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Anejodi, the Little Brother of War

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Lomani stands beneath the larger of two pine trees at the game grounds, grateful for their cooling shadows. She looks around. The stack of sticks she has made is on the ground, ready to be passed out. Lomani herself would be using the one made by a shy elf she'd met in the Brokenspear tavern. She wonders idly if she had managed to help the socially terrified man at all. She hopes so.

Out in the sunshine following his nose, her kodo ambles without care. His saddle is loosened, and he has not a thing to worry about. Unlike her. As usual, Lomani feels a fluttering within the pit of her stomach, like butterflies swirling, trying to escape. It has been several months since last she has stood before a group of people to lead them in anything. It will pass, she knows. 

A cheerful little chirping noise draws her attention down. His expression ever attentive somehow, Kanunu the yellow-bellied bullfrog regards her. She smiles at him. 

"I know, it will fine. It always is. You weren't here yet, but you should have seen last year's Green Corn run. And Great New Moon. Those were all wonderful events, this will be too."

Lomani looks over the grounds. The grasses have still not managed to encroach much on the anejodi fields. Shaped rather like a bone, there are two small round fields, with a dirt track well-worn between them from epic larger games generations passed. The Darkmoon Faire had asked for and received permission from the Shu'halo to use this place for their carnival in years passed, and they still erected their banner here once a month to send folks through a portal to their island. Lomani wonders how many Shu'halo her age even know of the original purpose of the large patch of grassless dirt.

Butterflies flutter in her tummy.. Kanunu chirps again.

"You're right. Just listen to it one more time, please? I do not wish to falter before them. Some of the elders will surely remember, and they will know an error." Lomani begins pacing and, as she had done three times before, practices her pre-game speech.

"Welcome! So nice to see you here... Chieftain, you're looking well... Ahem. When you are a person who belongs to a community, you have to know who you are. You have to know who your relatives are, and as a tribe we have to know where we came from..."

"With all things and in all things, we are relatives. It is with happiness and pride that I look on the faces gathered here. Of my Brothers and Sisters..." Lomani stops her slow pacing and pretends to look in the eyes of various Shu'halo that had come to play. "...of the Horde who are with us today...." The seer smiles and nods to the imaginary non-tauren. "We are all allies."

"Tonight is the first full opening of Mu'she, the moon, since the passing of summer solstice. The Earth Mother's eye looks widely upon us, and so today is the traditional first day of Anejodi, the stickball games.  Anejodi or anistusti are Shu'halo words, they mean 'little brother of war' or 'little war', which is what a stickball game is. There was a time in our long history when our varied tribes did not get along, and we warred amongst each other."

Lomani pauses and looks at Kanunu. "It is easy to be brave from a distance. Anejodi games were held throughout the summer months to hone skills needed in combat, to teach our youths not to flinch from danger, and fight bravely with an enemy before them. While we are ashamed of those times, it is important to remember where we came from. Anejodi is played today as a game not to prepare for war, but to bring the community together, to inspire friendly competition and provide a controlled outlet for built-up frustrations. It-"

Behind the trees, Lomani's kodo raises his head. The seer turns to find a familiar old friend walking up. Practice is over.

"Mersee!" Lomani cries happily. The priestess waves, but she rushes over to embrace the small elf in a hug instead. Khorvis arrives on his mount, and the two priestesses wave a warm greeting to him. "Greetings Khorvis!" 

"I brought my two best sticks, bring it." the elf says in a spirit of competition.

The Grim orc grunts back. "Throm'ka." Khorvis snorts and dismounts, sending Bes'thra away to graze.

"Lomani? I need a bookie of sorts, I need you to physically hold my items for betting. No pockets in these pants." 

