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A bloody canvas

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*Warning, this thread will contain NSFW content.*

Baal’themar returned to the Cabin late in the evening, the cool air helped relax him after an eventful night of heated conversation.

He opened the door to the dark and empty Cabin and made his way through the silent rooms. He walked down to the basement to gather one of the blood stones he had in place to move the Cabin to another location... if the need had arisen.

He looked around for Mikki, the Goblin woman he and Nathandiel had saved from her ‘escape pod/death trap’ device, she was nowhere to be seen. Baal’themar finished with the stone, placing it on the floor next to him.

The room looked dead, the entire cabin was a tomb… the smell of old blood and rot hit him, he hadn’t noticed when he entered but the fresh air must have stirred up the stench. It’s so quiet now… no laughter, no baby crying and no idle chatter. He felt his guts twist. Alone again. It crept up his throat, the acrid taste of bile.

Guilt, shame, anger and sorrow. Feelings made flesh with the sick taste of acidic bile. "Did you expect any less?" a voice in his head questioned. ”Human’s aren’t like that.”  The words haunted him. It could have worked… we could have been a big family… why couldn’t you even try?  He felt his head spin.

“You could have TRIED to make it work!” He roared to the silent stone walls. “You had us both when it started! How was this any different?!” His voice echoed around the dark rooms and hallways. "This was how it was always going to play out… you know it was. If it didn’t end like this, it would have ended in a few years anyway. Don't let yourself feel for a loss that you knew was coming." He slowly let it all slip from his mind, he sat staring at the blood stained stones.

The smell started to get stronger, the foul air came up from deep within the basement. "You tried for happiness, gave it a solid try. Nothing to be ashamed of… but you should have known better. You lost sight of what truly makes you happy, that stench isn’t from the rotting family. It’s from work left unfinished, a symptom of your attempt at ‘normal’."

He remembered what he was meant to be doing, the High Shield family. He had let them die down here and his work on them wasn’t even halfway finished.

The bloated bodies would be in their cells, the sisters only slightly changed and the mother ended without seeing what he had planned. They had died pointless deaths, he had failed to give them the chance to see what they were on the inside.

The voice calmly said "Once the paint is dry there is little you can do to change the picture, you can paint over it but it will never be the same... better to start new. Fresh paint and a new canvas."

Start over, move the Cabin and continue my work. The thought pushed the bile back down and he picked up the blood stone. “Mikki, were leaving!” He yelled into the emptiness. Baal'themar turned on his heel, his mind focused on something he could change, something that he could achieve by himself.

He stormed up the stairs to the main room, the smell of death followed him. “Mikki! Get your shit ready we are moving the Cabin.” He yelled pointlessly to the empty cabin. He placed the blood stone on his bed and gathered his ritual equipment. He was going to do this tonight. No more distractions, work the list. he repeated his new mantra in his head. Work the list, work the list. He gathered the ritual components and headed back down to the basement.

He would need to power a new stone to replace the old one, that one had a new and grand purpose. Baal'themar removed his combat gear down to the waist, he set up the ritual candles and burning urns, the smell of burning plants masked the smell of rotting elf. He pulled the curved blades from their sheaths and coated his chest in oils and set about  cleaning the blades before the final step of carving runes into his flesh.

The wet sound of fresh blood hitting stone helped him focus on the ritual, slowly some of his life force was poured into the stone. It would take all night but he would ensure this final stone was ready… the Grizzly hills was a nice idea, but it was time to move.


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NSFW warning kinda.

Baal’themar walked into the cabin and his mind set on where the cabin was going be for the foreseeable future. He headed down to Mikkia’s room to make sure she wasn’t in the cabin when it moved… he wasn’t sure how the blood magic would react to a living creature when it moved the building. The thought of her being trapped underground, or fused into one of the walls didn’t being him and comfort.

He walked down the stone steps to the basement and turned down the hallway to her room, a glorified cell when she first arrived, she had turned it into quite the room, and the hallway to her living space was lit with small multicolored lights, the same kind you would find decorating a winter veil tree.

Baal’themar wondered the horror these lights could induce if the right amount of narcotics and pain were applied. He pondered these thoughts as he walked down the hallway to her door. The closer he got to it the louder the sounds of her workshop became.

A loud hammering, and muffled goblin swearing softly came from behind the door heavy steel door.

Baal’themar grinned and knocked on the door. “Mik?” he asked at the door, waiting for her to answer.

The hammering and swearing continued unabated, Baal’themar frowned, and knocked again. “Mikki, open up!” he yelled at the door… again nothing but hammering and swearing.

