Sanctuary was a storied guild, once. Its embrace of justice and peace made it respected by some and despised by others. But after Garrosh came to power, there was no room left in the new Horde for such ideals. Under the hostile regime, Sanctuary's members were hunted until the guild was a hollow, smoking ruin. Some of its former members managed to go underground, carrying on their cause, but by the time Garrosh was deposed, the guild was remembered only in hushed whispers.

Then, the banner was bravely raised by a young newcomer. Members old and new took it up in an unprecedented revival. Sanctuary's tabard is once again worn, albeit slightly changed: its hammer has become a phoenix.

Upholding the principles of justice and peace in a dangerous world still brings its share of controversy, but Sanctuary stands resolute in the face of doubt. While supporting the Horde's operations, Sanctuary also works to counter any threats that rise to the world, above all safeguarding the innocent – whether from those who would take advantage of them, or from those who believe none are innocent.

The Vows

Peace: I will not initiate hostilities.

Justice: I will react with force only to defend the innocent, or in fair, consensual combat.

Mercy: I will respond to hostility with the least amount of force required.

Sacrifice: I will forgive mistakes, insults, and injuries to my person for the sake of peace, justice, and mercy.

    1. Sanctuary General

      General discussion of Sanctuary-related topics.

    2. Sanctuary RP

      Discussion of Sanctuary-themed RP.

    3. Sanctuary PvP

      Discussion of PvP activities as they pertain to Sanctuary.

    4. Sanctuary PvE

      Discussion of PvE activities as they pertain to Sanctuary.


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