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Fel Bites and Last Rites

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The Priestess seemed a waif of her former self, lost beneath the hopelessness of ivory hospital covers and a penetrating cloud of sorrow that hung palpable in the stagnant air of the small room. Her vitals had improved only slightly since her arrival. Quick shallow breaths across pale lips remained the only sign of life and her pallor bore the sickly green tinge of fel corruption. Intravenous lines ran from either arm to hanging stands of various fluids and potions. The room was dour indeed and laden with a littering of herbs, tinctures, and salves.

Rorrek sat listless within a chair at Brianna's bedside. He, too, seemed a husk of his former stature. His armor was as disheveled as his appearance, riddled with bloodied stains and the distinct markings of recent battle. A pair of worn axes rested against the stand. The afflicted woman's closest of kin, Skylah, had been tending to her since they had drawn back from the disaster of the Broken Shore. She was tired and bore the markings of severe fatigue. The fellow Priestess gave care where the Knight could not, and but moments ago had left to allow them privacy.

His current posture was bent forward and still as stone save for his hands. He caressed Brianna's limp hand within his, thumb stroking softly as a whisper in a gale. Weariness wrestled with turmoil and grief for dominance of his visage. He then began to speak, his voice gentle and wearied as a wraith. All the while his eyes never left Brianna. "Awaken, dalah'alah... I beg thee." The tumult within his eyes and the barely held composure crumbled swiftly as his plea echoed in the deafeningly silent room.

Such words stirred the fae's attention that lay curled atop the covers upon Brianna's thigh, resting her small ethereal chin lightly against the unconscious woman. Nothing moved but her melancholy eyes, which studied Rorrek with a kindred sense of loss.

Rorrek's form was beset with an absent tremor as his sight began to glisten. Though kindred spirits, he could not see the kind fae in such moment; his eyes eclipsed by the sight before him and relentless memories that now sought vengeance. Nonetheless, he spoke to her. "Desire do I naught more than to reside or wither with thee. Bargain would I with all powers shouldst thou be given my place instead, selfish as such yearning stands... Forgiveness, dalah'dal. Remain may I not here always."

The solemn countenance flashed with a torrent of anger and shame, fury seeing his nape bristle and glaze gather about the corner of his eyes. Regardless he took meticulous care to see his grip never harm her delicate hand. Brianna moved not, nor gave any signs that his words could be heard at all. Merely did she rest there, trapped within the confines of such demonic illness.

"Such is not foe lurking for thee, but instead that which seeks to tear from those as we our world... To wrest thee and Vatya from mine arms. Again, stand do I helpless before mine heart and feel do I the breaking. Bear do I not the strength to endure... Consumed am I in wrath. Suffer may I not the idleness... such invites forth the knowing and the fear of losing thee. And so turn do I as coward to that I may change. Turn do I to war. Failed have I my King and in thee my Queen. Forgive me, dalah'felo."

Outside the room, small resounding hooves made known to a little presence just before light raps upon the door were heard. "Papa?" the voice called softly. "Miss Violet said I could find you here." There was worry in her tone, for she was an intelligent child.

Rorrek's head had fallen forward, his brow desperately pressed to Brianna's hand that he still clutched dearly so. The worried voice of their child stirred him from his grieving, a frayed and anxious glance given to the door. The Knight sought composure, though but fragments answered the summons. He closed his eyes and furrowed his brow intensely as he mustered the little reserves of strength which remained for this task. His face calmed slightly and would yield no further.

Vatya tapped against upon the door anxiously once more. "Papa?" she spoke with uncertainty, unsure now whether anyone was truly there. She tried the handle, wiggling it in curiosity, but it was locked firm. "Are you in there, Papa?" she called out again.

The warrior inhaled deeply and began to steel himself. He stood and slowly walked to the door, plated boots to thud against the wooden floor and announce his approach. He opened the door, enough to slide through, before closing it deftly behind him. He then knelt before the child silently.

Vatya hastily stepped back as the door began to open. In her arms she was clutching the elekk plush Brianna had gifted her last year and her wide eyes focused firstly upon Rorrek's blood stained armor, but she had seen battle before and her gaze quickly sought his face for answers. "Vat happened, Papa?" she began nervously. "Vere is Mama? Is everything okay?" The questions came in a childlike flood of apprehension as she squeezed the toy elekk to her chest in security.

Rorrek had followed Vatya's gaze across his armaments, as if only now realizing his appearance. He swallowed hard and sought to temper himself while he spoke in a soft and caring voice. "Vatya." He reached out and gently clasped her shoulders.

The child's eyes grew wider still. She had seen that look on adults many an occasion, usually before ill news was given; or rejection, as she was used to previously at the orphanage. Her lower lip quivered fearfully but she held strong. "Jes, Papa?"

Rorrek's front of calm nearly faltered at the sight of Vatya's distress. He reached upward to stroke tenderly the side of her cheek and horns before his palm rested behind her head. "Thy mother... unwell is she and beset with sickness. Appear shall she most different than thou hast come to know, and thou must holdfast in bravery now. Weakened is she for now and in need of rest."

Her youthful brow furrowed in a crinkle of confusion at first, not wanting to believe such; but as he spoke further tears gathered in her white eyes. "But Auntie Sky vill heal her, von't she? Mama does it all the time!" The Draenei innocently glanced toward to the stalwart door as if she could peer through it and clutched the stuffed animal harder. "Mama vill be okay," she said in a shaky voice. "She just needs rest?" she asked, recounting Rorrek's words, and looked back to him. "And then she vill be just fine?"

Rorrek drew Vatya closer into his arms the moment her words ceased. The gesture was in equal parts to comfort the child and hide his face from her desperate eyes. The tarnished Knight kept his voice in check, assuring and calm. His face was not. "Yes, but of course, my child. Surely so..."