She smiles at Mersee as her friend brings out four enchanted cages. Inside each is a healthy well-cared-for animal. "If you wish. Pets? How lovely!" Lomani sets the cages off to the side, in a safe spot. She looks at Khorvis as he flips a bottle over end and hands it to her by the neck. Peaked Dalaran red wine. 
"I think, with those muscles, Khorvis might inflict the most damage. Perhaps that will be my bet." Her elf friend eyes Khorvis up and down as the seer asks "Will any other Grim be coming for an evening of silly games, inquisitor?" 

"May be, Horn. I do not run their personal lives of leisure. Though if I do see a Supplicant in the games, they had best be finished with their task!"

Lomani sets Khorvis' bottle of wine in the pile with the pets. Her own bottle of Skyreach Sunrise is already there, and she smiles at the likeness of her mind and the orc's. Mersee licks her lips as wine is added to the spoils. 

Lomani says nothing to Khorvis calling her a Horn. In her mind, she will always be one, even if the colors are put away. It is a fairly recent change for her to be wearing instead a silvery white tabard graced with the sunburst rays, and for the game she isn't even in a tabard at all. She is wearing long-sleeved athletic clothes of white trimmed in green, her favorite color. A pair of green-tinted goggles she'd found recently will protect her eyes. She likes them very much.

"If not, perhaps they would benefit from a fist upside the head?" Lomani says with a smile.

Khorvis shakes his staff at the tauren mockingly. Mersee shivers beside him. Lomani holds up a finger. "Ah ah. You must use a special stick. She goes over to another pile, of sticks, and retrieves three.

Mersee holds up a Shovel of Mercy.  "This is a special stick. It says right here on the handle 'Bashes the head of a human.  Do the right thing buddy.'" Lomani holds one out for Mersee. It is roughly arm-length, smooth except for a bent-over tip which has been fashioned into a rather small netted cup.
The elf sighs at her. "If you insist." Mersee examines the crude anejodi stick.

"I do." She smiles. "Khorvis, would you like one or two?"

"Hand one over. I will test its balance." Lomani holds out a stick to Khorvis, who claims his new weapon and gives it a mighty swing, sending a dirt clot flying through the hot air of Mulgore's late afternoon. Mersee ducks behind her friend.

"Hrm. Yes, my bet will be as I said- that he inflicts the most damage in a game." The seer nods solemnly.

"Not bad. It does be made of aged briarwood from the Kraul?"

Not certain, the seer says "The wood was donated from all over, but quilboar do have such handy thorns..." A troll crouching at ease in the shade lets out a soft chuckle at the tauren.

"My bet.... that a lithe and intelligent game will allow me to be the one to score." Mersee nods at the seer..

"Aho! A lofty challenger." Lomani grins. Khorvis peels back a lip from his tusk. Lomani looks around, a little disappointed at the turnout. "Perhaps it will be a game versus just the two of you."

"Stickball isn't for everyone Priestess." Mersee says comfortingly.

Another familiar face descended on her flying mount. "Kiraleen! Welcome." Over in the long grasses, the troll observer  slips from the shadows and stretches out comfortably. Lomani looks at him a moment, until his eyes roam back to her, and she beckons him over. Rakaganje offers the priestess a short nod but remains in the grass. He coils a few blades around his fingers.

"Sorry I'm late." Kiraleen apologizes, "had to put Iantha in bed." She receives a greeting from Mersee, and Khorvis raises his chin to the newcomer.

"Was she being fussy?"

"Yes. Too many s'morcs, too much sun."

Lomani holds out a stick to Kiraleen. "It is quite hot." Kiraleen nods.

"Are you playing with us, friend troll?" the seer tries one last time.

"Ahm heeah to watch." he replies, eyeing the women. "No' a bad view." Rakaganje offers her a small smirk.

"So what are the rules of this game?" Kiraleen asks, holding her stick after looking at it.

"I'm glad you asked." She looks around at the four gathered, hesitates just a moment, then asks "With such a small group, I feel I can be less formal here, unless anyone objects?" There are no Shu'halo present to object.

"I certainly do not object to informality." Mersee says.

