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Narya Elenn (AU)

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Name: Narya Elenn

Age: 300 years
Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Skin: Blue
Eyes: White
Height: Tall
Weight: Average

Place of residence: Greenwarden's Grove
Known relatives: Twin sister Nalya
Religion/philosophy: Fight for life.
Occupation: Vindicator

Positive personality traits: Strong-willed, perceptive, self-sacrificing
Negative personality traits: Slightly irreverent, inexperienced
Misc. quirks: Sometimes unpredictable

Appearance: Narya is a tall and muscular draenei woman who wears teal plate armor of a Vindicator's style and carries a pair of teal-glowing swords. She has straight black hair and a confident posture. Those able to sense such things can determine she is not particularly strong in the wielding of the Light; however, her physical abilities speak for themselves in her stature and the way she moves.

History: Narya came to Draenor with the others of her race and began training to be a vindicator. When the Iron Horde rose, she stayed in Karabor to help defend Shadowmoon. Shortly after the fall of the Iron Horde, she attained the status of Vindicator. While acting as an ambassador for Karabor to an Alliance guild, Night Vanguard, she was kidnapped and impersonated, but was rescued by the guild. After that, she joined them to do good in the world and fight the Burning Legion.

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