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I don’t go to the cabin much anymore.  Not while the girl is still there. However, sources say she is seen around Dalaran sometimes, so she’s not there all the time.  Baal came to Cantina last night though.  What he wants to do is crazy.  Some things just can’t be made whole again after they’re broken apart, and we were broken long before she was taken away. I nearly destroyed her then.  If this happens, I can probably still do that.  But I’m not going to take that risk. I need to change his mind.  And if I can’t talk him out of it, I’ll have to go against his wishes.  If she’s dead, it won’t be an option anymore. I’m sure Qabian would help with that.  But maybe I’ll give the task to Vyalis and give him a chance to save his other ear.

The topic of family came up tonight.  I don’t even know what it means anymore.  I have a sister that I don’t know these days, but we were close once, and we killed the rest of them.  They deserved it.  But that wasn’t the kind of family he was talking about.  He was talking about the family you choose.  I’ve had family like that before too.  But what’s the point?  Eventually, one by one, they all die or leave or betray you.  I once had many people I considered close enough to call family. I used to think of all the Grims as one big family.  Now there are only two, and oddly enough neither are Grim.  

Umbral asked Baal why he’s so big, and he started telling her how he was infected with fel.  Then he asked me to explain.  So I told Umbral how Baal used to be a Grim, and when he was a Supplicant, one of the warlocks experimented on him with a drug called Wreave.  I know Baal still hates Ul’rezaj for that.  And I still silently carry the guilt with me for my part in it.  Does he know?  Can he feel my guilt when the subject comes up?  Does he already know?  Is that why he asked me to explain it?  Will he shut me out if he learns the truth?  But he was just a cocky Supplicant elf back then. 

Apparently, Commander Stick-Up-Her-Butt let herself be goaded into a fight with Nero.  I’d love to know what he said to get under her skin enough to make her throw the first punch.  The fight was bad enough that Fhenrir stepped in, and she punched him too!  I wish I had seen it.  Miss High and Mighty lowering herself enough to start a barfight.  Justice and mercy and blah blah blah.


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Damn elves.  

What the fel happened tonight?  That did not go at all the way I had planned.

I think someone cut my puppet’s strings and replaced them with a spine and some guts.  And I think I know who it was.  What, they’re best buds now, because they’re both elves and both missing an ear?  He wasn’t going to be pushed around tonight, I could tell.  One power play after another. Questioning the purpose of my orders, demanding the ear back, and then that little stand off before he left.  I gave him a vague reason for the job, but I still have the ear, and he walked away first.  So go me, I won the power struggle, but in the process, I lost my puppet.  

I should have stabbed him.  I probably would have if I wasn’t so surprised about what I learned tonight.  Would it have made a difference if I stabbed him?  Would he have backed down again, like he did in the inn?

Damn elves.

He warned her.  It had to be him.  He knew.  We didn’t tell anyone else.  He warned her, and in doing so, he set Vyalis up for failure.  Then he stood by without objection when he learned of what his actions had cost the puppet.  But Vyalis suspects me.  That little red bird whispering in his ear somehow made it point back to me.

And then he cut the puppet’s strings, and ruined my plans for the girl. He must have.  He knew my plans.  Why?  To protect a fellow one-eared elf Grim from little old me?  To get back at me for reading his love letters?  To go after her himself?  

Whatever the reason, it’s not good enough.  Someone will pay for this.  And I’ve learned enough over the last few weeks to have quite a few to choose from.  I think I know just the one.

Damn elves.  Just when I think I can trust one.  Without fail, they prove me wrong.  

All but one.

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I haven’t seen Vyalis since that night.  I sent a message for him to come see me, but apparently, he is ignoring me.  He didn’t respond to the message.  I guess I’ll have to go correct that mistake.

Qabian doesn’t seem to suspect anything.  I even sold him two books for half the cost of the contract I took out to beat up a few people he seems to care about.  A nice pretty bank note with his name on it, that I’ll hand over to the mercs as payment.  That way, if there’s any trouble, it will be traced back to him.  That’s the least he deserves for interfering with my plans.