"No, whatever makes you comfortable, Lomani." says Kiraleen.

Khorvis adds "Ceremony do be reserved for the dead and my ale."

"I like you, orc." she smiles at him. He grunts back. "Kiraleen, have you some object to bet? It can be anything small, but it is a custom for Anejodi that all players make a bet." 

"Hmm. Let me see."

As the Outrider searches in her pockets, Lomani says helpfully, "Bet for your team to win, that you will be able to snatch and carry the ball, that you will cause your opponent to drop the ball... anything you wish, large or small."

"... that you will score first." Mersee suggests.

Kiraleen finds what she is looking for. "Ah! An amberjewel"

Rakaganje watches Khorvis. He is fiddling with an eyepatch, putting it over one eye first, then the other.

"The rules are as follows- sticks must be used to carry the ball across the field. You may use any natural means necessary to take the ball from your opponent. Push, hit, tackle, bite- but no magic! Men may not strike women with their sticks. Women may choose to use their hands to carry the ball if they wish." Lomani eyes Khorvis and his stick, realizing he is surrounded by women. Slightly unfair, that.
Khorvis grins at her wickedly.

"None?  Not even a teensy magic?" Mersee asks.

"No, no magic." The elf grumbles under her breath and puts away the Enchanted Broom. Lomani laughs at Mersee. "I had not planned to play, but we must be even teams." Kiraleen nods. "Choose a partner!" Lomani orders with a smile.

Mersee looks at Lomani and silently sings 'Pick me pick me'.

Team-choosing is delayed a moment though, when Lomani realizes Kiraleen and Khorvis still have not actually declared their wagers. "Kira, your bet?"

"An amber jewel." Kiraleen holds out the small gem

"And what is it you wager it for?"

"Um.. What can we wager for?" the elf asks, uncertain.

"I bet that I would score the first goal." Mersee shares. Rakaganje has a smirk that widens at the elf's remark.

"I bet that Khorvis would deal the most damage. Yes, Mersee thinks she will make the score." Lomani nods at Mersee. She turns to place the pretty yellow jewel with the other items.

"Hmm. I bet I'll score the second goal." Kiraleen says then.

Mersee smiles at Kiraleen. "Oh goodness."

"I do wager that I will break this briarwood stick." Khorvis bets. Rakaganje giggles at Khorvis.

"A game this small will likely end with one goal. We can choose to extend it if we are not all bleeding..." Lomani begins.

"All right." says Kiraleen.

"It is considered a trick to pass the ball, and cowardly to dodge an opponent. You score and end the game when you strike the goalpost with your stick while the ball is cradled, or if your throw succeeds in the ball striking the post." Lomani points out the two poles they will be using for their game.

Mersee eyes Khorvis. Her expression is a reflection of her thoughts as she contemplates the orc, thinking she should have bet that Khorvis would bust a goalpost. Oh well. She sighs.  All numbers, no magic.  Pffft.

"So, basically get to a pole with the ball while everyone is trying to stop you." Kiraleen nods at the tauren's summary. 

Khorvis snorts. "This do be a simple game. Much like the shell game we did play on the shores of Zeth'kur. Though we did use axes instead of sticks."

"The goal is to stop the carrier, not kill them, exactly." Lomani points out. Axes sound rather dangerous to her.

"So... teams?" Kiraleen prompts.

"We could roll for them?" Lomani shrugs. "I have no preference."

"I do claim the young boy in the rags." Khorvis points at Mersee. Lomani snickered at her priest friend.

"That's a woman." Kiraleen corrects. The Grim orc just grunts. "You and I, then, Lomani!"

The seer nods, then looks to Rakaganje lying in the grass. He blinks back at her. "Troll, would you like to throw the ball to us, to make it a fair attempt for us all?"

"Ah can." The grey tauren tosses the ball to him, a tiny little golfball-sized thing. He rolls it between his large fingers for a moment. It isn't perfectly round- likely a rock and some sort of padding beneath the stitched hide surrounding it. "Jah reddy?"

