’s friends, who he’d fought and loved beside for so long, did not survive. Kex’ti left the Expedition, and attempted to return to civilian life as a cook in Ratchet. Without Krown’s alchemy or the thrill of combat, his illness began to consume him once again. Arthas, who’d taken from him so much, fell. Deathwing the Destroyer shattered the world, and too was slain. And throughout it all, Kex’ti cooked at a dockside tavern, and wasted away. It was summer when Wei Xo arrived in Ratchet, and over a meal, Kex’ti became his combat instructor. Pouring his experience into the young Pandaren’s sword arm, the promoter and his student traveled between the same arenas that Kex’ti had fought in, a decade past. The two grew together, and Xo and Kex’ti parted ways as the blood elf boarded Garrosh’s fleet to the Krasarang Wilds. Seeking healing from the mystics of Kun Lai, Kex’ti wandered to the Peak of Serenity. In the thin mountain air and steaming pools, Kex’ti, for the final time, started over. Over the year, he hid away from the war. He meditated, trained, and focused. He threw away his daggers and his poisons, and in their stead learned to use his own body and common herbs. While the path of the mistweaver was a new one, Kex’ti found that, after decades, he finally appreciated his siblings’ affinity for arcane magic. As the Dark Portal turned red, Kex’ti finally decided to leave Pandaria. Joining up with a mercenary company which had formed on the Isle of Thunder, Kex’ti joined Thrall and Khadgar’s assault through the portal. Now, in a new world steeped in his old memories, Kex’ti sought answers to questions he’d long since stopped asking. In the process, he made a great many new friends, and joined his current guild, Sanctuary. As a member of Sanctuary, he aided in the infiltration of Highmaul, a storied tour of duty in Ashran, and organized communal defense efforts in Tanaan Jungle, as well as final assaults on Hellfire Citadel to free captives. His valor has been tested time and time again. He fought viciously against the herald of Accalia, Vionora, and has recently joined the efforts to research and cure the mysterious Silver Sickness affecting spellcasters all over Azeroth. Against the terrorist Morinth, Kex'ti eagerly avenged damage done to his two closest friends, though he has struggled now for some time with his place in the Horde. After long battles both internally and externally, Kex'ti and Julilee researched numerous means to alleviate his worsening illness, eventually settling on a risky ritual to balance out their lifespans. Though not cured, he certainly has a longer life ahead of him. His exposure to the orphaned human, Rylie Tattersail, has only increased his ties to Sanctuary and his hopes to continue onward. Of late, he has organized Sanctuary's efforts in gathering and preserving relics of power and risk. Initially settling on hiding them away to keep out of the hands of all others, he has grudgingly accepted a more observational role. One with the implicit agreement to take such things out of the hands of those who would use them for ill purposes. After shadowy engagements with a mysterious faction called the Quorum, Kex'ti has resumed active duty in ousting the returned Legion from Azeroth. During the Legion conflict, Kex'ti spent most of his efforts aiding the refugees in Suramar, and exacted a personal vendetta for Remiaan on Argus.
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    "Jenny?" Justica said with a smile. "She's brave, and strong, and determined... She's the best part of Night Vanguard. She makes everyone happy when she's around, and she can fit in with the common soldiers or with the officers and lords with ease. I..." Justica blushed, "Oh, I could go on for hours about Jenny, but the best way to know her is to meet her. Just remember, she's off the market."
