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[A] Sign Up: Coalition of Alliance Forces

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A familiar dwarf has made his way round the streets of Alliance held cities and to the door steps of various groups under the blue banner.  The soldier bears the colors of the Dusk Watch and while his tabard may be patched and faded, he wears it proudly.  The warrior speaks briefly, but surely.

"Friends and comrades, I come to you seeking aid.  We have two great enemies threatening our homes.  It has been our ideal in the Watch to vanguard our lands and protect our people.  While we are unwavering in our duty, the lads and I can do little else on our own.  We're spread thin, as I know many of us are.  So ae've come to you now seeking volunteers to build a force that can retaliate against our enemy as we must."

"I seek noble souls who are willing to put themselves on the line to beat back the Legion.  I ask for those who wish to fight the Horde where the Alliance calls for us to do so.  What I do not ask, is for you to give up your allegiances.  I believe that we must stand united, but we must do so proud of who we are.  I ask for your volunteers and I ask they bear your standards and colors proudly."

"We will fight our enemies where we must.  Be hammer and shield as we are called to be.  Victory for Azeroth, the Alliance, and her many Peoples!"

A short moment passes before he adds.

"I will also be supplying free ale for just showing up to the first gathering."

He nods as if this was the biggest selling point before stepping back to signal he was done.  Upon the end of his speech, the dwarf then leaves a few fliers.  He pardons himself and begs forgiveness for any trespasses he gives as he makes his way in and out before finding himself on the road to the next settlement.



So hi everybody.  Now that I've gotten settled back in I'd like to welcome you all to a series of events I would like to host to promote more Roleplaying and activity, incorporating other parts of the game, on the Alliance side.  Mostly it's an excuse to organize fun stuff for a larger group without asking to break up guilds and form new factions.  The first few events will almost assuredly be Pure RP events with a potential for Duels.  Later I would like to set up events for PVE Instances against the Legion and running classics for Transmog gear or just for fun and plot, as well as PVP Instances and World Raid events against the Horde.  There will also still be pure RP events beyond the first few "Staging" events.  Crafting and Cooking events, because that's important to a fighting force.  Especially the latter half.

First event sign ups will be held in Dun Morogh at 7 Server Time on July 13th, right where we have our Brewfest set up every year.  Feel free to send me mail or whispers in game or on Discord if you have questions or suggestions.  I hope to see you all here or there.  Have a great day!

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Cavanaugh takes the flier off the wall as he moves from the Cathedral in Stormwind, reading over it after a few moments he places the flier back up nodding to his squire.

"Ah, the Dusk Watch, a noble organization...I will attend this event personally, alert the other officers, and instruct them that I also will require their attendance." Cavanaugh sends the squire on his way as he continues to make his way through Stormwind to the Gryphon master.

Quietly saying to himself, "The Alliance needs all the aid she can muster, we will see what plans the Watch has in store..."


OOC - I cant wait! Looks like you have some fun stuff planned and I look forward to attending!

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A letter arrived recently to Ironforge.  The dwarf Murue has reserved Bruuk's Corner for a fair sum of Gold for this Sunday from 6-8pm (Server).  Further letters have been sent to various guilds, outposts and settlements announcing the free gathering for those interested in the Coalition gathering.  The letter suggests the meeting will be a feast for the sponsored event.  All are welcomed to join, those interested in the Coalition and its purpose and those who simply wish to join in for food and drink.

Impromptu Pre Event Meet and Greet: 6-8pm Server Sunday  the 9th.

Edited by Murue

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Katelle found herself part of a small crowd in Stormwind, listening to the Dusk Watch dwarf. Coalitions had come and gone, even during her scant few years as General of the Empire, but the possibility of new and beneficial relationships with Alliance entities was always something the Empire had to look into. Especially now, with the final pushes against the Legion coming so close--it was folly for anyone to isolate themselves or break ties with one another.

As she returned to her canal office once the gathering broke, the rogue reached out to her sister--conveniently another Path Leader in the Empire, and one who would be most interested in this opportunity on a professional level--through her guildstone.

"So sis. There's a meeting I want you to join me for..."

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