Lomani readies her stick and nods. Mersee does as well.

Kiraleen states "Ready."

"Swobu." says Khorvis, apparently also ready.

Rakaganje looks over at the Trolless sitting next to him and grunts a greeting. Rakaganje eyes the two teams. Then he grunts and lobs the small orb up into the center of the group.



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Khorvis rolls 63 (1-100)             Lomani rolls 89 (1-100)* 
Mersee rolls 13 (1-100) injury!         Kiraleen rolls 76 (1-100)

Lomani starts moving as soon as the ball leaves the troll's hand. Being tallest, Kiraleen wisely doesn't fight her teammate, but instead interferes with Khorvis' lunge for the ball. "Go, Lomani!" 

The seer reaches for the ball with her stick, and is completely surprised to actually catch it! She brings her arm and her weapon down to earth again... right onto poor Mersee's head. The elf falls to the ground, obviously stunned.

"Hit her in the kneecaps!" Khorvis yells.  Over in the grass spectating Rakaganje cackles. 

Lilliana places her staff on the ground beside her.  She flashes a quick grin at the troll with blue hair and shrugs, then goes to quietly watch whatever it is the group is doing.  She eyes Khorvis for a moment, since she hasn't even really said a proper hi to him, but like, whatever.

Khorvis Rolls 09 (1-100) injury!         *Lomani rolls 36 (1-100)
Mersee rolls 60 (1-90)            Kiraleen rolls 92 (1-100)

Kiraleen manages to dive in front of the other blood elf and the orc, giving Lomani time to move. Khorvis nearly impales himself on his own stick as he gets spun around and falls to the grass. His breath whooshes out, the expression on his face showing that the jugging to his gut hurt him. The slender Outrider spreads her arms wide in an attempt to keep Mersee and the orc away from her teammate as they all regain their feet quickly. Lomani grins a thanks to Kiraleen as she runs with the ball.
Lilliana eyeballs the sunburned elf.

Khorvis rolls 78 (1-90)            *Lomani rolls 33 (1-100) injury!    
Mersee rolls 86 (1-90)            Kiraleen rolls 51 (1-100)
Lomani rolls [100] (1-100) NO DROP!

She charges toward her goal while everyone races to catch her. This is certainly -not- what she had been expecting at all to do today! Mersee charges in with her stick, attempting to stop Lomani. Khorvis swings his weapon. He manages to connect his stick with a passing dove. A critical hit and explosion of feathers! Kiraleen tries to lunge after Mersee. One arm swings wide an in attempt at tickling, but connects instead with Khorvis accidentally.

Rakaganje grins at the new come Rogue. "A gift?"
Syreena winks slyly at Rakaganje.

Mersee leaps for the tackle. The seer staggers, manages to stay up a few steps, and then goes down, overbalanced. She tucks her shoulder into the fall, knowing to roll with it, but she doesn't execute the maneuver quite right. Her elbow hits too hard, and a shock of pain shoots through her arm. Lomani finishes the roll onto her hooves, obviously hurt. Her stick drops from numb fingers on the injured side, and she snatches at it left-handed. She catches it! Even she is amazed. The ball is still safely pocketed too.

The Earth Mother is certainly with her.
Syreena leans over to Lilly.  "What are they doing?"

Khorvis rolls 65 (1-90)            *Lomani rolls [90] (1-90)    
Mersee rolls 71 (1-90)            Kiraleen rolls 93 (1-100)

Khorvis attempts to gore Lomani with his tusks but only catches the Mulgore wind. He's apparently abandoned the use of the traitorous stick for now. Lomani uses her momentum from the roll to slip just out of reach of more take-downs, running with the ball for all she's worth! That fall had really hurt, and she's keen to avoid others. Kiraleen grabs Mersee by her belt as the other woman extracts herself from the dirt. Lomani's teammate starts to pull back, and keeps the other elf out of play for a few moments, but ultimately Mersee struggles enough to twist free. The slender priest vaults to catch up, with Kiraleen right on her heels.

