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[A] Island Beach Party

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<A bright yellow sun dazzles in the top corner of the parchment in attempt to catch the eye of those passing by! Palm trees decorate the edges, with their branches swaying enchantingly in the wind. The script is written in an inviting blue that is reminiscent of the ocean. These fliers are posted all around Alliance hotspots, taverns, and city boards!>

Grab your swimsuit and get ready for some fun in the sun! The Twilight Empire will be hosting an Island Beach Party upon the 25th of June, at 7:00pm in the evening. Come relax in the sand, float around in the clear waters, and enjoy some grilled food. All refreshments are free, and yes, alcohol will be provided! There will also be fishing and fireworks! (But not fishing with fireworks!)

For the competitors out there, we'll be having a swimsuit competition! A fair amount of gold will go to the winners, which will be decided by those attending but not competing. Men and women are permitted to enter and will all be participating in the same competition. Good luck to all!

All Alliance are invited to our Island Beach Party! Bring your family, friends, and pets – and we'll see you there among the sandy beaches of Southbreak Shore, Tanaris! The party island is visible just off the coast and there will be transportation across the water to all that desire! Come join the fun!

((OOC Details:

Date: June 25th, 2016, Saturday

Time: 7:00 pm (server)

Location: Southbreak Shore, Tanaris (An island visible just off the coast. From your map it is south of Caverns of Time.)


Swimsuit Competition: Men and Women, dress in your best swimsuit! Party-goer vote will decide our top 3 winners! Please keep in mind best overall look, uniqueness, and cohesiveness when voting. Prizes of gold will be given to our winners!

Aside from the competition there will be swimming, fishing, fireworks, games and provided food and drink for all to enjoy! We hope to see many new faces among our already dear friends! Everyone is invited, so bring as many guests as you'd like! See you all there.

***Looking For Help: We are currently looking for a few IC helping hands to aid with some of the food stands and other activities. We are also looking for IC volunteer guards to help keep the perimeters safe! If anyone out there would like to assist with the party or guard duties, please contact Mackinzie-Ravenholdt. Thank you!***))


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(( Ain't no party like an Island Beach Party!! Hey hey, Skylah will be back for this event!))

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((Oh dang. Just realized I better get busy finding some swimwear! Party this Saturday! Has anyone contacted about catering and such yet? ))

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((make sure you throw it on the new events calendar, there's general, horde, and alliance categories))

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(( Here are some of the SS's I managed to take when not stuck in an endless loop of placing down decorations, haha. ))

People were just beginning to arrive!

Familiar faces alongside some new people!

Skylah's cooking brings a few people...

So much skin.

Tuuroto learns to see-saw. And dead seagull.

Overhead view.

All of our contestants in their lovely outfits.

A bit more people show up!

Congratulations to our Swimsuit Contest winners!

Kyalla in 1st place! Tayissa in 2nd place! Kolgarn in 3rd place!

Fun in the sun, yo.

When you see it...

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