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Tayissa Steel

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Name: Tayissa Marie Steel

Age: 28

Place of Birth: Moonbrook

Residence: Twilight’s Cog, homeport in Booty Bay

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 185 lbs

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Dark blonde

Physical description:

Standing at 6'2", Tayissa is a tall and imposing human. Her posture is rigid and almost military like, her strides long and always with purpose. A long mass of wavy dark blonde hair is tucked under a large bandana with free strands poking out in all directions. Her dark chocolate eyes offer no warmth, stare hard, and tend to linger, perhaps evaluating and sizing up those around her. Both ears have several silver rings pierced on the lobes and upper ears.

She wears a mix of old leather and faded cloth, a few sizes too large and stiffened from sea salt, hiding her wide hips and long legs. Her clothes seem to be recently tailored and are currently in remarkable condition. A brown sleeveless vest reveals strong and tattooed arms, and her left arm ends at the wrist where a mechanical bionic makes up her hand. Her right leg below the knee ends in a mechanical bionic in a similar fashion to her left hand. Her right hand is never seen without a well maintained brown glove.

Her left arm’s tattoo depicts a pair of dragons wrestling in the sky over an unnamed burning city, one breathing fire and the other ice.

Her right arm depicts a quintuple of armored skeletal warriors, each representing a different point in time and a different culture.

If her back were revealed, it would depict a wooden frigate being split in two and pulled under the waves by an even larger kraken in rough and stormy seas.

A short curved sword, a pair of revolver pistols and a knife are slung low from her belt along with various pouches that carry ammunition and other tools. A brand new bolt action rifle is slung over her shoulder as well.

While wearing her guild tabard, a small lion-shaped insignia with sapphire eyes, mounted on a piece of blue leather is attached to her shoulder. Along the bottom of the insignia is the word 'STEEL'. Anyone familiar with the insignia would recognize the rank as ‘Sergeant’.

Known Relatives: Jayne Steel (father), Lyra Steel (Mother), Brent Steel (Brother)

Religion/Philosophy: Live to be free.

Occupation: Sailor, guerrilla fighter

Affiliation: Former Defias, Twilight Empire

Enemies: Varian Wrynn (or whomever the current king is), Stormwind, The Grim

Likes: Freedom, Gold, Open Seas, A good view, coffee

Dislikes: Authority, weakness, gnomes

Hobbies: Painting, classical music, sailing

Positive Personality traits: Dependable, decisive, candid

Negative Personality traits: Gets frustrated easily, slow to trust, lacks tact

Weapons: Bolt-action rifle, twin revolvers, short sword


Tayissa may seem stoic, rigid and cold to outsiders, but she is warm and open to her close companions, though very few are counted as such. A life of growing up with bleak prospects for her family, friends and future, Tayissa exhibits a cynical personality and is slow to trust. She believes people should be able to take care of themselves and doesn't like going out of her way to help others. Her time spent with Captain Masuabie has left a lasting impression, and his quirky behavior has given Tayissa a slight sense of humor. After years spent with Twilight Empire, Tayissa is starting to lean that sometimes people just simply need a helping hand, though it doesn't change her opinion that they should be able to take care of themselves.

When on the job, Tayissa acts very disciplined and doesn’t take her work lightly. She is very strict and has a mean command voice, unafraid to shout at her close friends to get the job done. While serving Captain Masuabie, much of her job was keeping him in line and the ship in running condition. Her leadership is harsh but effective. While Masuabie was the brains, Tayissa was the vital cog to keep the machine running. She is the epitome of tough love.