Khorvis rolls 43 (1-90)            *Lomani rolls 20 (1-90) injury!    
Mersee rolls 80 (1-90)            Kiraleen rolls 46 (1-100)*
Lomani rolls 63 (1-90) no drop!

Khorvis dives for Lomani's hooves but misses. He whomps to the ground in front of the tauren, who has to halt suddenly, then dodge to the side to avoid grasping arms. His teammate comes charging in on that side and simply leaps. Mersee grabs a handfuls of Lomani's mane and simply clings, trusting in her weight to overbalance as she attempts to wrestle her friend-turned-ball-carrying-enemy to the ground again.

"Ah!" Lomani goes down! The seer clutches the stick to her body this time to prevent the ball jarring loose of the pocket. She lands on the hard wood. Breath whooshes from her lungs and she is left gasping, in a short-lived panic to pull in air. The ball is still in her stick though! She wheezes. She has to get up, the goalpost is right there, but so is everyone else. Then something strange happens.

Kiraleen grabs Lomani's stick and hurries for the goal. Forgetting herself, Mersee cheers Kiraleen on. 

"Bloody elves!" Khorvis shouts. 

Kiraleen laughs. "TOO MUCH PORK, ORC!"

Khorvis rolls 14 (1-90) injury!    Lomani rolls 77 (1-90)
Mersee rolls 25 (1-90) injury!    *Kiraleen rolls 58 (1-100) GOAL!

Khorvis heaves his stick at Kiraleen! He forgets to actually let go of his weapon, however, and the thing pivots in his fingers, obeying natural laws of physics to whip around and clobber his own face. He just stares at it.

Mersee lunges at Kiraleen, attempting to slap her stick from her hand with the shovel. She misses as Lomani gets a handle on her. The little elf reaches a sudden stop at an angle in midair, her ankles tethered in the seer's grasp. Lomani yanks the supports out from under her and Mersee swiftly descends. There is an audible CLACK as the woman's teeth connect each other, and she exclaims immediately in pain. Hands clamp to her mouth.

Kiraleen smacks the goalpost! The wooden thud reaches the ears of everyone else sprawled on the ground. 

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Lomani cheers at Kiraleen. "Hooray!"

Khorvis grumbles. "I do think that one used magic..."

Mersee claps for Kiraleen, clearly unimpressed. Then her fingers return to her face, where she promptly  erases the painful wound of her bitten tongue.

Kiraleen looks at the stick and ball in surprise. "I.. -scored a goal?"

Lomani gets up slowly, dusting herself off. "With my stick!" she laughs/

Kiraleen cheers. Turning to Mersee, she smiles apologetically. "I'm sorry you lost your bet."

The other elf shrugs. "I lost my bet. Pay the girl." Lomani walks over to the stack of wagered items. She indicates several small cages.

"Who won?" ask Syreena.

"Lomani and I." informs Kiraleen happily. Syreena peers at the elf for a moment, then turns and cheers for the tauren.

The seer stands before the pile of wagered items. "Choose one, friend."

Kiraleen looks over the cages. "The little goat" Khorvis grumps but congratulates the victor.

Lomani smiles at Kiraleen as she hands over the magically shrunken cage with tiny goat inside. "He's very cute!" 

"He is!" The Outrider elf smiles back. "Thank you. It was a fun game." Kiraleen bows before Khorvis, then Mersee, who congratulates her.

"I do think my bet was valid was it not?" Lomani smirks at Khorvis. The silver tauren then takes a moment to heal all of the accumulated wounds from the game. Other than her elbow, they were all minor. It had been a good first game.

Khorvis hands Lomani the stick when she finishes and gestures to the onlookers. "And I did not break this stick. May be one of them can!" 

