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[A] Annual Midsummer Mount Parade!

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The Rooks of Twisting Nether cordially invite you to help us celebrate the Midsummer Fire Festival with our annual Mount Parade around Old Town of Stormwind City!

Prizes will be awarded to the best Mount-Gear* matching participants! Bonus points for matching/themed gear, mount, and pet(s)!

(( *Transmorgrified or actual gear only - those who use magic or temporary illusions will be disqualified from receiving a prize! ))

Third Place: 25k Gold
Second Place: 50k Gold
Grand Prize: Other-worldly Mount**


(( In the past, we've had nearly 30 participants! This is a fun way to bring both the RP and non-RP communities of TN-RH together! We hope you can join us! ))

To participate, simply meet at the Fountain in Old Town at 7PM Realm Time (( CDT - 8PM EDT )). At that time, Rooks' Officers will check-in/register participants and begin the Parade line-up. Once ready, we'll begin our march around the Old Town Circle.

(( A pre-parade "pre-game" Tavern-RP event at the Pig and Whistle in Old Town will commence at 6PM Realm Time. ))

Be sure to bring fireworks and other celebratory items to commemorate the occasion!

WHAT: Rooks' Annual Midsummer Mount Parade
WHEN: Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 7:00PM Realm Time
WHERE: Fountain at Old Town in Stormwind City
WHY: To celebrate and bring together the communities of TN-RH! FABULOUS PRIZES!

(( Be sure to whisper or send a message to Atilakai, GM of Rooks, if you have any questions! ))

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