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    Weak Auras 2 - Import Strings for Rogues


    This article only shows the first part of the guide.  To see the full guide, please go to the forum thread here:  http://wow-tng.org/forums/topic/23505-weak-auras-2-import-strings-for-rogues/



    Curse Link for Weak Auras 2:  https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/weakauras-2

    I've been modifying my WA2 to include timer bars, energy bar, combo points, and I got rid of three other addons that each did one of those functions.

    All of my WA2 settings are near the middle of the screen for easy viewing during combat.  They are only activated in combat, and for the appropriate spec or talent choices.

    To import, select one from below and copy the gibberish text.  In game, open Weak Auras (  /wa ).  Select New, then Import.  In the window, paste the text you copied, then press Done.  You can view it on your screen and make adjustments as you like.

    Warning: You should only import strings from people you trust.  Apparently there was a bad string going around a while back that would make you give people your gold under certain conditions.  That's been fixed, but you never know what other nasty bugs people have found a way to code into it.  I created all of these myself and did not import any strings anyone else created.

    If any of these don't work, or if you want help making another one, just let me know! 

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