History Prior to joining Twilight Empire:

Typical of most residents growing up in Moonbrook, Tayissa was raised with a strong distaste of Stormwind. Her father an engineer, her mother a carpenter, and older brother a future sailor, the Steel family dedicated their resources and manpower to the Defias Brotherhood. Because of this, her family gave her no formal schooling and emphasized practical skills over education. As a result, Tayissa never learned to read and is illiterate to this day, and is generally uneducated but happens to be very skilled with her hands. Although Tayissa’s family sheltered her from the brotherhood at a young age, she slowly came to realize and understand the situation of her friends and neighbors and decided to become a member. To help put food on the table, her brother would take her hunting as soon as she was old enough to hold a rifle, and she developed marksman skills over the years. Further attempts by her brother to teach her swordplay failed and revealed Tayissa to be relatively clumsy and uncoordinated with a blade. When engaged in melee combat, Tayissa fights in a very unorthodox manner, adding punches and grapples to make up for her lacking swordplay.

Tayissa’s growth spurt stared early and hit hard, soon she was towering over all other kids her age. This gave the first impression that she appeared much older than she really is. Using this to her advantage Tayissa soon began joining raiding parties into Duskwood and Elwynn Forest, wielding a rifled musket to ambush caravans and bring stolen goods back to Moonbrook. Now an active member of the brotherhood, Tayissa distanced herself from her childhood friends with the exception of Calvington Fallbrook, her closest and most trusted friend, who would eventually sail with her under Captain Masuabie.

Participating in minor raids left Tayissa wanting more, and at the age of fifteen she followed in her brother’s footsteps and joined the crew of a raiding vessel to terrorize the shipping lanes. Starting out as a ships cook, she quickly learned the nuances of sailing and traveled from ship to ship, never staying on the same crew very long. Eventually she came across the famed ‘Huntmaster’, Captain Masuabie. After resolving a drunken squabble for him, he asked her to join the crew of the Fallen Slave and she rose up over time to become First Mate to Captain Masuabie. Finally feeling at home with his crew and serving under a competent captain, Tayissa stayed for many years and eventually joined the Twilight Empire at the behest of Captain Masuabie.

Theme Song:

Tayissa is the Captain of a privateer.

Ship Name: Twilight's Cog

Class: Brigatine

Length: 40 meters

Width: 9.5 meters

Height: 35 meters

Complement: 8 man skeleton crew, preferred 30 man full crew.

Armament: 10 Cannons, 4 swivel cannons, dozens of spare muskets, pistols, and grenades.

Cargo Capacity: 50 tons



Captain: Tayissa Steel

First Mate: Calvington Fallbrooke

Quartermaster: Autumn Delenay

Cook: Sidrae Silverflame

Deck chief: -Vacant-

Gunnery chief: -Vacant-

Crew (PC's)

David Vanias

Mattock Thundershaft

Sailors (NPCS):

Zemo Blastwheel, goblin rogue

Bartholomew "Decoy" Sommers, worgen rogue

Salana Stonefist, dwarf warrior

Cornwallis Caruthers, worgen warrior

Jaydie "Popsicle" Snowdoom, human death knight

Timothy Hammerstill, dwarf medic

Dward "Squeeks" Howard, human hunter

Kazik "Fuse" Steelgear, goblin hunter

Ashton Love, human hunter

Cyranna Winterblaze, night elf mage

Chon Wang, pandaren monk

Past Crewmembers:

Walter Owens, human rogue KIA

Filgro Shortcrank, gnome rogue KIA

Todd Hicksam, human hunter KIA

Fintink Swiftblast, gnome rogue KIA


Short, small, and fast, the Twilight's Cog rides low to the sea and uses it's high speed and low visibility to it's advantage. Not designed to stand up in a fight, she is highly maneuverable and can steer her way around obstacles that would be impossible for a larger ship. When stalking another ship, she can ride the valleys of waves to sneak up on a ship, then close the gap before the other ship can adequately prepare for battle. Besides from some very light battle damage, the ship seems pristine. The wood, rope, and sails are fresh and no signs of weathering can be seen as of yet. Her design seems to be very modern, combining the size and maneuverability of a large sloop with the twin-masted design of a brig. She makes the perfect vessel for a smuggling crew.

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"I haven't seen her in a while, but I remember enjoying her company. She was a staunch companion in battle, and knew how to unwind otherwise. Not so many people had their lives so well put-together," -Brinnea.

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