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    PROMPT JUNE 2018: What is something your character is irritated by or affects them that they try to cover up? Some of us get allergies in the early spring/summer and try to ignore the obnoxious stuffiness of our noses. Most people know the misery of being too hot or itchy from bug bites or poison ivy. Tell us a story about your character facing something that just makes them go "UGH."

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    There is no guild of the month this month while we give our groups a chance to update and bump their posts to be eligible for this new feature. Please check back in in July!

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    Full Name: Bombina Skysong

    Nicknames: Bomom (a term young calflings use like calling someone gramma)
    ((namechanged from Anura))

    Date of Birth: Forgotten to living memory
    Age: Older than dirt

    Race: Tauren
    Gender: Female


    Likes: The ocean. Books. Reading and writing. History. A fine male form.
    Favorite Foods: Clams and oysters
    Favorite Drinks: Broth
    Favorite Colors: Watercolors
    Dislikes: Stupidity. Spring, autumn and winter months of chilly and up-and-down temperatures.
    Hobbies: Testing the boundaries of what 'respect for elders' will let her get away with.


    Physical Features: She's an old tauren woman. Her back is bent with the weight of uncounted years though she's still far from feeble. She is skinny in the way of elder people, all knobby joints and thin skin overlaid. Her fur is thinning and often flat. She has cunning amber eyes still lively with a fierce intelligence, it's just that her body is starting to give out on her. Her gaze is becoming more and more near-sighted. She creaks and pops in anything even resembling chilly weather.

    Click here to learn more about Bomom!