Draquesha Jenkins

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Full Name: Draquesha

Nicknames: Draq (uses Jenkins facetiously)

Date of Birth: June 10

Age: 32

Race: Jungle Troll

Gender: Female

Hair: Green/teal anime hair

Skin: Blue

Eyes: Gold

Height: 7'2"//2.18m

Weight: 213lb//96.6kg

Place of Residence: Sholazar Basin//Nagrand

Place of Birth: Echo Islands

Known Relatives: Two brothers--J'waun and Tijani; Mom and dad; Auntie Chartreuse; Grandma and Grandpa?

Religion/Philosophy: Draq doesn't believe in a higher power and lives her life to the sound of her own tune, rolling with the punches as they come to her

Occupation: Hunter and herbalist because she likes playing with animals and picking pretty flowers

Group/Guild affiliation: tbd

Guild Rank: tbd

Enemies: None that I'm aware of

Likes: The warmth; travel; nature

Dislikes: Conflict; humans; the cold; crowds/cities/buildings

Hobbies: fishing and foraging; cooking; medicine; geocaching (I'm joking, but she would totally do this)

Favorite foods: soup (all the soup), but specifically ramen; licorice; grilled meats

Favorite drinks: ayran (salty yogurt drink); on special occasions, she likes rakı (licorice flavored alcoholic beverage)

Favorite colors: earth tones; wine red

Weapons of Choice: Personalized crossbow with fun accessories

Physical features: Tall and lanky; resting bitch face; small chest, large backside (pear figure)

Special abilities: tbd

Positive personality traits: curious; free spirited

Negative personality traits: conflict averse; sarcastic; disinterested

Misc. Quirks: Boisterous; a bit prickly; tries to remain neutral on just about everything; reclusive, so the news is lost to her; likes dancing, has two left feet (rip)

Personal History: Draquesha is interested in leaving the past behind her and focusing exclusively on the present. She had an interesting first few encounters with Kimba, leading to a personal union of sorts.

Theme Songs: A work in progress because I have an odd relationship with music

Better Days -- Hedley
Learn to Let Go -- Kesha
Chandelier -- Sia


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