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    The night was cold. All around Thunder Bluff, folks were still active. They gathered, some for early revelry, some for the warmth of friendships. They clustered and they drew together around flickering flames. Like moths. Amietia kept on. One hoof in front of the other. They knew the way on their own. The pattern of rounded paving stones fell away beyond her steps homeward bound. Her mind was free to focus on other things besides the empty tent awaiting her. The Longwalker had disturbed her, of course. She had spent so much time on her own, isolated and cocooned within the solitude of the passing moons that she had forgotten the cold cruelty of the world. It was a bad habit, she supposed. She still felt, niggling at the roots of her mane, guilt at having so abruptly abandoned her duties to her people. It had been her job to be so optimistic. It had been her calling to look through the uncertain mists and know that beyond them somewhere was Light. She was the Seer. A snort exploded from her nose, half composed of impotent fury and dark humor. The Seer who could no longer See. How useless was she? That still did not excuse that young bull for his infuriatingly close-minded ignorance! Purple monkeys indeed! Where was the place for such prejudices anymore? How could such people still cling to their hatreds when the very world in which they lived was so threatened? Was there not enough evil to contend with that they could let go of their own? As always when on this path of thought, the imagery of a cracked skull, bloody and malicious, entered her mind. Grim, it was, and the multifaceted meaning of the word she also found ire in, as had her sister. Silly words. Familiar, the hem of her house crept into view of the ground. Amietia reached for the flap. Hesitated. She could not simply hide forever. This is what her old friend Bombina had been saying so repetitively. Amietia was not hiding. Her hand dropped. She swiveled to one side, taking pleasure in the way her hooves dug divots into the soil right in front of her home, marring the ground. Bombina did not understand. How could the old shaman comprehend? Even Amietia was not sure why she felt so broken. Despite her best attempts to cultivate a relationship with the woman she supposedly once shared a womb with, it was never as if she could pretend they were real sisters. Real twins. That Kerala was gone... why did it matter? What made this time any different than the others? Amietia trailed her fingers along the faded lines of dye decorating the exterior of her abode. Even were it not night, even if An'she shone brightly blazing in direct rays to light up the surface, she had lost the ability to distinguish color. The patterns appeared to her in varying shades of one hue. Gray. The world became gray for her the same day the visions ceased to change. Now there were only two. The colors had leeched, too, from these dreams. In her visions she watched the great tree burn white now, while the dark shapes of familiar people huddled around roots and the flickering light turned darkness at the edge of vision into seething shadowy evils. She looked upon a white stretch of land and down at the pair of gray stone doors. The once-pretty vines were black now, like veins in a dead landscape. And the doors always swung shut. Gray, even in her dreams. She missed rainbows, so. It made Amietia's chosen surname, Greydawn, so entirely funny, didn't it? What was not funny was the certainty that Amietia had seen her sister for the very last time. She felt bereft. Gutted. Something vital was missing, and she didn't know how to cope with the loss. Bombina had been sympathetic at first. Kerala had been absent a suspiciously long time this time. Then when that troll had appeared in Thunder Bluff with Kerala's stick... well all the Skytotem girls had gone to extra lengths in the search for their elusive friend. All of the people represented by the voodoo dolls had turned out to be perfectly fine and unharmed. Except for the staff, Amietia had no reason to connect the troll with her sister, but the coincidence was just too suspicious. As the months passed and no word came from the druid, Amietia became further and further depressed, and her friends no longer argued when she voiced the belief that her sister must be dead. It was hard enough to get up, get dressed, and go outside the quiet confines of her tent, and then when she does and meets one her own shu'halo brothers, that Oenn, who makes her question why she bothered...? Amietia sighed. She followed the pattern, tracing the paintwork and stitches around the tent wall to the backside and the open edge of the bluff. Black night air yawned cold and vast before her, a great void of nothingness that beckoned invitingly.