Vatya huddled close to him, though she did not relinquish the grip on her plushie. Instead she rested her head gently against his chest and nodded softly. Such words halted the impending tears and she gave a small sniffle to curtail her emotions. "Can I see her?" she asked.

He did not answer at first, instead stirring only once his expressions were reeled in again and his composure regained. Vatya's shoulders were held with one hand as the other folded behind her knees whilst being mindful of her dainty tail. The solemn stalwart then lifted the child with meticulous care into his arms and against his chest before seeing the door opened and shut again behind them. His sabatons thudded gravely against the stifling silence of the room as he walked to the bedside.

She shifted in his grasp to peer down at her Mother and gasped in surprise. Nothing could have prepared her for how different she now looked, how feeble and so unlike her Mother at all. The image brought tears to Vatya's eyes all over again. "Mama..." she whispered in a tiny voice. She wriggled slightly, indicating she wished to be put down. "How long vill she have to rest, Papa?" she asked softly. "Can I vake her up soon?"

Rorrek knelt down again and set Vatya standing upon the floor. He remained knelt at her side, speaking in a tone thereafter yet even softer than before. "Nay, Vatya. Thou must disturb thy mother not." He struggled momentarily to maintain the soothing visage. He mused and swallowed as his words began to wither and dry within his throat. "Need doeth she thy presence and warmth. Vatya?" he inquired her name patiently.

Vatya sat her elekk plush down upon the bed and gave a brave little nod, as if she had been given some important order. With gentle care she climbed up on the bed, merely sitting beside her Mother at first as she looked to Rorrek. "Jes, Papa?"

Rorrek reached upward and engulfed Vatya's hands within his. "Stay shall those as we here for perhaps long unto morrows unbeknownst. And yet depart must I with some frequency... return shall I always hither." Guilt flashed in his mossy eyes as he elaborated. "Those whom beset thy mother with such... sickness remain abroad and rampant. Ne'er shall that as they come for thee or her again, thou hast my word. Need do I for thee to remain now, alongside thine aunt, to care for thy mother. Dost thou understand?"

Pure and white eyes searched his gaze as he spoke, fear returning full force under the weight of them, but she did her best to remain the little soldier he needed. "I understand," she said quietly. She glanced at him, somewhat shyly and spoke. "I vish you could stay here. Vith me and Mama." Vatya's cherubic face glanced to Brianna then and pressed her lips together to still the quivering. She was very afraid. "I vill take care of Mama. I promise." Her attention remained on her Mother as she took one small hand from Rorrek and reached for Brianna. "Can I... can I touch her?"

Rorrek slowly guided one of Vatya's hands to Brianna's palm, the same hand he had cradled before. He closed the woman's fingers around the child's slender grasp. At the sight, heated trails of tears began to fall from the corners of his eyes before he realized it. Yet, still he sought composure again for his Draenic daughter in his frayed and battered state.

Vatya held tight to her Mother's hand, curling her tiny fingers around Brianna's in turn. "Please be okay, Mama," she whispered in desperate tones, as tears slipped down her lavender cheeks. "Please vake up soon. I miss you." She leaned forward with measured movements, as if afraid to disturb Brianna, and kissed lightly the back of her hand.

Rorrek reached outward to embrace Vatya within his arms. His lips fell atop her head comfortingly, and warm droplets of despair soon followed suit from his cheeks. He appeared to desire to speak and yet could not find his voice at all.

Vatya grabbed Rorrek's calloused hand firmly in hers, now holding on to each of her parents. Her voice was small and yet there was a determination in her tone that rang true. "Everything vill be okay, Papa, don't vorry. Everything vill be okay."

To be comforted then by such a small and frail thing, a soul he was to protect and soothe, nigh brought the distraught man to the brink of his remaining restraint. His jaw clenched tightly and he but nodded and firmed his hold in response. All the while, outside of Vatya's sight, Rorrek's face contorted and fought against weeping openly.

Silent and watchful had the fae dragon been, observing the parent and child without so much as a usual chirrup or word. The creature sat curled still atop Brianna's thigh and would occasionally glance down as if mesmerized with worry. With bandage and gown were the wound hidden, and yet not to the eyes of the fae. The fel bite had proven immensely resilient, and from it was birthed far worse than the oozing punctures left behind...

(( Written in collaboration with Brianna. ))

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Skylah entered the room, her feet nearly dragging across the floor as she followed her hourly routine. Those she passed had said nothing of her unkempt state; waist long hair tangled, eyes darkened and red, and a sadness present in her features. She had been continually defeated by an unknown culprit since their return from the lines of battle. So many were lost, never to return, but Skylah would do what she could to assure the health of those injured. She had immediately began working at the Dalaran infirmary, sparing no time for sleep and little time for meals, hardly more than snacks in passing. But the one person she so badly wanted to heal, and yet could not find the means, was that of her sister.

She stood beside Brianna's bed, wondering if her sister could sense her. There was never a moment when the two were near that the others presence was not clear. Like a hypothetical ball of existance in the back of ones mind, the access was always there. It was far more than the ability to simply communicate. They knew of each others well being, their state of mind, and while thankful, this terrified her more than ever. She could sense the exhaustion and fear, the utter loneliness and despair, that plagued Brianna now. And where there was yet a feeling of underlying determination, though it was fearfully faint. Skylah worried that it would not be enough. A tear streamed down the young Priestess' cheek as she stood there and watched helplessly. She had never doubted her abilities in the healing arts, finding little that could ever resist her power for long. But the presumed curse that had taken Brianna was too elusive and strong. Even the bite on Brianna's thigh proved resilient. Skylah took what small satisfaction she could in knowing that even though not much progress had been made in the actual healing of the wound, she had been able to halt it from progressing further.

