Twilight Empire's 10th Anniversary

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Fliers bearing the Twilight Empire's twin rearing lions can be found throughout Alliance cities and in Dalaran. The fliers are enchanted to show the reader's regular language.


Join us in celebrating the Twilight Empire’s 10th Anniversary!

Friends of the Twilight Empire, Alliance and Horde alike, are cordially invited to celebrate a decade of striving for peace.

Guests will enjoy a night of food, fireworks, and fun including a trivia contest, door prizes, and a surprise contribution by the Cup and Blade Caravan!

Festivities will commence on Saturday, August 26th at seven o’clock in the evening at the Tavern in the Mists, located in Pandaria’s Veiled Stair.


(( Hello, all! The Twilight Empire is celebrating our 10th anniversary on Ravenholdt, and we’d be delighted to have our friends join us in that celebration!

Pertinent Details:

When: Saturday, August 26th at 7:00pm server time

Where: Tavern of the Mists, the Veiled Stair, Pandaria

Who: You! (Unless you’re going to be mean, in which case we’d really appreciate an OOC heads up so we can keep everything fun both ICly and OOCly ;) )

Please contact any Twilight Empire officer with questions! We hope to see you there! ))

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