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    Phase one The war of the Shifting sands: Nocthelerus was born to Moonjade Riverdawn a huntress from before the sundering who lost her husband and first son in the war. Nocthelerus Riverdawn was actually an accident. She was having fun with other night elves and got pregant with him.It was during the war of the shifting sands. Moonjade being an experienced huntress was called to war. Her Son was young and bright and though she was going through the motions with him he was very attached to her to begin with. She set him with a cousin of hers so she could go to war. He didn't understand death yet at that point but didn't want to be away from mother. So under the cover of night he snuck on the ship. It wasn't until three days out that the nightelves caught the stow away they couldn't turn the ship around at that point and Moonjade gave him a good scolding for his efforts. She seemed rather aloof. Stating she wanted him to go back as soon as possible. They nightelves could not turn back the Captian promised he would go back with the first wounded. The first battle was on the shore it was brutal against the insects. The little boy was told to hide on the ship. That he did. But instead of just hiding he started doing what he could to roll amunition to the Cannons so they were ready. He did what he could to bring wounded back in the ship and got them water and supplies. He was a brave young boy but already he was learning medicine even though the night elves didn't approve of him helping they didn't turn the hand away. Nocthelerus worked through the night and in the morning the first ship of wounded soldiers were ready to go. He was set on that ship. He was crying though Moonjade looked at him with aloof measure looking back to the shore to cover their escape. The cover wasn't 100 percent a day out the insects attacked the ship. He was told to hide again. He hid within the ship as he heard the screams of the nightelves who were cut down my the scythes. The insects looked for warmth but his little hidey hole was shielded. He cowered in there for days not having food or more than a skin of water with him. On the fith day the ship hit the shore. He still didn't come out. Phase Two Shore of the Great Turtles's First days: Pandarens explored the ship taking the bodies of the insects and the nightelves and burning them giving them a proper ulogy. Finally Nocthelerus smelled food and he snuck out to take some. The crafty little child was eventually found by the Pandaren.They thought he might be a monster like the mantid and he hid. A young Pandaren inkeeper stopped them and told them he was just a kid. And she would take him in and raise him. Mao Snowpaw was her name and she raised him until he was 20. By that time he grew to full hieght. He kept helping her as she grew with the cooking and making of beds watching monks and warriors that came by he practiced in the night. Though the young child blocked out the trauma from the Sythid. He seemed intent on not letting anything like that happen to him again.He seemed to grow along with the Pandaren however he seemed to take longer to grow fully. He was a bright child and by the time he was 20 years old he was performing mimics of monk maneuvers. His dexterity was evident. To their surprise he started to use mists to heal. Phase three Reaching Pandaria: The Great turtle made harbor at Pandaria around that time. Since he was fully grown he wanted to explore more do more for pandaria. So with his buddies he got off the ship and headed inland to try and see what they could learn at monestaries. At first they trained at the Golden dawn.The way Noc Han dissappeared and reappeared he seemed like a rogue. The Shado pan watched him for a good 20 years at the monestary as he perfected every technique there. Brewmastery, windwalking and Mistweaving. A shado pan finally approached him giving him an invite into a specialized monestary. It was rather secret and he found great honor in it accepting the invitation. Soon he would travel to Kun Lai Summit.He took a good six months to get up that mountain being patient meeting the people around there with patience and respecting territory of Youngol.Eventually he made it up to the mountain where Xuen judged him worthy to be in the monestary. The head of the monestary seemed curious. Xuen saw through the young child and saw his great strengths. He went through years of training to become a Shado Pan. Working hard on minmal food in colder climates he learned well and adapted. Rarely getting sick. Using his cooking skills to the best he could manage to keep others going. He would tell stories and song he heard from the Great turtle during downtime. (because I am open to background ties I tend not to name buddies or others he had ties with) They soon had the last test to become Shado Pan. It was a gaunlet with carrying a torch up a hill with Windy Tornados trying to blow it out. In order to succeed you had to keep the torch lit until you reach the top defeating every foe or knocking them off the bridge. Noc Han had trained for this his entire life and it showed his athletic form kept the fire away from the wind and foes. And he managed to defeat most foes only taking a slash here and there He had a long slash from his chest down to his opposite hip from one of the assailants. Lighting the top of the Mountain ablaze he emerged victorious. Impressed the Shado pan started training him in the finer arts. Then a call came, the swarm was hitting the wall and they needed reinforcements. Noc Han volunteered for one of the more secluded ones. For years he was on the wall defeating the mantid. Rarely did a pandaran releive him. It came to be that the Shado Pan started to assume that Noc Han was a pandaren. Most were highly surprised the blue skinned devil with white hair was in fact not pandaren. Near the end of his time in Pandaria he met Mia Snowpaw, Apparently distantly related to Mao Snowpaw. She was beautiful smart and she knew how to fight. This was one of the first