"What am I to do?" she spoke aloud in the silent room. Her gaze traversed every inch of her sister looking for some sort of sign. She noted that there were no outright signs of improvement, only that her breathing had stabilized somewhat, though still irregular and shallow.

She dabbed at her cheek to clear away the newly formed tear and sniffled before speaking in pained tones. "Show me something... anything, Bri. Please!" She reached out and took Brianna's hand; holding it lightly for fear of doing anything that might harm her sister in such a frail state. "If you can hear me, I -will- find a cure. Stay strong!" The young woman stood slowly, her eyes to linger on Ellaluna as she lay unmoving on Brianna's thigh, the same spot she had been resting most of the day. She seemed reluctant to leave Brianna and the light had faded noticably in her once mischievous gaze.

Skylah wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her dress as she heard the familiar sound of small hooves upon the floor approaching the room. A series of light raps came on the wooden door. "Auntie Sky? Vatya called softly. "Can I come in? I've brought something for Mama."

"Of course, Vatya." She spoke after taking a short moment to steady her voice. She wanted to appear strong and unworried for the sake of her niece.

Vatya opened the door, making sure to close it behind her, and stepped into the room. "Drats," she said softly. "I vas hoping Mama vould be avake." In her hands she carried the snow-globe Brianna favored so much.

Skylah smiled and knelt down as the young Draenei girl entered the room. She held her arms out wide to embrace the child. "Is that what you brought for Mama?" she asked after having seen the snow-globe.

Vatya quickly stepped into Sky's loving arms and gave her a big hug, nodding as she did so. "Jes." She looked over at Brianna and her eyes filled with renewed worry. "I vanted to sit it near her bed for ven she vakes up. So she could feel at home."

She held her niece in a tight embrace, breathing deeply to keep herself steadied. "I know she will be very happy that you brought it for her." She turned her head slightly to gaze at the bed where her sister slumbered. "Would you like to sit by her?"

"Jes please," Vatya nodded eagerly. Her silver eyes were rimmed with a hue of red as she glanced to Skylah and handed her the snow-globe. 'Vill you put it over there on the table for her?" Leaving Skylah to see the small request completed, Vatya then climbed up very carefully and settled in next to Brianna.

Smiling, Skylah stood and took the globe in hand. "Yes, of course." She ran her fingers through her uncared for hair and tucked the loose strands behind her ear as she moved towards the bedside table. "Vatya. Have you...have you ever talked to someone while they are sleeping in hopes they will hear you?"

The child contemplated this with a small furrow of her youthful brow and a few thoughtful flicks of her tail. "Vell..." After a moment she shook her head. "No." Gently she took Brianna's limp hand in hers and held it, keeping certain to avoid the IV site. "Do you think Mama can hear us in her dreams, Auntie Sky?"

Skylah leaned forward and let her hand slide gently down to caress Brianna's cheek. "I believe so, yes. It would probably comfort her to hear your voice. Go ahead, let her know you are here." The tired Priestess managed a convincing smile, nodding to urge Vatya on.

The little Draenei girl looked thoughtfully at Brianna as she scooted closer. "It's me, Mama. Vatya." Tenderly she stroked the back of Brianna's hand as she bit her lip to keep it from quivering. "I miss you. I vish you vould vake up and talk to me."

"Me too, Bri. We're all here for you, waiting for you to come back to us." Skylah shifted so she could rub a hand down the little girl's back. She leaned in to hug Vatya from behind before moving to look at the potions she had brought in the room when she first arrived. Glancing over her shoulder to see that Vatya was still intently looking at Brianna, she pulled a syringe from her bag and filled it with one of the potions; skillfully injecting it into the IV.

Vatya continued to talk, her voice quiet, as she held tight to Brianna's hand. "Miss Violet says I don't have to go to classes anymore for avhile. And ve are going to live here in the mage city." Suddenly she remembered something, eager to share. "Oh mana biscuits! Did you know there vas a pet..." She paused, uncertain of the word, and looked to Sky. "Vat is it called again, Auntie Sky? Pet meneree?"

Turning back towards the other two in the room, Skylah knelt down and rested her arms and head on the bed wearily while watching Vatya. "Too cute. Menagerie. The store across the city, hrm?"

Vatya nods, repeating the word perfectly. "Menagerie, Mama," she continued, looking back to Brianna. "They have all kinds of pets there! And I even held a spider, but, I didn't like it very much."

Skylah laughed lightly. "Much smaller than the wild ones at home, at least." She reached out to take Brianna's hand. She used the gesture to disguise checking Brianna's pulse in order to test the effect of the given potion. She frowned as it was unfortunately not the answer she had hoped for.

The room had fallen quiet, the excitement fading from Vatya as she realized Brianna wouldn't be responding, that she couldn't. She sighed with a heartbreaking sorrow and looked to Skylah. "Vhen vill she vake up? She has been asleep so long. Vhat if she gets hungry?"

Skylah held her hand out to take the child's hand. "Your mother fought very hard and needs this rest very badly. Do you know what she and I do? How we tend to people?"

Vatya responded with a nod of her head. "Jes, you are both healers. And Papa says you are healing Mama."

She squeezed Vatya's hand lightly. "And we use other methods than the Light, yes? You see this little tube here?" She points to the IV line running into Brianna's arm.

The young girl simply glance to the tube and nodded. "Other the shadow? Mama told me about that before." She glanced inquisitively at Skylah.

"No, sweet child, not the shadow. We use non magic means to aid us as well. This tube, it is...feeding, Brianna. Helping her stay strong." Skylah grinned, not truthfully expecting the child to bring up the Shadow.

Vatya's silver eyes widened in surprise. "Vhat? Truly, Auntie Sky?" She peered closer at the tube, as if trying to see bits of food within. "And then she vill vake up soon?"

