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Full Name: Behruutz
Date of Birth: Winter
Age: 2.714e4-33
Race: Draenei
Gender: Male
Hair: Black (dyed)
Skin: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 265 lbs

Place of residence: Exodar, Azeroth
Place of Birth: Mac'Aree, Argus
Known Relatives: none
Religion/Philosophy: The Light
Occupation: Wandering Mendicant
Group/Guild affiliation: None
Guild Rank: None
Enemies: Hegraaht (he knows what he did)
Likes: Food, Drink, Discussion, and Traveling
Favorite Foods: Herb Baked Eggs
Favorite Drinks: Dalaran Noir
Favorite Color: Purple
Weapons of Choice: Staff
Dislikes: Pomposity, Intolerance, Hastiness
Hobbies: Tailoring, Enchanting, Fishing, Cooking

Physical Features: Thin and pale, with a ready smile
Special Abilities: Can laugh on command
Positive Personality Traits
: Patient, Diplomatic, Friendly
Negative Personality Traits: Patient, Diplomatic, Friendly
Misc. Quirks: distractedly loses things

Played by What Famous Person: Sir Alec Guinness (circa "Kind Hearts and Coronets")
Theme Songs: "A Horse with No Name" by America

History: Born to a semi-prosperous tailor and an magically inept engineer on Argus in the capitol city, Behruutz took part in the original exodus from Argus with the Prophet Velen. Having had an affinity for the light and a desire to help, he choose the life of a wandering priest, moving from town to town to preach and serve. 


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