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TNG Con 2018: The Poll

TNG Con 2018 Location   24 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of these locations could you go to if TNG Con were held there? Select both if you could go to both.

    • Boston, MA
    • New Orleans, LA
  2. 2. Which of these locations would you *prefer* for TNG Con 2018, if you're able to attend?

    • Boston, MA
    • New Orleans, LA

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Here it is, the poll to determine where TNG Con 2018 will be held! Below I will put full descriptions of the proposals for each location.

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Boston, proposed by Yemana in this post:



PLACES TO STAY (May would probably be our best bet in terms of weather)

  • Here (Big-ass Victorian house at $1500/night)
  • Here (Oceanfront? Oceanfront. $1350/night)
  • Here (Beautiful, ocean view, $750/night)


Like every city, they've got Uber, but they also have a big ol' subway system.


Uh, what's NOT to do?

  • Freedom! The Freedom Trail; 16 historic sites that can be walked throughout the city. History, history, and more history.
  • Fishies! New England Aquarium! Because aquariums are fuckin cool
  • Art! Boston Museum of Fine Arts, fourth largest museum in the U.S.!
  • yeahsciencebitch.PNG
  • Dude, just click it. SO MANY THINGS.
  • SEAFOOD, for you people who like that kind of thing
  • Anyone want to go to Salem? BECAUSE WE CAN. ON A PUBLIC TRANSIT TRAIN.
  • Whale watching!

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New Orleans, proposed by Vilmah in this post:


New Orleans proposal:

Dates: January - March 2018 (not during Mardi Gras)

Travel: Louis Armstrong International Airport

Home Base: House on Bourbon St. ($ will depend on how many people sign up, $1500 a night)

  • Hot Tub
  • Balcony
  • Kitchen
  • Large Living Space

Within Walking Distance (of home base):


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Looks like we're headed to NOLA for 2018!


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The week after Mardi Gras is ideal. The mass of tourists is gone, most of the scammers are home counting their money, and the weather is good.

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