Tynnifer Manslaughter

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Full Name: Tynnifer Manslaughter

Nicknames: You knaves will address him only as Tynnifer Manslaughter or Tynnifer, if he permits

Introduction: Have you ever walked into the city and seen something so beautiful it almost made you cry? You may have laid eyes upon the illustrious Tynnifer Manslaughter.

Date of Birth: 30 July

Age: 47

Race: Bloodelf

Gender: Male

Hair: Straight red hair pulled into a manbun

Skin: Pale with pink undertones

Eyes: Green, but wears silver contact lenses because they're cute

Height: 6ft/1.8m

Weight: 120lb/54.4kg

Place of Residence: Silvermoon City

Known Relatives: tbd

Birthplace: Silvermoon City

Occupation: Warlock, Diva, Drag Queen

Likes: Himself

Dislikes: Everyone else, not being treated like royalty

Favorite Food(s): Chocolate

Favorite Drink(s): Red wine

Positive Personality Traits: Creative, Flexible in more than one sense, confident

Negative Personality Traits: Vain, selfish, stubborn, cocky

Hobbies: Tynnifer appreciates the finer things in life: music, dance, the arts

Physical Description: Tynnifer is a specimen of true beauty: pale, white skin with pink undertones highlighted by thick black eyeliner around his glowing silver eyes and a bold black lip. Red hair pulled tightly back into only the most fashionable bun to expose his gorgeous ears for all to see. While Tynnifer may have a couple external wrinkles on his skin, they do not take away from his aesthetic. Finally, Tynnifer likes to have a tasteful goatee shaped into a triangle underneath his lower lip. He is absolutely stunning.

History: Tynnifer does not share his history with just anyone. Ask him, and if he feels generous, he will share with you.

Theme Songs:
LMFAO -- Sexy and I Know It
Justin Timberlake -- Sexy Back
Right Said Fred -- I'm Too Sexy
Lady Gaga -- Applause

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