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Baal’themar went through with it last night. Got his eye and a piece of his soul taken out of him.

Nathandiel did the cutting. He’s a doctor. I still hate him. He’s so rude and mean. I didn’t know he was a doctor, but Attie says he heard it once or twice in the past. At first, I thought it might be useful to have a doctor around, but then I remembered—it’s Nathandiel. I wouldn’t trust him to remove a splinter from my finger.

Nathandiel used all these strange instruments and devices and tubes connected to Baal. It was all very strange and creepy. Baal couldn’t move or talk, but I think he could still feel it all.

Then Malhavik sucked out part of Baal’s soul. I wonder if it was just chance that Mal returned tonight, of all nights—the night we just happened to need someone to suck on a soul. I wonder what happened to Ul-Rezaj.

I still don’t get it. Why would someone choose to make themselves half blind? Why would someone willingly give up a part of their soul? It makes no sense. It was definitely a sacrifice, but will he still be as useful to us?

Nathandiel called us all up to look at Baal’s face with his eye missing, and I stayed up there and watched while Mahavik sucked out part of his soul. Baal looked kind of peaceful for someone who just had his eye cut out. Baal’themar had insisted on an audience for this Trial. All those Grims around, watching while he was naked and paralyzed. So helpless and vulnerable. He must really trust us.

I can’t imagine trusting anyone to that extent—to allow myself, willingly, to be paralyzed and helpless like that. I wonder if Baal was afraid while he was lying there, unable to move. I mean, afraid beyond losing his eye and part of his soul. How certain was he, while he lay naked and helpless, that I wouldn’t cut off his ears? That nobody there would hurt him? That we would protect him if Alliance or any other enemies found us and attacked? Did he trust us that much?

And that skull, with Baal’s eye and part of his soul, sitting in the main hall. Does it watch us? Will Baal know everything it sees? It’s creepy.

I gave him an amethyst before it started. Lomani told me it would help me find discipline with my damaged soul, so I bought one for Baal and gave it to him tonight. He seemed surprised.

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Why can’t people just mind their own business? Why should orcs care if I poison humans? IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

I had plagued cupcakes all ready for the Stormwind Orphanage for Children’s Week, and I even found a nice Sanctuary panda lady willing to deliver them. It was perfect!

But noooooo, stupid ugly Shokkra has to get involved and start a fight, and when I just act a little threatening in return, all fel breaks loose. Stupid meddlesome busy-bodies! And then even Cobrak and Kex’ti got involved somehow, and I ended up at the business end of Cobrak’s gun and then getting my knee shot off, and I didn’t even do anything to any of them!

But now I will.

So now I have someone else delivering the cupcakes. At least this person is trustworthy and will get the job done quietly before anyone else interferes.

There’s been this troll at Cantina lately. He has this bird-thing pet that he said likes to eat Forsaken, so he doesn’t bring it anymore. He wears a necklace made of ears. Maybe I should do that. Then I’d have a snack with me all the time. He thinks I'm Lilly's pet. I thought he was interesting until last week.

He brought a slave girl with him. He said she was his servant, but she was a slave. I would recognize it anywhere. The way she looked at him for permission for every little thing, even looking at Lilly’s sketchbook which was already in her hands.

Even elves don’t deserve that. I should kill her. To free her.

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This orc assassin has been hanging around the Brokenspear lately. Karthok. The crazy psychopath who butchered Breygrah and threatened the waitress. He doesn’t seem as creepy as I thought he would. I only vaguely remember meeting him as the waitress. He must have had a good reason for doing that to Brey, even though he said he didn’t. Nobody would butcher someone like that just for fun. Whatever the reason, he paid for it big-time. Cobrak got hold of him after that. Now the guy has two metal legs, one metal arm, and a burned up face.

I talked to him there the past couple nights. He’s Shokkra’s brother, but he’s nothing like her. He seems very calm and rational. He’s actually pretty nice. He seems to like me because of my reputation for hurting people, but I told him I only hurt people who deserve it, well usually. I’m surprised Shokkra hasn’t poisoned his opinion of me by now. He called me darling.

Two birds, one stone. Or is it one elf?

Maybe Shokkra will stop being an obnoxious pain in the butt now. Maybe Cobrak will stop acting like he can bully everyone around and shoot people’s knees out for no reason.

It felt kinda good to smash her knee in. I pretended it was Cobrak’s and Shokkra’s. Screw them. Who do they think they are anyway? Hurting Dora probably hurt them worse than if I hurt them directly. Good.

A knee for a knee!

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What the world has taught me today…..