His patience worn thin Baal’themar kicked the door hard with his combat boot. “Mikkia, open this fucking door or I swear by whatever gods you hold close. I’ll ram my arm up your ass and use you like fucking puppet!” The stream of swear words stopped and the sound of little boots walking toward the door rewarded him.

A little grease stained goblin in worn blue overalls, a par of thick work boots and little else. “What ya need boss?” she asked in a light tone. Baal’themar looked her over and stepped into her room. “We are moving… Gather your shit, I don’t want you in the house when we teleport It.” he said looking over her work. He slowly frowned, “I remember telling you this…”

She walked over to her workbench. “I wasn’t here for a few days boss man, I was forced to use the black market to get supplies because you and Nathandiel left me here alone, you sure you didn’t get drunk and start yelling at the walls again?” she gave him a sly grin. Baal’themar liked the girl, it’s why he kept her safe from the people that wanted her dead… but she did like to annoy him.

“Wouldn’t be the first time…  we are leaving tonight, and there’s no point in keeping you safe if you end up dead because some magic stone doesn’t work correctly.” He returned the smile.

The little Goblin sighed and looked up at him. “Will we be gone long?” she asked with a note of worry in her voice. Baal’themar shook his head. “Shouldn’t be long, an hour maybe two… I’ll take you to the new place myself, you won’t be alone.” He reassured her.

She nodded and walked over to her dresser. “Guess I better get dressed and packed then.” She unbuttoned her overalls and wiggled out of them. Baal’themar turned to give her some privacy. “We will head out once you are done… I’ll wait upstairs.” He started to walk out of the room when Mikkia called back to him. “Hey, what do ya think? The blue or the grey?”  She held up two tops, while she stood there topless waiting for his reply. “What one looks better?” she moved the tops in front of herself letting him see what they might look like.

Baal’themar frowned, but looked them over. “The grey brings out your eyes.” He said with an annoyed huff, he continued to walk out. “Thanks boss.” She called back when as he walked out the door and down the hallway.

Baal’themar waited for her to get dressed, while he waited he rolled the keystone to the bloodstone teleporter between his fingers. The little gem would send all this stone and timber to another location in the blink of an eye… powered all by blood magic. He owed Aderlee a great deal, the Troll had taught him magic, something that he never had the chance to learn in his youth. Better still he had been taught a magic that wasn’t arcane, the thought of him knowing something that some uptight mage didn’t made him grin.

Mikkia bounced up the stairs and into the lounge where Baal’themar waited. “All set boss man.” She said with a warm smile. “Good, come outside with me and let’s see if our home doesn’t explode.” He grinned.

She swallowed hard at the thought, even as a joke she didn’t want to have the last place she felt safe explode, not again. The two walked outside and into the forest. Baal’themar stood next to a large red gemstone, with a band of iron and bronze work floating around the middle. A small recess in the gem is the only thing that marks the surface of the gem.

Baal’themar took another quick look at his home, a place he built with his own hands. Before he pushed the keystone into the recess. The stone sent a ripple through the gem, the power within the bloodstone sent small arcs of energy crackling over the surface and with a thunderous crack and loud boom the cabin and everything within vanished from the Grizzly Hills.

The smell of ozone filled the air, and the wards around the house died. “Done… didn’t explode after all.” He smiled down at Mikkia who stood mouth open in shock. “It’s gone…” she ran to the edge of where the cabin once was, and she looked down into the freshly carved hole. “That was awesome!” she bounced and jumped on the spot. “Think how we could turn this into a weapon, we could bomb people with houses! They wouldn’t see it coming! Everyone expects bombs but cabins?!” she yelled and muttered to herself while Baal’themar watched from beside the bloodstone.

He shook his head and pulled the keystone from the larger stone, with its power spent the crystal grew dull and collapsed into a fine dust, leaving the band on the forest floor. Baal’themar picked it up and put it into his pack. “Enough screwing around, let’s go see if the house is at the new spot.” He pulled a strange obsidian stone from his pocket and thumbed it, his body was enveloped in smoke and when it cleared he had taken the form of a large black stone panther with large powerful wings.

Baal’themar looked over to Mikka and growled. “Yeah yeah, I’m coming.” She muttered as she climbed onto his back. The two took flight with a flap of his new wings and headed to their new home.

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Baal’themar led Fayleah through the portal in Dalaran to Silvermoon, the sudden jolt of being transported made him feel slightly off balance, but once they started walking again the feeling passed.

