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[H] Kirin Tor

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We are Azeroth's most powerful magic and arcanic users. We are the magical elite. Our goals are simply to advance magic, the knowledge thereof, its uses and to use our power for benevolent purposes where available. We are not humble, we are proud. We are not lazy, we are determined. We are not forgiving, we are elite. Joining the Kirin Tor is not easy. Each new member is put through trials. These trials serve several purposes. We must find your true self and your true desires. From there we are able to determine what role you can best play among us, if any at all. Furthermore the trials ensure that you can handle the immense power that is available to you as a part of the Kirin Tor. Once you are a member of our ranks it is highly unlikely you will ever wish to leave our circle. If you are very lucky you may be granted tenure. The benefits of tenure are numerous, most of which are kept secret. Being a Kirin Tor is as interesting as it is rewarding.

We do not seek out our new members, they find us when it is necessary. If you believe you have found us then come to Dalaran, city of Mages, and contact us. We will see to it that you are treated with the respect you deserve.

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