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"Qyu Te'Pie"

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Full Name: "None of your damn business."

Nicknames: "Qyu Te'Pie" "Princess"

Date of Birth: Sometime in the early winter a long, long time ago.

Age: Old Enough.

Race: Sin'dorei.

Gender: Female.

Hair: Blonde with carefully hidden streaks of silver.

Skin: Light pink.

Eyes: Pale Green.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 98lbs

Place of residence: Shattrath

Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas

Known Relatives: None she would speak of.

Religion/Philosophy: Looking out for number one.

Occupation: Herb collector.

Group/Guild affiliation: None.

Guild Rank: None.

Enemies: The Alliance.

Likes: Intelligent company.

Favorite Foods: Fried strider meat sprinkled with spices and herbs.

Favorite Drinks: Melon Juice.

Favorite Colors: Pink and orange.

Weapons of Choice: Bows, guns and two handed axes, whichever is more easily at hand.

Dislikes: Ignorance.

Hobbies: Sketching, hiking and spending time with her consort.

Physical Features: She's adorable, just like everyone else. With dark brown eyebrows, light pink skin, flawless features and curled blonde hair.

Special Abilities: Does archery count?

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