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Kerala    59

Please see the in-game calendar. You will find a new event posted on March the 31st (since I got sick and forgot to put it on the 1st for this month). This event was made using the Masterlist to invite all known active roleplayer mains. Guild masters and community leaders have been upgraded to moderator status. Mods, the purpose of this list is to keep a dynamic invite list for the purpose of quick and easy event creation.

To use this, simply select the Masterlist event. 

1) Copy

2) Paste the event into the day you wish to host your own event.

3) Alter the title, time and details to suit your event, then Update your event. That's it! (I always set the event time as server time rather than local. It is helpful to also type the event's server time into the description to avoid confusion.)


If you are a moderator, you can always invite a new active community member, however, this list is meant to invite MAIN CHARACTERS ONLY. Individuals have the option to create a personal event themselves in order to invite their own alts. This prevents our Masterlist from becoming contaminated with a million character names and helps us see at a glance how many active roleplayers we actually have. One invite per player.

If you add a new active player or remove an inactive/MIA player- please notate the changes here so that our google Masterlist can also remain up to date. Please request here if you would like to host an event and do not already have moderator status- we'd be happy to upgrade you!

After your event- please go through the list and set invite status to Confirmed for every player who actually attended. It only takes a minute. This will help the community to recognize active roleplayers and aid other mods when planning their own events to know the kind of attendance to expect if their event is at a similar day/time as yours.

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Kerala    59

Cannot find Horde characters: Arcturnis, Saelyx, Sinlanna to invite. Updated google Masterlist to reflect players inactive.

Current moderators: Awatu, Breygrah, Cobrak, Fayleah, Julilee, Kerala, Kexti, Khorvis, Ranadarus, Tahzani, Theira.


Cannot find Alliance characters: Cavanaugh, Rorrek to invite. Updated google Masterlist to reflect players inactive.

Current moderators: Jarington, Shizari, Tinox, Tuuroto.


I tried to do the same thing for Alliance, but I'm well aware of my ignorance on blue side. Please if you do not have an invite on your MAIN, request one from a moderator. If you are a guildmaster or regularly a host community RP events and need to be upgraded to moderator status, please ask! I'll need your help to make Alliance side as up-to-date as possible :)

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