Tahz is in trouble again.  He made another deal with the troll spirits or whatever.  He changed his mind, but now he’s still expected to hold up his end of the bargain.  He doesn’t want to do his part, because he thinks it’s too dangerous.  I think it’s wonderful.  Somewhere out of the way, far from Horde lands, I’m sure it would be fine.  It’s been a while since I’ve visited Eastvale.  Too bad Xek isn’t still around.  He would have loved this.  But either way, I offered to take it from Tahz.  If he gave it to RAS like he planned, there’s no way they wouldn’t do something with it.  If he gives it to me, well, I haven’t decided yet if I’ll use it, but if I do, at least I’ll take more caution than they would to keep it away from Horde. If I don’t, well, I have one of the Supplicants researching the Mossflayers for me.  If someone’s going to come after me, I want to know something about him.

I saw that mage at Cantina the other night.  The Sanctuary one that was in....wherever the fel that place was that Karthok shot himself.  The confusion of the Nightmare was still with me then, but I knew better than to get on either of the two departing airships.  One was filled with Alliance, and the other with Sanctuary.  This mage saw me abandon the ship I boarded when Sanctuary started pouring in, and he opened a portal for me out of that place.  I always wondered why, especially after I nearly got in a fight with him at the Winter Veil party.  Or maybe I was going to get into a fight with T’suro and this guy interfered.

I asked him at Cantina why he opened the portal for me, after I realized he did know who I am.  He’s young for an elf, but he’s not all elf.  He is one of those people that still thinks there is good in everyone, and everyone can be redeemed, and blah blah blah.  Silly boy. Well, he’s young.  Life will beat that attitude out of him eventually, if Sanctuary doesn’t first.  For all his silly notions though, he must be skilled.  He bested Khorvis in combat at that party.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.  Tricksy mages.

He said there’s some conflict in the purple palace over those void elf creatures.  Some kind of disagreement that is splitting some people apart there.  He said it even split up Kex’ti and Julilee.  Kex’ti left Sanctuary over it.  I wonder where he is and what he’s going to do now.  I always knew he wasn’t suited for Sanctuary.  Not for long.  I’ve seen him do things that would make the purple people puke.  He has a dark side.  I’ve seen it.  I even learned a trick from him in Grim Batol. If he stays away from Sanctuary, will he finally give in to it?  And if he does, who will he turn it on?

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I went visiting this week to collect money for Tahz’s boat fund.  

I went to Borrowed Time first.  Megeda met me at the gates.  I haven’t seen him since Thunder Bluff, I think, when he was guarding that dead human who slaughtered that Tauren village.  He doesn’t look well now. He’s too skinny.  But he agreed to take up a collection among Borrowed Time to help raise money for the boat.  He asked a favor in return.

He wanted me to try to sneak past the gate to test his guards.  He promised I wouldn’t get hurt if I got caught, and I’ve never known a Tauren to go back on their word, so I agreed.  It was easy.  I toyed with them a bit, and eventually I became visible to ring a bell outside their tavern.  A goblin shot himself at me with some kind of rocket pack, but Megeda was true to his word and stepped in right away.  He asked if I would be willing to do it again, to help train his guards.

To be honest, it wasn’t a fair test.  I can sneak into just about anywhere without being detected.  But it was fun.  Their base is lively and active, lots of people living and working together.  Yes, I will go back and help again when he asks.  Maybe I’ll bring a few things to make it more interesting.

Then I went to Sanctuary’s hall in Dalaran. I didn’t go in, of course.  Nobody’s word would convince me I’d be safe inside that guild base.  But that short-eared elf mage and a Tauren came out to talk to me.  I don’t think I ever met that Tauren, but apparently, he’s heard about me.  It was clear by the way he held his axe that he expected trouble.  As if I’d come knocking at the front door if I were there for blood.   Anyway, he agreed to collect donations, but he said he would send them to the Cantina rather than trust me with Sanctuary’s money.  Whatever.  

The young mage though, gave me a bag of coins and said he trusted me to use the gold for what I said.  Silly elfling.  He said he’s heard about me and what I’ve done.  Why the fel would he trust someone like me while he wears their colors?

Then Aaren showed up to be annoying.  She was drunk, so extra annoying.  I did learn, however, that she lives in the Purple Palace now.  That could be a useful tidbit.

Then I went to the cabin and asked Baal if Rutilus would donate.  He said he’d give me some special mushrooms that I could sell for a good price.  I’m sure he’ll ask around Rutilus too.

Vyalis said he never got my message.  If I believe him, then I guess I need to have words with my messenger.

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