The question struck hard and true. The fear and worry that Skylah was trying so hard to keep at bay was gnawing at her on the inside. She did not want to break in front of Vatya but combating the unknown, the potential loss of her sister, was too much. She felt like she was trapped in that barrage of emotions for eternity before realizing that her niece still awaited an answer. Wordlessly the Priestess nodded to the child, then looking away to wipe away the welling of water in her eyes.

Vatya seemed comforted by that and a good portion of the worry in her gaze retreated. She peered at Brianna with a smile and said, "I hope you are having sveet dreams, Mama." She cast a glance towards Skylah. "Papa says that I should help you in any vay you need. Is there something you vant me to do?"

How can I give her a task when I do not know what to do myself? The thought tormented her, playing off her past self doubts. Before being whisked off to confront the Legion's forces, Skylah stopped to make a promise to a fallen soldier. She had failed him during the siege, and so vowed to never fail another. Now, mere days later, she was failing her own sister. You should have stayed h--. Not. Now! Not in front of Vatya. She silenced her doubts for the time being. All she needed to do was concentrate on the sweet child staring back at her. She began looking around the room to find a task to assign, her eyes eventually falling on Ellaluna. "Do you know where Mama keeps Ella's food?"

The young Draenei quickly nodded, eager to be of assistance. "Jes!" She carefully let go of Brianna's hand and slid off the bed. "In her pack," she said, looking around for it. Once spotted, she moved towards it and began rummaging around.

"Ella is waiting for Mama to wake too. But she needs someone to look after her. Can you do that, Vatya?" Skylah was watching the little Fae while speaking.

With arcane dusted juniper berries, Vatya made her way over to where Ellaluna rested. “Jes, Auntie Sky!" She spoke with pride, as if undertaking a serious mission. "Ella~" she called, holding out a berry. "Are you hungry?"

The Fae retained none of her usual excitement for food. She did not even bother to move, let alone sniff the fruit. "Ella no want," the dragon spoke with heavy lackluster.

Vatya leaned across the bed on her stomach and held the berry up to Ella's mouth, who refused it again and turned completely around so as not to even look at them. "She doesn't vant it," she said to Skylah. "She is sad about Mama."

Skylah nodded in understanding. "Ella dear, we need you to eat, alright? Brianna would not want for you to starve. How about a compromise, will you at least drink?" She looked back and forth between the child and Fae.

"Ella no want. No drink. No food." The repeated words were spoken plainly to the wall as Ella continued her refusal.

The little girl ran a slender finger over Ellaluna's spine and spoke softly to her in a pleading voice. "Please little Ellaluna? Mama vill be upset if she vakes up and you are vithering avay!"

Ella begrudgingly turned around and flicked her tongue out to snatch the berry from Vatya's fingers. She hastily ate the berry, swallowing it whole, and then laid back down with a sullen tone. "Ella done."

Skylah gave an appreciative nod towards Ella as she closed her eyes and let her head sink. She was quiet for a few moments passing. "We have to take care of each other in these times. We're family. We will see home again, but, for now we must simply stick together." She took a deep breath before turning her attention back to Brianna. "Curious. Vatya, how have your lessons in the Light been progressing?"

Vatya glance to Skylah as she spoke, "They are going vell and I have been practicing." She held out her hand and called forth a little orb of light that circled her hand before fading away a few seconds later, unable to last longer.

Skylah smiled at the display. "You may not pick up on everything you see, but I am going to do a 'scan' of sorts. We want to make sure nothing is hurting your mother."

With a nod, Vatya scooted back to give Skylah room to work, perching at the end of the bed with her hooves tucked beneath her. She looked expectantly to Skylah and remained quiet, eager to see what would be done.

The priestess raised her hands just slightly over top the body of her sister, each erupting in a grand brilliance of Light. She then placed a hand over top Brianna's wrist, and another on her head. Tendrils appeared to travel forth and emanate from within Brianna's sickly body; they seemed to outline and alternate between the different bodily systems. Skylah's gaze was a mask of focus, as if she was seeing and searching every inch of Light that traveled through her sister. "The idea is that the Light will find anything that does not belong. However, it does take time to search every dark corner within the body."

Vatya watched with intense silver eyes that drank in everything. "Vill it heal vhat doesn't belong?" she asked curiously and with pure childish hope.

Skylah bit her lip as she continued to let the Light flow forth. "If I find anything that does not belong, I promise it will disappear faster than dessert at our house." She spoke in attempt to elicit a laugh from her niece.

Vatya giggled, though it was not as hearty as her usual carefree laughter. "Mama says you are a better healer than even her!" She looked at Skylah in wonder as she tilted her head. "Find anything?"

"Dammit-," she quietly began while the tendrils of Light faded away. She exhaled sharply and glanced up at the young girl. "I ask that you do not repeat that around your mother or father. And...sadly I have not found anything. Nothing at all."

Not phased by the curse word, Vatya nodded. With thoughtfulness unfitting of one so young, the little girl turned her attention to Brianna. "Maybe Mama can guide your Light in her dreams."

Skylah looked her sibling up and down, regarding the child with a curious glance. "Would you think me a coward if I said that playing in the mind of another can be terrifying? There is much that can go wrong." While seemingly in thought, she moves up onto the bed and scoots close to Brianna.

"I vould never think that of you, Auntie Sky," Vatya responded in truth. "It vould be scary to look inside someone's mind because vhat if you see something you are not supposed to see?"

A weak smile comes across the Priestess' lips. "Well, yes, that is scary. But believe me, I have seen plenty of things I wish I hadn't. It is more the tediousness of navigating the mind. And be assured, Vatya, there are dark places in each of us that can pose a threat to all persons involved. Luckily, with Brianna and I it has always been different. As if no magic at all were needed for us to speak with one another."

"Your mind speak," Vatya says in understanding and then suddenly widens her gaze. "Auntie Sky, are you going to go into Mama's head while she is asleep?!"