Fayleah leans over to him and whispers. “So, who is the target?” Baal’themar looked around to see if anyone was within earshot. “Welean Darkbane, a beast given a uniform and power. A brute in blood knight armor.” Baal’themar gripped his blade hilt. “Very quick to anger and more than willing to beat someone to death just for the fun of seeing fresh blood on his knuckles.”

Fayleah looked at Baal’themar she does not fail to see their similarities... Baal’themar and this Welean he was describing... she give Baal’themar a long look, then she just nodded and opted to say nothing. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

The two walked into murder row and slipped into the shadows. Baal’themar pointed to a large Blood Knight as he walked into the bar. “He will drink himself blind in there and then find a woman to bed, if they are lucky he will pass out before he gets violent.”

Once out of sight of the guards Baal’themar took her along the rooftops to the spot he had picked out, a small ledge that overlooked an alleyway a short distance from a loud bar. He pulled a set of face masks from his pack and set them out. “Have a look in that bag” Baal’themar nodded toward a large duffle bag about the size of a man. Fayleah moved to the bag and opened it. Inside the thick canvas bag was; a skimp outfit, some rope and a gag.

She looked over the clothes, holding them up… it was clearly a woman’s ‘dress’. She turned to him and gave him a sly grin. “You’ll look stunning in this.”

He looked at her holding the ‘dress’ and continued setting up equipment. “You’re bait, you need to look the part. Put that on and he’ll want to eat you up.” He grinned.

"This is just a ploy to get me unarmed and in this dress?" she taunted.

Baal’themar slowly looked Fayleah up and down. “It can be both.” He said with a smile. He turned to allow her to get changed while he got the poison ready to knock out their target, he pulled out two gnarled roots from his herb kit and turned to Fayleah. Baal’themar tilted his head and watched as she wiggled her hips into the dress, the fabric clung tight to her stunning curves.

The clothes slowly slithered up her body with each wiggle of her hips, he lost track of time as he watched. She slowly turned to face him, the dress was tight and looked almost like it was painted on her skin the fabric was so thin. He grinned and took her in. “Woah.” He remarked with a stupid look on his face.

Fayleah raised an eyebrow and struck a suggestive pose, she carefully bent down to retrieve the masquerade mask to replace her goggles and complete the outfit. "You going to be able to stay focused?" She straightened up and slowly flipped her hair back, looking much too pleased with herself.

“Yes… no. shut up.” He said with a grin, he remembered the roots in his hand. “Oh uh, you need to chew this up and swallow the pulp, it’s going to taste very bitter but you need to keep it down.” He handed her one of the roots. “The poison to knock this guy out is a powder, this root will counteract the poisons effects if you breathe it in.” he popped the root into his mouth and chewed hard pulping the plant and swallowing it down.

Fayleah chomped down on the root and chuckled to herself. “You could use this to sweeten up Dari’s coffee.” She said as she swallowed the pulp and got ready for the ambush.

Baal’themar handed her a small pouch with a powder in it. “All you need to do is draw him down the alley and blow this in his face, I’ll be waiting to take his body out of the city.” He took a look at her again. “If you need help just call for me.” he grinned. “And I’ll come save the destressed damsel.” Baal’themar laughed at the thought.

"If it doesn't work I will just slam his face into the side of a building and try not to kill him" she said with a deadpan look before she slowly grinned at him, giving him a firm punch in the arm. “Just, be careful.” He knew she could easily kill Welean, but he still worried. Fayleah touched his arm and gave him a quick kiss before jumping down to the alleyway below and getting herself set up.

Welean staggered out of the bar one of his knuckle split from a fight inside, the sting of it slowly faded as he drunk more wine. The fight had got his blood up and he wanted to find something soft to plow. He scanned the area across the street, normally full of whores waiting to snatch up drunk guards and soldiers. Tonight he found his usual hunting ground empty. He growled and wandered down the walkway toward another hot spot for night workers.

Fayleah spotted her target, he swayed with each step. Head full of drink, he’ll take one look as this dress and not think twice about following me. She smiled at the thought. Baal planned this well, now to take our prize. Fayleah thought he walked past. “Hey, handsome… you look lonely.” She said with a slight purr, trying her best to draw him to her. Welean turned to see her, his mind raced to lewd thoughts and he stumbled toward her.

Fayleah grinned and slowly walked back deeper into the alley. “Don’t be shy *hic* girl, I’ll show you a real good time. Not like the others.” Welean slurred.