It’s perfectly acceptable for a BT bully to humiliate and injure a Grim Forsaken for NO REASON AT ALL. Nobody will bat an eye. Nobody will get upset. Nobody will call for war.


If that Grim Forsaken inflicts the same injury on a pretty BT elf that everyone likes, then everyone gets all in an uproar and calls for bloodshed and war.

What a load of kodo dung!

Was I supposed to just take it and do nothing? Should I just let Cobrak and others like him do whatever they want to me and not retaliate? Did he really think that?

Screw him. Screw them all. With felfire.

Lilly suggested I stay low until this blows over. Leyu’jin once told me not to lie or hide from my actions when I know I’m right. I’m not going to hide from them. If they want to hate me for something Cobrak started, that’s their blindness. If they want to do more than that, well, I’m not completely stupid when it comes to precautions and revenge.

I have a feeling some will want the blood to be flowing as readily as drinks at Cantina tonight.

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Trolls are weird.

Naring is possessed by a demon or something. Rutilus has him locked up in a cell in their dungeon, and he’s all crazy, so Lilly had to go question him and get in his head to see what’s going on. Baal and I went with her.

Some half-naked elf lady showed us to his cell. I asked her if she works for Ophinnia, that Madame that hangs around Borrowed Time people, but she didn’t seem to know who that was. She talked like she expected us to take her seriously. How do you take someone serious if they’re not wearing any pants? It was snowing, and I asked her if she gets cold. She said it’s worth it to show off her butt. Elves!

Anyway, I hung out outside Naring’s cell for a little while and watched Lilly in there with him. He seemed to be drinking something that wasn't there and talking to people who weren’t there. Baal was nearby keeping an eye on everyone. After a while, I told him to make sure Lilly got home safe, and I left. I didn’t like it down there. The dungeon. The cells. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, even though I don’t really need to breathe anyway.

Then Tahzani is acting weird lately too. He sent me a letter asking me to get bones from three dead trolls in Jintha’Alor, and if I got the bones (which I did), I was to give them to Lilly (which I did), and not say anything to Tahz about it (which I didn’t). How strange is that—to ask someone to do a job, but tell them not to tell you when it’s finished or ask you any questions about it?

Then last night at Cantina, I was busy trying to cut off this elf girl’s ears, and all of a sudden, Tahz fell down and his mouth was all sealed shut with strange markings on it. That scary-looking troll was there with his flesh-eating bird, and he started talking about voodoo, so I thought he was doing something to Tahz. Then the elf girl cut open Tahz’s mouth with a knife, and he screamed in multiple voices at once. It was a horrible sound! Then some Sanctuary elf healed him up, and Tahz acted like everything was fine again.

Tahz said something about making a deal with the Vilebranch trolls, which live in Jintha’Alor. I wanted to ask him if this all had something to do with the bones I took from there, but the letter said not to say anything to him about it.

I tried to question the big scary-looking Amani troll. Torjusk, I think is his name. But he just went on about Revantusk voodoo and repeated about Tahz making a deal with the Vilebranch, and he wouldn’t even accept a drink from Tahz because he was afraid of whatever voodoo Tahz was mixed up in. He didn’t know anything useful at all, or at least, not that he told me. Then he called me a human again, the jerk.

I followed Tahz when he left to make sure he was safe after all that. He went to Gilneas, down into some tunnel under a river. I have no idea what business trolls might have in the deserted wolfman city, but Lilly was down there with Kogrona sleeping on her lap and a twisted up dead man on the floor. Lilly wasn’t hurt or anything, but she wasn’t her usual self. She seemed troubled. She and Tahz talked about centipedes, and soul eaters, and something eating the soul eaters, and it was all very strange. Then Tahz picked up the sleeping Kogrona and we all left.

I still don’t know what that was all about. I think maybe it’s none of my business unless they want to tell me. I think they’ll be okay now, and that’s all that matters. Besides, he said in his letter not to ask about it, so I guess I won’t.

Trolls are weird.

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Two entries in one day. But tonight was crazy--soul-tasting Light-blasting demon-testing aside. Whose idea was it anyway, to use Light as a test against a Forsaken? Luckily, they never got to me.

Sometimes I start to think that maybe elves aren’t as bad as I think, and I should give them another chance. They’ve been around a long time, like since ancient times. They’ve been in the Horde for years now. So the ones that are still here are usually competent at what they do, or they would have been dead by now. That makes them good fighters. Most of them must have adjusted to life among the Horde by now, or they would have been driven out.

Lately, I’ve been allowing myself to get close to some of them. You’d think I’d learn by now that they can’t be trusted. They turn. Eventually, they all turn.