Skylah gave a gentle, loving pat on Ella's back before altering her gaze. She reached out and ran a hand over Brianna's hair and peered into her sibling's closed eyes. "I am going to try, darling Vatya. Might you grab me a water before I begin?" Though the feeling of exhaustion hovered about her small frame, she had to discover a way to 'find' Brianna. This wouldn't be the first time that she attempted to reach her subconscious, but perhaps this time she could use the Light to help amplify her attempts.

The little girl slid off the bed, taking care not to jostle Brianna and ran to the table that housed the water pitcher. A clean glass was grabbed and she began to fill it. Once full, she returned to the bedside and offered the glass up to her aunt.

"Thank you, Vatya." She wasted no time drinking the entire contents of the glass, using a levitation spell to see it sat next to her potions on the table. She spared a glance to the smaller bed that resided in the room. "You should grab my blanket from the chair and lay down. This is likely to take a long time, and I don't know that I will be very responsive." 

The idea was not immediately accepted by the child, as evident upon her frowning face, but she was a very well behaved little girl of nine and she eventually nodded. She would do as her Aunt asked. Once settled in atop the second bed, with her elekk plush nestled in the crook of her arm, she tugged the blanket up to her chin and closed her eyes. “But you vill vake me as soon as you find Mama in there,” Vatya said sleepily, the pull of slumber already taking her hand. 

With a smile at the young child, Skylah laid down face to face with Brianna and began infusing the bond they shared with a strand of Light. The surroundings seemed to blur away for an unknown amount of time as she delved within her sister's mind and the darkness that awaited.

((Written in collaboration with Brianna.))

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Nomu sighed as he sat down.  It had been a long day, the druids of Moonglade had been working frantically to shore up the defenses of their home, and with the legions attacks ramping up following the disaster of the broken shore.  Its happening again He thought.  However, before any more memories of the past could return to him, his thoughts were interrupted by the apperance of a young night elf druid "U-um ex-excuse me Archdruid, there is a human here who insists on meeting you".  Nomu's one good eye opened and looked at the young night elf "A human you say?  Odd, did they give a reason?"

"SOmething to do about someone being injured and needing a druid....she asked for you specifically"  Nomu grunted as he shakily stood up, leaning heavily on his staff.  Nomu strode towards the building where the guest was waiting, his staff clicking on the stone floor.  Flanked by two tauren stood a human woman, tall for her race, but her cold dark eyes showed surprise as they were forced to look up at the large tauren bull.  Nomu's one good eye noticed her metalic hand and leg before returning to her face.  

"Greetings young one, I have been told you were looking for me?" Nomu asked as he waved his hand, causing a large chair made of vines to form.

"Whoa....Uh-ahem, yes, I was told you can help me, and I need help fast." she replied

"I have an injured friend" she continued "SOmeone very important to us human, and no one has been able to heal her wounds.  Uh-it was suggested that a powerful druid and the water from a moonwell could heal her.  I just heard your name yesterday, but here we are"  As she was explaining her story, nomu motioned towards Dargon the innkeeper to bring them some tea.

"What are the extent of her injuries and what caused them?"  Nomu graciously accepted the tea, as did the human before him.

"She was injured in the battle of the Broken shore, and was bit by some kind of fel hunter.  She hasnt awoken and the healers are having trouble keeping the fel energy at bay.Or something." The women looks at Nomu was an exasperated expression, "I'm not a healer, I don't know exactly whats wrong with her."


Nomu nods, listening as he sips his tea "I see, and where is the injured currently?"

The human replied "In the medical wards, in Ironforge. It's one of the few safe places they were able to move her, and even then it's under a fearsome siege."

Nomu laced his hands together, "AH, that might pose a problem."

"I can get you in unseen and out, if you're willing to help" 

Nomu smiled softly ""Dwarvish architecutre and I dont normally get along, but I think I can make an exception"  The human stepped forward and offered her living hand "So you'll help then?" 

"Aye, I will" he offer her his hand, though her hand is just large enough to wrap around his finger "I will need to gather my supplies"  

The human nodded "Alright, we have someone waiting to port us to ironforge and ill sneak you in through the back."  

"ALright then, just wait here and I will return shortly with my supplies" he motioned to the druid to return her weapons, and they reluctantly hand them back.


Nomu quickly set about gathering his things.  It had been a long time since he had last ventured into the Alliance territory, before the coming of Garrosh as warchief.  He was glad to have the chance to return, but he wondered how things had changed since last he had been there.  But sightseeing could wait, someone needed his help and he was going to do whatever he could.


((With collab from Tayissa)

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The journey was long from the distant haven of Moonglade, but the story seemed much the same in the land of Khaz Modan. The mountain of Ironforge was under assault by the Legion, just as countless other locations across the world. The mountain city was impregnable, and its inhabitants unwavering in their vigilance. Adrenaline coursed through the city as the combined military forces of the clans swept through the quarters. They were being cycled from within the city to Kharanos where the Council of Three Hammers was making their stand against the demonic invasions. All within were wary of the Legion infiltrating Ironforge, causing a second front behind the main brunt of defenders outside. No large force could hope to enter unnoticed... but, that was not to speak of individuals.

Ironforge was more than its circular districts. It was riddled with winding corridors and labyrinthine halls that extended throughout the mountain like veins. Tayissa Steel, as a privateer of less respectable interests, was accustom to paths few others knew where to look for. But, she did not smuggle goods this day, but instead someone who could help a dire situation. Nomu Highmountain posed great difficulty to smuggle into the mountain due to his immense size. Fortunately the druidic arts of the elder Tauren were able to curb this with his ability to shape-shift. Through darkened tunnels from the north Tayissa escorted the druid after making landfall in Menethil. All seemed well for, despite the heightened alert the city was on. It was not until they needed to step from the shadows and less known path near the end of their journey that issue arose.

