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[H] Hunting the Harlequin

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The Death Knight James Riley (Freakke) has posted a reward for the serial killer Frostbite Jak (JRiley) for crimes against Azeroth and the Horde.  1000 gold to be paid for proof the Forsaken villain has been bested.  James will be in the Ruins of Lordaeron at the stairs East of the shattered statue on August 8th (Wednesday) at 8pm (server time) to give would be Bounty Hunters information on where their prey will be and what to expect.




Come and roleplay as bounty hunters or an angry mob in this player run quest!  Chase down a dangerous criminal and get paid for doing good work for the Horde.  First person to find and beat Jak in a duel gets the prize but I hope you all get to have a good time.

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