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Alliance PvErs and PvPers!

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I just wanted to reach out to anybody interested, we run with a guild on Duskwood that accepts PuGs into their Normal and Heroic raid runs!

At this time, getting ready for Tomb, they are accepting people that have concordance and an on par for normal Tomb GS, IE 880/890 range!

If you want to raid, let us know and I'd be more then happy to invite anybody on the Blue said that wants to go along!

For PvP myself and Riemmi usually do a daily RBG win - that happens around 5-6 server time most days of the week / weekends - We strive to get our 40 win achievement / mount unlocks, as well as AP! We usually run at low / no MMR to keep the wins coming pretty easily, its not so much a ratings push as an AP / 40 win mount sort of thing, we finished at like 1720 or so last season, 28-12 together ( both got the 40 wins by the end ) Its yolo, and

I'd rather pull people from TN/RH then the group finder!

Let me know in game or on here if you're interested!

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