Brianna Mackinzie needed a healer of a specific kind to treat the fel wound and curse therein. All that stood between Tayissa's delivery of that person was a wide and open expanse. The infirmary was nestled among countless bright braziers and coal pits that lit the area well. The stream of guards which passed by never seemed to end. The two could not wait forever, and eventually Tayissa took her chance after another Dwarven patrol passed by.

The shout and whistling came immediately after they moved into the open. She was caught, with a large member of the Horde in tow no less... The guards surrounded them and in response Nomu shifted from the stealthy feline form as to hold his hands before him in a gesture of harmlessness. Unfortunately, the Dwarves seemed even more on edge at the sheer height of the venerable elder. Shouting rang out as the captain of the these guards ordered the unlikely pair to lay down their belongings. The noise drew the eyes of the entire area, including those in the infirmary where Brianna was kept.

A solemn and weary figure emerged with haste, with a likewise tired Priestess on his heels, from the infirmary building. An exasperated Rorrek and Skylah rushed to explain the dire straights of their desperate situation in this trying time where even many Horde fought to defend Dun Morogh. With hope the guard could be swayed...


Tayissa rubs a sweaty forehead, now that both Nomu and her were upstairs safe, "Sorry, almost made it undetected."

Nomu slowly stumps up the stairs, his body barely fitting in the small room. “Well, this was certainly exciting....”

Skylah rubs a hand gently over Brianna's forehead, a hopeful smile to form across her lips. "I am certainly hoping it was worth all the trouble..."

Rorrek wearily laid his axes against the stone wall after having returned from settling the guards. Nonetheless, the Dwarves had taken to wait outside the infirmary building while their captain explained to them at length. He watched the looming Tauren with some reservation and wariness, anxiety and fatigue clinging to the frayed defender. He glances to Tayissa to glean their outlook on the situation.

Nomu slowly walks up to the figure on the bed, his one good eye scanning her body and taking stock of her wounds "Hrmmm....You say she was bit by a felhound?"

The patient remained much as before, her breathing irregular and exceptionally shallow. Yet her pallor was much worse, a sickly green, and her cheeks were further sunken in. Beneath her pale gown was the outline of bandages upon her thigh.

Tayissa leans heavily against the wall, having not slept since she had left the infirmary days earlier. She watches Nomu speak with weary eyes.

“Nay, drained was she ere the bite by felhound. Thereafter came dreadstalker as carrion to attempt to... finish her. Such gave the bite and curse therein,” Rorrek explained wearily.

Skylah gently pulls the covers back to expose where the bite would be.

Nomu frowns and begins to remove several vials and herbs from his bags, including what look like several long vines. One of the vials in particular seems to almost glow with an otherwordly light. "I must say, I am impressed she has survived as long as she has, I've seen many die from far less." He opens one of the vials, the liquid a dark blue in color and adds some crushed mageroyal to it, resulting in it turning to a bright blue.

Skylah watches the Tauren intently. "I...I've done the best I could. I have only been able to contain the spread from the bite. It is incredibly resistant to the Light."

“You have done very well child. I do believe she owes her continued life to you at this moment,” Nomu replied in kind.

Skylah reaches forward and gently removes the bandage from Brianna's thigh. The revealed bite wound is angry looking, oozing with fel pus and very raw -- though Skylah's magic has stopped the spread of infection from traveling further. Black jagged lines shoot out from around the wound's edges, seeking further flesh to corrupt.

Nomu passes the glowing drink to Skylah, "Here, have her drink a little bit of this now. It will restore some of her strength so that I can begin the healing process.”

Rorrek watched Nomu for a time, the reserved and guarded posture of the tired warrior to eventually lessen as the Tauren spoke. He chanced a glance out the window to his side toward the remaining guards. He soon shifted his attention again to the healing.

Skylah nods in thanks to the previous comment before reaching out to take the drink in hand. "In her state I may have to inject it, is that alright? I fear pouring it in her mouth would see it mostly wasted."

After Nomu passes off the blue potion, he examines the wound closely and nods a few times "Serious, but not inoperable. I do warn you though, this will be painful. The corruption is set deep. I will be able to draw it out, but it wont be pleasant for her.”
“Aye, that is fine. Just a small amount though. To much and it will speed the rate of corruption,” Nomu added, his attention focused on Brianna.

Tayissa watched the druid pass his potion, eyes closing more with fatigue. A very small, innocent 'bump', perhaps a guard leaning his weapon on the building's wall, or someone setting something heavy on a surface downstairs. The noise makes Tayissa jump, as she draws her revolver and peers down the stairs.

Nomu pulls out a large flat leaf, as large as Brianna's entire thigh. Opening the vial of moonwell water, he pours a little on the wound.

Rorrek bit his stern lip at the thought of the corruption being spread, his gaze to quickly flash to Skylah. The Knight's stance trembled slightly, but he soon forced calm in his silence as to not disturb the delicate process.

Skylah grabs a fresh syringe from the table. Expelling all the air from it, she draws about a quarter of the contents of the glass. She slowly injects the contents into the IV in Brianna's hand.

Ellaluna had been watching the Tauren for a time from where she perched protectively near Brianna. The fae dragon did not hold her usual wariness for strangers when regarding the Tauren. "Druid good. Druid help," she chirped softly.

Nomu then pulls a small seed out of his bag and places it in the center of the wound. Instantly little tendrils begin to sprout out and dig their way into the wound. Nomu then places the leaf over the wound while he begins to softly hum an old tune in a language that sounds vaguely like Tuare-he, but not quite. With his hands pressed against the wound, the leaf begins to wither and decay, the refuse falling into the wound.

Skylah caresses Brianna's cheek as she peers upon her slack face.

