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Hey out there,

just wanted to post a quick hello to all the awesome rp’ers at the TNG.  I’ve been an on and off wow player since vanilla with a little bit of content in each x-pac.  My last serious RP times were on this very server way back in vanilla as a brief member of the original “Frostwolf Brotherhood” under the leadership of Brakogar.  That was some of my all time favourite moments playing wow.  So stoked to see that the TNG still exists and is going strong and looking forward to connecting with some RP in the future.  Character Bio to come later this week.

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Hey Scoobs!! I remember Brakogar! The Frostwolf Brotherhood eventually became Sanctuary, which is still going strong after... uh... has it been 12 years?? Something like that.. but if you're interested in something akin to what the Frostwolf Brotherhood was, give me a holla!

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