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    Welcome to the New TNG!


    The move from a vBulletin based forum to an IPS Community Suite has been completed.  Welcome back :)

    Things to know:

    •  If you had blogs or groups on the old site, they are no longer readily available.  If it's important, I can pull the information from the database.  Let me know via PM if you need me to retrieve something.  Expect it to take up to a few days to get back to you.
    • Because the new system doesn't allow more than one account to use the same email address, many accounts have been given "dummy" emails with the format username@wow-tng.org.  Your email WILL be good to log into your primary account.  If you want to switch which account is designated the primary, let me know.  If you have forgotten your password and cannot retrieve it due to the change of email, let me or @Keraph know and we can get that fixed for you.
    • You can now easily switch between Alt accounts, and create new ones extremely easily.
    • The new groups feature is pretty amazing.  You can essentially setup a website for yourself.  Feel free to use it to plan out collaborative RP stories, or as a substitute for a guilds or group website.
    • If you have suggestions or find bugs, post in the Suggestions forum.
    • Currently there are two themes, this dark, Legion colors, and a basic "white" theme that comes default.  More themes can be created if needed.


    Edited by Mortica

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    You rocked it, Mortica. I know you worked on this all weekend when you could have been relaxing. Thanks for making this place even more awesome for us, and double thank you for the Discord server! 

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