times Noc Han fell in love so deeply. Sure he courted some Panda's before but he was told strictly Pandaren weren't his kind.They had long nights on the wall when the swarm was small he would share many poems with her It wasn't too long that she reciprocated his love. One bad Mantid swarm came during the the summer months and they barely held the line. Not able to call out because they were surounded it took all his and Mia's prowess to hold it back. Once the dust had cleared from the battle he discovered his lover was fatally wounded by the mantid. Though he tried his best to mend her eventually her paw grabbed his hand. She told him "Walk in peace". As much as he tried He figured there would never be an end to the mantid never be an end to the war. He had to stop it once and for all so those like Mia wouldn't perish. Little did he know that from the fight in the Mantid he was possessed by a small sha of hatred. Indeed that fire in his breast drove him it wasn't the first time he lost close family to insects. He took The vengance path stating his post was unguarded and he was trying to save a pandaren he went down the road destroying every mantid he could luckily the Pandaren weren't far behind in covering his post. He went on a warpath down towards the Empress herself. Reaching the gate he killed as many insects as he could. Before he could enter her chambers he was found by a flier.. It stabbed him from behind he bled out and went unconcious. Phase Four The Journey outside Pandaria: Noc Han was thrown out to sea in a bloody mess with other bodies. Through the storm should have killed him he ended up on shore. Waking up a small mammal looking at him like he was food. Using some of the mists to rejuvinate himself enough to get up. Then he started to look around. Finding dinosaurs trying to kill him he started hiding out surviving on the island only long enough to make a Boat of Bamboo then he headed off to try and get to Pandaria again. The mists hid his way. And he went wild off course. He started having to boil water and fish to eat. It took a good month before he reached Kalimdor. He landed on shore in Kalimdor, The only thing there was a band of trolls who wanted to use him as a sacrifice to the gods. He fought them off and started living off the lands heading to Ungoro crater. It was a rough land but there was a high mountain he could sit and meditate. Withdrawing from the world. The Sha had left him since he left that island and he wanted to take some time to earn his inner peace again. He lived some 80 years on his own. Only talking to the occassional Night elf to barter for goods.He dissappeared soon after not wanting any ties to the people. Eventually his long meditation was interrupted by a stray Qiraji Coming into Ungoro crater. He slew it and knew this would just be one of many. He picked up his items the few he had and headed towards where the insect came from. From there he reunited with the nightelves. Fighting against the Qiraji he seemed to have a surprising amount of experience for being an uknown person to the nightelves. He lead a couple of groups to get succinct victories in the conflict. The Clash of the world came together. The Alliance was made and Noc Hand came to know other denizens, Humans Gnomes and Dwarves. Phase Five the introduction to the Illidari He ended up in the eastern kingdoms when the dark portal opened. Knowing this new threat could destroy the world he wanted the challenge and to defend Pandaria through this means. He went with others into the dark portal and fought off the legion with fist and staff. Going into the shadows he tried to find the true cause of this threat.Fighting foe after foe, demon after demon in one town that was being besiged by the legion in shadowmoon valley he found Illidari fighting side by side with him. He was about to fall from the foe. When one destroyed his foe absorbed the power from the demon and kept fighting. Waking up in the Illidari camp he used the limited healing ability he had left to mend himself. Getting up he started to listen to the story of these demon hunters. He loved hearing the stories. And they sacrificed just like him. Everything to see their home safe. Eventually fighting along side the Illidari he requested to join them. They wanted his resolve. He stated he would give anything to defeat the legion to save his home. AFter a few tests to see his will they oversaw the ritual to infuse him with Fel and grant him the sight.They found the Monk had great control over himself and his mental faculties. Impressed with this they were able to do more with his tattoos only giving him a binding tattoo at the back of the neck and down his spine. He was able to push more fel than normal through his form without relenting to the demon he was becoming. His demon form was different as well. It was black like the night with white highlights. Spikes and sometimes wings depending on what he needed to do to destroy the legion. After helping retrieve the Keystone to the demon worlds he was sealed with the other Illidari waiting for the Wardens to release him. In the end he didn't fault the Wardens they had the same idea as him. Save azeroth from the Legion. When he was free and re-empowered himself he got the first thing he missed during all his time in stasis. Some perfectly brewed tea. Now he is working to improve the reputation of the Illidari, through strong mind and proper dipomatic words.