She continued walking slowly back. “You want me big boy? You have to come and get me” she purred back at him as he neared the end of the alley. Welean smiled thinking he had her cornered. “Nowhere to go now. Guess you’re all mine.” He said as he leaned over her, his breath thick with the stink of wine. Fayleah looked up at him and smiled, taking the small pouch in her hand. “Guess again.” She said as she blew the powder into his face.

The small cloud of poison slithered into Welean’s lungs as he gasped, the effects kicked in quickly. The man fell to his knees as his body started to lose its’ connection to his brain. His sight faded and before he was left to fall into unconsciousness was Fayleah smiling down at him.

The three arrived at the Cabin in the dead of night, the other guests had fallen asleep or were otherwise not in a place to watch as Fayleah and Baal’themar returned with their prey.

They made their way down to the basement and to Baal’themars workshop. Baal’themar placed the unconscious man a large wooden table and strapped him down.

Baal’themar walked to the long steel work bench next to the table and grabbed a sharp knife. “I’ll remove his armour, could you get my medical kit from the bathroom?” he smiled at Fayleah.

Fayleah smiled and almost skipped off. “Yes, sir!” she vanished down one of the hallways and was out or sight.

Baal’themar looked down at the man strapped onto the table. “We are going to have a good time… This has been a long time coming.” He removed the man’s armour, cutting leather straps and dropping the plate on the ground with a loud crash.

Baal’themar had the man naked on the table when Fayleah returned with the medical kit, she had gotten changed out of her thin dress and into a light shirt and pants, something more suited for the work to come.

Baal’themar took the medical kit from her and started setting out strange vials and herbs on the work bench. “These will stop him from dying of shock.” He grinned at Fayleah. “I hope you have your knife with you?”

"Of course." she flicked out her skinning knife. "Can't let you have all the fun!" Fayleah grinned and stood beside Baal’themar. “Good, Remove the skin from this leg.” He stepped back and watched as Fayleah worked.

Fayleah grinned and started to slice into Welean’s flesh, the man groans and slowly comes to consciousness at first he doesn’t know what is going on, his eyes blink and search the room, but he is quickly awoken as Fayleah slides the blade under the flesh of his leg and starts slowly slicing down to his foot, his shin bleeding freely. “Arrgh! What the fuck?!” Welean roared as the woman slowly skinned his leg.

“Shhh Welean.” Baal’themar said as he placed his large hand on the man’s forehead. “You are going to be here a long time, let’s not start screaming so soon.”

Fayleah continued slicing into Welean’s leg, she had sliced a circle below his knee and another just above his ankle, she would remove the skin in one large sheet, she held the flesh and slowly dragged the tip of her blade along his shin to start, once she had a firm grasp on his flesh she used the length of the blade to part the skin from the flesh.

Welean screamed and thrashed against the restraints that bound him to the table, his strength and anger useless as Fayleah worked.

Baal’themar watched Fayleah finish up with Welean’s leg, she carefully placed the skin on the workbench then turns to start on his thigh. Welean had stopped screaming, the man had gone limp in his bindings.

“The leg will do for now.” Baal’themar reached out to touch Fayleah only to have her growl at him and hit away his hand.

Fayleah’s face was twisted into a cruel grin, she lunged at Baal’themar as something deep within her snapped, fel-energy burned along her tattoos as her body started to grow in strength and size. Baal’themar was caught completely off guard, her sudden strength and aggression overwhelmed him and he toppled backward.

He landed hard his head hit the cold stone with a solid thud, his vision slightly blurred, he watched Fayleah lose control over the demonic power within her. She stood over him her chest heaving with excitement, she watched him like a fox might watch a chicken.

Baal’themar groaned and propped himself up on his elbow. “Damn it Fayleah, we need him alive. If you skin him too much he will die of shock.” He carefully got up and felt the back of his head, wet hair and warm blood met his fingers.

He held his head and grabbed a medical cloth, the cloth was soaked in powerful herbs and balms. Baal’themar covered Welean’s leg with the cloth, the man had passed out. “What’s gotten you so worked up?” He turned to see Fayleah inspecting him, her demonic eyes slowly working their way over his body.

She took a large step toward him and pinned him between the table and her, she stood taller than him and Baal'themar was forced to look up at her. Fayleah radiated heat from her copper skin, something inside him urged him to embrace her fel-energy.

She moved close to him, her eyes lost in something primal and raw. “I want you” she purred in his ear, her voice made him weak. Baal’themar didn’t fight as the two slowly moved down to the floor.

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