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Dear RP community,


We seem to be in a lull now.  Some people have left the game or gone chasing the greener pastures of other servers.  Those people are gone. We remain, and yet even those of us still here are less active.  Many people are busy with the flood of content in game and may be choosing that over roleplay. Some people are handling real life,  having trouble logging into the game as much as they used to. Whatever the reasons, RP is happening less. 


Like many before me, I'd like that to change. I know I am not the only one missing RP. Some of you are too. Collectively WE want things to change, but WE might not know what to do to accomplish that.


I might have some ideas. Here is what I want from you:

Please list ideas you have or wishes for roleplay. Do you have an idea for an event?  Please reply. Do you always wish such-and-such movie or book scene could have played out in WoW? Tell me please. 


Whether you want to see a race event or merchant bazaar,  a circus, a charity thing,  whatever,  list the event concept. Maybe you always wanted to see a high noon 40 paces western duel or posse chase, or a sport played out over months like a Harry Potter quiditch season maybe, a Sherlock Holmes escapade, or any other book/ movie adaptation. Mention it!


I'm not asking you to have a clue how to accomplish any idea that crosses your mind. No matter how quirky or bizarre or impossible you think it might be, spit it out anyway. I want to know.  Leave the logistics and execution out of it. Now is not the time for worrying about any of that. The HOW comes later. 


Tell me WHAT you want. 

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Well we are actually organizing "sermons" that I am beginning to write and intend to invite any alliance who want to attend and maybe hear a little radical / zealous Pro - Alliance propaganda. :-) ... The first will be held at Tyr's Hand, the second will be in the Cathedral of Light in Gilneas... followed by some good old fashioned purification of some Undead Targets :-) of course this is a Horde heavy server so that prob doesn't appeal to THAT many people on the TnG.

We were also thinking of hosting a PvP type of tourney, similar to how Dusk Watch used to run the ARMS tourney... but again, our RP being so anti Horde atm, precludes us extending any invites to the other side, altho perhaps a challenge or something can come of that! I am always open to ideas!

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I've always been of the feeling that a community is what you make it. If you want it to be better than it is, you add to it yourself, and I think any addition, no matter how small, is good. 

As a result, I'm frequently mulling over ideas for events in my head, but the way real life goes for me right now, I'm extremely unlikely to get the opportunity to make any of them happen. Even my forum postings around here don't happen nearly as often as I have the ideas for them, because life gets in the way.

When I'm thinking up ideas, they're usually events my character would run, which... is not necessarily the same thing as what I would like to see or attend. Academic presentations, historical tours, PvP mischief, that kind of thing.

I would of course like to see more events in general, with for me the only qualification being that I have the opportunity to attend them, which... gets stomped on by real life more often than not. I don't even care if they're the kind of event I enjoy or that my character would reasonably go to. I can force him to go to almost anything. Hell, I'd even attend Cavanaugh's if I could, either as a secret Alliance or to add to the mess. All I really need is the block of time to participate.

In an attempt to be more fruitful, back in FFXIV, the pantheon had 12 gods, each one associated with a month, and each also had a shrine somewhere out in the world, so each month for a year an unaffiliated RP group would go out to a stone and characters would volunteer to do presentations (poems, sermons, stories, songs, dances, whatever) related to the particular god. WoW doesn't offer anything I can think of that's so brazenly obvious, but I suppose a series of 12 anythings could be a jumping off point for something for someone.

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Hrm, bouncing off of Qabian's idea at the end there - Wow has a sort of 'world ordering' map: VsOdNOu.jpg

Instead of dedications to 'gods' it could be to one of the 'master elements' like Order, Death, Life, Chaos, ect. It's only 6 instead of 12, but hey, ideas!

As for other ideas, I know Thunderhoof Clan would occasionally hold arena-type tournaments in the Stranglethorn Vale for a fun bit of pvp. They always seemed to like it. I think they called it the 'Thundarena.'

I myself enjoyed the charity auctions, though life obligations always prevented me from actually attending one. It always was a good spark for RP interactions to happen after the event, not just at the event.

As just a random thought, perhaps some sort of clue-hunting game would be fun? I vaguely remember parents setting up a 'follow the clues' kind of trail for competing groups of kids to see who could figure them out and locate the prize at the end first. Kinda like Geocatching? This could either be totally innocent, or taken down a darker path. For instance, innocently little clues could lead to the biggest Noble Garden egg ever made. Or on a darker side, you could be finding pieces/parts of your friend coupled with taunting notes, & your racing against time to reach them before they don't have any more parts to loose.

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Fay has a little Horde and Alliance meet and greet on Wednesdays, and I think alternating Thursdays, at around 6:30PM Server. Last one went until about 8PM or so.

You might have to add people to Bnet to communicate cross faction, but it's not a bad way to meet people on the same or other faction.

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Posted (edited)

Alliance has a tavern night on Tuesdays sometimes.   Horde Cantina is Sundays usually (I can't go *sniff*).    And Shal'Aran RP night has been started for people who want to pass by and interact with other RPers without doing tavern RP.

I want big storylines.  And little storylines.  And lots of events.  I want it all!  :D  Unfortunately, I am horrible at coming up with ideas for storylines. 

Someone used to do some kind of Blind RP Dates, where we got teamed up with other characters for an evening to accomplish some task.  Those were interesting.

I would love for someone to come up to one of my characters and convince them to get involved in some kind of intrigue plot or something...anything....that involves other characters. 

It might even be fun if a bunch of us got together and did LFR together and RP'd through it and drive all the non-RPers mad, or spent an evening fishing and RPing on the Dalaran island, collecting the mana things for the water mount together.

I think it would be cool to have pirate RP in Booty Bay, but I don't think we have enough people for that.  Unless we made an alt guild and RP'd together once a month or something. 

Someone could start something in Discord chat rooms, like a silly scenario start for people to react to if they wanted to. 

Heh, one of my guilds is having a similar discussion, and I may or may not have used some of these ideas in both places.   

Also, I want to see the Crimson people preaching in the streets of Dalaran.  :) 

Maybe a mystery of some sort, where different people each have one part or one clue and somehow they have to put them together, or another group of people have to put it all together to come up with the solution.


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