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Resileaf Ravenwing

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Full name: Resileaf Ravenwing

Nickname: Resi

Age: Some thirteen thousand years.

Race: Night elf

Gender: Female

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Silver glow

Height: 7'3"

Weight: Upwards of 200lbs, most of it muscle

Place of residence: Darnassus

Place of birth: Suramar

Known relatives: Altessia Silentarrow (wife), Leiawiin Ravenwing (presumed deceased child from a previous husband who died three hundred years ago), Saralinne Silentarrow (adopted daughter with Altessia)

Religion: Sisterhood of Elune

Occupation: Keeper of the Twilight Empire, Commander of the Sentinel army of Darnassus

Guild affiliation: Twilight Empire

Other affiliations: The Sentinel army

Guild rank: Keeper

Enemies: Opponents of peace, the Burning Legion

Likes: Cold and snowy areas, protecting others, relaxing with her wife, stargazing

Favorite foods: Most sweets

Favorite drinks: Fruity drinks, hot chocolate, darnassian wines

Favorite colors: Purple and blue

Weapons of choice: Bows and Night elf three-pronged glaives

Dislikes: beligerant Horde and Alliance, cruelty and torture, strong winds

Physical features: Amazonesque stature, long, sometimes unkempt blue hair, either in her mail armor or priestess garb. There is a nasty recent scar in her midsection, at stomach level and going from one side of her body to the other.

Special abilities: Master of many weapon styles through ten thousand years of military service, experienced Priestess of the Moon, good alchemist

Positive personality traits: Resileaf is disciplined, calm, and dedicated to the causes she takes the mantle of. She is also cordial to like-minded people, and friendly after some time spent unwinding.

Negative personality traits: She can be cold and distant at first, stubborn (not always openly), naive towards younger-lived races and is prone to recklessness when she feels that her cause is threatened.


History: Resileaf Ravenwing was born thirteen thousand years ago from a Highborne family in Suramar, making her a bit of a lesser noble in Night elven society at the time. She soon became a bit of a pariah in her own family however when she turned out to be rather inept in the weaving of arcane magic. No matter how much she studied, she was unable to conjure the simplest of fireballs without losing control of it and causing disasters. Her mother, who pretty much led the family with an iron fist, entirely lost interest in Resileaf and mostly ignored her to focus on the education of her more magically-capable siblings. For the first three thousand years of her life, Resileaf would therefore go ignored by her own family. She quietly lived with them, keeping to herself and being careful not to make any waves so that no one would bother with her.

Things would have continued like that probably forever if not for the Sundering. When the demons attacked and the Well of Eternity was destroyed, Resileaf tried to make her family flee, but as they were loyal to Azshara, they remained at the palace to aid in the summoning of demons. Given no choice, she fled by herself and managed to survive long enough in the invasion to join the refugees who fled the capital. The Sisterhood of Elune protected her as the Well was destroyed, and when the ashes fell, she had survived the War of the Ancients.

To Resileaf's knowledge, her family had perished in Suramar when the Well imploded. As such, she was orphaned and alone. She lacked most practical skills to live on her own, so she decided to join the Sentinel army in an effort to take control of her life. Some part of her also desired redemption for being related to the Highborne responsible for the demonic invasion. She proved to be quite adept at fighting, and was officially made a Sentinel a few years after the Sundering. The squad she was placed in was tasked with keeping the peace in Ashenvale, a task she gave herself to eagerly. Her discipline and talent made her be praised by her superiors, and she participated in several conflicts, mainly the exile of the Highborne after they caused a deadly arcane storm in Ashenvale (this event resulted in giving her a phobia of particularly strong winds, making her nervous whenever the winds pick up. The stronger they get, the more nervous she becomes. Panic attacks can happen during storms and hurricanes if she's alone for too long) and the war of the Satyr.

The Long vigil otherwise passed mostly eventlessly. Resileaf was eventually transfered to the Winterspring region. While she detested it at first, being convinced to have wronged someone somehow to be sent there, she quickly fell in love with the snow and cold of the area. It was also where she met her husband-to-be, a hunter of a small village of the area, when he saved her life while she was bathing in a hot spring and was attacked by a chimerae. She married him, and a few hundred years later became pregnant with a daughter. However, tragedy struck when he was killed by an enormous chimerae that rampaged through Winterspring at the time. Although she avenged his death and gave birth without issues, Resileaf was deeply hurt by the loss of her husband and raised her daughter alone, in reclusion.

