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Rylie Tattersall

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Full Name: Rylie Tattersall

Nicknames: Ry-Ry

Date of Birth: October 6th

Age: 14

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Mid-length, blonde.

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Blue

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 90

Place of residence: Stormwind

Place of Birth: Elwynn Forest

Known Relatives: None living.

Religion/Philosophy: Follows the Light. Her philosophy also is to 'not let the tea stains set in', something she picked up on from Kex'ti. In her mind, this basically means that you should be quick to repay your debts, be they in the form of kindness or a favor, before too much time has passed.

Occupation: To be determined

Group/Guild affiliation: Twilight Empire

Guild Rank: Citizen

Allies: Mythiis, Borrowed Time, Sanctuary

Enemies: Tazzuk, The Grim

Family: Orphan, adopted by Julilee and Kexti

Likes: Cooking, playing outside with friends, meeting new people, seeing new places, fishing, pirates.

Favorite Foods: Moonbrook Riot Taffy, Redridge Goulash, Cinnamon Twist Bread

Favorite Drinks: Fuzzy Pear Cider

Favorite Colors: Pink, tangerine orange

Weapons of Choice: She's a bit young for such things, although she is training with a staff.

Dislikes: Rude people, not being listened to, bullies.

Hobbies: Fishing, exploring, listening to music, collecting plushies.

Physical Features: She's a fairly small girl, but strong for her age, as a result of growing up in a logging camp. She has sky blue eyes and mid length blonde hair that falls to her shoulders. There is a faint scar marring one cheek. Although light, it's fairly long, stretching from her checkbone to her jaw.

Special Abilities: She's an exceptional cook, for a girl her age.

Positive Personality Traits: She wants to believe the best of everyone, and is willing to give most people a chance. She's also not afraid to work and help out.

Negative Personality Traits: She is a little too trusting and naive. She also may have some trouble keeping secrets..

Misc. Quirks: She bites her nails when she is scared or nervous.


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"I heard about her. What happened in Eastvale...I can't help but feel responsible. I hope her new family treats her well, and she goes on to do great things. My mother once said the most beautiful flowers bloom in adversity. I pray every day that she was right," -Brinnea.

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