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Demon Hunter Story/Art Contest

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To get everyone in the mood for Legion, I am  holding a demon hunter story and art contest.

It can be an origin story, or the continuing adventures of your character.

Open to characters on Twisting Nether or Ravenholdt, and can be either Alliance or Horde.

Contest runs until September 12, 2016.

Prize: 1,000 Gold, and featured on the Home page here on TNG.

To enter, simply put [contest] in the title of your Nether Legends or Artist Gallery post.

Content should follow normal TNG rules.

Any questions?  Post them here :)

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The Twisting Nether Gazette is a role play forum for characters on the RP-PVP servers Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt.  We have been active since November of 2005, a few months after the Twisting Nether server originally went live.  Our purpose is to provide a safe and inclusive environment where role players can meet and interact with each other, and, of course, post their amazing role play stories, art, bios, and journals.

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