Three hundred years later, the demons invaded again. Using the undead created by the Scourge as a vanguard to their invasion, the Burning Legion began an even more devastating invasion than the War of the Ancients'. Resileaf naturally rejoined the Sentinel army and fought during many big battles, culminating in the battle of Mount Hyjal, where Alliance, Horde and Night elves fought and died in droves to stop the undead horde from reaching the summit. Resileaf suffered a grievous wound during the defense of the Alliance base, and was forced to retreat and watch the rest of the battle unfold from afar, dread rising as the Burning Legion's leader managed to reach the summit... Only for the trap set for him to be triggered, killing the demon lord and saving Azeroth.

For the next decade, Resileaf was in recovery. Although she did her best to participate in world events, she was unable to go back to the fight until the events of the Scourge's resurgence, and she joined the fight in Northrend. As the Sentinel army could not send troops, Resileaf therefore fought independantly, joining battlefields when she could. She was even among the champions allowed to fight in Icecrown citadel when the gates were breached. She joined a small scouting group to map out the early threats in the citadel, but someone was careless, and a gigantic skeleton was awakened by a trap. The massive creature crippled Resileaf, nearly severing her spine with a single blow. She was however saved by the rest of the scouting group and brought back to relative safety. She was urgently sent back to Darnassus to see how bad the injury was.

The damage this time was so severe that the priestesses declared that Resileaf would be crippled for life and would never be able to fight again. She despaired for many moons before receiving illumination. She found out, thirteen thousand years after having failed to cast a simple fireball spell, that she was capable of casting Elunite magic. This revelation made her immediately begin studying how to develop those new powers, and she proved to be a natural at them. Her discipline as a soldier naturally brought her a great capacity for learning and increasing her powers. She would not be able to return on the front before the Lich King's defeat, but in the period of peace in-between, she was able to recover enough to seek a new cause to dedicate herself to. She chose the Twilight Empire.

Remembering the cooperation that happened between the Horde and Alliance in the final days of the Third war, she desired to foster good relations between them again so that future threats may be faced together once more, without any further pointless hostilities. She involved herself with the Empire's military, knowing that her best skills were of course fighting. However, when the Cataclysm struck, another blow was dealt to her. Her daughter, who had joined a druidic school, was killed when Garrosh Hellscream's army destroyed the neutral Cenarion circle school of Tal'darah. Devastated by the loss of her last family member, Resileaf dedicated herself entirely to the Empire, having nothing else left to her.

Through her service, Resileaf was eventually made a Guardian of the Empire, tasked with directly protecting its leadership from all dangers, and even regained her physical health during an alchemy accident with one of the Empire's own alchemists. She worked this role with pride, until an incident where a pirate pretended to having been following her without her knowledge made her be removed from this duty. Although she could have returned eventually, she left the Empire when a man calling himself the Stormreaver began to target Night elves in an effort to get to the Sentinel general Shandris Feathermoon. She decided that to protect her people from this assassin, she had to distance herself from the Empire so as not to harm their peace-keeping efforts and rejoin the Sentinel military, where she was made a commander for her previous achievements. After a long hunt, she finally slew him... Or at least so she thought. The Stormreaver ceased his attacks, but a copycat took over, and was killed by Resileaf's own hand. She rejoined the Empire afterwards while it went through a crisis.

Aerana, the Empress of the organization, had begun to suffer through a degenerative disease that caused her to go mad and paranoid. Although Resileaf tried to keep the Empire from tearing itself apart by slicing her stomach open in an effort to stop a battle that seemed inevitable, she had very little effect on the events that unfolded afterwards. Thankfully, Aerana was returned to health, and the Empire's structure changed to prevent such an event from happening again. Resileaf once again joined the military, now called the Keepers, to bring her skills to the Empire's protection once more. Due to her self-inflicted wound, she remained out of the conflict that happened on Draenor at the beginning, eventually managing to participate in the fight against the Iron Horde when the final battle at Tanaan began. She scouted the entire jungle to detect threats and sent her reports to both the Empire and the Alliance. Not long afterwards, heroes of the Alliance and the Horde finally invaded Hellfire citadel and defeated the Legion.

Since then, Resileaf has remained a loyal Keeper of the Empire, assisting them against the most recent threats to its safety.

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