One of the first ones I met, and trained, and mentored, and thought was my friend, later got me flayed and nearly kicked out of The Grim. And it’s gone downhill from there. Every time there’s a serious problem that’s not related to the Alliance, there’s an elf involved. Every time I get close to one, or trust one of them, they betray.

Every. Single. Time.

Causing chaos and mayhem in The Grim in their early days. Aiding Alliance against Horde. Herald to the end of the world. Gaining my favor and affection and then leaving without so much as a word or a note. Not doing the job they were paid for, leaving fellow Horde to certain doom. Trading me to the Alliance in exchange for the freedom of another elf. And on and on and on.....

How many times do I have to get bitten by the same beast before I stop putting my hand out to them?

Shaelie has a human soul. Has she been human all along? Did a human possess her? No…she said if we had known, we wouldn’t have let her in, so she deceived us intentionally. I guess now I know why I thought she was different from other elves. I liked her, before I knew she had been lying to us all this time.

Now she’s not Grim anymore. And Karthok is hunting her. If he catches her, I’m not even going to feel sorry for what he’ll do to her.

I need to remember this. As I always remind myself every time something like this happens. I can’t trust them. I can’t get close to them. I’ll just end up hurt. Or worse.

How long before the others turn on me, or betray the Horde?

How long before Zanas takes out a contract on me or someone I care about?

How long until Kiannis puts a bullet in me or another Grim?

How long until Baal’themar uses his creepy skull-eye powers against The Grim?

They’ll betray. Me or The Grim. Eventually. They all do. There’s not a single elf I’ve ever cared about who hasn’t.

Maybe I just shouldn’t care anymore.

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((I had to go back and read your "trolls are weird" entry and it just makes me laugh. Especially the elf with NO pants))

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Midsummer has come and gone. 

I once heard of an orcish tradition where orcs who have strayed from their clan return on the last night of Midsummer, drawn to the bonfires.  I sat by the bonfire in Brill all night that night, hoping for lost Grims to return.  Yichimet, Muatah, Mohan, Guduk, Malstrom, Chavie, Cen, so many others.

The bonfire burned all night, but nobody came back.

I saw Atticus recently though, and that was nice. 

I told the King of Rats story in Brackenwall last week.  Many Grims came to hear it. It’s been over a decade since the actual event took place.  Two years since I last told the story.  I think it’s important for new Grims to learn our history.

After the story, Khorvis found an old crate mostly buried in the dirt.  There was a book and some vials.  The book contained riddles that Khorvis sent someone else to investigate.  I wonder if those vials held Maledictus’ old plague. That would greatly help me in my own research. 

I will try to get a sample for my next experiment.

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Draenor.  Like Outland, but not.  In Outland, we faced threats, of course, as we did anywhere we’ve ever gone.  Lady Vashj, Prince Kael’thas, Illidan….    But they were just foes to be dealt with.  Draenor though--the fel there corrupts from the inside.  Akorn.  Khorvis.  Ul-Rezaj.  Now Xek.  Is he dead for good?  His body is so broken.  But Lupin has his soul.  He said he might be able to be saved.  Those snakes….  Every time we killed one, another took its place.  How do you kill a Loa?  We should make all the Grim trolls switch to Sandfury religion so Loas don’t come to claim them anymore.

I have had enough of this place.  Lupin said he would suggest to the Commander that he give the order for us to move out.  Back to the guild hall.  In Tirisfal.  The Glades look different to me now.  They’re not as safe and welcoming as they once were.  It’s been nearly a year since I went into that basement there, but my memories—the memories I have of it—are still so clear.   

I’m sure wherever we go, Sanctuary will continue to be a thorn in our side.  There was a fight in the Wyvern’s Tail that I missed.  One of the Purple People struck Khorvis and broke his tusk.  So I found a pretty purple elf a few days later and took her ear. I don’t remember her name, but I do remember that she is Cerryan’s woman for…three years, I think she said.   Lilly stitched the pretty ear on my head for me where my ear used to be.  We did that in the Wyvern’s Tail.  Fitting, I think.  An ear for a tusk! 

Zanas is looking for the Cardman.  He put a bounty out for his capture.  He promised me I could play with him before he kills him.  What wouldn’t I do to that funny talking Draenei?  Cut off pieces of his tail and send them to the Aegis.  Slice slits in his eyeballs and stick cards in there.  WHAT DO YOU SEE NOW, YOU DEMON-LOOKING PIG?   Destruction making way for rebuilding?  Whatever.