Lomani nod at Khorvis, humoring him in his grumples. His pride, she cannot so easily mend. "Your [Bottle of Peaked Dalaran Red] won't go to waste," she assures him with a small smile.

Syreena blinks. The rogue peers. Syreena leans over and whispers to Lilly. "Is that Khorvis??"

"Aye. A good game." he mutters. The Grim High Inquisitor turns to go. "Mok'rah, the flames of Ashran are calling me." A round of salutes, a curtsey, a good luck wish from Kiraleen and a few farewells from the treeline meet the departing orc's back.

"Shall we play another?" asks the seer.

"We'll need someone to take Khorvis' place." Kiraleen points out.

Mersee begs off. "I'll be a spectator this time, I do believe I broke a nail." 

Lomani smiles, knowing her  friend is only here in the first place for moral support. She turns and greets all the folks who arrived while she was busy running from flailing sticks bent on her destruction.

"Duty calls," Malhavik says politely, "but I'd bet Miss Syreena would love to play!" Syreena, who had been smirking at the broken nail comment and muttering something about elves, turns to glare angrily at the warlock. He chuchles, Rakaganje grins wickedly at her. "Farewell good people." The undead takes his leave, acknowledging waves from Mersee and Lomani and any others he passes. Rakaganje stands silently and pads away as well.

Lomani looks at Syreena. "How about it, friend?"

"Um, I guess...but I don't know how to play." Syreena frowns.

"If the ball isn't in your teams hands- get it back." The tauren grins at Syreena. "Score against the goal post to win." Kiraleen nods.

But, Syreena isn't listening. She calls out before Malhavik is completely out of earshot, asking him to take someone else to meet Leyujin. The Grim who had gathered during the game, perhaps solely to watch their superior, quickly disperse like dandelion fluff in the wind.


Kiraleen stands awkwardly. "Well.. .it looks like the game is over...?"

Mersee gives her friend a gentle hug. "Thank you for this invitation."

Lomani smiles down at her, and nods to Kiraleen's question. "I am glad you could come." she tells both elves. "I guess.... I guess it is over. It was a rather short game..." She can't help the disappointment creeping into her voice or the slight downturn of her mouth.

"It was great fun," Mersee reassures. "Are these games a monthly tradition? I know they're based in history, so I'm just curious."

"This is the first time I've played." Kiraleen says.

"During the summer, yes. As often as anyone wants to play."

"It is the fire festival, Lomani. Things get hectic." Lomani nods at Kiraleen's words. "Set up another one for later in the month, maybe?"

"Surely." Mersee waves at Kiraleen, offers one last hug to Lomani, then leaves. "Thanks for playing."

The elf nods. "You're welcome. Thanks for inviting me. I'll take my leave, then." She waves, first to Lomani, then to someone apparently still lurking beneath the trees. Lomani blinks, for she'd thought everyone else had gone already.

Syreena smiles and approaches after Kiraleen has left. "I have to go to Warspear. Ley needs me to help kill Alliance tonight."

Lomani sighs. So that is why they had all left in such a haste. The peaceful seer wishes many things, and discards them all as silly in a moment. How ironic that old traditions seeded from a tragic past of war and kept to remind of the costs, are abandoned in favor of current violence. All she can think of polite to say to the Shadowblade is "It's nice to see you, Syreena."

"You too!" Syreena smiles.

"Stay safe." Lomani wishes. The rogue waves goodbye. The tauren sighs, not watching the undead go. Instead, she summons her kodo and begins packing up the discarded game sticks and various wagered items left behind, unclaimed or forgotten.

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You look at Shokkra.
[Lomani]: Hello there.

[Shokkra]: Hi I heard there was a game or something?

[Lomani]: There was. It seems to be over now.

[Shokkra]: Oh. Uh, okay.

[Lomani]: Sorry, friend. Unless you fancy a one on one game.
Lomani cocks her head, to the left.

