What would you like to see on the Home/News page?

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With the most recent update to the forum software, the "Home" page is working again, yay!

Before it got wrecked by an update probably over a year ago now, I had RSS feeds from various WoW news sites and I promoted 1 RP story and 1 artwork roughly once a month. For a short while, we had a "reporter" who posted the latest RP news once a week or so. I forget what they called themselves, Azeroth Press, or something similar.

Now that I can push stuff again, what would you like to see?

To start the ideas flowing, here's some things I've thought of doing in the past:

An active guild square - Basically a grid of guild icons, clicking on them would take you to their recruitment post. Since we don't have a huge amount, this could maybe include a short blurb/motto, or the old RP+++, PVE+, PVP+++ type designations.

Maybe a "sticky" introduction to the Netherholdt server (who to contact, where and when to find RP hangouts, etc)

What else could we put there?

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That's awesome! Thank you, Mortica!

Maybe also upcoming RP/RP-PVP events? Hm, we have a calendar on the site already, but it doesn't look like any events are on there, just birthdays.

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A link to the shoutbox, or maybe even putting the shoutbox on that page too. If that's even possible. I think a lot of people don't scroll down enough to find it.

And definitely art! I loved seeing an artwork on the front page.

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