I told Zanas I would help look for the Cardman.  He seemed surprised.  I don’t think he realizes the depth of the debt I owe him.  But I do.  Even if he is an elf.



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Baal’themar finally invited me to see that cabin he was building months ago.   But then Nathandiel told him that he’s not allowed to take me there.  I don’t know why he hates me so much.  I can’t stand him.  He’s a jerk.  And he’s always mean to me.  I want to cut off his stupid dog’s tail and shove it down his throat so he chokes on it.  And I want to break all his fingers, because he broke one of Baal’s yesterday for inviting me to their cabin.  But I never would.  Baal likes him, so I would never hurt him.  Even if he is mean to me.  A revoked invitation is worse than having not gotten one at all. 

Baal likes my new ear.  He said he can make me more.  He measured me last night for a suit that could make me look pretty.  It will be pretty and soft, and some people won’t even know it’s me.  I could spy on people without even hiding.  Maybe they would be nice to me.

Baal is always nice to me.  He’s easy to talk to.  I find myself telling him things sometimes.  Last night, I started telling him about something I never talked about with anyone before.  I told him he could use my alchemy lab to make my new suit.  Nobody else knows where it is, except Bernie and his staff, but I’ll show Baal.

Sometimes I feel like I want to go home.  But I’m not sure where that is anymore.  I’m not content in my hut in the garrison anymore.  I’m tired of the cold.  I’m tired of the bleak landscape here.  Nothing good happened during the time we’ve been in Draenor. Only lots of bad stuff. 

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We moved out of the garrison and back to the guild hall in Brill.  It seems different than I remember, but it’s the same.  So much has happened in the time we were in Draenor.

The Legion has come to Azeroth.  So many demons!  They’re invading both continents.  We fight, but there’s so many of them.  And the Alliance is no help.  When the demons attack Horde territory, the Alliance seem to help them, forcing us to fight two enemies at once.  The Horde is strong and fierce, but there are so many of them!  We beat them back in one place, only to have them break through somewhere else.  

Some of the Horde went out to sea, to the Broken Shore, to fight demons there.  I saw some leaving.  I saw Razvaan getting on a ship.  I was so surprised, I couldn’t say anything, and then he was aboard, and all I could do was wave.  I keep wondering, was Lucion with him?  On that same ship somewhere?  Was he that close and I missed the chance to see him again?  I’ll probably never know.  

Last time I saw him was during a visit to Orgrimmar when we were mostly fighting in Northrend.  It’s been years.  I wonder what he would be like now.  I wonder what he would think of me now.   I know, it doesn’t matter.  There’s a war going on.  No time for silly thoughts like that.  Still, it’s nice to think about something good during breaks from fighting the Legion and Alliance.

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*In shaky, spidery script, only one name is written on this page.  There are jagged slashes made through paper under the name.*


Cerryan Vyel

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The maggot remembers the corpse.

And now the maggot is dead.  For how long, I don’t know.  How it happened, I don’t care.  Something about the Emerald Nightmare.  I hope it he knew pain and terror at the end, enough to wipe that everlasting smirk off his smug face. 

I wish I knew where his body was.  I would kick it.  I would let Rabble eat from it.  I would slice off an ear or two.

Even after he beat me, and cut off my ear, and held me over a fire, and threatened my life, there was a time that I respected him and thought it might be nice to get along with him, rather than plotting to hurt him all the time.  Then he handed me over to the humans.  

Now I feel relief that he’s dead.  Sanctuary is weaker without him.  Someday, they will get what’s coming to them.  Not from me, but from someone.  Or something.  And I will stand by and watch with great enjoyment.

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Siane lied.  Kex’ti is not dead after all.  He is alive and well, by the sounds of it.  She paid for her lies though.  Shallow wounds by a blade coated with agonizing poison.  Too bad it ended as soon as it did. Tricksy demon elf bitch.   I like the little squeaky noises she makes when I cut her.  

I saw the cardman last night.  I am still filled with dread and hatred with just the sight of his blue shirtless body or the sound of his voice with that distinctive accent.  He actually spoke to me, and there was nothing I could do about it.  Not right then, not right there--in the creepy spell-induced safety created by the mana elves.  But I was reminded that I had promised to send presents to people, and I assured him he wouldn’t be left out.

Two birds, one stone.  Maybe even three.  Seeing the cardman reminded me of a certain time period, which reminded me of another loose end.  Does he know her?  Will her suffering upset him, or does he see her as only an extension of me?  

As for the third, I may have a new bounty hunter in my purse as well.  My last one seems to have gone missing.  Figures, of the few elves I’ve ever grown close to, they always seem to disappear.  