The fel ichor from the wound seems to recoil from the placed seed and outreaching tendrils, taking on an eerie shift as if its own pained entity. Under the wound, the ichor movement against the treatment might be felt.

Rorrek stood as a silent witness with breath held, hope set within his troubled gaze. He dares not speak as the druid and priestess work upon the festering fel wound.

Nomu stops his humming for a moment, and grabbing two of the vines, wraps them around her upper thigh, above the furthest bit of corruption. They quickly wind around and seem to form a line against the corruption in case it should try and spread.

Skylah turns her gaze from Brianna's face to watch the Druid's work in hope and fascination.

Nomu returns to the seed and humming, and slowly the seed begins to germinate, the tendrils reaching in further, sucking up the fel corruption as if it was water for the plant.

Ellaluna seems pleased as she watched the druidic magic take hold. For the first time, the little fae looked more hopeful than she had in days.

The silence of the room is suddenly cloven for a brief moment as a gruff voice shouted toward the window from outside. "Oye! Hurry up in there so we kin get that great horned lummox outta tha' city! We have places ta be!"

Tayissa glances over her shoulder at the humming, but is unable to see around the massive Tauren to glimpse what is happening. Her brow furrows at the Dwarven shouting from below as she clutches her revolver tightly.

Nomu continues to hum, but adds more moonwell water to the plant. As the water hits the seed, the roots shoot out to the furthest reaches of the corruption, and begin to draw it in to the seed. The flower itself then begins glowing with fel energy.

Skylah takes Brianna's wrist in her hand to monitor her heartbeat; taking note of her breathing patterns as well.

As the last of the corruption is drawn into the plant, the roots begin to retract and draw back, wrapping themselves around the base of the stem. Opening his eye, Nomu plucks the plant out of the wound, and watches as it quickly withers and dies. “There, that should take care of the corruption...” he said aloud.

Footsteps approached from the stairs, and a ways below the first flight stared upward the Captain of the accosting guards. He spoke to Tayissa from below. "Ey! Me lads are gettin' antsy and I've already got ta make a report a mile wide! How goes it?"

Skylah breathes a sigh of relief. "You are certain?" she asks while peering at the wound.

Tayissa growls and hisses over the railing at the guards below, "Not finished."

The Dwarf was taken aback, and his brow furrowed sternly. "Listen here, lass. We let ya through since we're all staring down them demons. But you best watch yerself unless you want ta end up clapped in irons." He then stomped back downstairs.

Tayissa makes a very very rude gesture at the dwarf.

“I do apologize Noble Children of the earth. I just need a few more minutes. Then I promise I shall leave,” Nomu spoke with deep respect.

Rorrek had watched the exchange between the guard and Tayissa from afar, it having taken his focus briefly from the healing of Brianna. He walked toward Tayissa and clasped a hefty hand upon her shoulder. "Thou shalt listen and hold thy tongue. Grateful am I for thy service, but... Thou shalt not endanger such healing. Be well unto the guard.” He leaned slightly forward with a pointed and dire look in his eyes.

Nomu returns his attention to his patient and holds his hand over her. "Now the question of the curse remains... What did you say it was again?"

Tayissa shoots Rorrek a dirty look, her mouth opening to explain herself, then she bites her tongue and shoves her revolver roughly into its holster.

“It is one of exhaustion, or sapping of her strength in some way, I believe. Whatever it is, it is keeping her body from being able to recuperate,” Skylah explained as best she could.

“Hrmmm,” was all Nomu spoke as he gazed thoughtfully down at Brianna.

Rorrek stood resolute as a monolith, though his eyes warned of an ire awaiting to be released in these trying times. He would brook no argument as the digging of his plated fingers into her shoulder emphasized. He released his grip as she sheathed her revolver and bowed his head. "My thanks..." His eyes remained on them for a time before he returned to where he leaned before.

Tayissa wipes her hand along her shoulder where Rorrek's gauntlet made contact, resuming her position along the wall.

Nomu rummages through his bags before pulling out a sprig of cinderbloom which he promptly crushes and adds to the remaining moonwell water. It changes color, taking on a bright golden color and he hands the vial to Skylah "Inject her with this once I start,” he orders.

Skylah nods, taking the container in hand and filling a new syringe with its contents.

Tayissa folds her arms and leans the back of her head on the wall.

Nomu holds his hands over Brianna and begins to chant in his deep gravely voice. Its the same language as before, with bits of Taura-he, but far more ancient.

Skylah watches the druid. Once the chanting began, she injected Brianna with the given mixture.

As the mixture is injected, Nomu continues to chant, his voice rising and falling in rhythmic pattern. Slowly he moves his hand towards the two vines on her thigh, and they begin to grow lax and unwind until completely slack. Falling limp to the floor, their color drains as the curse now has been transferred to the vines.

The patient seems to breath easier almost at once, her chest no longer rising and falling in such irregular rhythm. In fact, Brianna's chest expands greatly as she inhales deeply for the first time in a long time.

Skylah quickly turns at the sound of a deep breath taken, a smile forms a she looks between the druid and her sister. " is working already!" she exclaims.

Nomu sighs from exhaustion but now pulls out a mason jar, and a somewhat sour smell fills the air. Taking his fingers he applies a very thick brown paste to the wound before wrapping it in several more vines, which tighten themselves to form a perfect bandage.

Rorrek watched Brianna's form seemingly ease, for the first time since the invasions began in earnest. His eyes widened and glazed with the threat of tears. He restrains himself in silence, though his stoic and wrathful features dare to visibly hope more so.

Nomu smiles softly as he finishes up and replaces the top to the mason jar. "There....that should do it. She will just need rest now. This salve will speed the healing process up. Just reapply it once every two days. The bandages will need to be replaced then as well. She will need to take it easy and build her strength back up, but in time, she will be just as strong as she was before.”