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    "Do you remember? When we were free, when the Earthmother ran her fingers through our manes with each gust?" Full name: Ankoba Earthwhisper (Fr. Warhoof.) Age: 33 Race: Tauren Gender: Male Hair: Brown Skin color: Lightbrown/white mottled. Eyes: Blue Height: 8'0 Weight: 550 Place of Residence: Wandering, at the behest of the Earthmother Birthplace: Somewhere in Mulgore, prior to the settling of Thunder Bluff Languages: Orcish, Taur'ahe Occupation: Shaman (fr. Brave) Likes: Fishing, the wilds, spice bread Dislikes: Goblins, large cities, a disrespect of nature Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, the occasional plant tending Special abilities: Survivalist- a keen nature of what the Earthmother offers for natural healing. Physical description: A kind face and sweeping horns, for a shaman, his hide bares many a divot and scar that suggest he may have been quite the fighter at one time. History: Born to a pair of Braves while the Tauren were still nomadic, his parents swore themselves- And a young Ankoba- to the security of Cairne Bloodhoof and Thunder Bluff. A rambunctious calf, Ankoba excelled at his training. A promising young Brave, sent to Taurajo in his teen years to shadow older guards and learn the way. All things, all good things, come to an end, however. Not even the Tauren were immune to the horrors of the war between the Horde and Alliance. Returning from a hunting trip, they were stopped in the flickering lights of the blaze that ate away at Taurajo. A heated battle, screaming civilians. Something struck his head, and he was left to burn. But something spoke to him, cradled him. "Come back to us, Ankoba. There is so much yet to be done. So much to be tended to." Ankoba awoke with a startle. This was not Taurajo. He had been dragged to safety, taken back to Thunder Bluff. He would no longer be fighting, not with his injuries. He relayed what he had heard to the medicineman that tended after him, and was soon set upon by a shaman's circle, asked if he might want to join, learn the ways of the elements, how to harness and commune. It came naturally to the bull, and he found his calling. He left his former name there in the mud and blood with Taurajo. Earthwhisper. His anger, however, would still best him. In Stonetalon, with a group of equally upset young shaman, they came together, they wailed at the destruction, called upon the elements, the storms and rain, driving winds- They called a deluge of rain to wash away the logging camps, those that might disturb the Earthmother's peace. Fugitives from Garrosh's Horde, logging disrupted, Orcs and Goblins washed away, drowned and crushed under their equipment. Ankoba Earthwhisper, Speaker of the Great Rain Dance. His whereabouts, though debatable, trace him to a tribe clinging to life in the Thousand Needles.
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    Full Name: Draquesha Nicknames: Draq (uses Jenkins facetiously) Date of Birth: June 10 Age: 32 Race: Jungle Troll Gender: Female Hair: Green/teal anime hair Skin: Blue Eyes: Gold Height: 7'2"//2.18m Weight: 213lb//96.6kg Place of Residence: Sholazar Basin//Nagrand Place of Birth: Echo Islands Known Relatives: tbd Religion/Philosophy: Draq doesn't believe in a higher power and lives her life to the sound of her own tune, rolling with the punches as they come to her Occupation: Hunter and herbalist because she likes playing with animals and picking pretty flowers Group/Guild affiliation: tbd Guild Rank: tbd Enemies: None that I'm aware of Likes: The warmth; travel; nature Dislikes: Conflict; humans; the cold; crowds/cities/buildings Hobbies: fishing and foraging; cooking; geocashing (I'm joking, but she would totally do this) Favorite foods: soup (all the soup), but specifically ramen; licorice; grilled meats Favorite drinks: ayran (salty yogurt drink); on special occasions, she likes rakı (licorice flavored alcoholic beverage) Favorite colors: earth tones; wine red Weapons of Choice: Personalized crossbow with fun accesssories Physical features: Tall and lanky; resting bitch face Special abilities: tbd Positive personality traits: curious; free spirited Negative personality traits: conflict averse; sarcastic; disinterested Misc. Quirks: Boisterous; a bit prickly; tries to remain neutral on just about everything; reclusive, so the news is lost to her; likes dancing, has two left feet (rip) Theme Songs: A work in progress because I have an odd relationship with music Better Days -- Hedley Learn to Let Go -- Kesha Chandelier -- Sia
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    In the interest of sharing, here are a few communities you may or may not have known about. Our own Ravenholdt+TwistingNether Discord server can be accessed on the home page here on TNG. Roleplayers Connect Discord server: invite link is https://discord.gg/ettfyHJ Roleplayer's Network Blizzard social group: invite link for our realms https://blizzard.com/invite/L9gE0FyR9 and global https://blizzard.com/invite/J9O7xh0AX Maelstrom+Lightninghoof+TheVentureCo's public realm Discord server: invite link is https://discord.gg/4nH5GUu
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    The poster above is hung in Alliance cities and the Alliance quarter of Dalaran. Alliance friends, join the Twilight Empire for its annual Winter Veil celebration! Wear your holiday best (or your worst!), bring a wrapped gift for the gift exchange, and enjoy good food, warm drink, and merry company! Who: Alliance What: Winter Veil RP Celebration Where: Thunderbrew Distillery, Kharanos When: Saturday, December 30th, 7:30PM ST Contact Aryänna-Ravenholdt (alt code ALT+0228) or Ketani-Ravenholdt with questions!