Aside from all of that, I’m afraid I’m getting sucked back into a war I thought I walked away from.  A dangerous war, that I suffered for time and again.  He promises this time will be different.  This time, I will not be alone.  So he says.  He gave me a—bodyguard?  Soldier?  Probably a spy, for him along with whatever else the young man is.  I don’t mind so much though. He always talks to me nice, and if he can pull off what he plans, it will be worth the risk.  But I won’t be the only one taking the risks this time.  I’ve had enough of that.  

He has a book that can only be read in the dark.  At first, I thought it was just some novelty created by the mages in Dalaran, but I keep thinking there’s something more to it than that.  It seems important somehow, and it seems I should know of its importance.  But some memories are still lost to me.

Back at the cabin, it’s like a dysfunctional family. Baal is obviously the head of the house.  Then there’s the spider-queen-elf.  I don’t mind her so much, and her spiders are neat.  Then there’s demon-bear-elf and demon-wolf-elf.  They are both dangerous.  Baal doesn’t deny that, but I don’t think he realizes just how dangerous they are.  They need to be put down.   Then there’s a frequent guest like some unwelcome uncle, only I seem to be the only one who sees him as unwelcome.  He’s a HUMAN, but he doesn’t talk like a human.  There’s something odd about that one, but I must be careful.  I’ll have to wait until no one else is around to take care of him.  I’ll try to make it look like an accident maybe.  Overall though, it’s quiet there.  Nobody bothers me too much.  I even made a little herb garden with a scarecrow made out of demon-wolf-elf’s clothes.  I have a funny feeling though, that my quiet days are soon coming to an end.




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(("Kex’ti is not dead after all.  He is alive and well, by the sounds of it."  -  You're welcome! ;P ))

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I lost two friends today.  Three, if I count the troll I was given as a bodyguard.  

Zulkaz looked so big and strong, and he had so many weapons.  He said he could kill Kex’ti.  I had my doubts, but I wanted to believe him.   I told him to do it.   Kex’ti threatened and questioned me the other day, about Karthok.  Zulkaz failed.  Sanctuary has him now.

I saw Karthok this morning.  There were no "darlings" today.  He yelled at me for sending Zulkaz after Kex’ti alone. By yelled, I mean he expressed his disappointment. I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard him raise his voice.  Then he ordered me, ordered me to go break into Sanctuary’s guild hall and execute Zulkaz before he could tell them anything.  I refused, of course.  There was no way I was going to try to get into Sanctuary.  They would likely kill me on sight for breaking into their hall.  I told Karthok as much.  I told him to send a rescue party for Zulkaz instead.  But he was mean to me.  He didn’t care.  He only wanted me to kill Zulkaz.  But I couldn’t. 

And then I finally pried some details about Karthok’s plans from him.  I didn’t want to believe him.  I kept waiting for him to tell me the part that would rationalize what he was trying to do, that would make it all make sense.  But that part never came.  I can’t help him anymore.  And through that talk, I wondered if I had ever been his friend at all.

A little while after that, I ran into Lazarus in Dalaran.  Lazarus used to always be so nice to me.  He must have left The Grim at some point though.  I didn’t know.  He had a pie with him.  He said it was a new recipe—apple cinnamon—and asked me to taste it.  So I did.  My friend offered me pie, and I took a bite.  

It was cursed.  Lazarus cursed me.  I blacked out.  When I woke up, I was chained to a wall, with Kex’ti and Lazarus standing in front of me. (And this only hours after Kiannis threatened me that if I got into any trouble again, he would “rescue” me himself.  Probably with a bullet to the head.)  Lazarus had cursed me and handed me over to Kex’ti.  I didn’t even hear what Kex’ti said to me at first.  I couldn’t believe Lazarus did that to me.  I thought he was my friend.  I was wrong.

Kex’ti questioned me a bit, and threatened to lock me in a metal crate and drop me at the bottom of the sea if I didn’t answer him.  I don’t think he realized that I agree that Karthok has to be stopped.  I tried to tell him, but Lazarus kept interrupting with some kind of illusion spell or something.  And then Kex’ti left, after telling Lazarus to let me go when he was done.   

So now I need to try to find a way to find Zulkaz again.  I’ve already sent someone to punish Lazarus.   And I sent someone else to put an end to Karthok.  But if Karthok knows I turned against him, or talked to Sanctuary about him, he’ll probably hunt me.

Baal assured me that I’ll be safe.  He even did a blood magic spell on me so he can find me anywhere and know if I’m hurt.


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