Old RP Thread Restoration?

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Catilyn    12

Wasn't sure where else to ask so I figured this'd be a good spot for it.


I was taking a look through some RP Short Stories I'd posted on Nether Legends awhile back and I realized they're not there anymore? I'm looking to dig up some old stories if I can for some inspiration and I don't actually think I backed them up anywhere.

The ones I was trying to get back in particular are Required Lies 07-26-2010 02:31 AM and  Nourishment For The Fallen 02-01-2013 04:21 AM

Thankfully, my third one, "Mandatory" Patrols 02-08-2013 01:53 PM seems to still be up and viewable. Thankst in advance for the help!

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Syreena    59

Links to posts from the old TNG forum usually don't work anymore.  Try searching for the threads if you come across another broken link.  I found these two with just a simple search in Nether Legends.

Required Lies:

Nourishment For The Fallen:



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Qabian    76

Yeah, when I redid my bio, I had to search the title of each story and plug in the new URLs to get the correct links. Old links were all broken, but the actual content was all still there to be searched.

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