[Shokkra]: I...sure, okay.

[Lomani]: Really?!
Shokkra nods at you.
Lomani immediately slides off her kodo and grabs two sticks.
You smile at Shokkra.

[Shokkra]: So how do you play?

[Lomani]: I have a crate of  [Skyreach Sunrise] over there that says... that you, as an orc, will wreck havoc and score. Do you have anything to bet? You must place a bet with some small item to play.

[Shokkra]: I have this. *she reveals an [Ornate Spyglass]*

[Lomani]: Very nice. And your wager?
[Lomani]: Bet to win, that you will be able to snatch and carry the ball, that you will cause your opponent to drop the ball... anything you wish, large or small.

[Shokkra]: Oh, uh, I bet that I'll grab the ball? And do...something with it?

[Lomani]: Very well!
Lomani places Shokkra's spyglass with the rest of the wagered items, safe on her kodo.
Lomani holds a stick out to Shokkra. The end is looped back, and forms a small little netted cup for ball-carrying.
Shokkra nods at you.
Shokkra takes the stick.

[Lomani]: Ok so, there is a pole on both sides of us. That one will be your goal, and this other will be mine.

[Shokkra]: Okay.

[Lomani]: The object is to get to the pole and touch the ball to it. Either whack it with your stick while you carry the ball, or try to hit the ball with a throw.
[Lomani]: Hit the pole, I mean.
Shokkra nods at you.
[Lomani]: Anything goes when it comes to stopping the ball-carrier- hitting, tackling, biting, whatever. Just no magic, no special you know... things.
[Lomani]: Just a good old-fashioned game.

[Shokkra]: Right, okay.

[Lomani]: Any questions?

[Shokkra]: Don't think so.

Lomani produces a tiny ball, basically a rock with hide sewn around it...
[Lomani]: So that it's fair, I'll throw the rock up, and you declare when it's in play while it's airborne?

[Shokkra]: Sure.
Lomani tosses the ball up, ready for Shokkra's word.
[Shokkra]: Uh, go!

Lomani immediately shoves Shokkra out of the way, and catches the ball. Full contact sport, surprise!
Lomani runs toward her goal post.

Shokkra jumps towards to tackle the ball away and roll towards her post.
Lomani gets tackled...
Lomani doesn't drop the ball!

Lomani kicks back at Shokkra with a hoof and regains her feet.
Shokkra attempts to tackle, but trips and bites the dust.
Lomani runs unencumbered toward her post...

Shokkra attacks from the dust! With a possible tackle...
Lomani thought she was well out of reach, but Shokkra's stick totally trips her up...
Lomani manages to keep the ball a second time as she hits the dirt.
Lomani is dazed...
You lie down before Gazelle.

Shokkra grabs the ball and runs toward her post!
Lomani gets up and goes after Shokkra and the ball.

Shokkra keeps running....I think...
Lomani swings at Shokkra with her stick, but just isn't... quite... close enough.
Lomani grunts and FLINGS her stick overhand at Shokkra's head in an attempt to stop the orc.
The stick THWAPS into Shokkra's head and she stops to regain her focus.

Shokkra regains her focus and keeps on truckin.
[Lomani]: Ack! So fast...

Shokkra sprints towards her post. "Slowpoke!"

Lomani tries to grab her stick as she passes it but misjudges and loses grip as she runs. She plays hot-potato with the blasted thing before it smacks her in the eye and she loses it for good. Stupid thing!
[Lomani]: Slow down a minute and gimme that ball!
Lomani squints at Shokkra.

[Shokkra]: Never! For Justice!
Shokkra trips, rolls, keeps on running.
Lomani picks up a rock from the ground as she runs...
Lomani chucks the rock at Shokkra!
Shokkra narrowly, very, very narrowly dodges the rock.

[Shokkra]: Almost there...
Lomani had slowly gained on Shokkra despite her snatching for ammunition, and she grabs for Shokkra, but misses.