Skylah looks to her sister before stepping forward and closer to the Tauren. “I will tend to her as I have since she fell. I will be ever vigilant. Rest assured that your efforts have not been wasted,” she promised.

Nomu turns to hand the mason jar, along with a bag of herbs to Skylah. "This is a bag of tea leaves. It will help with her pain. Should be enough to last a month. Its my own special brand." He then looks down upon her, responding to her promise. “I know they wont be child. She is lucky to have you, without your care I would not have been able to save her.”

Skylah's gaze takes in all of the Tauren, she to place a gentle hand on his arm; in a quick motion does she try her best to give him a hug.

Nomu blinks a few times before letting out a deep chuckle and softly pats her on the back, returning the hug as his other arm grips his staff for support.

Rorrek took several measured steps closer toward the Tauren that loomed over him. He pointed his gaze upward and spoke with a voice that struggled to maintain composure. "... Thy name. Speak thy name and thine order." He waited patiently.

Nomu turns and looks at Rorrek "Ah, yes. I am Elder Nomu Highmountain, Druid of the Cenarion Circle, and Elder of the Horns of Shu'halo"

Skylah lingered in his embrace for a moment longer before taking a step back. She clears her throat in attempt to gain Tayissa's attention and beckon her closer.

Rorrek closed his eyes and bowed low. He holds the gesture for several moments of silence before rising and speaking in turn. "Sir Rorrek Therrien... there is debt sincere to be repaid. Thou may callest upon mine aid whenever thou art of need for this. Thou hast my thanks eternal.”

Nomu responds in kind as he looks to Rorrek with his one good eye. “You owe me nothing, I am just glad to have been able to help.”

Tayissa rubs the bridge of her nose and shakes her head as the druid speaks his name, not familiar with any of it. She squints an eye at Skylah as she beckons.

Skylah smiles up at Tayissa, her eyes rimmed with tears yet to fall. "Thank you, Tayissa. It doesn't even begin to express my gratitude, but thank you."

Ellaluna flew up, uncharacteristically flying towards the stranger. Ever so briefly she landed on Nomu's massive shoulder and fluttered her wing against his face affectionately. "Ella thank Nomu," she said before returning to Brianna's side.

Nomu laughs as the fae lands on his shoulder "You are most welcome young one."

Tayissa folds her arms a little tighter and nods her head once, "... It's fine, I just want her to be whole."

Rorrek smiled, a genuine expression, and broke absently with subdued laughter which welled forth from beneath the long vigils and warring which has been had. "Nonetheless, remember shall I thy name and that imparted."

Skylah holds both her hands out, and without waiting for acknowledgement from Tayissa, wraps her in a hug as well.

Nomu smiles and nods at Rorrek "Now then...I feel that I should probably leave, as the Children of earth don’t seem to appreciate my presence. Nor do I fit in these buildings all to well." He lets out a deep rumbling laugh.

Tayissa still had her arms folded, but leans into Skylah's hug. She probably smells pretty bad from being on the road for a week without bathing.

Skylah releases Tayissa and turns again to the Druid. “We are eternally thankful for your aid. There are no words to truly express that gratitude. Travel well, and be safe in this dire world.”

“Fare thee well, Elder of the Circle and Horns. May thy path be guided and fortunes gracious amongst morrows unbeknownst.” Rorrek spoke with respect.

“May the earthmother watch over you all.” Nomu turns and collects his bags. With a final nod he begins to slowly limp down the stairs.

“I'll make sure he gets out safely. Erm, without trouble,” Tayissa informed the group.

“Steel,” Rorrek said, calling to Tayissa before she could leave.

“Aye?” Tayissa replied, looking with worry to the Druid as he slowly limps to the door.

Rorrek looked upon Tayissa again, though his demeanor had changed from before. His weariness was shown through around a bud of warmth which seemed to bloom at last. "...Again, thou hast my thanks. Endeavor shall I to gaze upon thee in light anew." He nodded. “Thy service shall not be forgotten.”

Skylah sits on the bed opposite Brianna and watches her sisters chest as it rises and falls. Brianna's pallor was already looking more normal. The sickly fel tinge had receded and a healthy color was beginning to emerge, although quite pale still.

Tayissa offers a smile to Rorrek, "I'm just glad it all worked out," She turns to take a few steps to the door, hesitates for a moment and looks back to Rorrek, "We're on the same side, remember that." She almost doesn't look fully certain herself as she speaks the words.

Rorrek seemed to make to speak, but he stopped himself. He gave then instead a deep nod of acknowledgment.

Tayissa strode briskly to the door to catch up with Nomu and the commotion outside.

“She'll need time...but one can already see the improvements,” Skylah offered, hope present in her weary voice.

Ellaluna curled up behind Brianna's nape, nuzzling her face against the woman. An odd vibration began to emit from her chest as she closed her eyes peacefully.

Rorrek seemed to not hear Skylah's words for a time as he watched Brianna's visage and Ellaluna's regarding of her. He looked to Skylah then as he realized she spoke. "Yes, of course." He glanced away to the window as a great horn sounded, a signal of need. He bit his lip harshly as his gauntlets clenched with clear resentment.

“Take a night to be with her. I'll spend my time with the injured if it lets you rest easier. I worry still, but I believe she will fully recover,” Skylah spoke softly, looking to Rorrek.

Rorrek shook his head slowly from side to side. "Tempting is thy word, Chancellor... and grieve do I to depart, but need is dire now and neglect shall I not that sworn. No demon shall enter the city upon my watch, especially now that returned is hope to me."

Rorrek stepped closer to the bed and leaned foward. He laid a lasting kiss upon Brianna's lips before parting her hair slightly from her face. The tears which welled within the corners of his eyes were allowed to fall freely when he stood again.

Skylah nods a couple times at spoken words. "Then fight well and fight hard.”

(( Taken from in-game RP. ))

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