Mardalius Anterius, Battlemage Extraordinaire

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Full Name: Mardalius Anterius
Nicknames: Mardy
Date of Birth: April 14
Age: 23
Race: Half Thalassian, Half Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Fire Red
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Sapphire
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215lbs
Place of residence: Sanctuary Guildhall, Dalaran City
Place of Birth: Silvermoon City, Quel'thalas
Known Relatives: Margoz Anterius (Human, Father), Brudicus Anterius (Human Death Knight, Grandfather), Kirsune Anterius (Quel'dorei, Mother)
Religion/Philosophy: Church of the Holy Light
Occupation: Battlemage
Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary
Likes: Books,
Dislikes: Wasting time, fatty foods, senseless discrimination.
Favorite Food: Garden salad with grilled chicken, nuts, tomatoes, and a light dressing, served with a side of fresh fruit.
Favorite Drinks: Fizzy fruit punch wine, cinnamon whiskey.
Favorite Colors: Purple and silver.
Weapons of Choice: Hand-and-a-half sword with an arcane focus in the pommel paired with a staff.
Hobbies: Playing the lute, research, reading, weight training, sparring.
Physical Features: Well toned muscle, leans towards his elven heritage.
Special Abilities: Talented in Frost and Fire magic, exceptional swordsman.
Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent, kind, determined.
Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, emotional, socially awkward.
Misc. Quirks: Claustrophobic
History: Mardalius was an accident. His parents never planned on having children, and when he was born, Margoz had to beg Kirsune to help raise him. Given that Margoz was away soldiering often, this lead to nearly a decade of emotional abuse and attempts to abandon Mardalius or adopt him out, all of which were foiled by Margoz. As a young boy, he was considered a freak by his peers for his "tainted blood." This lead to isolationist behavior, the effects of which can still be seen in some of his social interactions to this day. When Mardalius was ten, the Scourge marched on Quel'thalas, headed for the Sunwell. Kirsune took Mardalius and escaped by portal to Dalaran, only to leave him apprenticed to her father, an accomplished battlemage. For a decade, Mardalius trained in the arts of Frost and Fire magics as well as with the sword. His grandfather molded him into a weapon for "the wars to come," something that came in handy when Mardalius reconnected with his father at the onset of the Draenor Campaign. With the help of Margoz, Mardalius enlisted aboard The Jade Lion, under Captain Zhi Fa. The following months and years would see the father/son duo embark on several missions together, eventually leaving The Jade Lion to join other orders, finally ending in Night Vanguard with many comrades from days gone by, including one Sorel Crescentsong, who held the command. Mardalius and Sorel were always oil and water, but this new command relationship strained that to new heights, culminating in Mardalius joining the Horde organization Sanctuary, where he could be among his people.

((Portrait Courtesy of Vilmah))


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