Lomani grabs the back of Shokkra's head this time and stuffs the orc toward the ground.
Lomani pants heavily.
Shokkra grunts and throws the ball towards the pole.

[Lomani]: HA!

[Shokkra]: Damnit!
Shokkra misses.

Lomani dives for the ball!
Shokkra does so as well, but fails.
[Lomani]: Mine!

[Shokkra]: Argh.

Lomani snatches the small ball from the dirt...
Lomani uses the ball in her fist to turn and punch at Shokkra. It's weak, but enough to let her get to her feet and start back toward her goal.
Shokkra fumes and runs after the Tauren.

Shokkra throws her stick at Lomani's upper-hoof.
Lomani leaps over the stick, but then it rolls further and she lands on it, stumbling. Now both players have no sticks.
[Lomani]: Gah!
Lomani keeps her hand firmly closed, though.
Shokkra curses.

Lomani reaches the centerline of the field, and knows that Shokkra is RIGHT behind her. Eep!
Shokkra vaults herself at the Taureness! Flying her face right into the back of Lomani's elbow.
[Lomani]: GAH!
Lomani keeps running

Shokkra mumbles obscene curses of Tauren and breeding.
You frown with disappointment at Shokkra.
Shokkra jumps onto Lomani's back.
Lomani is overbalanced, and faceplants with an orc piggyback.
Lomani 's hand opens under the impact, and the ball goes flying!
[Lomani]: OOMPH

Shokkra leaps off Lomani's back to grab the ball mid-air!
Lomani grabs Shokkra's hand in her own and slowly forces the orc's fingers open. The ball is hers again!
Lomani shoves away, climbs to her hooves and goes for her goal again.
Shokkra runs after the Tauren.

Shokkra throws a bunny at Lomani.
Lomani gasps.
[Lomani]: Wha...?
Lomani throws for her post, which was a stupid idea, because she missed.
[Lomani]: Noooo!

Lomani looks at Shokkra.
Shokkra takes a deep breath.
[Lomani]: More?

[Shokkra]: Yeah, sure.
Lomani eyes the orc's bleeding face.

Shokkra wipes some blood off with her mask. "I can fix that later."

[Lomani]: Let me heal you. That's a miss for each of us, and to be fair, you look like you've never played before. I had the advantage.

Shokkra nods at you.
[Shokkra]: ...thanks.

Lomani retrieves the abandons sticks, and the ball.
[Lomani]: That was a good game.

[Shokkra]: Yeah, it was.
[Shokkra]: Haven't really had fun in a pretty long time.

[Lomani]: But now that I've caught my breath... you know if it's alright I'd rather not play again just now.  I wasn't planning to play in the first place, they just needed a fourth.
You smile at Shokkra.

[Shokkra]: Yeah, right, sure.
Shokkra nods at you.

[Lomani]: It's better with a big group of people. Tiny ball, everyone trying to hit everyone else.... it's really fun to watch too.

[Shokkra]: Yeah well, if you ever plan something like this again I'll try to roundup more people.
Lomani retrieves Shokkra's spyglass from her kodo.

Shokkra hands the stick back over.
[Lomani]: Here... neither of us scored, so I keep your spyglass, but another orc tonight lost his bet.
Lomani trades a bottle of peaked Dalaran red wine.

[Shokkra]: You'll probably have a better use for it anyway.

[Lomani]: It will come in handy for birdwatching!
You smile at Shokkra.

Shokkra nods at you.
[Shokkra]: I guess I'll see you around then.

[Lomani]: I look forward to playing with you again sometime.

[Shokkra]: Yeah, me too.

[Lomani]: Until then,  may the winds guide you, friend.

Shokkra nods at you.
[Shokkra]: STRANGER!!! wait wrong one.
Lomani blinks at the worg's name.
[Shokkra]: KONRO!!!
You eye Shokkra up and down.
Shokkra waves at you.

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